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2007-01-10 Bugfix: Alt TAB behavior 2007-01-04 blockindentation is equal to tab settings 2006-12-28 Versin 2.

1 SmallIDE uses 2 profiles to work with Borland C++Builder or Microsoft Visual Toolkit Changes: in some Settings Editor Settings work also global Adding old style shortcuts for clipboard Bugfix: in Helpbrowser in Resource Editor Resource Editor handles Icons with Alpha Channel (XP-Style) 2005-05-01 Add 'Dublicate Item' in dialog editor Bugfix: Console sometimes crashes when closing Changes: SmallIDE now uses 'merlin.dll' for controls and visual effects 2005-04-02 Find/Replace take the selected text or the cursor text as find text Replace starts from cursor position 2005-02-12 Dialog-Editor reads multiline CONTROL statements Add multiple UNDO to texteditors 2004-03-11 Bugfix: Pathes with spaces in console error messages were not recogniced Added Combobox to Help Browser for privior search strings 2004-02-02 Console keeps it's content 2004-01-21 Added Resource Script Editor Added Mousewheel support Bugfix: Browse Folders and Fileopen box dit not handele folder attributs correct (some folders were hidden) Bugfix: Directory-Settings problems with spaces in path 2003-10-17 Add 'Extras' Known Bug: DialogHook -> Error on WinNT Bugfix: in Copy,Paste Bugfix: Undo Bugfix: Filename length in Fileopenbox 2003-10-07 Add file command allows multiple selection of files 2003-10-05 Added timestamp information to each file to recognise filechanges. Added Comboboxes to Find- Replace- dialogs to access to previor inputs.

2003-09-30 Add Compiler/Linker Configuration Dialog Bugfix: Target-Settings Defines Editor Font and Syntaxcolor Settings Tooltips for project - and console window 2003-09-25 Bugfix: Target-Settings Build Debug/Release Option was switched false In case of compiling from the project context menu or by the Make or Build command open editorfiles are saved automatically If Headerfiles are added to the project Make and Build command check the C-Files in the project if the have included them 2003-09-02 Pathes stored in the project file now are relative to the project folder 2003-08-28 Separate lists for compiler output and text position markers in console window 2003-07-03 minimal size of windows 2003-06-22 Allow spaces in targetpath and targetname 2003-04-02 Bugfix in Run-Command (it dit not used the targetname) 2003-01-18 Multiline Editbox for Source-,Include- and Lib-Directories 2002-12-20 BugFix: Target Settings Multithread Checkbox does not work 2002-12-12 BugFix: CTRL-Key hangs 2002-11-27 BugFix: Editor crashes or shows nonsense when typing "\{CR} 2002-11-21 Target Settings: 'Defines' input field is a multiline editcontrol 2002-11-11 Message Window: arrow keys <- -> for horizontal scroll some changes in color style icons in "New Folder" and "New File" box Editors: now row and line of the cursor are shown

Target Settings: it's possible to make the targetname different from the projectname Help browser is accessable in the help menu now it's possible to create simple make batchfiles