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Based Upon one Developed by Dom Bede G !""!#$s% OSB (The celebrant introduces the Mass and greets the community) (Invocation) Priest: Fullness there, fullness here, from fullness fullness proceeds. Once fullness has proceeded from fullness, fullness remains.

&URIFICATION RITE (The celebrant washes his hands and sprinkles some water on the people saying:) Priest: As our body is made clean by this water, may our soul be made spotless by your grace. (The celebrant invites all to review their life. Then all pray:) All' & & & & & & & a!se #o #$e e"()e o" all a!se #o #$e mos# me *!"(l a!se #o $!m +$o !s e#e nal p( !#y a!se #o #$e spo#less one a!se #o #$e des# oye o" s!n a!se #o #$e p o#e*#o o" #$e ,(s# a!se #o #$e emove o" !)no an*e-

(The celebrant, holding the right hand up, facing the people, pronounces the following formula of absolution:) Priest: May the God of peace who brought from the dead our Lord esus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal co!enant, cleanse you from all your wrong doings and strengthen you with e!erything good, that you may do his will, wor"ing in you that which is pleasing in his sight, through esus #hrist to whom be glory for e!er and e!er. R' Amen( ll e!change a sign of the peace.) (The lighting of the lamp: "elebrant lights the big lamp with the arati lamp.)

All & & & & & & a!se #o #$e d!v!ne l!)$# a!se #o #$e # (e l!)$# a!se #o #$e l!)$# o" l!"e a!se #o #$e l!)$# o" #$e +o ld a!se #o #$e l!)$# o" #$e sel" a!se #o #$e !nne l!)$#-

Priest: $ternal light, shining beyond the hea!en%s radiant sun, illuminating all regions, abo!e, below and across, true light enlightening e!ery one coming into the world, dispel the dar"ness of our hearts and enlighten us with the splendor of your glory. All' Yo( +o d !s a lamp "o o( s#eps a l!)$# on o( pa#$(The celebrant touches the flame with the tips of his fingers and then brings his fingers to his eyes. ll turn to the light and perform the same gesture.)

LITURGY OF THE .ORD (#omage is paid to the books with light and incense) ($uring the readings, the people remain with open hands and the palms turned up wards resting on their knees.) (The celebrant blesses the scripture readers with the following blessing:) Priest: May he who &uic"ens the intellect and "indles the heart strengthen you with his power to proclaim the sa!ing word. (The %ible is read. &ollowed by a short silent meditation.) (The celebrant or bishop blesses the gospeller saying:) Priest: May the Lord be in 'your(my) heart and on 'your(my) lips that through my heart the lo!e of God may shine forth and through my lips his spiritual power be manifest. (The 'ospel is read)

(#omily if any) ((ilent reflection)

LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST (The celebrant invites the community to formulate their intentions. #e concludes the prayer of the faithful) (The celebrant takes the dish of eight flowers as he says) Priest: Father, send down your *pirit upon these offerings, the symbols of our self+gift to you. May we be pleasing in your sight. May we be united with the sacrifice of your *on. (The celebrant places the eight flowers on the tray with the bread and wine in the eight directions, saying each time one of the following attributes of )esus "hrist) Priest esus, the Lord esus, the *on of God esus, the *on of Mary esus, the God+man esus, the true person esus, the anointed one esus, the true teacher esus, the sa!ior. (The celebrant making an offering with light and incense over the offerings, continues:) Priest: ,o whom with you and the -oly *pirit be honor and glory now and fore!er. Amen-

EUCHARISTIC &RAYER Priest: May your -oly *pirit, O God, enlighten our minds and open our lips, that we may sing the .O/0$1* of your lo!e2 All' Help (s% Sp! !# D!v!ne% #o p o*la!m God/s me *y0

Priest: Let us praise and than" the Lord, our God, whose ma3esty per!ades the uni!erse All' G ea# !s $!s name and +o #$y o" p a!se0 Priest: Let us celebrate the glory of the Lord whose splendor shines in the depths of our hearts. All' Glo y #o $!m !n +$om +e $ave o( be!n)0 Priest: O supreme Lord of the 4ni!erse, 5ou fill and sustain e!erything around us. 5ou are the Ancient of 0ays who turned, with the touch of your hand, chaos into order, dar"ness into light. 0eep and wonderful, the mysteries of your creation. 5ou formed us in your own image, entrusted the earth to our care, and called us to share in your own being, your own "nowledge, your own bliss. All' & a!se #o #$e one +$o !s Be!n)% 1no+led)e% bl!ss0 & a!se #o #$e e#e nal eal!#y0 & a!se #o #$e "(llness o" all pe "e*#!ons0 Priest: Father most "ind and merciful, you want all to reach the shores of sal!ation. 5ou re!eal yourself to all who search for you with a sincere heart. 5ou are the Power almighty adored in Presence hidden in nature, the Light that shines bright in the hearts of all who see" you, through "nowledge and lo!e, sacrifice and detachment. 5ou chose for yourself a people and made with them a lasting co!enant. 0espite their infidelity, you were true to your promise, and taught them to long for the day of the *a!ior, the day of peace and sal!ation for all. All' & a!se #o #$e e2pe*#a#!on o" #$e Na#!ons0 & a!se #o #$e p om!sed one o" Is ael0 & a!se #o $!m +$o *omes !n #$e name o" #$e Lo d0 Priest: O God in!isible, at the fa!orable time you were pleased to become !isible to us. 5our .ord, your only begotten *on, too" on our human condition and was born of the 6irgin Mary. As *upreme ,eacher and Master, he imparted the words of eternal life to the poor and humble of heart. -e went about doing good. .hen his hour had come, of his own accord he laid down his life as a sacrifice for our sin. 1aised from the dead by you, Father, he became for us the source of life, and sent the -oly *pirit to fill the world with 3oy and peace. /ow we pray you, Father, send this same *pirit to fill these gifts of bread and wine with his di!ine power, and to ma"e present among us the great mystery of our sal!ation. All: #ome, O *pirit *upreme. #ome, O *pirit all+holy. #ome, O *pirit who fill the uni!erse. Priest: Lord, answer me2 Lord, answer me2 Lord, answer me2 Ep!*les!s ++ 7,his section does not appear in the original8

7Priest: May the -oly spirit descend upon this bread and ma"e it the life gi!ing body, sa!ing body, the body of our God Lord esus #hrist. May this wine in this chalice be transformed into the blood of our Lord and God, esus #hrist 'a !ery ancient epiclesis). or Priest: And we pray that you send your -oly *pirit upon the offering of your holy mysteries so that they may be filled with the -oly *pirit, unto the strengthening of the faith in truth 'ancient Latin and #optic epiclesis). or Priest: .e implore you, the merciful God to send forth your -oly spirit upon this offering, to ma"e the bread the body of #hrist, and the wine the blood of #hrist. For whate!er the -oly *pirit touches is hallowed and changed 'epiclesis of *t. #yril of erusalem, c. 9:; A.0.)8. .o ds o" Ins#!#(#!on 7,his section does not appear in the original8 7Priest: And now we remember esus and what -e did, .ho, in the night in which -e was betrayed, too" bread into -is holy and innocent hands, and with -is eyes lifted up towards hea!en, -e ga!e than"s to 5ou, Almighty God, our Father, and -e blessed <t. -e bro"e <t, and ga!e <t to -is disciples saying: =All of you, ta"e and eat of this for ,his is my >ody which was bro"en for you. 0o this in remembrance of me.= (The #ost is elevated) Priest: <n li"e manner, after -e had supped, -e too" the cup, and when -e had gi!en than"s -e blessed it, and -e ga!e <t to -is disciples saying: All of you, drin" of this, for ,his is my >lood Of the /ew and $!erlasting #o!enant, which is shed for you and for many for the remission of sins. 0o this as often as you drin" it in remembrance of me. (The chalice is elevated)

ANEMNESIS Priest: And so, Father, in gratitude we celebrate the memorial of the obedient death of your *on, of his glorious resurrection from the dead, the triumphant ascension into hea!en, and his outpouring of the *pirit in whom the #hurch is born. .hile we offer you his uni&ue and holy sacrifice we await his return in glory. .hen he comes he will gather up the fruits of redemption, hold them together in his fullness and place them at your feet. All' .e anno(n*e yo( dea#$ and p o*la!m yo( es( e*#!on% Lo d 3es(s4 )a#$e all yo( people !n#o yo( 1!n)dom +$en yo( *ome !n )lo yPriest: Merciful Father, bring together all your people together through the -oly *pirit in one mystical body of esus #hrist. -elp us li!e in fellowship. Let us remember and bless the names of the patriarchs of all the historic sees, our own matriarch, Archbishop 1ichard, and all the bishops, priests, deacons, and all other ministers that their ministries will always be inspired by the #hrist within. Also, bless all our brethren who are not present at this $ucharist. >less all the efforts of all those who labor to build a world, where the poor and hungry will ha!e their fill, where all peoples will li!e in harmony, where 3ustice and peace, unity and lo!e will reign. Grant to all the departed a share in your bliss. .elcome them in your ?ingdom, where, Mary, the 6irgin Mother of God, the Apostles and Martyrs, the *aints of all lands and ages, unceasingly pray for us and help us share in the riches of your *on, our Lord esus #hrist. Lo!ing Father, send down your *pirit, the fullness of your bliss, fill with oy and peace all of us who share in the >ody and >lood of #hrist, that we may be one in him, and manifest our unity in lo!ing ser!ice. May he be the pledge of our resurrection and lead us in hope to the shore of eternal life with all the ust in the ?ingdom of -ea!en. <n the oneness of the *upreme *pirit, through #hrist who unites all things in his fullness, we and the whole creation gi!e to you, God of all, Father of all, honor and glory, than"s and praise, worship and adoration, now and in e!ery age, for e!er and e!er. All' Amen- Yo( a e #$e "(llness o" Real!#y% one +!#$o(# a se*ond% Be!n)% 5no+led)e% Bl!ss-

COMMUNION RITE ',he celebrant says a few words of introduction to the communion rite. ,hen this prayer:)

Priest: ,his is the >read that came down from -ea!en@ whoe!er eats this >read will ne!er die. ,his is the cup of immortal nectar@ whoe!er drin"s of this cup will li!e fore!er. For the Lord says, =-e will ha!e eternal Life, and < will raise him up on the last day.= 0o you belie!e thisA All' Yes% Lo d% +e bel!eve% "o yo( $ave #$e +o ds o" e#e nal L!"e(Then the celebrant invites the people to recite or sing the *+ord*s ,rayer. * ll recite with folded hands)

LORD/S &RAYER 7,his is the .estern rendering of the Lord%s Prayer8 7All: Our Father which art in hea!en hallowed be thy name, thy "ingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in hea!en. Gi!e us this day our daily bread, and forgi!e our debts as we forgi!e our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deli!er us from e!il B 'For thine is the "ingdom, and the power, and the glory, fore!er. Amen.)8 (The celebrant breaks the bread for communion saying) Priest: ,he cup of blessing which we bless is the communion with the blood of #hrist. ,he bread which we brea" is the communion with the body of #hrist. >ecause there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all parta"e of the one bread. (Then the celebrant invites the congregation to partake of the sacred meal, saying) My feast is ready, says the Lord@ brothers and sisters, let us oyfully share in his ban&uet. ( fter all have received communion, a short pause is observed, followed by chanting -optional..) This leads to complete silence. ,rayer.


(The celebrant addresses a few parting words, inspiring the community with a sense of mission. Then he imparts the solemn blessing, saying) Priest: May God, beyond all name and form, share with you his glory beyond measure, and ma"e you enter into the mystery of his presence. All' AmenPriest: May God who became manifest in esus #hrist enlighten your minds, strengthen your wills and fill your hearts with lo!e. All' AmenPriest: May God, the indweller in the ca!e of your hearts, animate you with his life. All' AmenPriest: And may the grace of our Lord esus #hrist, and the lo!e of God, and the fellowship of the -oly *pirit be with you all. All' Amen("oncluding hymn) Fr >ede Griffiths o.s.b., =,o enter deeply into meditation is to enter into the mystery of suffering lo!e. <t is to encounter the woundedness of our human nature. .e are all deeply wounded from our infancy and bear these wounds in the unconscious. ,he repetition of the mantra is a way of opening these depths of the unconsciousness and eCposing them to light. <t is first of all to accept our woundedness and thus to realiDe that this is part of the wound of humanity. All the wea"nesses we find in oursel!es and all the things that upset us, we tend to try to push aside and get rid of. >ut we cannot do this. .e ha!e to accept that =this is me= and allow grace to come and heal it all. ,hat is the great secret of suffering, not to push it bac" but to open the depths of the unconscious and to realiDe that we are not isolated indi!iduals when we meditate, but are entering into the whole inheritance of the human family.= p;E