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Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT Eleventh Judicial Region !

anch "#$ Cit% of &igos PEOPLE O' T(E P(ILIPPINE) C!i*inal Case No+ ,-.#/ 0ve!sus0 'o!+ RAPE 1A!ticle 2,,0A$ pa!ag!aph "1b3 of the Revised Penal Code$ as a*ended C(I) A ARILLA4O)A$ Accused5 60000000000000000000000000000000000006 IN'OR4ATION The unde!signed Cit% P!osecuto! accuses C(RI)

A ARILLA4O)A$ a !esident of

a!anga% Poblacion$ &igos Cit%$

&avao del )u!$ Philippines of the c!i*e of RAPE$ defined and penali7ed unde! A!ticle 2,,0A$ pa!5 "1b3$ as a*ended$ co**itted as follo8s+ That so*eti*e in the fi!st 8ee9 of August 2/"2$ at the Co! Jesu College of La8 Lib!a!%$ the above0na*ed accused$ did then and the!e$ 8illfull%$ unla8full% and feloniousl% !aped the pe!son of JO:CE 4ONTANA$ b% inse!ting his penis into the victi*;s vagina a!ound "/+</ p5*5 That the accused !aped the victi* again on August /2$ 2/"2$ a!ound . a5*5 at the &ean;s Office of the Co! Jesu College of La8 8hile he po9ed a 9nife at the victi* and th!eatened to 9ill he!5 That the accused fo!cibl% !aped the victi* again late! on August /2$ 2/"2 at the &ean;s Office of the Co! Jesu College of La8 and th!eatened he! again5 That as a !esult of said !ape$ the victi* gave bi!th to a child on Ap!il "#$ 2/"<$ and suffe!ed actual and *o!al da*ages in the a*ount as *a% be a8a!ded b% (ono!able T!ial Cou!t unde! the P!ovisions of the Ne8 Civil Code5

CONTRAR: TO LA=5 &igos Cit%$ Philippines$ Janua!% 2<$ 2/"<

4IC(ELLE )ALGA&O Associate Cit% P!osecuto! I he!eb% ce!tif% that a p!eli*ina!% investigation have been conducted in this case$ the 8itnesses having been e6a*ined unde! oath> that on the basis of the s8o!n state*ent and othe! evidence sub*itted befo!e *e$ the!e is !easonable g!ound to believe that the offense cha!ged 8as co**itted5

4IC(ELLE )ALGA&O )ubsc!ibed and s8o!n to befo!e *e this 2< !d da% of Janua!% 2/"?$ in the Cit% of &igos$ Philippines5

=ITNE))E)+ Julia A!o @ !g%5 Pandac$ Pavia$ Iloilo )PO2 ang Ros and PO" 4a!ia O7a8a 0 &igos Cit% Police )tation$ )an Agustin )t5$ &igos Cit% AIL RECO44EN&E&+ T=ENT: T(OU)AN& PE)O) 1PhP 2/$/// Add!ess of Accused+ !g%5 Poblacion$ &igos Cit%$ &avao del )u! APPROAE& ATT:5 AIREEN TE4 LAR Cit% P!osecuto! Roll No5 -/--4CLE Co*pliance No5 IA 0 ///BBB


I he!eb% ce!tif% that a p!eli*ina!% investigation in this case 8as successfull% conducted b% *e in acco!dance 8ith la8> that I e6a*ined the Co*plainant and he! 8itnesses> that the!e is !easonable g!ound to believe that the offence cha!ged had been co**itted and that the accused is p!obabl% guilt% the!eof> that the accused 8as info!*ed of the Co*plaint and the evidences sub*itted against hi* and 8as given the oppo!tunit% to sub*it cont!ove!ting evidence> and that the filing of this info!*ation is 8ith the p!io! autho!it% and app!oval of the Cit% P!osecuto!5 4IC(ELLE )ALGA&O Assistant Cit% P!osecuto! )U )CRI E& AN& )=ORN TO E'ORE 4E this 2<!d da% of Janua!% 2/"? in &igos Cit%5 LUE TE4 LOR Cit% P!osecuto! ail Reco**ended+ P"/$ ///5//

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