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Nutrition Trivia and Answers K-5 Questions

1. Carrots are high in vitamin ___. Which body part does this vitamin help? 2. This food is both yellow and white and is high in protein. What is it? 3. How does low fat mil help yo! grow strong bones? ". Tr!e or #alse$ brown and white eggs have the same n!trition. %. What is the name of a fr!it that is high in vitamin C$ has a spiny s in$ and is yellow when yo! c!t it open? &. Which of the following is an e'ample of a healthy brea fast( )* +atmeal with a piece of fr!it ,* -optart C* .!ffin /* 0t is best to s ip brea fast 1. This green vegetable loo s li e a mini tree and is high in vitamin ) and vitamin C. 2. 3ame a fr!it that is high in potassi!m. 4. This vegetable can be eaten raw in salads or coo ed in a variety of dishes. 0t is high in iron and folate. What is it? 15. Why is it important to get eno!gh vitamin C? 11. -into beans are fo!nd in the _____ food gro!p. They are high in fiber and protein. 12. What is the bl!e stripe on the food pyramid? What is an e'ample of a food from this food gro!p? 13. Why is it important to eat whole grains? 1". This sweet red fr!it has tiny seeds all over it. 0t is high in vitamin C and it ma es a perfect snac . What is it? 1%. Tr!e or #alse. 0t is best to eat bread that is white$ beca!se it is high in fiber. 1&. Chocolate 6aster egg candies are 7sometimes foods.8 Why is that? 11. This food is stic y$ brown$ and high in protein$ manganese$ folate$ and vitamin 6. 0t9s also great on sandwiches. What is it?

12. This fr!it9s name is also a color. 0t is high in vitamin C and fiber. What is it? 14. Tr!e or #alse. 0t is better to eat fresh fr!its and vegetables instead of canned. 25. :ow fat yog!rt is in the ______ food gro!p. 0t is an e'cellent so!rce of ________. 21. Which of the following is an e'ample of a healthy snac ( ;)* fr!it dipped in yog!rt ;,* a piece of low fat cheese and pret<els ;C* chopped celery and pean!t b!tter ;/* )ll of the above 22. Tr!e or #alse. Carrot ca e is a healthy alternative to fresh carrots. 23. Why is it important to vary yo!r veggies? 2". This fr!it is ro!nd and has soft f!<< on its s in. 0t is high in fiber$ vitamin C$ potassi!m$ and vitamin 6. What is it? 2%. Why is it a good idea to eat a diet high in fiber? Answers 1. =itamin )$ 6yes 2. 6ggs 3. With calci!m and vitamin / ". Tr!e %. -ineapple &. )* +atmeal with a piece of fr!it 1. ,roccoli 2. ,anana 4. >pinach 15. To boost the imm!ne system 11. .eat and beans 12. .il $ mil $ yog!rt$ cheese?

13. They have fiber and comple' carbohydrates so s!pply grad!al energy and eep people more f!ll for longer 1". >trawberry 1%. #alse 1&. They have lots of s!gar and fat$ which are low in n!tritional val!e. 11. -ean!t b!tter 12. +range 14. Tr!e 25. .il $ calci!m 21. ;/* )ll of the above 22. #alse 23. To get as many different vitamins and minerals as possible 2". -each 2%. #iber eeps yo! feeling more f!ll for longer and ma es s!re that yo!r digestive system is wor ing properly