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For high flow requirement, pumps are generally operated in a) parallel b) series c) any of the above d) none of the above 2. What are the different types of pumps? Pumps can be classified according to their basic operating principle as dynamic or displacement pumps. Dynamic pumps can be sub-classified as centrifugal and special effect pump. Displacement pumps can be sub-classified as rotary or reciprocating pumps. 3. The type of cooling towers with maximum heat transfer etween air to water is !!!. a) Natural draft b) Mechanical draft c) Both a & b d) Neither a nor b

". #riefly $xplain the principle of " stro%e diesel engine. The stro!e operations in a diesel engine are" induction stro!e# compression stro!e# ignition and po$er stro!e and e%haust stro!e. 1st " &nduction stro!e - $hile the inlet valve is open# the descending piston dra$s in fresh air. 2nd " 'ompression stro!e - $hile the valves are closed# the air is compressed to a pressure of up to () bar. 3rd " &gnition and po$er stro!e - fuel is in*ected# $hile the valves are closed +fuel in*ection actually starts at the end of the previous stro!e)# the fuel ignites spontaneously and the piston is forced do$n$ards by the combustion gases. "th " ,%haust stro!e - the e%haust valve is open and the rising piston discharges the spent gases from the cylinder.

&. What do you mean y heat duty of a heat exchanger? -ns. .eat duty of a heat e%changer is defined as the heat that is transferred from hot fluid to cold fluid per unit time.

'. Which of the following type does (crew compressor elongs to? a) Positive displacement compressor b) Dynamic compressors c) Both a & b d) None of the above

). The compressor capacity of a reciprocating compressor is directly proportional to !! -) /peed b) Pressure c) 0olume d) -ll

*. +ositi,e displacement pumps are generally less efficient than centrifugal pumps. (tate whether the statement is true or false

-. . gas tur ines operates under exacting conditions of !!!!. a) lo$ speed & lo$ temperature b) lo$ speed & high temperature c) high speed & lo$ temperature d) high speed & high temperature 1/. What is standard for petroleum pumps? -ns" -P& 123 is the standard for centrifugal pumps in petroleum industry.

11. What are (eparator internals? -ns" Demister pads# Baffles# 0orte% brea!ers# Distribution piping.

12. What is relief ,al,e? -ns" 0alve to relieve e%cess pressure in li4uids in situations $here fullflo$ discharge is not re4uired# $hen release of small volume of li4uid $ould rapidly lo$er pressure. 13. What is safety ,al,e? -ns" 5apid opening+popping action) full flo$ valve for air and other gases.

1". What are types of towers? -ns " /tripper# 0acuum to$er# trayed# pac!ed to$ers.

1&. What is ca,itation ? -ns" 'avitation is a rapid collapse of vapor pressure that can produce noise# result in loss of head and capacity and create a severe erosion of the impeller and casing surface in the ad*acent inlet areas. 1'. What is preferred location for le,el instrument no00les? -ns" -$ay from the turbulence at the li4uid outlet no66le# although the vessel is provided $ith a vorte% brea!er# instrument should be set in the 4uiet 6one of the vessel for e%ample on the opposite side of the $eir or baffle or near the vapor outlet end. 1). What are functions of ,al,es? -ns" &solation# regulation# non-return and special purposes.