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Medicaid At-A-Glance689 January 2014 House District 44

Comprised of part of Fairfax County

(SFY 2013 Data Below)

Total Population District (2010): Medicaid/FAMIS District Population690: Population with Medicaid or FAMIS:
Enrolled Fee-for-Service (FFS)691: Enrolled Managed Care Organization (MCO): Dually Eligible Medicare Enrollees692: In Nursing Facility693: In Home/Community-based Waiver694: In PACE Program695: In Money Follows the Person Program: Total Costs for All recipients696: Covered Population Adults698 Aged Blind & Disabled Children700 Other702 Pregnant women Age Group 0-20 years 21-64 years 65+ years 85+ years704 Number 748 482 866 9,371 432 633 Number 9,581 2,282 669 109 Percent

80,796 12,532 16%

2,230 10,298 976 41 105 4 1 $42,738,651 Direct Payments Acute Care Dental Long Term Care699 MCO Payments701 Pharmacy Primary Care703 Total cost $6,634,997 $237,417 $6,215,443 $19,693,493 $540,001 $9,628,692 Recipients 2,260 4,661 243 8,726 1,577 4,063

6% 4% 7% 75% 3% 5% Percent9 76% 18% 5% 1%

Health Plans Operating in District Anthem, Healthkeepers INTotal Health

Most Utilized Hospitals INOVA Fairfax Hospital The Alexandria Hospital INOVA Alexandria Hospital Virginia Hospital Center, Arlington Mount Vernon Hospital

Most Utilized Nursing Facilities Manor Care of Alexandria, Virginia, LLC Mount Vernon Nursing Center Woodbine Rehabilitation Health Center, LLC Leewood Healthcare Center Manassas Health and Rehabilitation Center

689 This data is deemed reliable, however, due to the transient nature of the population and exacting geographic boundaries of the districts, there may be some variation in the data. 690 Figures based on individuals zip code associated with the most recent eligibility segment within SFY 2013 691 Fee-for-Service includes individuals enrolled in adult care residence 692 Based on Medicare status; individuals included in FFS count 693 Includes skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities; individuals included in FFS count 694 Individuals in waivers are included in FFS or MCO count 695 Individuals in PACE program are exclusive of FFS or MCO count 696 Includes emergency FFS transportation costs 697 Numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding 698 Does not include adults in aged, blind, disabled, other, or pregnant women categories 699 Includes skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, home health and assessments 700 Does not include children in blind, disabled, other, or pregnant women categories 701 Includes acute care, primary care, pharmacy, transportation 702 Includes individuals enrolled in limited benefit categories such as family planning waiver services and certain Medicare beneficiaries 703 Includes laboratory, x-ray, physician and other practitioners 704 Figure is a subset of the 65+ group