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Preparation for Dry Docking: [As a CE.] Take all information from HO and dockya rd.

Sent Docking Plan to Dockyard. Prepare dockyard and ship staff repair lists and survey items. Prepare necessary spares and store, drawings, Manuals, Certifi cates, special tools and measuring equipment. 2/E should be instructed to perfor m the followings: a) Label all sea valves, all shipside valves and cock s. Mark the positions of items to be repaired, with tags or colour code.b) Keep Emergency Fire Pump, Emergency Generator, Air Compressors, Emergency Air Bottle, and portable Fire Extinguishers in good order.c) Lock Fixed Fi re Fighting Installation, as per shipyard rules.d) Shut down Boiler, OWS , Sewage Plant if dockyard does not allow.e) Lock overboard discharge va lve in closed position.f) Fill up Settling and Service Tanks.g) Press up Air Bottles and Emergency Air Bottle, and shut the valves tightly.h) ME crankshaft deflections to be taken and recorded.i) Hose dow n tank tops, and empty Bilge Holding Tank, Sludge Tank, Waste Oil Tank. j) Prepare for receiving of Shore Power Supply, International Shore Connection , cooling arrangement for Air Conditioning and Provision Plants.k) Provi de fire watch in ER at all times, and follow Dockyard Fire and Safety Regulation s.l) Adjust required trim and draught, with deck officer.m) Take soundings of DB tanks and cofferdam. During Docking:Discuss with the superinten dent and dockyard repair manager about repair jobs. Assist Surveyor and record t he survey items. Witness all alignment works and clearance measurements. Take an d record propeller shaft wear down, rudder wear down and jumping clearance. Chec k oil tightness of stern tube. Check all completed underwater jobs, done by dock yard. Check all sea valves, shipside valves and cocks, after overhauling. Check all repaired jobs done by ship staff, and used spares and store. Make daily reco rds. Undocking:Check all repair and underwater jobs in accordance with repair l ist. Check all measurement data are correct and completed. Make price negotiatio n. When sea water level covers the sea chest, each sea valve should be opened an d checked for any leakage. Purge air from cooling seawater pumps, run the pumps and check pressure. Test run the ship generators, until satisfactory, and cut ou t shore supply, cut in ship generator, disconnect the shore connection, restart seawater pump, record the time and read watt meter. All sea valves, shipside val ves, repaired pipes, repaired jobs must be finally checked, before leaving the d ock. Prepared for ME. All DB tank soundings checked. After Leaving the Dock.C hecked ME crankshaft deflection and compare with former record. Prepare for Dock ing Report.