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Present tenses Write the correct form of the words in the brackets to complete the sentences.

Use only the present simple or the present continuous. Example Its nearly half past ten. __Do they always eat_ (they/always/eat) this late in Spain? 1. Carine ______________________ (enjoy) hospital drama so she ________________ (watch) ER every week. . !e ___________________ (take) a two"week winter holiday in #staad every year. $. I ______________________ (feed) the nei%h&ors 'at this week while shes in hospital. (. )hen yo* __________________ (mix) all the in%redients to%ether +*i'kly and _______________ (put) the mi,t*re in a hot oven for twenty min*tes. -. I 'an see the leaders. )he three front r*nners ______________ ( turn) the 'orner into the stadi*m 'omple, now. .. /*rry *p and &*y yo*r sandwi'h0 /ere ____________ (come) the &*s0 1. Sorry I havent phoned. I lost my address &ook 2 3h4 yo* _________________ ( always/ lose) yo*r address &ook0 !hy dont yo* keep everythin% on the 'omp*ter? 5. )he part"time philosophy 'o*rse _____________ (consist of) twenty evenin% le't*res and five f*ll"day seminars. 6. ___________________ (you/think) we sho*ld allow more than an ho*r to %et to the station? 17. !e 'ant leave a ten"year"old 'hild on her own. !hat on earth ______________ ( you/think) of? 11. 8ont ask him0 /e _____________(be) really diffi'*lt at the moment. 1 . !o*ld yo* like to try these 'hampa%nes? !e _______________ ( taste) them to write a review for the wine 'l*& newsletter. Past tenses Underline the correct verb form in italics. Example )he In'as didnt have/werent having a written s'ript. 1. )he thieves ran o*t of the &ank4 jumped/were jumping into their 'ar and sped away *p the hi%h street. . Intervention was *r%ently re+*ired 2 the starvin% 'hildren grew/were growing weaker &y the day and there was/was being little si%n of an end to the dro*%ht. $. 9im left/was leaving on the early fli%ht the ne,t mornin% so he made his e,'*ses and left the party &efore midni%ht. (. :hil stood at the door soaked from head to toe; he had been running/was running in the rain. -. <y the third month of the war re&el for'es took/had taken most of the provin'e. .. =t the time of the trial last s*mmer /inkley had been/was in prison for ei%ht months. 1. !e missed the first a't of the play &e'a*se when we arrived at the theatre the performan'e already started/had already started. 5. =t midni%ht >r. Ro'hester had climbed/climbed the stairs and went into his &ed'ham&er. 6. =t the time of the take"over the 'ompanys shares had declined/had been declining in val*e for several months. 17. <rendan was s*rprised to find the %as tank empty as he had only been using/had only used the tr*'k twi'e that week. 11. <efore the advent of satellite television viewers didnt used to have/use to have a very wide sele'tion of 'hannels. 1 . )he staff were used/used to &e paid weekly &*t now they re'eive a monthly salary. Past to Present tenses Underline the best choice of words in italic. Example Has the package arrived/Did the package arrive safely yesterday? 1. !e still hold meetin%s in the old manor ho*se4 whi'h stood/had stood on the same spot for over two h*ndred years. . <eethoven has written/wrote some of the most a''omplished symphonies yo* will ever listen to. $. )he n*rses strike increased/has increased the '*rrent waitin% time for minor s*r%ery &y two to three weeks. (. ?ews is 'omin% in of an in'ident in :arliament. = %ro*p of armed men surrounded/has surrounded the &*ildin% and is holdin% hosta%es.


/es really m*'h more handsome in the flesh that I thought/have thought.

All of the sentences below contain a grammatical mistake. Find and correct the mistake. Example >y family is living in this 'o*ntry for over twenty years. __has been living has lived__ 1. /*rry *p0 !e have &een waited for yo* for twenty min*tes0 ___________________________ . )here were seven poli'e dramas on )@ so far this week 2 and its only )h*rsday0 ___________________ $. )he Indian #overnment has imposed a &an on ti%er h*ntin% five years a%o. _________________________ (. )his farm is %rowin% or%ani' ve%eta&les for more than ten years now. ________________________ -. 3asis has &een re'ordin% a new al&*m. It was a %reat s*''ess on its release last week. ________________ The future (1) Write the correct form of the verb in brackets to complete the sentences. Use one of these structures! will" shall" be going to" will be # ing" will have # past participle" will have been #ing" present continuous or present simple. Example /ave yo* &ooked a holiday yet for this year? 2 Aes4 we _are taking (take) a 'r*ise aro*nd the Cari&&ean in ?ovem&er. 1. Ive taken the 17.(7 to <ristol every Briday for three years and its always half empty. <elieve me4 yo* ____________ (find) a seat. . #oin% to all of the re'ent polls4 the so'ial demo'rats ___________ ( win) ne,t weeks ele'tion &y a h*%e maCority. $. Dook at those &la'k 'lo*ds. It ______________ (rain) this afternoon. (. Im %oin% on holiday tomorrow. )his time ne,t )*esday afternoon I _____________ ( ski) down a mo*ntain0 -. =t o*r ne,t weddin% anniversary we ____________ (be/married) for twenty"five years. .. Sit down and wat'h the )@; I _______________ ( just/finish) this letter +*i'kly &efore I Coin yo*. 1. /ave yo*r parents de'ided whether yo* 'an 'ome to the festival ne,t weekend? 2 ?ot yet4 &*t they 'ant stop me. I ____________ (come) with yo*. 5. Ive won the Ca'kpot on the lottery and I ____________ (spend) it all strai%ht away0 6. Erm4 I dont want to &e r*de4 &*t _____________ (you/stay) with *s for lon% when yo* 'ome over to <ritain? 17. )he plane ________________ (take off) at 17.(-4 so we had &etter 'he'k in &y 5.(-. The future (2) $hoose the correct word or phrase %a&c' to complete the sentences. Example Shh0 Ao* _b__ dist*r& yo*r mother. a) are d*e to &) are not to ') are to 1. )he >ayor of :aris _____ attend the servi'e tomorrow &efore leavin% the 'ity. a) is a&o*t to &) is to ') is on the point of . )he timeta&le ______ &e p*&lished on 1st >ay. a) is d*e to &) is a&o*t to ') is on the point of $. /*rry0 R*n0 )he trains C*st ______ leave witho*t *s0 a) to &) d*e to ') a&o*t to (. <e'a*se of the erosion of their ha&itats4 some spe'ies are ________ e,tin'tion. a) a&o*t to &) on the ver%e of ') likely to -. /es very ________ to a''ept the position as we 'ant mat'h his '*rrent salary. a) *nlikely &) likely ') s*re .. Im sorry a&o*t spillin% wine on yo*r dress last week. 2 8ont worry4 I ______ take to the 'leaners anyway. a) was %oin% to &) wo*ld ') was to 1. =s he raised his arm she realiEed that he ________ strike her a%ain. a) was d*e to &) was to ') was a&o*t to 5. Im really sorry. !e ______ to stop at a servi'e station and phone yo*4 &*t we didnt want to waste any more time. a) were d*e to &) were %oin% to ') were to 6. Dook4 I didnt p*t the r*&&ish o*t this mornin% &e'a*se I tho*%ht yo* ______ do it0 a) were %oin% to &) wo*ld ') were to 17. )he new department store ________ on nd 9an*ary4 &*t the e,plosion prevented this. a) was to open &) wo*ld open ') was to have opened

Correct the mistakes (dentify the one underlined e)pression %a" b" c or d' that must be changed in order to correct the sentences. 1. >y ne,t door nei%h&o*r4 who is *s*ally shy and doesnt say m*'h4 is &ein% very friendly this mornin% and has a = < C 8 &i% party toni%ht for all his friends. . >artin was *sed to smoke a lot when he was st*dyin%4 &*t sin'e he has &een workin% in the &ank4 he hasnt = < C 8 &een smokin% as m*'h. $. :eople were slippin% on the wet floor &e'a*se no one had 'leaned *p the water that all of *s were knowin% had = < C 8 leaked from the 'offee ma'hine. (. !hen yo* will make a promise4 yo* tell someone that yo* will definitely %ive them somethin% or that yo* = < C definitely will or wont do somethin%. 8 -. =s we were enterin% the &*ildin%4 I noti'ed a sin% that someone has p*t a&ove the door whi'h said4 F<e alertG. = < C 8