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Changing Tides Newsletter
Changing Tides Newsletter

A Publication for our Cougar Community

Winter 2014

Principal’sPrincipal’sPrincipal’s MessageMessageMessage

Happy 2014 Students, Par- ents, Guardians, and Com- munity Members!

It is hard to believe that the

second half of the school year

is underway. Seniors are

gearing up to begin their Exit Projects while anxiously wait- ing for college acceptances to arrive. Many seniors re- ceived word before the winter break. It thrills me

to share that students have

selected Cal Poly, U Penn, Hampshire College, and St. Mary’s while others are weighing options based on early acceptance

to LMU’s Honors and

Excellence program, San Diego State, St. John’s, Marquette, Sonoma State, Montana State University, University of Oregon, Univer- sity of Michigan, and the In- stitute of Art in Chicago and San Francisco.

The rest of the classes are in the throes of selecting courses for the 2014-2015 academic year. A variety of new classes are being offered and ten courses have been UC A-

G approved since last May.

All students will be meeting with their counselors in Per- sonal Learning Plan (PLP) meetings to select courses and refine their four-year plans. For more details and time- lines, please go to their web- site at: http://



Inside this issue:

Curriculum & Instruction News By Jarrett Dooley

Strong’s Section - Facilities By Albert Strong

News From the Hill - About Our Staff

Art Department Announces its Open Studio

French Club

The Paw Print and Half Moon Bay Review Partnership

Sports News - Boys’ Basketball, Wrestling, Surf & Softball

CAR show is March 15




4 & 6





Casino Night Athletic Team fundraiser on April 11 th .

To another great semester of academics, athletics, citizen- ship, and music on the coast!

In the hopes of offering four additional parent funded sec- tions next year, the HMBHS Foundation, formerly known as

PAC, is in the final month of fundraising. The membership

drive closes on February 28 th with a thank you celebration to be held at the HMB Yacht Club on Saturday, March 1st. Be sure

teachers to collaborate on curriculum and instruction. We are fortunate for the ongo- ing support that CEF provides us.

In our January faculty meet- ing, we once again reviewed the procedure for lock- downs. I spoke to every par-

ent group on campus, and we’re working to better coordinate the offsite meeting place in case an event like this occurs again when stu- dents are not in class or on campus. In addition, we are assessing an im- provement of the PA system which is also part of the bond Meas-

ure S master facility plan. Finally, we’re researching the possibility being able to communicate via text versus robo call in

order improve and make com- munication more timely.

The upcom- ing spring semester is a lively, fun, and fast term. I en- courage you to get out to our spring events such as the Musical,

All Shook Up, coming this March as well as to all sporting events, Campus

Beautification on March 8 th , the Talent Battle, and the

on March 8 t h , the Talent Battle, and the Your HMBHS Admin team (left

Your HMBHS Admin team (left to right): Jarrett Dooley, Allison Silvestri, and Albert Strong

to join now and ensure the con- tinuance of Naviance, School Loop, Challenge Day, and field trips in addition to the four sec- tions that help to reduce class size and keep open desired courses such as Early Bird PE and electives. To join the HMBHS Foundation, please go to their membership site at: http://www.hmbhspac.com/

The Cabrillo Education Founda- tion (CEF) announced their 2014-2015 allocations. HMBHS secured the following grants: Cutting Edge Science Education equipment, atten- dance at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) conference in conjunction with Cunha science teachers, Anima- tion elective class, and time for

conjunction with Cunha science t eachers, Anima- tion elective class, and time for Cheers, Allison Silvestri


Allison Silvestri


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Changing Tides Newsletter

C & I News by Jarrett Dooley, Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction

Testing News CAHSEE: February 4 th and 5 th are the dates for all sophomores to complete the California High School Exit Examination for the 2013-14 school year. Seniors that have yet to pass will also be testing during this administration. Please visit our School Loop page (hmbhs.schoolloop.com) for more information. Best of luck to all Cougars from the Class of 2016!

Best of luck to all Cougars from the Class of 2016! New California Assessments (from CSTs

New California Assessments (from CSTs to Smarter Balanced): Signed into law on Oc- tober 2, 2013, AB 484 established the new California Measurement of Academic Perform- ance and Progress (CalMAPP) assessment system, replacing the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program. AB 484 addresses the need to create a new system to assess the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a transition that should take several years. For the 2013–14 school year, HMBHS will complete the following assessments:

Smarter Balanced assessment for English–language arts (ELA) and mathematics in grade eleven.

California Standards Test (CST) for Science in grade ten.

California Standards Test (CST), for purposes of participating in the Early Assess- ment Program (EAP) for ELA and mathematics, in grade eleven. For more information about CCSS or the Smarter Balanced assessments, please check our website at hmbhs.schoolloop.com/common-core or www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/sa/index.asp.

or www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/sa/index.asp . Early Assessment Program (EAP): as mentioned, grade eleven

Early Assessment Program (EAP): as mentioned, grade eleven students will participate in the CST for ELA and Math in order to complete the EAP. There is a very important written component of the EAP that will be administered to all grade eleven students in their English class in March. The Early Assessment Program (EAP) is a collaborative effort among the State Board of Education (SBE), the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California State University (CSU). The program was established to provide opportunities for students to measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics in their junior year of high school, and to facilitate opportunities for them to improve their skills during their senior year. Please encourage your students to do their best! Advanced Placement (AP): Teachers have been busily preparing students for success on the exams all year long. Advanced place- ment tests will be administered May 5-16. Be on the lookout for AP related information regarding payment for the tests and test day logistics coming from Ms. Robertson, our AP Test Coordinator.

HMBHS 2013-14 Assessment Calendar

April 7

April 8

April 9

April 10

April 11


< — –— –— Smarter Balanced Assessments for Grade 11 in English Classes ————>

April 28

April 29

April 30

May 1

May 2


< ———--— CST for Grade 10 Science, Grade 11 ELA & Math for EAP* — –————>

May 5

May 6

May 7

May 8

May 9

< —— –————————– —————————— AP Testing in Gym —————-— –——-=————— —— –-—>

May 12

May 13

May 14

May 15

May 16

< —— –————————— –——— – ————— AP Testing in Gym ——————— –——-=————— ———–->

Winter 2014

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C & I con’t

Semester Grades Grades and transcripts have been sent to all families in January. As a reminder, students continue to have the opportunity to study, do homework, and receive free after-school tu- toring in the Library Monday-Thursday 3:15- 4:15pm. This is possible due to the generos- ity and support of the HMBHS Foundation.

New Courses HMBHS is excited to announce THIRTEEN new CUSD Board approved courses for the 2013-14 school year (some courses listed below have been previously approved by the CUSD Board). In addition, courses with a * designate University of California/California State University A-G approval:

Advanced Pre-Calculus*

Art Spectrum*



AVID Tutors


CDE Agriculture & Natural Resources*

College Prep Math*

CSU Expository Reading & Writing*

Enhanced Algebra I*

Enhanced Geometry*

Introduction to Engineering Design*


Course Selections for 2014-15 School Year Students have been very busy in January, working diligently with counselors to make decisions on course selections for the 2014- 15 school year. Please review all documents with your student(s) carefully and do not hesitate to contact your student’s counselor with any questions. Changes in student schedules after course request forms have been submitted will not be accommodated unless an error has occurred. Please take the time to review these important decisions with your student(s).

Winter Cougar ACEs Ronaldo Acosta-Haro, Emilio Bautista, Maia Buzbee, Alexis Camacho, Fernando Ca- pristo, Gabbi Cozzolino, Kyle Eckert, Carla Franco-Aguirre, Hannah Giles, Ma- rissa Glosecki, Jose Cesar Huerta, Cody James, Luis Lara-Plancarte, Nick Lucche- si, Gabriela Marquez, Gabrielle Pariseau, Kenny Pelikan, Shane Regan, Johnny Renteria, Donovan Rice, Stephanie Rodri-

gues, Gerardo Ruiz, Natalie Simrock, D.J. Souza, Justin Sutton, Heather Theroff, and Diana Zavala.

Technology Update Under Cabrillo Unified School Dis- trict’s Measure S bond, the Technology Sub-Committee has been hard at work over the past few months. At HMBHS, Cohort I teachers include Mr. Stagg, Mr. Centoni, Ms. Neilson, Ms. Clavijo, Ms. Lusear, Mr. Jones, Ms. Tower, and Ms. Rigley. Each teacher has received the following classroom technologies* to further enhance our students’ 21 st century skills:

Classroom set of Android Galaxy Tab 3 10.1” Tablets

Classroom set of wired keyboards

Teacher Windows-based laptop

Projection system, including Smart Board

Summer professional development

* Science teachers received a blended model of devices, including tablets and stu- dent laptops
received a

On January 8-9, four Cohort I teachers attended a Google Apps for Education institute in Napa and were immersed in everything Google. The entire Cohort I group will be meeting in early February to debrief the institute and strategize an implementation plan for technology best practices and instructional strate- gies. Hopefully your students have been talking about these classroom technolo- gies because they have been positively impacting the classroom!

because they have been positively impacting the classroom! HMBHS Year- book L AS O LAS Las


Las Olas, the Half Moon Bay High School yearbook for over 100 years, is now on sale for a new low price of $75. After February 10th, the price goes up to $85. Orders for the Senior Recognition Ads are due by February 10th online or turn in to Yearbook class in Room A1 with Ms. Lun- stroth.

You can order your copy at school or online at:


Order forms can be found in the front office or on School- Loop.

Memories are forever, but sometimes we need pictures to help us remember!

ELAC Parent Group

Our meetings are held in the MU at 6 p.m. at Half Moon Bay High School. All Spanish-speaking parents are invited to participate and attend.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 1. All are welcome. Bring food to share!

ELAC President, Veronica Torres:


ELAC Vice-president, Vicky George:


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Changing Tides Newsletter

Strong’s Section

by Albert Strong, Asst. Principal

ASB & Activities

On Friday, January 17th, the Prom Com- mittee hosted a successful Prom Spaghetti feed to raise money for the school year’s most formal and final dance. The Prom spaghetti feed was a success thanks to the tireless efforts of Senior Sydney Royce, Advisor David Jones, the Prom Commit- tee and all the members of the community who supported the event.

Leadership is preparing for the annual Talent Battle by hosting auditions this February. The Spring Musical is already preparing for another outstanding per- formance coming in March. Students are hard at work most evenings and some weekends as they prepare for perform- ances of All Shook Up on March 21 st , 22 nd , and 23 rd and again on March 28 th , 29 th , and 30 th . In addition to the Spring Musical, the music program on campus will be hosting a Spring Concert on

March 11 th and 12 th .


The winter sports teams are in the midst of their league seasons. Varsity Boys Bas- ketball is off to a terrific start as they look to surpass their CCS runner-up finish from last year. Varsity Girls Basketball continues to compete game in and game out as they push for a playoff berth. Var sity Boys Soccer finished as runner ups at the prestigious Homestead tournament in December and continue to be a power in the PAL. Girls Varsity Soccer also contin- ues to dominate league play as they move towards CCS. Wrestling hosted another successful HMB tournament finishing second overall with several individual wrestlers winning titles as they too carry the momentum towards CCS.

Please support your favorite teams and athletes on campus by attending HMBHS

home and away games. If you would like to further support our athletes and teams, please contact the Athletics Boosters for more ways you can con- tribute to the cause.


Recently, the School Board announced the construction of a new state of the art district gymnasium at Cunha Middle School. The gymnasium will be used by the High School athletic teams for practices and games and will provide a much needed additional indoor facility for the community. While the facility will not be completed for some time, the excitement is already building for the basketball, volleyball, and wrestling teams.

Visual and Performing Arts Department
Visual and Performing Arts Department

Art Spectrum:

Art Spectrum is the NEW entry level art class! Students in this class have been learning a wide range of art skills and are being exposed to a little bit of drawing, painting, sculpture and intro to animation. They are currently creating digital portfolios that may come as a surprise when you see their creative problem solving skills. Please come to Open Studio Night on Thursday, March 13 th to see their growth by viewing and sharing their art!

Art II:

The semester came to a close for Art 2 with the completion of a whole range of art work from the publication of a children’s book to linoleum block printing to the start of acrylic painting. Cur- rently Art II students are working on the painting of a whole range of typography for the sets of the Spring Musical, “All Shook Up.” Doug McCurdy has been an artist in residence as well as set design expert who is helping the fortunate Art II stu- dents with his shared talent.

Art III:

Can you create TEN works of art in two weeks? That was the current challenge for Art III students who have each selected a word at random and who are experiencing a sort of “mini concen- tration” experience in preparation for taking advanced placement art next year!

Watch for Art III students portraits of orphan children in the global art project, “The Memory Project.” Art III students each receive a photograph of an orphan in either Mexico or The Phil- ippines and are painting portraits for the children who may not have a memory from their childhood without our art students’ skill!

Art IV & Advanced Placement Studio Art:

Students in the AP class are down to the final months of creating the most difficult assignment of all – completing 28 pieces to fill an AP portfolio that must be college-level material and turned in by May 9. Not an easy task even for college-aged kids much less for students in high school on a limited art schedule.

Upcoming Art Events: Open Studio Night

Once a year, the Art department has a night for parents and students to share art. All of the art classes will be open on Thursday, March 13 at 6-8 PM and you are invited to join us!!! Parents of art students may see stu- dent portfolios, students can teach their parent an art skill, students can view art done by classes they haven’t taken yet to see what they are like. Please come!

Winter 2014

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News From the Hill

Teacher Blends Two Careers Into One

Pat Olson had a career in radio broadcasting before entering the teaching profession. While teaching, Olson has continued his position as University of San Francisco’s (USF) mens’ basketball broadcaster for 23 years.

When ESPN wanted to film a new documentary about USF’s 1951 infamous and undefeated football team (9-0), USF’s Athletic Department chose Olson to represent them. ESPN sent a crew to the campus and interviewed Olson about the 1951 USF Dons team that some still believe was the best in intercollegiate history with nine of its players drafted into the NFL and two players later inducted into the Pro Foot- ball Hall of Fame. But they were more fa- mous for their decision to not play in three football bowl games when they were asked to leave their two black players in San Fran- cisco. The upcoming documentary is sched- uled to air February 9 on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET. Be sure to catch Olson on TV.

9 on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET. Be sure to catch Olson on TV. Those interested

Those interested in broadcast can get their start at HMBHS by taking Olson’s Broadcast Communication Arts class. The course is UC-approved A-G course F elective. Students will create the daily TV announcements that are broadcasted on-campus for the student body.

And Baby Makes Three!

Our English teacher and co-department chair of the English department became a father when Carson Jeffery Richard Had- ley was born on the eve of January 7. Carson was 21 inches and 7 pounds. Be- sides being sleep-deprived, Hadley is enjoying fatherhood and baby.

Congratulations to Bryce and Kelly!

and 7 pounds. Be- sides being sleep-deprived, Hadley is enjoying fatherhood and baby. Congratulations to Bryce
fatherhood and baby. Congratulations to Bryce and Kelly! Ms. Buritica Weds During Winter Break Yes, the

Ms. Buritica Weds During Winter Break

Yes, the rumors are true

Though Mr. Jones, Ms. Vrba, and a few other teachers are desperately trying to confuse the students into believing that there is a new coun- selor at HMBHS (Mrs. Chen), I am still here and calling myself Ms. Buritica! Students and families, don't fall for their mischievous ways!

I got married!

Over winter break, my husband, Ewen, and I got married in the Berkeley Hills and had a wonderful time with some close family and friends. No honeymoon yet because we're both too busy working with our students at our re- spective schools (he's a math teacher in San

Jose). But, who know mer!

there's always sum-

We Introduce Mr. and Mrs. Carey Mr. Carey tied the knot during summer break on

We Introduce Mr. and Mrs. Carey

Mr. Carey tied the knot during summer break on July 20, 2013, at the Ho- tel Sofitel. Mr. Carey is a native of San Francisco and his wife, Ayanna, is from Santa Clara. Mrs. Carey works in business

Ayanna, is from Santa Clara. Mrs. Carey works in business and contract law. We wish the

and contract law. We wish the wonderful couple nothing but happiness from this day forward.

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Art Department (con’t from page 4)
Art Department (con’t from page 4)

Additional art department donors are especially appreciated and include:

Dena Denniston at Crow’s Nest http://crowsnesthmb.com/ Michael Wong at Spring Mountain Gallery http:// www.springmountaingallery.com/ Anonymous Kiyomi O’Connell Peet’s Coffee HMB https://www.peets.com/

Jacob Penner and family Shelly Schabinger and family Traci Martinez Georgann Cartwright Ocean Shore Printing http://www.oceanshoreprinting.net/Welcome.html

Jon and Janine Miller Dick Sperisen Joan Fulp Kelly Hoffman Davis http://www.thegraphicworks.com/

Donations are requested for the following art materials:

Antlers and bones (for drawing; taxidermy donations would be great)

Sewing notions, needles, thread, buttons

Screw drivers, hammers, needle nose pliers

Rolling pins or wooden closet poles or wooden broom handles

Wooden spoons (used are fine – they are used as ceramic tools)

Beads, costume jewelry, feathers

Scrap lumber (especially finish lumber scraps)

Scrap wire (any electricians out there?)

Sharpie pens and markers

Quality and/or specialty papers (ie: origami, metallic, handmade, rice, printmaking, watercolor, Bristol, tagboard, foamcore, gatorboard)

(Drop off to the main office with a label: “Art Department Donation” or contact Larkin Evans at evansl@cabrillo.k12.ca.us with any questions.)

Evans at evansl@cabrillo.k12.ca.us with any questions.) Cast of the spring musical rehearsing in our band room

Cast of the spring musical rehearsing in our band room for their upcoming performance dates in March.

Changing Tides Newsletter

All Shook Up

Opens on March 21

by Student Director Nicole Evans

This year the 2014 Half Moon Bay High School Spring Musical will be the 2005 hit Broadway mu- sical All Shook Up which brings to life the music of Elvis Presley and tells the story of a young girl named Natalie Haller (Darragh White) and the changes her tiny Midwest town undergoes when the motorcycle-riding, bad boy Chad (Anthony Obester) drives into town. Chad challenges the status quo set up by the town’s overbearing mayor Matilda Hyde (Melanie Waechtler) and conse- quently throws the town into a lovin’ tailspin!

Based loosely on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, All Shook Up deals with themes like love coming from friendship, social inequality (with Soleil Spigelman and Juliet Shelton playing the honky-tonk owner and her daughter from the wrong side of the tracks), and forbidden love (Ryan Mattel). We can expect a heartfelt and moving musical filled with laughs and tears from this year’s HMBHS spring musical produc- tion full of timeless Elvis Presley tunes, such as, Love Me Tender, Burning Love, Can’t Help Fal- ling in Love, Jailhouse Rock, Blue Suede Shoes, A Little Less Conversation, Hound Dog, and All Shook Up. With a dedicated cast and crew composed of over seventy-five high school students and countless volunteers, All Shook Up is sure to be a hit!

countless volunteers, All Shook Up is sure to be a hit! The show will open on

The show will open on Friday March 21 st at 7:30 p.m. and runs for two weekends. Show times for Friday and Saturday is 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets will be for sale online beginning on March 1 st on the high school website at:

hmbhs.schoolloop.com. Prices will be $12 for stu- dents and $15 for adults.

Winter 2014

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Bonjour de Madame Clavijo by Patty Clavijo
Bonjour de Madame Clavijo
by Patty Clavijo

French Exchange Students are Coming!

What better way to help your student learn French than to host a French ex- change student in your home! I am cur- rently taking applications for host fami- lies needed from April 27 to May 9 for ten high school French students and a teacher from Thionville, France. During their stay in America, students shadow their American counterparts to learn English and to discover what American

high school life is all about. If your fam- ily is interested in hosting, please fill out the application included here: https://





Fill it out electronically and return it to Mrs. Clavijo via email before the Febru- ary 28. An informational meeting will be held in the beginning of March. For any questions, please contact me at:


Pen Pals

French 1 and 2 students had a wonder- ful beginning to their second semester when they finally received their long- awaited replies from pen pals in Ternier, France. They were delighted to read letters from beginning English learners and anticipate writing them back. While learning the standard of writing a letter in French, students gain the valuable exchange of cultural understanding, writing practice, and critical thinking skills. It’s a fun experience and helps our students build the skills they need to master the AP French letter in year 4.

Field trip to the Cantor museum Fri- day, February 28th French 3 and 4AP students will have an immersion day on Stanford University’s campus at the Cantor museum. Two

French speaking guides will lead stu- dents through the Rodin collection, where students will get a chance to practice their listening and speaking skills as well as note taking skills. Stu- dents will do a treasure hunt in the mu- seum in French to explore the Cantor’s fine art collection. We will end our day at a lovely French bistro called Pastis in Palo Alto, where the French speaking staff will help our students order and enjoy an authentic lunch.

Biliterate/Bilingual Bound!

Congratulations to these French super- stars who are on their way to becoming biliterate/bilingual by maintaining a B or better in French. Students who study French all 4 years and maintain a B or better in their last 2 semester of study, and/ or who pass the AP French test are eligible for the California State Seal of Biliteracy. This is an official recogni- tion by the state that your child is profi- cient in a valuable skill for the world of work and post secondary study.

French 4

Annika Cederwall

Heidi Noriega

secondary study. French 4 Annika Cederwall Heidi Noriega French 3 Barton,Ian Collins,Nicole Garrison,Brendan

French 3 Barton,Ian Collins,Nicole Garrison,Brendan Loegering,Julia * Lovewell,Katriel Morales-Galvan,Ana* Nava-Catalan,Sabrin* Osgood,Alyson Schabinger,Michelle Sulzinger,Julia Virgen,Nancy * Waechtler,Melanie Yang,Elaine *

Virgen,Nancy * Waechtler,Melanie Yang,Elaine * French 2 Acosta,Eduardo* Bachicha,Nina Haugland,Aida*

French 2 Acosta,Eduardo* Bachicha,Nina Haugland,Aida* Haupert,Vanessa Kairos,Ian Nelson,Amanda Salkin,Julian Silva,Cynthia* Tabiendo,Maria Florie Zafra, Carmen

Silva,Cynthia* Tabiendo,Maria Florie Zafra, Carmen French 1 Bravo,Rodolfo * Frank,Chloe Glosecki,Marissa

French 1 Bravo,Rodolfo * Frank,Chloe Glosecki,Marissa Hass,Emma Murray,June Perlsweig,Katarina Rodriguez,Virginia* Selke,Dylan Stockwell,Amanda Zonge,Kimo Carroll,Sean Contreras,Samantha Dennison,Alexandra Faust,Mackenzie Hatcher,Haley Humphrey,Sarah Jenkins,Molly Loreto,Daisy* Moreno-Rico,Hector* Murphy,Chanti Nelson,Martine O'Brien,Mia Penaloza,Cecilia* Plancarte,Hugo* Pomeroy,Carly Quick,Elise Saunders,Kiely Vega Marcelo,Betzy*

* designates students on their way to becoming tri-lingual

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Changing Tides Newsletter

French Club (cont)

Thank you SAFEWAY for donating pastries to the French Club and helping make our first bake sale a great success!

Club and helping make our first bake sale a great success! French Club members (left to

French Club members (left to right): Sarah Humphrey, Daisy Lo- reto, Elise Quick, Emma Bradshaw, Kitty Perlsweig, Emma Hass, Car- men Zafra, Julia Bellamy, Nina Ba- chicha, and Emma Reynolds.

Zafra, Julia Bellamy, Nina Ba- chicha, and Emma Reynolds. Journalism Class and Half Moon Bay Review
Zafra, Julia Bellamy, Nina Ba- chicha, and Emma Reynolds. Journalism Class and Half Moon Bay Review
Zafra, Julia Bellamy, Nina Ba- chicha, and Emma Reynolds. Journalism Class and Half Moon Bay Review

Journalism Class and Half Moon Bay Review Strike a Deal

The next print issue of our student-run newspaper, The Paw Print, will be in- serted in the Half Moon Bay Review newspaper and distributed on February 12. With a circulation of 5,500, our stu- dents are really moti- vated to step it up and produce their best work ever.

This partnership de- veloped after the edi- tor of the Half Moon Bay Review, Clay Lambert, had spent a semester being a guest speaker in our Journalism class to talk about news writ- ing and share what was needed to get The Paw Print up and running last year.

Lambert liked what the Journalism class was doing and began talk of a partnership with the school and the Coastside com- munity’s newspaper for distribution. The

students will still write, edit, and design their school newspaper and it will remain a product of Half Moon Bay High School.

Ads are being sold in order to fund the printing costs of The Paw Print. They hope to have four issues print in February, March, April, and May.

Journalism has been UC-approved A-G course F elective. Only sophomore, jun- ior, and senior students are allowed to apply for this course. An application must be completed and turned in to Ms. Neil- son with two teacher recommendations and the student must maintain a B grade or above in English as well as have a pas- sion for writing.

Ms. Neilson sees her role in class as a facilitator allow- ing students to run and make the de- cisions of the newspaper’s con- tent. Enabled by technology and experience, there’s been a noticeable im- provement in the writing and layout of The Paw Print.

Using tablets have allowed student writers to be more mobile for interviews, to document notes, record audio, take photos, and edit stories using

Google documents. The current student co-editors are Haley James and Stephanie Perez.

student co-editors are Haley James and Stephanie Perez. Half Moon Bay High School’s 2013-14 Paw Print

Half Moon Bay High School’s

2013-14 Paw Print staff in

Ms. Neilson’s journalism class.

Winter 2014

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High Expectations for Coastside Basketball by Coach Rich Forslund

The 2013-14 Boys basketball season is off to a great start. Heading into the second half of league play (Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) -North) the Cougars are 6-0 in league, 2 games ahead of the 2nd place Terra Nova Tigers. Overall the Cougars are 16-2 with some impressive pre-season wins over St. Ignatius of San Francisco, Burlingame, Menlo- Atherton, Aragon and Marin Catholic. With six games left to play in the regular season it is highly an- ticipated that the Cou- gars will capture the PAL-North title.

ing threat on the team and the team's best free-throw shooter at 88%. His ability to get healthy will have a major impact for the Cougars as post-season play fast ap- proaches. In spite of missing five games, Corey still has made the most 3-pointers for the season on the team with 17.

Fellow seniors, Brody Men- zies, Jordan Cariaga, Adrian Silveira, Kyle Harwood and Zach Treanor round out the Class of 2014 and all of them have made significant contri- butions throughout the season either offensively or defen- sively.

Other members of the team are Class of 2015 players: Caelin Batstone, Grant Harman, Sam Mitchell, Trevor Harman, Ian Barton and Class of 2016 player, Jake Salin- ero. All of these players have shown flashes of brilliance and their continued growth as play- ers will help determine how far this year's team can advance in the Central Coast Section (CCS) playoffs and, hopefully beyond, in the Northern California championships.

If you haven't had a chance to see the Varsity Cougars play, time is running out. The last regular home season game is Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 6:00 p.m. vs. El Camino of South San Francisco. It is

highly likely the Cougars will get a chance to host a San Mateo County PAL playoff game on Wednesday, Feb. 19, at 7:00 p.m.

For the past two seasons the Cougars have advanced to the CCS championship game for Division 4 (second smallest school enrollment division in CA) and come up short. This season, we hope to break through that barrier and capture a CCS championship banner for the first time since 1996. The landscape is increasingly more difficult with the advent of Private School dominance in all playoffs through- out the Section. The Cougars are working hard to overcome that obstacle and find a way to bring another championship sea- son to the beautiful Coastside.

another championship sea- son to the beautiful Coastside. The group is led by the outstanding play

The group is led by the outstanding play of the Nuno brothers (Rico and Tommy). Senior Rico is almost averag- ing a double for the season, scoring 14 points a game and hauling down 8.7 re- bounds a game. Rico also leads the team in assists with 59 for the season. Sophomore Tommy probably has been the most con- sistent and complete player this season on both ends of the floor. Senior EJ Madriaga, the starting point guard has really picked up his game recently, with personal scoring highs of 16 and 19 points in the last two weeks. Junior Case DuFrane averages 7 points a game and 5 rebounds per contest.

Still recovering from an ankle injury is Senior Corey Cilia who averages 9.4 points per game. Corey is the best outside shoot-

9.4 points per game. Corey is the best outside shoot- You can always follow the Cougars

You can always follow the Cougars at www.cougarhoops.com and www.facebook.com/CougarHoops.

Best swishes, Coach Rich Forslund

. Best swishes, Coach Rich Forslund 6th Man Crew returns to cheer Cougars onto Victory! Highest

6th Man Crew returns to cheer Cougars onto Victory!

Highest Ranking for Wrestling Team in Years

By Coach Tom Baker

The Wrestling Team’s season began with a bang and won their first Duel Meet against El Camino and are expected to compete for the PAL Cham- pionship. Currently, the Team is ranked 11th in the CCS. Our highest ranking since 2005.

The Team has quite a few stars ranking very high in their respective weight classes. 222 lbs Marcos Sarabia is a returning PAL Champion and 6th place finisher in the CCS last year. He is ranked 3rd in the CCS. Re

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Wrestling Team (con’t)

turning PAL Champion 287 lbs Jose "Bernard" Ayon is ranked 5th in the CCS. 2-time PAL Champion Spencer Boling is ready to take on the Bay Area as he is ranked 7th in CCS at 134 lbs. Raul Her- nandez is the top ranked wrestler in the PAL at 184 lbs. Our little guys have placed at every tournament this year and are kids to watch this year in our League and CCS. Tristan Keller, at 108 lbs and Evan Marschall, at 115 lbs.

in the PAL Duel Meet opener against El Camino. The JV Team is also ex- pected to be in the hunt for a League Championship. The future Varsity super stars to watch is Dante Dal Porto, Jaspar Gananian, Edrey Casa- mina, Matt Spigelman, Miguel Lu-

quin, Jim Alves, Miguel Camacho, and Armondo Santos.

The Girls Team is small but they are ALL Tough. Carmen Zephra, Erika Salazar- Colorado and Marcela Cordova have wres- tled in a couple of tournaments and are gear- ing up for the Girls CCS Champi- onship. Top 3 in each weight class advance to the State Meet.

Our Duel Meets are every Thurs- day. The final Duel is against the Defending PAL Champions Terra Nova High School at 6 pm on Feb. 13th. The PAL Final Tournament is schedule for Saturday, Feb 22 nd , at El Camino High School. The Top 2 wrestlers in each weight class will advance to the CCS meet the following Friday/Saturday. The Wrestling Team travels to Sequoia High School on Thursday, for a tough Duel Meet. JV matches be- gin at 6 p.m.

for a tough Duel Meet. JV matches be- gin at 6 p.m. Varsity Wrestling Team with

Varsity Wrestling Team with their 2nd place plaque at Peninsula

Brian Belo, Will Fullerton, Khalil Droubi, Dominic Pintarelli, Emilio Bautista, Chase Lawson, Cody Dex- ter and Miguel Guevara or Cody James will all be a factor in our League by the end of the year. Hugo Plancarte, Mario Sarabia and Davis Corona are injured at this time.

The JV Wrestling Team is the defend- ing PAL Duel Meet and Tournament Champions. The won big the other night

HMB Surf Club Rock at Competition

HMB Surf Team results from Pleasure Point:

The Cougar surf squad scored hard on an epic Saturday at Pleasure Point in bluebird conditions, a solid 7-foot swell in the water and a light breeze over the course of the entire contest. The swell was very consistent and clean rolling into high tide around midday, offering plenty of opportunities to catch waves and advance, before draining later in the day and making for trickier judgment calls into the individual rounds and finals.

Team Round: HMB 74-points vs Live Oak/Carmel 49-points We advanced surfers from every division from the team round. In men’s shortboard Malcolm Feix, Hunter Murison and Coel Miller all advanced. Women’s shortboard saw Kaira Wallace and Kyla Kemp move forward. Body board was dominated by Kelby Kramer and Grayson Capers, who put on

a show with some big flips and 360s. In men’s longboard HMB swept with Konrad Wallace, Malcolm Feix and Thomas Lundgard placing 1-2-3 respec-

tively, while in women’s longboard Kaira Wallace and Kalea Johnson both moved on. When all tallied, that strong team performance brought HMB its 3 rd consecutive win for the season against a very game new combined team of Live Oak/Carmel.

Individual Round:

Coel Miller made it to the quarter finals in shortboard and semis in bodyboard. Kalea Johnson, Kyla Kemp and Mia O’Brien advanced as far as the semis in Women’s shortboard. Omid Nouripour bowed out in Men’s longboard semis, as did Thomas Lundgard. Kyla Kemp also advanced as far as the

semis in Women’s longboard. After fighting valiantly all contest long with local shredders in Men’s shortboard, both Thomas Lundgard and Hunter

Murison came up just shy (4


) in the semis after impressive wins their quarter final heats.


Bodyboard: Kelby Kramer 5 th , Grayson Capers 6 th Women’s Longboard: Kaira Wallace 2 nd , Kalea Johnson 6 th Men’s Longboard: Konrad Wallace 3 rd , Malcolm Feix 5 th Women’s Shortboard: Kaira Wallace 5 th

Standout surfers were Malcolm Feix who really flared up in shortboard and advanced to his first final in longboard. Kelby Kramer in bodyboard pulled off

a huge “El Rollo” flip into the white wash and emerged as cheers erupted from the beach (while his coach was fiddling with the trailer). Kalea Johnson executed very clean multiple nose rides (even on the same wave). An exhausted Kaira Wallace made two finals and charged even after going down hard on some set waves. The depth of our team really showed and great effort by all is what set HMB apart on the day.

Winter 2014

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New Sport in PE

Spikeball is a new sport of- fered in physical education this year. Spikeball is played with four people (two teams of two). Using your hands to spike the ball off the net your objective is to hit the ball so the other team cannot return it back off the net. Each team gets a maximum of 3 hits to return the ball off the net. This is a great game that our stu- dents can learn to work with others and be active.

stu- dents can learn to work with others and be active. PE Students demonstrate (from left

PE Students demonstrate (from left to right): Ally Sara- bia, Ashley O’Keefe, Sarah O’Keefe, Andrew Olivero

bia, Ashley O’Keefe, Sarah O’Keefe, Andrew Olivero HMBHS 2014 Softball Season is Here! Finishing as the

HMBHS 2014 Softball Season is Here!

Finishing as the 2013 CCS Division III Runner-up, the HMBHS Softball team is ready for 2014! Tryouts begin Monday, February 3rd and will continue every weekday from 3:30- 6pm on the varsity field. All players must complete the Ath- letic Packet and cleared through

Mr. Punj’s Math Stars

I would like to recognize and congratulate the following 12 students in my Algebra I class for their performance, behavior and motivation to learn during the 1st Semester:

“Education is the most

powerful weapon which you

can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

Marissa Glosecki Erika "Liz" Camacho Juan Vasquez-Contreras Sean Christian Carroll Yovvani Mojica Gissell Penaloza-Vega Valerie Miramonte

Joseignacio Lira Josh Augustus Kruckewitt Mia Siofra O'Brian Melissa Alcosta Lilian Michelle Cahuantz

O'Brian Melissa Alcosta Lilian Michelle Cahuantz If interested in becoming a Cougar Booster, please visit

If interested in becoming a Cougar Booster, please visit their website:


the Athletic Director, Mr. Ferdi- nand, before the first day of try- outs.

We're looking forward to another

great season! Go Cougars!!!

Email any questions to the varsity softball coach, Deanna Tower, at







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