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DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE POLICY AND PROGRAM In compliance with Article V of Republic Act No.

9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensi e !an"erous !ru"s Act of #$$#, an% its Implementin" Rules an% Re"ulations an% !&'( !epartment &r%er No. 5)*$), series of #$$) +,ui%elines for the Implementation of a !ru"*-ree .orkplace /olicies an% /ro"rams for the /ri ate 0ector1, ABC Company hereb2 a%opts the followin" policies an% pro"rams to achie e a %ru"*free workplace3 I. COMPANY POLICY ON DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE

ABC Company e4plicitl2 prohibits3

5he use, possession, solicitation for, or sale of %an"erous %ru"s on compan2

premises or while performin" an assi"nment.

6ein" impaire% or un%er the influence of %an"erous %ru"s awa2 from the

compan2, if such impairment or influence a% ersel2 affects the emplo2ee7s work performance, the safet2 of the emplo2ee or of others, or puts at risk the compan27s reputation.

/ossession, use, solicitation for, or sale of %an"erous %ru"s awa2 from the

compan2 premises, if such acti it2 or in ol ement a% ersel2 affects the emplo2ee7s work performance, the safet2 of the emplo2ee or of others, or puts at risk the compan27s reputation.

5he presence of an2 %etectable amount of %an"erous %ru"s in the emplo2ee7s

s2stem while at work, while on the premises of the compan2, or while on compan2 business. 8!an"erous !ru"s8 inclu%e those liste% in the 0che%ules anne4e% to the 1961 0in"le Con ention on Narcotic !ru"s, as amen%e% b2 the 199# /rotocol, an% in the 0che%ules anne4e% to the 1991 0in"le Con ention on /s2chotropic 0ubstances as enumerate% in the attache% anne4 of R.A. 9165.



A. MANDATORY DRUG TEST 1. 5o ensure that onl2 those :ualifie% shall be screene% an% recruite% to pre ent the %etrimental effects +e.g. lower productivity; poor decision making; increased accidents; more compensation claims; and reduced team effort 1 which %ru" use an% abuse ma2 cause in the workplace, the con%uct of man%ator2 %ru" test shall be re:uire% for pre*emplo2ment. #. A6C Compan2 %esi"nates ;<= Compan2, a %ul2 accre%ite% %ru" testin" center b2 the !epartment of >ealth +!&>1, as its authori?e% %ru" testin" laborator2. ). A6C Compan2 ma2 also con%uct %ru" testin" un%er an2 of the followin" circumstances3 i. RANDOM TESTING3 &fficer@emplo2ees ma2 be selecte% at ran%om for

%ru" testin" at an2 inter al %etermine% b2 the Compan2. ii. FOR-CAUSE TESTING 3 5he compan2 ma2 ask an officer@emplo2ee to

submit to a %ru" test at an2 time it feels that the emplo2ee ma2 be un%er the influence of %ru"s, inclu%in", but not limite% to, the followin" circumstances3 e i%ence of %ru"s on or about the emplo2ee7s person or in the emplo2ee7s icinit2, unusual con%uct on the emplo2ee7s part that su""ests impairment or influence of %ru"s, ne"ati e performance patterns, or e4cessi e an% une4plaine% absenteeism or tar%iness. iii. POST-ACCIDENT TESTING3 An2 officer@emplo2ee in ol e% in a ANear*

BissC inci%ent or A.ork Acci%entC un%er circumstances that su""est possible use or influence of %ru"s ma2 be aske% to submit to a %ru" test. As %efine% herein, ANear*BissC means an inci%ent arisin" from or in the course of work which coul% ha e le% to inDuries or fatalities of the workers an%@or consi%erable %ama"e to the emplo2er ha% it not been curtaile%. A.ork Acci%entC refers to unplanne% or une4pecte% occurrence that ma2 or ma2 not result in personal inDur2, propert2 %ama"e, work stoppa"e or interference or an2 combination thereof of which arises out of an% in the course of emplo2ment.

E. All %ru" tests shall emplo2, amon" others, two +#1 testin" metho%s, the screenin" test which will %etermine the positi e result as well as the t2pe of the %ru" use% an% the confirmator2 test which will confirm a positi e screenin" test. .here the confirmator2 test turns positi e, the compan2Fs Assessment 5eam shall e aluate the results an% %etermine the le el of care an% a%ministrati e inter entions that can be e4ten%e% to the concerne% emplo2ee. . 5. A6C Compan2 shall inform the officer@emplo2ee who was subDecte% to a %ru" test of the test*results whether positi e or ne"ati e. 6. All costs of %ru" testin" shall be borne b2 A6C Compan2. B. TREATMENT, REHABILITATION, AND REFERRAL 1. An officer@emplo2ee who, for the first time, is foun% positi e of %ru" use, shall be referre% for treatment an%@or rehabilitation in a !&> accre%ite% center. -or this purpose, A6C Compan2 shall pro i%e a list of at least three +)1 accre%ite% facilities which an emplo2ee who was teste% positi e for %ru"s ma2 choose from. #. -ollowin" rehabilitation, the compan2Fs Assessment 5eam, in consultation with the hea% of the rehabilitation center, shall e aluate the status of the %ru" %epen%ent emplo2ee an% recommen% to the emplo2er the resumption of the emplo2eeFs Dob if he@she poses no serious %an"er to his@her co*emplo2ees an%@or the workplace. ). All costs for the treatment an% rehabilitation of the %ru" %epen%ent emplo2ee shall be char"e% to his account. 5he perio% %urin" which the emplo2ee is un%er treatment or rehabilitation shall be consi%ere% as authori?e% lea es. E. Repeate% %ru" use e en after ample opportunit2 for treatment an% rehabilitation shall be %ealt with the correspon%in" penalties un%er R.A. 9165 an% is a "roun% for %ismissal.


1. A6C Compan2 un%ertakes to increase the awareness an% e%ucation of its officers an% emplo2ees on the a% erse effects of %an"erous %ru"s throu"h continuous a% ocac2, e%ucation an% trainin" pro"rams@acti ities to all its officers an% emplo2ees. #. All officers an% emplo2ees are re:uire% to un%er"o an orientation@e%ucation pro"ram before assumption of their respecti e %uties. 5he pro"ram shall inclu%e the followin" topics3 i. ii. iii. i . 0alient features of R.A. 9165G A% erse effects of abuse an%@or misuse of %an"erous %ru"s on the person, workplace, famil2 an% the communit2G /re enti e measures a"ainst %ru" abuseG an% 0teps to take when inter ention is nee%e%, as well as a ailable ser ices for treatment an% rehabilitation. ). 5o encoura"e all officers an% emplo2ees to lea% a health2 lifest2le while at work an% at home, A6C Compan2 un%ertakes to con%uct the followin" acti ities as often as possible3 i. 'ifest2le assessment stress pro"rams on health alcohol nutrition, abuse, wei"ht smokin"

mana"ement, ii. iii. i .


cessation, an% other in%icators of risk %iseasesG >ealth wellness screenin"s +e.g. blood pressure and heart rate, cholesterol test, blood glucose, etc.1G 0ports, recreational an% fun*"ame acti itiesG an% &ther acti ities promotin" health an% wellness.

D. ROLES, RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEES 1. A6C Compan2 shall ensure that the workplace policies an% pro"rams on the pre ention an% control of %an"erous %ru"s, inclu%in" %ru" testin", shall be %isseminate% to all officers an% emplo2ees. 5he emplo2er shall obtain a written acknowle%"ement from the emplo2ees that the polic2 has been rea% an% un%erstoo% b2 them. . 4

#. A6C Compan2 shall maintain the confi%entialit2 of all information relatin" to %ru" tests or to the i%entification of %ru" users in the workplaceG e4ceptions ma2 be ma%e onl2 where re:uire% b2 law, in case of o erri%in" public health an% safet2 concernsG or where such e4ceptions ha e been authori?e% in writin" b2 the person concerne%. ). All officers an% emplo2ees shall enDo2 the ri"ht to %ue process, absence of which will ren%er the referral proce%ure ineffecti e. E. CONSEQUENCES OF POLICY VIOLATIONS 1. An2 officer or emplo2ee who uses, possesses, %istributes, sells or attempts to sell, tolerates, or transfers %an"erous %ru"s or otherwise commits other unlawful acts as %efine% un%er Article II of RA 9165 an% its Implementin" Rules an% Re"ulations shall be subDect to the pertinent pro isions of the sai% Act. #. An2 officer or emplo2ee foun% positi e for use of %an"erous %ru"s shall be %ealt with a%ministrati el2 in accor%ance with the pro isions of Article #H# of 6ook VI of the 'abor Co%e an% un%er RA 9165. F. MONITORING AND EVALUATION 1. 5he implementation of these policies an% pro"rams shall be monitore% an% e aluate% perio%icall2 b2 mana"ement to ensure a %ru"*free workplace. -or this purpose, an Assessment 5eam shall be constitute% in accor%ance with !.&. 5)* $). G. EFFECTIVITY. 1. 5he pro isions of these policies an% pro"rams shall be imme%iatel2 effecti e after its ratification b2 the mana"ement an% the emplo2eeFs representati es an% its postin" in the compan2Fs bulletin boar%.




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