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GEORGE MOORE (1852-1933) -Ballyglass-Londres (La visin cr !ica=The Critical Vision) Padre ca!lico rico, hombre del campo.

"#E$%O& 'RL($)E&E&* %+e #n!illed ,ield

)R(M(&* )ar-.id y Grania (colab. Con Yeats y Lady Gre ory) %+e Bending o/ !+e Bo.g+ (colab. Con !d"ard #artyn para el $bbey Theatre) %+e (0os!le

$O1EL&* ( Modern Lover2 3( M.-er4s 5i/e2 3( )ra-a in M.slin2 3Es!+er 5a!ers2 3%+e La6e2 3%+e Broo6 7eri!+2

%R(B(8O& (#%OB'OGR9,'"O&% "on/essions o/ a :o.ng Man Me-oirs o/ -y )ead Li/e ;ail and ,are<ell

&'ome (ic)ness* &&&is it a short story***

(B'OGR(,=() -,'G#R( )E&%("()( E$ LO& >R'MERO& (?O& )EL (BBE: %;E(%RE -L( '$,L#E$"'( $(%#R(L'&%( E$ &#& OBR(& -REL("'@$ L'%ER(R'( "O$ :E(%& : L(): GREGOR: -&# "R=%'"( ( L(& 2 'RL($)(& -E&%($"'(& E$ '$GL(%ERR( : >(R=& -OBR(& E&"R'%(& ($%E& )E &# 1#EL%( ( 'RL($)(* 3( Modern Lover2A 3( M.-er4s 5i/e2A 3( )ra-a in M.slin2A 3Es!+er 5a!ers2A e!cB -L( 1'&'@$ "R=%'"( )E L( B#RG#E&=( >RO%E&%($%E E$ 3( )R(M( '$ M#&L'$2* ,E&%;ER 5(%ER&2 -OBR(& E&"R'%(& )E&>#C& )E &# 1#EL%( ( 'RL($)(* 3%+e #n!illed ,ield2A 3%+e La6e2A 3;ail and ,are<ell2A 3;eloise and (Delard2A e!cB

-L( 1')( R#R(L 'RL($)E&( E$ &#& REL(%O&* 3%;E #$%'LLE) ,'EL)2 -L( 1'&'@$ "R=%'"( )E L( &O"'E)() "(%@L'"( E$ 3%;E L(7E2 -(%;E BROO7 7ER'%;)* -(;('L ($) ,(RE5ELL ($) O%;ER (#%OB'OGR(>;'"(L 5OR7&)*

(B'OGR(,=() ,'e "as Dorn in Ballyglass, in the abr.pt / 0or otten 5es! "oas! o/ 'reland, in 1852, and he died in London in 1933. ,There is no do.bt that he s0en! +is c+ild+ood in one o0 the most Dea.!i/.l 0laces o/ 'relandA close !o !+e coas! E <i!+ !+e "onne-ara -o.n!ains a"ay in !+e +oriFon, a <ild E soli!ary 0lace in "hich s+ide <o.ld cer!ainly reside !+ere, had they e1isted. ,$a!.re E !+e s+or! s!ories !+e local 0eo0le narra!ed all aro.nd the 0ire in the stormy ni hts le/! an indelible -e-ory in +is -ind that la!er on "ill appear re/lec!ed in so-e o/ +is most si ni0icant <or6sB ,Moore "as a son o/ a ric+ -an o/ !+e co.n!ryside "ho "as "a!+olic, a reli ion to "hich +is -o!+er also belon ed, 2 al!+o.g+ a 0ar! o/ !+e Moore /a-ily had been ed.ca!ed in the >ro!es!an! reli ion. ,:o.ng Moore "ill be ed.ca!ed "a!+olicB -;is cri!ical vision o/ !+e social 'ris+ sys!e- "o.ld !a6e +i- !o a con/ron!a!ion <i!+ !+e "a!+olic clergy "hich "o.ld end <i!+ +is conversion !o >ro!es!an!is-B ,'e leaves 'reland /orever in 1911B

-,'G#R( )E&%("()( E$ LO& >R'MERO& (?O& )EL (BBE: %;E(%RE ,'is 3al.able +el0 in es!aDlis+ing !+e (DDey %+ea!re in i!s -os! di//ic.l! E glorio.s -o-en!s E his collec!ion o/ !ales on 'reland ma)e +i- <or!+y o/ occ.pyin a 0lace o/ +ono.r a-ong !+ose "ho are dis!ing.is+ed Deca.se o/ !rying !o s+o< a mainly indigeno.s c.l!.reB ,#oore "as one o/ !+e dis!ing.is+ed 0ersonali!ies o/ !+e crea!ing o/ !+e (DDey %+ea!reB

-L( '$,L#E$"'( $(%#R(L'&%( E$ &#& OBR(& ,The vario.s li!erary c.rren!s "hich appear in +is <or6s are !+e ones o/ GolaA BalFacA ,la.Der! and %.rgenevA a-ong o!+ersB ,They "o.ld lea3e !+eir !race in 3%+e #n!illed ,ield2B H(l!+o.g+ Moore didn4! 6no< Gaelic, +e 4.ic)ly +ad !+e <or6 !ransla!ed in!o !+e 'ris+ lang.age in order !o connec! i! directly !o i!s na!.ral roo!sB

-REL("'@$ L'%ER(R'( "O$ :E(%& : L(): GREGOR:

,$lso, in !+e sa-e 0eriod o/ !i-e he collaDora!ed in !+e <ri!ing o/ !+e 0lay 3)iar-.d and Grania2 to ether <i!+ :ea!s E Lady Gregory, a 0lay "hich "o.ld also be !ransla!ed in!o GaelicB -3%+e Bending o/ !+e Bo.g+2 "o.ld also be a collaDora!ion o/ Moore, this time <i!+ Ed<ard Mar!yn /or !+e (DDey %+ea!reB -&# "R=%'"( ( L(& 2 'RL($)(& ,'n George Moore4s li/eE <or6s "e 0ind a s0iri!.al con/ron!a!ion o/ !+e 2 'relands in 1 a.!+orB

-E&%($"'(& E$ '$GL(%ERR( : >(R=& ,Moore "ill be sent !o !+e 0res!igio.s "a!+olic "ollege o/ IIIOsco!!JJJ in England, in "hich he demonstrated a !o!al a0a!+y /or s!.dies6 (o a/!er a /e< years !+e acade-ic a.!+ori!ies "o.ld invi!e +i- !o aDandon !+e ed.ca!ional cen!erB ,'n 18K3 Moore is in >aris "ith the desire !o Deco-e an eL0erienced 0ain!erB ,'e s!.died 0ain!ing in !+e 8.lian (cade-y2 b.t soon gave .0B ,$ever!+eless2d.ring +is s!.dies o/ 0ain!ing, he "as i--ersed in !+e ar!is!ic E in!ellec!.al <orld o/ >aris "hich "as ge!!ing 0re0ared /or !+e ideologies "hich "ere close !o !+e !<en!ie!+ cen!.ryB ,'n 188M he aDandoned >aris E es!aDlis+ed +i-sel/ in England, 2 b.t +is grea! disli6e /or i-0erialis! 0oli!ics o/ !+ose years, !+e 3Boer2 <ar in &o.!+ (/rica E !+eir di//erences <i!+ !+e 'ris+ 0eo0le "o.ld ta)e +i- in 19M1 !o Noin !+e na!ionalis! -ove-en! o/ !+e (nglo-'ris+ <ri!ers <i!+ a lot o0 en!+.sias-B

-OBR(& E&"R'%(& ($%E& )E &# 1#EL%( ( 'RL($)(* 3( Modern Lover2A 3( M.-er4s 5i/e2A 3( )ra-a in M.slin2A 3Es!+er 5a!ers2A e!cB ,7e can di3ide the <or6s o/ George Moore in 2 gro.0s* The ones "hich "ere <ri!!en BE,ORE +is co-ing Dac6 !o 'reland those "hich "ere <ri!!en (,%ER +is co-ing Dac6 !o 'relandB

,'is no3el ( MO)ER$ LO1ER pro3o)ed -any 0ro!es!sB ,8n this he presents an ar!is! <+o lives a! !+e eL0ense o/ <o-enB ,$lso ( M#MER4& 5',E pro3o)ed serio.s 0ro!es!s Deca.se it presented a s-all gro.0 o/ ac!ors o/ a !+ea!re in 9 places o0 8reland in "hich #oore s+o<s !+eir c.s!o-s E !+eir <ays o/ irresol.!e li/eB

-L( 1'&'@$ "R=%'"( )E L( B#RG#E&=( >RO%E&%($%E E$ 3( )R(M( '$ M#&L'$2* ,8n ( )ra-a in M.slin #oore o00ers a desola!ing vision o/ !+e 'ris+ Do.rgeoisie, <+ic+ +olds on !o i!s -a!erial in!eres!s E closes i!s eyes in /ron! o/ !+e 0over!y o0 the co.ntry. ,'!s c.s!o-s E /rivoli!ies appears re/lec!ed on !+e novelB

,E&%;ER 5(%ER&2 sho"s !+e .n/or!.na!e si!.a!ion o/ a yo.ng <o-an called Es!+er 5a!ers, "ho has a noDle +ear!. ,"+ea!ed E aDandoned Dy +er Doy/riendA 5illia-, "ill ha3e a son /ro- +i-, bein con/ron!ed <i!+ a sel/is+ E cr.el socie!yB

-OBR(& E&"R'%(& )E&>#C& )E &# 1#EL%( ( 'RL($)(* 3%+e #n!illed ,ield2A 3%+e La6e2A 3;ail and ,are<ell2A 3;eloise and (Delard2A e!cB

-L( 1')( R#R(L 'RL($)E&( E$ &#& REL(%O&* 3%;E #$%'LLE) ,'EL)2 ,'e p.blished his 0amo.s collec!ion o/ 'ris+ narra!ions %+e #n!illed ,ield. ,;.t !+e -agic E !+e drea-y <orld o/ 'reland co.ld no! De adN.s!ed !o +is vision o/ !+e real socie!y in <+ic+ +e lived E soon +is cri!ical s0iri! "o.ld be orien!ed !o<ards !+is las! direc!ionB

,8n %+e #n!illed ,ield #oore o00ers .s a series o/ oral s!ories, li6e !+e ancien! Dards, <i!+ grea! s6ill.6 %+e s!ories are cen!red in !+e li/e in one o/ !+e -os! isola!ed 0laces o/ 'relandA i!s 5es! coas!B ,One o/ !+e -os! in!eres!ing s!ories in %+e #n!illed ,ield is en!i!led 3;o-e &ic6ness. 8n it he sho"s +is love !o<ards 'reland E +is disli6e /or !+e !+ings +e de!es!sB

-L( 1'&'@$ "R=%'"( )E L( &O"'E)() "(%@L'"( E$ 3%;E L(7E2 ,'n 19M5 he p.blishes +is -os! 0res!igio.s novel 3%+e La6e2A in "hich +e s+o<s +is reNec!ion agains! !+e do-inan! 0oli!ics carried o.t Dy !+e "a!+olic clergy o/ !+e co.n!ryB ,8n %+e La6e, #oore o00ers his cri!ical vision o/ !+e 'ris+ "a!+olic clergy, this time i-0ersona!ed in !+e c+arac!er o/ a 0ries! "ho, on !+e one +and


o//ers .s an eL!ernal cri!iO.e o/ !+e "+.rc+ E on !+e o!+er an in!ernal one6 as he cri!iciFes +is o<n errors E <ea6nesses as a 0ries!B ,%+e novel 3%+e La6e2 is 0oe!ic E sy-Dolis!, E na!.re plays an i-0or!an! role in i!B

-(%;E BROO7 7ER'%;)* ,8n !+e novel %;E BROO7 7ER'%; +is !alen! s6ill a00earsB ,%+e Broo6 7eri!+ is a novel in <+ic+ +e narra!es !+e li/e o/ 8ose0+ o/ (ri-a!+ea E o/ 8es.s "+ris!, 2 b.t "ith a very P vision /ro- <+a! <e read in !+e &cri0!.resB "+ris! "ill die on !+e cross E "ill be +ealed E saved Dy 8ose0+ o/ (ri-a!+ea. 8t is in!i-a!ely rela!ed !o +is 0lay 3%+e (0os!le2 in "hich he o00ers a dialog.e D! "+ris! E >a.l a/!er !+e "r.ci/iLionB

-(;('L ($) ,(RE5ELL ($) O%;ER (#%OB'OGR(>;'"(L 5OR7&)* -'is a.!oDiogra0+ical <or6s "o.ld be 0.Dlis+ed in 3"on/essions o/ a :o.ng Man2A 3Me-oirs o/ My )ead Li/e2 E 3;('L ($) ,(RE5ELL2B ,"on/essions o/ a :o.ng Man "ill be !+e /irs! <or6 o/ +is li/e E i! ends <i!+ !+e loss o/ +is yo.!+B ,8t "ill be con!in.ed in o!+er a.!oDiogra0+ical <or6s s.ch as ;ail and ,are<ell.