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Press Release

Launch of IRS 2013 January 28, 2014: The MRUC (Media Research Users Council), a not for profit industry body along with RSCI (Research Studies Council of India) has announced the launch of its all new IRS (Indian Readership Survey). The new IRS follows a completely new methodology equipped with modern technology and is much more robust, and enhanced data quality. For the first time the entire interview has been conducted on double screen CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview). This is a first, globally considering the large sample size. DS CAPI has ensured top quality data collection, and effectiveness in gathering better consumer insights. Better control over data capturing is also ensured with Real Time Workforce Tracking, through which interviewers are tracked while they are on field. DS CAPI does not allow manual data processing. Removal of manual interviews reduces interview duration to 30 minutes as against over an hour previously as a result it reduces respondent fatigue and provides better quality response. All show cards and mast heads are digitally displayed through this device. The use of DS CAPI has not only made it simpler for the interviewer to navigate through the questionnaire but, it has also become much more easier to interview female respondents, as it allows her to sit at a distance from the interviewer and respond to the questions. The use of advanced technology has improved data quality in other IRS components like Product Linkages data, Television Report, Radio Report, DTH Report, Telecom Report and Indian Demographics. Show cards, logos of channels, radio stations etc. have also been digitized. To help our subscribers keep up with the fast growing Media Industry, IRS has added a lot of information areas in DTH, Print, Internet, Television and Radio reports. The interview length has been shortened (not more than 30 minutes each) at both Household and Individual level in order to ensure good quality data.

IRS 2013 update: Census 2011 has been used for Universe Projection. Unlike previous rounds, IRS 2013 is releasing as a single consolidated report. IRS does not recommend trending or comparing IRS 2013 data with previous rounds due to the changes in methodology and questionnaire administration. However IRS 2014 onwards it would continue to deliver data on quarterly basis. By incorporating district level reporting we have made the data even more useful for micro comparison leading to more accurate assessment. IRS software has completely changed. The new software is called Clear Decisions. It is user friendly, and rich in features. AIR (Average Issue Readership) will be the only currency used for readership numbers.

Methodology: Face to Face interview, across the Country All interviews conducted will be through Double Screen CAPI The sample size is 2.35 lacs and it covers the following reporting breaks: All India States All towns with a population of 5 Lakh and above to be reported individually All towns with population of 50 Lakh and above, to be further divided into Zones. All Pop-Strata All Districts 92 Districts independently 99 District clusters

The Survey has two components: Household Component: Administered to the householder for household demographics, product penetration/product profile and access to different media. This is a common section which will be asked in the entire sample. Individual Component: A randomly selected individual of 12+ years from the same household will respond to all relevant questions on Print, Other media related questions, Demographics as well as Individual Product Consumption.

Considering respondent/interviewer fatigue, and the impact on quality of data, it has been decided that only key questions are asked to all. And rest asked in two equal part- samples. These will be fused together to generate the complete database. For IRS 2013 Topline numbers, please visit MRUC website www.mruc.net About IRS: Modelled on internationally accepted annual sample spread, the IRS is the largest continuous readership research study in the world with an annual sample size of 2.35 lakh respondents Technical Committee and Marketing Committee members have invested a lot of time and effort to ensure a truly robust new IRS. Information Areas: Apart from Print, IRS extensively captures TV, Radio, DTH, Telecom, Cinema and Internet data. Apart from Media, IRS provides subscribers wealth of information on Product linkages at both Category level and Brand Level.