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Live [liv] Salutatory Address Dear school administrators, teachers, parents, family and friends, distinguished guests and

fellow graduates, good evening and welcome! Welcome to a celebration honoring the past, present, and future of the School of the Madeleines graduating class of 2013. Today is the day to (bask) and celebrate, but this is also the day to reminisce and reflect. This is the day to let out a sigh of relief, because friends, we made it! But remember, this is also the day to prepare, since we will be taking on much, much bigger adventures henceforth. It has been a long way up until this point; so let me tell you this myself, theres no backing out now. I am much confident to say that each of us has learned more than our fair share of lessons throughout our time (here), and it is these lessons and experiences that have sculpted us into what we are today. From a plain block of stone transformed into a beautiful sculpture, each of us is a masterpiece in the making. Could you say that with me? I am a masterpiece in the making. Again, I am a masterpiece in the making. Keep these positive thoughts in mind, because positive attitudes and self-esteem can carry you for miles. Every one of us has skill, or potential ability; however, it is by our own command, by our will, shall we unlock our potential strengths. Believing: this is merely the first step. Now, the question is Are we willing to be sculpted or molded more? Can we shed more of our indifference, our laziness, timidity and arrogance that stall our learning? A wise man once said and that wise man was Socrates The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. As we acknowledge the fact that we know little, we put in mind that we have much to learn. Take a cup or a glass for example. One may assume that there is nothing special about it, because of the fact that it is empty. But on the contrary, the cups emptiness actually proves its usefulness. Friends, I want you to be empty cups, devoid of pride and arrogance, desiring to be filled with wisdom. I ask you my next question. It has been a long way, and as we stand here, I ask you this: Natatandaan niyo pa ba ang lahat ng mga na-lesson niyo throughout the school year? I know most of us would say no, kasama na din ako doon, and for that, I ask you my next question. What did you really learn from the long hours sitting in class, from the continuous onslaught of assignments and projects, and from listening to your teachers hour-long sermons? I tell you this, I, for one, learned more than a handful of values that has contributed much to the growth of my character. I may not remember the exact dates of the revolts of the Filipinos against the Spanish, I may not remember the names of all the influential physicists, but what I do remember, and I take these by heart, are the values I used in dealing with these academic demands. My teachers may not be aware of this, but through their unending assignment-andproject-giving, they taught me the virtue of patience; through their long sermons, they taught me the value of listening, and through their requirements and high standards, they taught me the virtue of perseverance. These lessons, they are really what matters, since our virtues, our character, will stick with us for life. Live, learn. You will gain new experience to add under your belt; you will hear new stories from those who have been tested by life, and you might even get to tell

your own story to others. And you know what the best part is? You get to meet friends along the way. Throughout the adventure that is life, we meet helpers that push us even closer to our dreams. Let me take this opportunity to thank those who I have met and who have accompanied me throughout my adventure. I thank our Almighty Father, for He is responsible for bringing me into where I am today. I thank God for the blessings He gave me that have helped me much in my journey. And I thank God because he has blessed me with people, with his little helpers, who have carried me for miles and miles. We wouldnt be here today if it wasnt for You, Lord, and for that, we thank You. I thank my teachers, on behalf na din of my fellow graduates, who have taught us that success comes with hard work. Thank you, because you have been extremely almost impossibly patient and understanding with us at sa kakulitan namin. Thank you for giving us inspiration when we really needed it and thank you, because without you, we wouldnt be the people we are today. To my classmates, IV UNITY, you have given me the ride of my life. Karl, Bryan, Wilson, Angela, Jaie, Abbott, Jasser, Yndhira salamat. Hindi ko kayo makakalimutan, and guys, thank you for being with me, thank you for the smiles, thank you for the lessons. I will never forget the memories we shared. Yung mga times na: vacant period, kulitan, yung iba natutulog, magulo yung room, tapos at the worst possible moment papasok yung teacher. And thus unleashed were the dogs of war. I also admire some of my classmates, who seem to easily find peace and inner stability, especially during class time. Simply and in short, natutulog sila tuwing klase. Salamat guys I will cherish these memories forever. To Jasser, who has been a loyal friend, and he always will be, thank you for accompanying me through the years. Thank you for being more than a friend to me, thank you for being my brother. To Yndhira, who became my partner and faithful companion throughout my time here, and she always will be, thank you. Thank you for being with me through good and bad. Thank you for helping me carry my burdens when they were just too much to bear. And thank you, Yndhira, for teaching me that life, even with its tests and challenges, can be happier than I could think it could ever be. IV - UNITY, I am glad I ended up with you guys. I could go on talking about the memories we spent and the lessons we learned together, but that would probably take forever. You have taught me about life far more than you could ever imagine. So thank you guys, for everything. I love you. And to my parents Mama, Papa, thank you, for building me from the ground up, for taking this plain block of stone, and making it into a masterpiece. Salamat, for giving me my every need, for seeing the greatness in me when others and I didnt. Ma, Pa thank you for inculcating in me my sense of wonder. Thank you for being with me as I explore and discover lifes wonders. Salamat sa lahat and I mean, sa lahat. I wouldnt be Gio Belen today if it wasnt for you. Mama, Papa, mahal na mahal ko kayo. I love you, and I always will. Now, graduates, I give you this small piece of advice. Go ahead and live life in a way that it fulfills you. Alan Watts, an English philosopher, would often ask his students (on vocational guidance) what they would want to achieve in the future if money was out of the question, and he would ask how would they really enjoy spending their lives. Watts often received answers such as We want to become

poets, We want to become painters, or We want to live life outdoors! Now, ask yourself, What do I desire? What makes me come to life? Once you have set your goal, go out, and live! Take all the wisdom you have acquired throughout your life, take all the lessons, and share it to others. Travel where no one has ever ventured before, and leave a trail. All stories, including the stories we are living now they all start with a question. From that question stems a possibility - endless sets of possibilities. And from those each and every one of those possibilities, branches a limitless amount of dreams, just waiting to be fulfilled. Imagine that. Now, it is our questions that took us here to this very moment, and no matter what path we took, here we meet: standing in blue coats, wearing hats with tassels, delivering grand speeches, singing songs of fellowship today is the day to tackle much bigger adventures. Today, we ask a new set of questions, we open new possibilities, and we dream we dream much bigger dreams. Now, I want you guys, all of you, to do something. I want you to take both of your hands, and raise it up. Ngayon, abutin ninyo ang pinakamataas na kaya niyong abutin. I want you to reach for the highest that you can reach. Dream big dreams. Live life on the edge. It is not until we are tested that we discover our strengths. Now say this with me, and by heart. I do not merely exist, I live. Now say this. I live! Again. I live! I say this not only to the graduates, but to every one: go out, live, share wisdom, and enjoy lifes wonders. Graduates, once again, congratulations! May we see each other again along the road to our dreams. Thank you, good evening, and may God bless all of you even more.

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