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Diagnostic analysis concept, designed by analogy with medicine aims to highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, from significant symptoms, identifying the causes that have been generated and make recommendations to the strengths and opportunities and to eliminate or minimize weaknesses and threats. Diagnostic analysis, regarded purely economic, involves identifying failures of company activity, research and analysis of the facts and responsibilities, identify the causes and measures which lead to adjustment and improve the economic situation of the company. In a general sense the concept of diagnostic analysis is not necessarily a novelty, but a big necessity of the companies to the increasing economic context in which the Romanian economy is reflected. The novelty is that this method of analysis is first used in the company. The fact that from 2008 I am an employee in SC HELP TRANS SRL, and from 2012 I held a leading position within the same company, determined me to address this issue. For theoretical documentation of this topic, I used as support specialized articles, articles found on the internet and official documents which helped me to introduce the concept of diagnostic analysis. The practice documentation was performed in both headquarters and at the company's corporate headquarters Abrud FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE in Cluj Napoca. In the first chapter I made a short presentation highlighting TRANS SC HELP object of activity, organization and economic data necessary for the diagnostic analysis of the company. The next chapter covers the theoretical aspects of diagnostic analysis, objectives and role. In the third chapter of the study I made the financial analysis based on the balance sheets highlighting economic and financial situation of the company SC HELP TRANS SRL. The fourth chapter of the study I analyzed the commercial analysis of SC HELP TRANS SRL, service providers, customers, and establishes the place of the company in the market in relation to the competition. Chapter five of the study includes analysis of the technical area of the company, highlighting aspects of site, access roads and carrying out servicing vehicles in its own fleet. The last chapter of the thesis deals with the analysis of human resources, structural analysis, payroll and labor productivity.

In conclusion, the study I draw the conclusions resulting from these research performed on SC HELP TRANS SRL and suggestions regarding the directions that the company should follow to improve aspects that negatively affect its performance.

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