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To, Admin Manager, Dewan Mushtaq Textile Mills Ltd, Site Area Hyd, Subject: Application for a higher

opportunity to work in your organization. Respected Sir, This is in reference to the newly available position of (Labour Officer). I have been working as Jr. officer (H.R Dept). I have successfully lived up to expectations of the management. I wish to take up more of a leadership role, and I feel that my experience with this company will pay off and help me excel. This position requires someone who skillfully manages day-to-day duties, and has effective time management skills, and I believe that I have proven the same as well, while working and handling additional tasks and responsibilities handed over to me, in other people's absence. Also, I'm familiar with the duties and tasks, which I think serves as a plus point. I have enjoyed the responsibilities and challenges in this field, and I aim to grow further in this field, by continuing in this company as (Labour Officer). My vision, as always, is to serve this company to the best of my abilities, even in the years to come. I have attached my CV along with this letter to provide you with more details about me. Awaiting a positive reply, Sincerely,

Ali khan Jr. officer (H.R Dept) Dewan Mushtaq Textile Mills Ltd. Site Area Hyderabad.