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Project File 2013

Naincy Convent Educational and Social Welfare society

Mr. I.P.Singh

Manager & Chairman

Naincy Convent Educational and Social Welfar e Society , Naincy Campus, eoli!ote, Nainital, "ttar !ahnad, India

1. Name of the firm/ company/ unit: Naincy Hospital & Research Center 2. Constitution: Society. Society Naincy Convent Educational & Social Welfare #/#$/1993

. !ate of incorporation/ commencement of "usiness:

$. %usiness activity: To promote, establish and manage ducational Institutions and Healthcare !acilities across the State o! India"

&roprietor/&artners/!irectors/'em"ers: &romoters #i$ #ii$ Shri" Itendera %al Singh Smt" &an'u Singh

(. )ddress: Regd" (!!ice )

Naincy *roup o! Institutions +eoli,ote, Nainital, -ttara,hand *. +ine of activity in "rief: ,he Chief &romoter and 'ana-in- !irector. Shri Itendera %al Singh S.o" Shri Ram Singh R.o" Naincy Campus, +eoli,ote, Nainital, -ttara,hand has "een associated /ith Educational 0nstitutions from the very inception of his "usiness career. 'atter of fact is that runnin- of educational institutions has "een an area of his interest.

Naincy Con/ent School is a reno/ned C%SE1)ffiliated Co1Educational Senior Secondary School for providin- /orld class teachin- environment for the youn- children aspirin- to "e successful in life and -ivin- the preparation of various 'edical and En-ineerin- Ent. E2ams such as 00,1 3EE. )00'S Ent. E2am. )4'C1&une & C&', Ent. E2ams.

%R(0IT12I3IT4 1N134SIS
Projected 04 15613 No of students in Naincy Convent 04 13617 04 17618 04 18619

2## 25# 2*5 ##

4ee for Naincy Covent 1.25 ,otal

25# +ac 12.5# +ac $ +acs *5 +acs




Naincy College o! Nursing is a reno/ned nursin- colle-e in 6ttara7hand State. 8unnin- four professional nursin- courses under the ae-is of Said Society. ,he colle-e -ot an attachment of !r. Sushila ,i/ari 9ospital : ;ovt. 'edical Colle-e<. 9ald/ani and Sho"an Sin-h 3eena %ase 9ospital for impartin- the clinical trainin- of the students. 9ald/ani. Course !uration 0nta7e &er 4uture &resent Name annum 0nta7e Students S.No :2#1211 from session 2#1 11$ 1. %.Sc $ years $# $# 1(# Nursin2. ;.N.' = >ears $# 1## ?# . ).N.' 2 years $# 1## ?# $. &.%.%.Sc 2 years # # (# %R(0IT12I3IT4 1N134SIS
Projected Year ! Rece"#t$ B.Sc N%r$"&' 04 15613 ()0 04 13617 ()0 04 17618 ()0 04 18619 ()0

*. N.+ A.N.+





,0 Po$t Ba$"c B.Sc N%r$"&' )0







Fee Per A&&%/ #er St%de&t$ TOTAL

(0.00000 1-2.00

(0.00000 21).00

(0.00000 3,0.00

(0.00000 (0)..00

Pro#o$ed Project4 Naincy Hospital and Research Center : ,he Naincy 9ospital and 8esearch Centre is 2## "edded Super specialty tertiary care hospital *e&era I&5or/at"o& 6Ho$#"ta Ser7"ce$8 )ccident. Emer-ency & ,rauma Care. )nesthesiolo-y. %iochemistry. Child &sycholo-y. Clinical psycholo-y. Clinical &atholo-y. !ental /ith @rthodontist & &rosthodontist. Endocrinolo-y. EN, 4etal 'edicine. ;eneral Sur-ery. ;eneral 'edicine. ;ynecolo-y & @"stetrics. ;astroenterolo-y. 9ematolo-y. 9istopatholo-y. 9ealth Chec7 ups.:&reventive 'edicine< %asic. E2ecutive. Cardiac. Well Women. &ediatric & !ia"etic. 0C6. N0C6. 0%6 &0C6 /ith Aentilators. 0ma-in- & 0nterventional 8adiolo-y. 'icro"iolo-y Neonatolo-y Neurolo-y Neurosur-ery Non10nvasive Cardiolo-y @phthalmolo-y @rthopedics

&ediatrics &lastic & cosmetic sur-ery &hysiotherapy & pain clinic &sychiatry 6rolo-y Aascular sur-ery Cardiolo-y @ncolo-y !ialysis and Nephrolo-y %lood %an7 0A4 +)% &aediatric Sur-ery C),9 +)% for all types of Cardiac Sur-ery. S&) and Wellness centre )yurveda 'edicine for Stress 'ana-ement ie &)NC9B)8' D"a'&o$t"c D"7"$"o& Rad"o o'! 5## & ?## m ) !i-ital C1ray Whole "ody 1( slice spiral C, scan Whole "ody 1 ,esla '80 6ltrasound & $ ! color !oppler :di-ital< 'ammo-raphy 6nit ,',.EC9@C)8!0@;8)&9>

Pat9o o'!4 )ll "lood test. hormone assays. 4N)C. 9istopatholo-y. 'icro"iolo-y. ,hyroid test. %iochemistry. Clinical patholo-y. Serolo-y. 0mmunohistochemistry. No& I&7a$"7e card"o o'! : EC;. ,',. Echo Color !oppler . &4,. E&do$co#!: 6;0 Endoscopy. Colonoscopy. %ronchoscope. B ood *a$ A&a !:er

S%##ort"7e Ser7"ce$ 4ood & %evera-e !epartment /Bitchen & !ietary !ept. 9ouse Beepin- !epartment ;as 'anifold !ept. :CentraliDed @2y-en. 'edical )ir. Nitrous @2ide. Aacuum< Central )ir Conditioned &lant. 0nformation ,echnolo-y !ept :9'0S< With ,elemedicine )ccount & 4inance !ept. &harmacy 9uman 8esource !epartment 'ar7etin- !epartment Electrical & 'aintenance !ept. Central Store Central Sterile Supply !epartment E!& :Electronic !ata &rocessin- 6nit< 'edical 8ecord !epartment. %io 'edical En-ineerin- !epartment. +aundry & ,ailor. Ot9er Fac" "t"e$ 2$ 9rs. Aen Cardiac )m"ulances & ;eneral )m"ulance. 2$ 9rs. 0n 9ouse &harmacy Cafeteria 2$ 9rs. )ccident .Emer-ency and ,rauma 2$ 9rs. ;eneral /Specialist & Super specialist !octors @n Call

2$ 9rs 8adiolo-y & &atholo-y Services 8ecreational 4acilities. ;eneral 'edical E2amination. &re1employment e2amination. E2ecutive 9ealth Chec71 up. 'aster 9ealth Chec71 up. ;eneral 9ealth Chec71up. !ia"etic / Su-ar Clu": re-ular chec7 up and follo/ up dia"etic patient. LOCATION: ,his hospital is ideally located at 9ald/ani. Nainital. 6ttara7hand .9i-h/ay /ith -ood connectivity and accessi"ility throu-h all communication . 2$9rs "us services. )uto 8ic7sha/ etc. Nearest )ir &ort &ant Na-ar:2# Bm< .%us Stand and 8ail/ay stand /ith in the periphery of 2 B'.,he area is surrounded "y around $## maEor corporates:ie ,),) '@,@8S.)S9@B +eyland. 'ahindra and 'ahindra etc< sidcul 8udrpur.Sitar-unE and Bashipur. ,he scenic "eauty and ideal location of this place is Nainital . Cor"et National &ar7 etc is hardly 5# 7m a/ay from our hospital. ,here are num"ers of N80FS and tourist from a"road are visitin- 0ndia for 'edical treatment "ecause of hi-h cost and lon- /aitin- time.We are also planninto promote medical tourism. Service to humanity /ith a smile that shall "e lon- remem"ered ma7es our dream shared "y one and all.

SOCEITY DETAILS ,he a"ove said Society /as re-istered /ith Registrar o! Societies on -0;0.;(33- /ith Re'"$trat"o& N%/<er4 ,1;(33-=(33. ,he society o"tained the >Consent !or 1!!iliation; 8ef. no: B6/2##*/1*2G /hich /as duly issued "y the ?%/a%& U&"7er$"t!0 Na"&"ta dated #?/#1/2##* for %.Sc Nursin- !e-ree Course ,he society esta"lished a Nursin- Colle-e i.e. Na"&c! Co e'e o5 N%r$"&' and the permission -ranted "y the I&d"a& N%r$"&' Co%&c" 0 Ne@ De 9"

vide its Cert"5"cate No4 (,=-2;-)-)=INC dated 1(/)u-/2##* for B.Sc N%r$"&' De'ree Co%r$e. ,he society further esta"lished Po$t Ba$"c B.Sc N%r$"&' co%r$e under Naincy Colle-e of Nursin- and the permission -ranted "y the I&d"a& N%r$"&' Co%&c" 0 Ne@ De 9" vide its Cert"5"cate No4 (,=-2;112-=INC dated 1# /4e"/2#11 ,he Society o"tained the >E$$e&t"a "t! Cert"5"cateA &o4 (-1;BBVIII 6I8;20(0=(06#ara8;2003 "y the State *o7er&/e&t o5 UttaraC9a&d on 2G/ 3an/2#11 for esta"lishment of A.N.+ a&d *.N.+ co%r$e in our NursinColle-e i.e. Na"&c! Co e'e o5 N%r$"&'. ,he society further o"tained the permission for ).N.' and ;.N.' courses -ranted "y I&d"a& N%r$"&' Co%&c" 0 Ne@ De 9" vide its Cert"5"cate No4 (,=-2;22.)=INC dated 12/@ct/2#12 for ).N.' & Cert"5"cate No4 (,= -2;22.1=INC dated 1G / @ct/2#12 for ;.N.' . ,he Society o"tained the >E$$e&t"a "t! Cert"5"cateA &o4 201.;BBVIII 6I8;20(2; 6#ara8;2003 /hich is duly issued "y the State *o7er&/e&t o5 UttaraC9a&d on 2?/!ec/2#12 for enhancement of seat in ).N.' and ;.N.' courses from .0 to (00 $eat$ in each course. (0. A$$et$ o55ered t9ro%'9 acD%"$"t"o&4 Pr"/ar!4 "8 Colle-e eHuipments. entire current assets. stoc7s and "oo7 de"ts of the Naincy Convent Educational & Social Welfare Society on an Ias it is /here it isJ "asis at present post clearin- of its present lia"ility to/ards Nainital %an7 +td. /hich stands as 8s. $*5.## +acs as 4und "ased. 0mmova"le and mova"le assets includin- the landed property and "uildin- as /ell as the entire premises/colle-e campus alon-/ith all plant and eHuipment of the Naincy Convent Educational & Social Welfare Society on 3eoli7ote. Nainital is $#G5 +acs.

""8 # 1 2 $ 1

Cost o! %ro'ect Sr"

1 2

1mt in 3ac

%articulars Cost of e2istin- +and and %uildinCost of 'edical EHuipment/implements Computer 4i2ed )ssests for Naincy 9oney

Total Cost *##.##

$#.## 2$.##

%oo7s/'a-aDines/'edical 3ournals etc. in the e2istin- +i"rary Cost of fi2tures and furniture. linen and other 6tilities Cost of Electrical EHuipments & 4ittin-s Colle-e %us & Aehicle ;enerators :!;1Sets< and 'isc )ssets Security !eposit /ith 6niversity Total


5 (. *. ?. G 1#

1$G.## ?#.## #.## 15.## #*.## 7=98"==

Comments on the %ro'ect ,he colle-e & School is in runnin- condition /ith full capacity and "atches of Nursin- students /ere trained and made trained nurses. 1s <e ha/e mentioned earlier that <e are establishing a ne< pro'ect i"e" multi super specialty 5== bedded hospital in Hald<ani" 0or this pro'ect our in/estment capacity is 78 cr" 0or completing this pro'ect <e re>uire a collabator.%artner.In/estor "