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THREE IMPERATIVES AND HUMAN RIGHTS The week before us was marked by one of the most overused phrases

of today: human rights. The idea comes from the United Nations, i.e. its General Assembly. Human Rights Day (December 10) is marked throughout the world through various events whose aim is to raise awareness about the lack of basic human rights. There is all the more reason for discussions each year, but the causes of this problem are overlooked while the elites focus solely on consequences and their representation through newspaper photographs and articles. Said Nursi, the Turkish scholar, defined the causes of social decay, including the issue of human rights, through three problems: 1. Lack of education, being uninformed or ignorant. Lack of education inevitably means that there are shortcomings in schools and at home, and we musn't ignore the importance of media, as they also have an effect on our level of education. Perhaps more so than ever as books are read less, and instant news are read on the internet. In this way we deceive ourselves into thinking that we're educated and enlightened by reading news online. What a misconception. This is a superficial way of being informed and a subtle manipulation by media, where the lack of a deeper enlightenment plays an important role. Let's invest in education and skills - not titles. 2.Poverty. The previous point is a major problem and a fertile ground for poverty and misery. Poverty doesn't mean that wealth was lost and that no one was capable of obtaining it. Like the law of physics where every vacuum is filled with something, wealth also has to have owner. The question is just who will get to it first. With out ownership that is divided and distributed by responsible

people, advancements are not possible. Knowledge, agility and speed are elements which can lead to the elimination of poverty, and capitalism, a system so frequently challenged, is a system that is fair and offers possibilities for every skillful, educated and bold individual to eliminate their own poverty and the one around them. Let's be insightful, hardworking and organized. 3. Disunity. The first proof that people are not thinking is when everyone thinks the same thing. An irrational hypothesis. There are no two different snowflakes, let alone two ways of thinking. That's one of God's biggest blessings. Knowing that there's a lot that often divides us, we tend to focus on things we don't agree on and things where it's impossible for us to agree. And by looking at those differences, we drift apart from each other and divide ourselves into these compressed communities. Yet there are so many common problems and dilemmas which are shared and universal. We can only find answers together. We have to establish what we don't agree on and put it into quarantine. Let's give time a chance to do its part of the work. Time is flawless and puts things where they belong. It puts things together. There's no fighting for human rights until these three abovementioned "wounds" heal.