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Artist Management and Business Management Agreement We at Phoenix Media Tri-City Music Entertainment &Seminars are a multi-faceted entertainment and artiist management group with the best interest of the artist in mind. As an artist begins to develop their craft it is our pleasure to provide guidance and wisdom to promote the best possible entertainment company in which the artist is capable of creating. When an individual or group places the care of their musical craft in our hands it is our best practices to suggest marketing strategies which will promote longevity and purpose with the career of each artist. Although our terms are very simple we certainly expect the highest amount of integrity from the entertainer to allow each governing and participating party to achieve the highest and best use of time and energy. Promoting a successful and fulfilling career with productive endeavors. Although each artist is creative we want to promote the most positive influence on its listeners, therefore, although not censored we encourage artists to create in ways that will bring them a large audience and the most success during their career. At Phoenix Media Tri-City Music Entertainment & Seminars we like to not only promote whats popular but whats purposeful as well. Review our simple terms agreement and complete with your signature, and we will be on our way to our wealthy place. Thank You.

Phoenix Media Tri- City Music Enterta inment & Seminars, LLC

Phoenix Media Tri-City Music Entertainment & Seminars, 200 Davis Street, Chesterfield SC 29709, First Floor, Suite 300

Now that you have moved on to the next page, you are ready to read and initial the terms listed below as a representation of agreement to the term listed: _________ Artist is responsible for creating their image, routines, and materials. _________ Artist will be given 7 free development sessions any additional are $25 per hour. _________ Artists are responsible for arriving to scheduled development sessions on time. A fine of $10 will be charged for every block of 15 min after scheduled time. _________ Artist are responsible for purchasing performance attire and cosmetics unless otherwise informed by Management Company. ________ Artist agree to perform at Management Company Sponsored Events with in-kind performance donations to benefit cause. ________ Artist performance and interview bookings will be booked through Management Company to assure fair services and trade. Management Company will make determinations based on fair exchange of goods and services, Management Company has all rights reserved with Artists to decline bookings that do not assure a fair exchange for goods and services. ________ Artist will not book performances outside of Management Company, if so artist will be responsible to pay a fine of $50.00 for each occurrence. ________ Artist will adhere to advice of Management Company on terms of appropriateness of materials presented for appropriate audiences. ________Once Artist signs Management Agreement all previous Management agreements become null and void. _______ Artist agreements are for a balance of 60 months unless otherwise mutually agreed by Management Company and Artists to nullify agreement. _______ Artist agrees that all financially compensated performances, Management Company is provided with 30% of compensated rate. _______ Artists is aware that Management Company is not responsible for shopping deals with A/Rs from record industries. However, Management Company will support Artist endeavors to do so. Management Company will continue to manage artists based on terms listed in agreement. _________ If Artist desires to participate in productions that require an artist submission fee Management Company will collect and submit fees based on what artist provides. Management Company will not submit or endorse such fee based productions Artist is responsible for payment of fee based performances unless otherwise stated by Management Company. _______ Artist will be given an annual performance assessment to determine progress and improvements needed to promote growth.

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