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Engineering Specifications

Model PCTLR-521A Double Pump Cementing Trailer

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1. Description
Model PCTLR-521A Double Pump Cementer/Recirculating Mixing Trailer developed by Serva SJS is the most advanced, accurate computer controlled cement mixing system available. The quality of design, component selection, and quality manufacture makes it a benchmark in the industry. The high energy mixing system can mix the most difficult slurries and the ACM automatic density control will provided superior density control. The pump unit can be utilized for a variety of pumping services including acidizing, cementing, pressure testing and fracturing within the limits of the available horsepower. The inline triplex pump installation makes the maintenance and service of pumps easier. This system is designed for minimum maintenance and operating in extremely harsh environment with temperatures ranging from -25 to 55 and relative humidity up to 90%.

1.1 Components
The PCTLR-521A Double Pump Cementing trailer comprises of the following components.

(1) 30t Semi-trailer Chassis (2) CATERPILLAR C15 engine, 540 HP each (2) ALLISON 4700 OFS transmission (1) SERVA TPH400 X 4" Dia. Plunger Triplex Pump (1) SERVA TPH400 X 4 1/2" Dia. Plunger Triplex Pump (1) 8 bbl mixing tank (1) 20 bbl displacement tank (2) Mission 6x5 centrifugal pumps (slurry recirculation and transfer pumps) (1) Mission 4x3 centrifugal pump (mix water or displacement fluid) (1) High Energy Mixing system (1) Density automatic Control System(ACM-IV.1) for density control (1) Wireless Data Acquisition System (option) (1) Auxiliary power pack, w/closed-loop hydraulic system, w/CAT C7 engine (1) Air reservoir, 20 gal (1) Fuel day tank 200 gal

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1.2 Specifications

The PCTLR-521A trailer is comprised of high-pressure pumping system, high energy recirculating mixing system, and all required controls and


The high pressure pumping system consists of two diesel engines, two automatic transmissions, and two triplex pumps. The fluid handling system consists of centrifugal pumps for recirculation, boost and mix water. Manifold consists of necessary piping, valves and connections to perform cementing jobs.

Hydraulic system takes power from the auxiliary diesel engine, and drives fluid handling and mixing equipment, including three centrifugal pumps and agitators.

Triplex pumps are horizontal single acting plunger pumps and consist of fluid end and power end. The fluid ends are made of three-piece forged steel and are recommended for pumping cement, acid, water, drilling fluids and other well service fluids. Fluid ends size: right pump 4" Dia. Plunger; left pump 4 1/2 Dia. Plunger

Mixing system consists of a high-energy jet mixer, high rate recirculating pump and tub agitator. The diffuser aids in removing air entrainment from bulk cement. A densitometer is mounted in the recirculating line and the mix water is measured with a turbine flow meter. The 8bbl mixing tank maintains the ability to mix cement on the fly with good density control.

The displacement tank consists of two 10 bbl working volume compartments with "barrel" marks. Tanks have full flow piping to rear of unit for ease of cleanup.

Third dedicated centrifugal pump for dedicated boosting. Control panel labeled in English only; panel gauge units in U.S and metric.

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1.3 Operational Performance

Weight Dimension Max. Pres Max. Flow Density Range Mixing Capacity Working Temp. 27 t (approx.) 11300 mm(L)X2500mm(W)X4200 mm(H) 14,000 psi (96.5 MPa, 4 fluid end) 2.7 m3/min (one 4 and one 4 1/2 Fluid End) 1.32.6 g/cm30.024 g/cm3 1.914.5 BPM (0.3-2.3 m3/min) -25 C50 C

2. Trailer chassis
The trailer chassis is a customer build, heavy duty, oil filed use, 30t anti-trailer. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Spec. of Tractive Pin Saddle Height Without Load Axle Others 2 (50) 1390mm BPW14010 (2NO.S) Model No. of Tyre Support Legs Span of Tyres Meridian 12.00-20 JOST 1300MM

Trailer Chassis

ABS, 12V electric system

The trailer chassis must be equipped with bracket with lifting eyes to lifting the trailer.

3. Power System
Two (2) diesel engines drive two (2) high-pressure triplex pumps via automatic transmissions and flexible drivelines.

Diesel Engines
Model: Caterpillar C15 Rated Power: 540HP@2100RPM Lube oil pump, filter and cooling system Fuel pump and filter system Mode of Starting: Electric starter and Air start in both side of engine
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Cooling: Radiator and Fan.55deg c Heavy-duty air filter, dry element type Emergency kill for air intake shutdown 24 Alternator, equipped with 180aH capacity batteries. 15.7 CFM Air compressor with complete accessories. Spark-arrest stainless steel muffler with flexible stainless steel connection

4. Power Distribution System

4.1 Transmissions
Allison 4700 OFS automatic transmission, completes with fill tube, dip stick gauge, torque converter, and 1810 series output flange. Gear ratios as follows: 1 st gear 7.63 2-nd gear 3.51 3 rd gear 1.91 4-th gear 1.43 5-th gear, 1.00 Gear ratios are selected manually, Reverse - Blocked out

4.2 Transmission Accessories

Oil pan with level gauge and filler tube An engine mounted water to oil tube and shell cooling system

4.3 Drivelines
Heavy-duty drivelines are used between the transmissions and triplex pumps. They are built with heavy-duty universal joints using 1810 series components. Installation of drivelines is such that the manufacturer's maximum recommended angle is not exceeded. Each driveline is equipped with a metal guard assembly complete with greasing access. Manufacturer name & model: Spicer 1800 series, US

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5. High Pressure Pumping System

5.1 Triplex Pumps
The TPH400 triplex pumps are good for high-pressure well service. Each pump is equipped with an integral gear reduction box. The triplex pumps are designed to pump cement slurries, sand-laden fluids, crude oil, acids, mud and other oil well servicing fluids. The pumps have the following specifications.
Model TPH400 Power End Type Configuration Stoke Maximum Rod Load - Single acting Triplex - Horizontal in line - 8" (203.2 mm) - 170,000 lb (79,230360 kg)

Maximum input Horse Power - 600 BHP Fluid End Plunger Size 4" (101.6) 4 1/2" (114.3) Gear Box Ratio Maximum input RPM Coupling - 8.4:1 - 2400 RPM - Spicer 1800 series drive flange Max Pressure PSI (Mpa) 14,000 (96.5) 11,200 (77.2) Max Flow m /min(bmp) 1.20 (7.6) 1.52 (9.6)

Note: 4 and 4 1/2 plunger size is available. Performance

Plunger dia Displacement per rev DISPLACEMENT AT PUMP STROKES PER MINUTES/PINION RPM 32 / 275 GPM (LPM) 41.8 (158) 53 (200) PSI (MPa) 14000 (96.5) 11200 (77.2) 70 / 598 GPM (LPM) 91 (344) 115 (435) PSI (MPa) 7,150 (49.3) 5,658 (39) 128 / 1099 GPM (LPM) 167 (632) 211.3 (799) PSI (MPa) 3,896 (26.8) 3,079 (21.2) 171 / 1469 GPM (LPM) 223 (844) 282.2 (1068) PSI (MPa) 2,918 (20.1) 2,306 (15.9) 244 / 2100 GPM (LPM) 319 (1206) 403.5 (1527) PSI (MPa) 2,042 (14.1) 1,610 (11.1)

Inch ( ) 4 (101.6) 4 1/2 (114.3)

Gallon/rev (Liter/rev) 1.31 (4.94) 1.65 (6.25)

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Note: The data above is based on 90%ME and 100%VE and 380HP hydraulic horsepower Intermittent servicing only.

5.2 Power End Lubrication System

The power end lubrication system contains: Pump Bypass valve Required plumbing and hoses Heat exchanger Pressure gauge Temperature gauge Full flow filter Suction strainer

5.3 Plunger Packing Lubrication System

The plunger lubrication system is provided by a pressurized oil supply system. The packing lubrication system contains: Lube oil reservoir Distribution manifold Required plumbing and hoses Pressure gauge Pressure regulator Flow control valves for each plunger with setting locks

6. Fluid Handling System

6.1 Fluid Displacement Tank
The displacement tank is a custom built stainless steel construction. It has a working volume of 20 bbl and consists of two 10 bbl compartments each having graduated markers measuring in increments of 1 bbl. The discharge ports from the displacement tank are 152.4mm (6 in) butterfly valves leading into a 127 mm (5 in) pipe that provides good velocity for gravity flow to boost pump and triplex
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pumps. A flow back release line is provided to allow the triplex pumps pressure to be discharged into the displacement tank. Standpipes provide overflow protection with (3 in) butterfly valves located under the displacement tank. These valves are connected to drain hoses to direct over-flow to desired location. Drain valves are 76.2 mm (3 in) and connect to the over-flow line. They allow the draining of each tank compartment. The piping manifold is designed with sufficient couplings to allow complete disassembly of the piping. Water input piping consist of 4 sets 4 port of the 3 fill up line.

6.2 Low-pressure piping

The suction manifold has a working pressure rating of 1.6 MPa. The manifold includes various butterfly valves, which are convenient to operate, and various flanges, couplings, union connections, pipe and fittings that are easy to connect. Fluid from the mixing tank connects to both the recirculating & boost pumps or to the suction manifold for the two triplex plunger pumps. Fluid from the recirculating pump can be pumped into mixing tank via the densitometer and slurry mixer and into the suction manifold of the triplex pumps. The suction manifold of the triplex pumps is supplied by either the transfer pump or gravity fed from the line connecting the displacement tank. A 76.2mm (3in.) fill manifold for filling the displacement tank from an external mud or water supply is equipped with 76.2mon (3 in.) Weco style butterfly valves, and 76.2mm (3 in.) coupling. An over pressure relief valve is included to protect the system from receiving fluid with too much pressure. Remote valves are air actuated.

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7. Cement Mixing System 7.1 Introduction

The mixing system is a high-energy recirculating slurry mixer type. It consists of a high energy jet mixer, diffuser, mixing tank, agitators and recirculating and mix water pumps. The mixer design maximizes wetting of all cement by forcing the dry bulk cement into and between the fresh water and the recirculating slurry. The mix water centrifugal pump and the recirculating centrifugal pump provide most of the high energy. The diffuser aids in removing air entrainment from the bulk cement and eliminates dust in the mix tank. The 8bbl mixing tank allows adequate residence time for good mixing and averaging of density with varying bulk cement delivery. A hydraulic-driven paddle agitator in each tank provides improved mixing and more homogenous slurry. The mix tub piping delivers fluid to the suction manifold of the recirculating centrifugal pump via 6 piping. The cement mixing system can be operated in a manual or automatic mode. In manual mode the operator uses a manually operated hydraulic control valve to control the cement-metering valve. In the automatic mode, an electro-hydraulic

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control system operates the cement-metering valve. The electro-hydraulic system is controlled by an industrial process controller/computer. The mix tank has drain line under the tank.

7.2 ACM-IV.1 system

Model ACM-IV.1 Automatic Density & Tub Level Control Mixing System is an advanced automatic controlled mixing system developed by Serva. It is designed to help the operator maintain the desired density and a preset tub level during the cementing job through inputting parameters, which greatly improves the job performance and makes the operation much easier.

Density: 1.32.5 g/cm3

Density accuracy: 0.024 g/cm3 Densitometer: 3 Micro Motion F300 non-radioactive densitometer

Cement valve Patented off-center bulk cement metering valve Mixer: Patented HEMI High energy recirculation mixer.

Level transmitter: radar type is NIVELCO.

Basic Operating Principle:

Bulk cement is pneumatically delivered to the HEMI mixer via cement metering valve. This proportional valve controls the flow rate of the bulk cement, and a transducer feeds back valve position to computer system. Flow rate of mixing water is controlled by metering valve which is integrated in the mixer and measured by a turbo flow meter. The tub level of mixing tank is monitored by an radar level meter and will be fed back to the computer system. The 3 densitometer located on the circulating piping system detects the actual density and feeds it back to the computer. The control software analyzes the measured tub level and triplex pump flow rate and calculates a desired proportional water valve percentage open, then it controls the mixing water flow to the designed point. As soon as the computer system gets the water signal, it will compare the current measured density with the desired value, then determine the new cement valve position to satisfy the designed density.
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Key Features
The screens and the function keys are designed according to the cementing job features. The latest control software makes the control more accurate and stable. The 10 operating panel is used to makes it available to display more data and real-time curves more clearly. Data storage & communication module is used to store more than 100 cementing jobs data without data acquisition system support in real time. The radar level meter works without the interference of the foam and blending, which ensure the tub level can be accurately controlled. The displacement tank high level and low level warning makes it possible to monitor water supply remotely.

7.3 Mixing water Centrifugal Pump

The MISSION 4x3 mixing centrifugal pump will meet the following specification.

Model: MISSION 4X3 Suction: 4 pipe size Discharge: 3 pipe size Flow rate at 110 psi: 1.65 m3/min (10.4 bpm) Maximum closed-in pressure: 1.17 MPa (170 psi) The mixing water centrifugal pump takes on fluid from external sources or the displacement tank through a manifold with 101.6 mm (4 in) piping and union connections. The pump can discharge fluid into the mix tub or displacement tank.

7.4 Recirculating Centrifugal Pump

The recirculating centrifugal pump has the following specifications. Model: Mission 56 Suction: 6 pipe size Discharge: 5 pipe size Max. Flow rate at 64 psi: 3.7 m3/min (23 bpm)

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Maximum closed-in pressure: 0.49 MPa (70 psi) The recirculating centrifugal pump is capable of receiving fluid from the mixing tub and discharge fluid back into the mix tub for recirculating.

7.5 Boost Centrifugal Pump

The boost centrifugal pump has the following specifications. Model: Mission 56 Suction: 152 mm (6 in) pipe size Discharge: 127 mm (5 in) pipe size Flow rate at 64 psi: 3.7 m3/min (23 bpm) Maximum closed-in pressure: 0.49 MPa (70 psi)

The boost centrifugal pump is capable of receiving fluid from the mixing tank, and discharge fluid into the mix tub for recirculating or into the suction manifold of the triplex pumps. Note: The recirculation and boost pumps are dedicated pumps for their respective functions but in case there was a problem with either pump, the other pump can take the place of the inoperative pump or can take both functions at the same time at a reduced rate.

8. Auxiliary power unit and Hydraulic System

The auxiliary power unit includes diesel engine, gear box and hydraulic system. Engine: Model: CAT C7 300HP@2200RPM W/ complete accessories, air compressor, starter, alternator, etc. Gearbox: Funk, 3 output (SAE C) Hydraulic System Hydraulic system consists of 2 independent systems: one for closed loop hydraulic pumps and the other for agitator open loop systems. The system contains of stainless steel reservoir with sight gauge, filtration system, heat exchanger, hoses and the other complete accessories. The brand contains of Parker and Denison.
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The hydraulic systems take power from the auxiliary diesel engine, and will drive the following components:

Recirculating pump

(close loop)

Boost centrifugal pump (close loop) Mixing water centrifugal pump. (close loop) Mix tub agitator (open loop) Metering valve actuator (open loop)

9. High Pressure Discharge Manifold

All the discharge connector and piping are 2, fig 1502 Rated working pressure of the exhaust manifold and the union: 105MPa (15,000psi)

Rated working pressure for the plug valve and relief valve: 105MPa (15,000psi)

Two triplex pumps can be manifolded together so as to be capable of discharging simultaneously to the same outlet.

A flow back manifold (connected to the opposite side of the pump) connects to the pressure release line with an open end connected to the displacement tank. One 2" X1" 1502 plug valve control the release line.

Each of the pump discharge line has a safety valve. Each of the pump discharge lines has a pressure transducer and 105MPa (15,000 psi) mechanical pressure gauges.

The discharge manifold/valves are mounted firmly by a heavy duty mounting system.

All treating iron should be FMC.

10. Operation and Display System

10.1 Operator Console
The Operator console is a custom built steel cabinet with a protective stainless steel cover. The instrument panel is stainless steel with permanently engraved labeling in English. The location of the console allows the operator a full view of the various instruments and gauges of the console.
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10.2 Deck Instrumentation

The main engine gauges includes tachometers, oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter, and warning lights that indicate low engine oil pressure and high water temperature. The transmission gauges includes the main oil pressure, lock-up clutch indicator light, oil temperature. Auxiliary engine gauges and relative controls. The triplex pump gauges includes lube oil pressure gauge, oil temperature, and an oil level gauge. The pressure and temperature gauges are switch gauge type and activate a warning light whenever a certain level is reached. A transducer and a mechanical diaphragm mounted on the triplex fluid-end are utilized to measure the discharge pressure. The unit is equipped with an over pressure protection system. When the pressure of the pump reaches to a predetermined point, the computer system will output a command to engine throttle system to bring the engine to idle speed. 10 panel view for the parameter inputting and monitoring. The hydraulic system has pressure gauges for each pump circuit and an oil temperature gauge mounted in the console. Console mounted pressure gauges are liquid filled with dual scale face reading in standard U. S. units and metric units. Mixing water pump is equipped with a flow meter and pressure gauge. One push button emergency kill should be included for all engines shut off simultaneously.

11. Wireless Data Acquisition System

Technical Specifications for Wireless Data Acquisition System
1. Radio Modem
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(1) Operating Frequency License-free, 2.4-2.4835 GHz (2) Rated range 15 miles (3) Output Power 100mv-1W (4) Interface Double RS232, Asynchronous, Full-duplex (5) Connector RS232 (6) Operating Modes Point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint (7) Operating Environment Temperature, -40to 75 C (-40to +167 F) Humidity, 0 to 95% non-condensing humidity (8) Certification FCC/IC/CE 2. Computer (1) Standard operating temperature is -29to 40 C, need heater when below

-30 C. (2) (3) (4) Laptop, Panasonic Toughbook 31 Vibration-resistant Data acquisition software with latest version. Display and record job data

in real-time, replay history data in chart, create and print data reports, run screen in English language. Customization is available. 3. Power Supply (1) When using 24VDC input supply power for the radio modem by a

24VDC-12VDC power switch, supply power for the computer by a 300W power inverter; (2) When using 220VAC input, supply power for the radio modem by a

220VAC-12VDC power switch, supply power for the computer directly. 4. Cable Communication
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Cable communication is also supported. Operators can use communication cable to connect the equipment and the wireless data acquisition system to transport data. Cable transportation distance is from 10 to 50 m.

12. Unitization and completion

To keep the equipment completion, the following items should be included. Tool Box. Lights and electric system. Air system Centrifugal pump Lubrication system Bracket for high pressure iron and universal joint.

The instrumentation brand must be followed as below: Description PLC&INSTRUMENTATION DENSITOMETER GAUGES SIEMENS EMERSON M/D, MURPHY,WIKA Brand

13. Painting
The body loaded equipment will have the following finish and preparations: All steel parts will be sand blasted to white metal Primer will be zinc rich Color will be polyurethane paint with catalyst Clear yellow coat The brands: International or Jotun

14. Tools and Spare Parts

14.1 Tools
Description Hammer (2.7 Kg) Quantity 1 1
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Hammer with plastic handle (4 pound)

Pipe clamp (24 18) Metric system allen key (1/4~1 1/2) English system allen key (1/4~1 1/2) Electronic tool assembly Circuit tester Universal wrench (3/8~1 1/2) Wire clamp Grease gun Hacksaw Vise grip Pliers Socket spanner (12 14) Chisel (1/2~1)

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Screw driver (flat tip and phillips tip) Punch Wrench (used to fill fuel, chain) Special tools for plunger pump Seat puller Tools box

14.2 Spare parts

Master fuel filter , C15 Auxiliary fuel filter, C15 Engine oil filter, C15 Air filter element , C15 Element, transmission Master fuel filter , C7 Auxiliary fuel filter, C7 Engine oil filter, C7 Air filter element , C7 Packing, 4 fluid end Packing, 4 1/2 fluid end
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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 set 3 set

Packing, 5X6 Centrifugal pump Element,Filter,Power End Lube Element,Filter Return

2 set 1 2

15. Documentation
Trailer, Engine, Transmission, Triplex pump, Centrifugal pump operation manual 2 set Engine, transmission parts manual. 2 set.

PCTLR-521A double pump cementer trailer operation and maintenance manual. 2 set ACM-IV.1 density auto control system operation manual. CD of all abve manuals 2 set 2set

16. Warranty
STATEMENT OF WARRANTY POLICY 1. Serva SJS. ("SJS") warrants the Equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of eighteen (18) months from the Date of receiving the unit. 2. SJS reserves the right to inspect the Equipment to determine the validity of the warranty claim and if determined to be valid, SJS will, at its option: (1) replace the defective Equipment or parts thereof; or (2) authorize the Equipment or part to be returned to its authorized repair facility for repair; or (3) authorize the Equipment or part to be repaired at your plant. SJS will not be responsible for any transportation costs. 3. Repair or replacement will be without charge, but removal and installation of other parts, including additional parts furnished, will be made at Purchaser's expense. No charges will be accepted for returns, repairs or alternations done by the Purchaser unless previously authorized in writing by SJS. 4. Purchaser acknowledges that the Equipment is of a size, design and type requested by the Purchaser and agrees that, except as stated herein, there are

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no other warranties, express or implied, including those or merchantability or fitness for particular use, which SJS hereby disclaims. 5. Purchaser to pay all charges for travel time, kilometer charges and travel expenses for warranty work performed away from the SJS facility.

NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY 1. Equipment or parts manufactured by others however, SJS will assign the benefits of any manufacturers ' warranty if assignable. 2. Equipment or parts that are or have been in contact with corrosive chemicals or corrosive materials. 3. Equipment, fluids or parts customarily subject to wear. 4. Failure resulting from improper use or inadequate maintenance. 5. Personal injuries or death to any person (including the Purchaser and any of its employees, agents and contractors) or claims for loss or damage to property or business either direct, indirect or consequential, caused or contributed to by the Equipment or any failure thereof, regardless of whether caused by SJS or any other person or by any default or negligence of SJS, its employees, agents and contractors.

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The Treating iron list

Qty 12 6 3 3 6 4 5 2 2 2 2 1 4 1 Description Discharge pipe joints 2(10long) Discharge pipe joints 2(6long) 2x1plug valve 2x2plug valve 2style 50 two way swivel joints 2style 10 three way swivel joints 2chicksan hose(one50-one10)1502union 2adapters change over nipple integral union nut nut 2Adapters change over nipple intergral union thread X tread 2tee (wing to thread) 2 check valve (standard flow) 2Y(wing to thread) 4x 10long loading hose with fig 206 unions 4 X 20 long reg hose (rated to 250 PSi)with fig.206 unions PN (SJ) X05-91-700 X05-91-005 X05-91-602 X05-91-473 X05-91-170 X05-91-229 X05-91-197 X05-91-331 X05-91-283 X05-91-293 X05-91-111 X05-91-163 X04-09-871 X04-09-870

Spare parts list (recommended for 2 years)

Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Qty. 4 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 16 Part No. X04-01-027 X04-04-280 X04-04-276 X04-04-306 X04-04-306 X04-04-627 X04-04-659 X04-04-626 X04-01-635 X04-04-625 V06-54-820 Description Element, Master fuel filter, C15 Element, Auxiliary fuel filter, C15 Element, Engine oil filter, C15 Element, Air filter, C15 Element, Oil filter, 4700OFS Element, As-primary, air cleaner, Cat C7 Element, As-secondary, air cleaner, Cat C7 Filter, engine oil, Cat C7 Filter, fuel, C7 Belt, Cat C7 Packing,RA56 pump
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12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

4 3 2 1 1 2 8 8 8 8 2 4 4 2 2 4 4 2 10

X04-04-283 X04-00-587 X04-09-155 B10-12-059 B10-17-311 X04-02-502 X04-02-503 X04-02-504 X04-02-505 X04-02-506 F32-29-885 F32-29-886 F32-29-887 F32-29-888 A170014000 V06-67-707 X05-91-472 X05-91-568 X05-91-296

Element, return filter Element, charge Element, power end lube Repair kit, high energy mixer Repair kit, Cement metering valve Ring,2 1/2 Victaulic coupling Ring, 3 Victaulic coupling Ring, 4 Victaulic coupling Ring, 5 Victaulic coupling Ring, 6 Victaulic coupling Valve, butterfly 3 Valve, butterfly 4 Valve, butterfly 5 Valve, butterfly 6 O-ring, 5 1/2" union Actuator,3-6" butterfly valve Repair kit, 2" 1502 Plug Vavle Repair kit, 1" 1502 Plug Vavle Seal, 1502 union

TRIPLEX PUMP W/4 " FLUID END 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12 12 12 12 6 12 6 12 12 12 P40-40-108 P40-40-107 P40-40-109 000P569240 P8T0009400 P40-40-533 P40-40-112 P40-40-106 P40-40-103 P40-40-709 P40-40-215 Insert, polyurethane Valve, frac no.4 frac Seat, valve, tapered no.4 frac O-ring, nitrile 90 duro Packing,sps,assy,4ph400 Plunger, short tie bolt Insert, for two-piece bushing Spring, valve, stainless Gasket,no.4 discharge valve,4" Ring,spacer,no.4 discharge valve, 4" Boot, suction stop
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12 13 14 15 16 17

6 6 4 6 6 8

P40-13-013 P40-13-019 P40-40-104 P40-40-512 000P569432 P40-40-612

Shoe top, crosshead Shoe bottom, crosshead Seal, oil Seal assembly, plunger nose, 4" O-ring, nitrile 90 duro Seal, discharge passage

TRIPLEX PUMP W/4 1/2" FLUID END 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 12 12 12 12 12 6 12 6 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 4 12 12 12 8 P40-44-108 P40-44-107 P40-44-109 000P569244 P8T0009450 P40-44-533 P40-40-112 P40-44-106 P40-40-103 P40-44-709 P40-44-213 P40-40-215 P40-44-215 P40-13-013 P40-13-019 P40-14-104 P40-44-512 000P569436 000P569432 P40-40-612 Insert, polyurethane Valve, frac no.4 frac Seat, valve, tapered no.4 frac O-ring, nitrile 90 duro #244

Packing,sps,assy,4.500,tph400 Plunger, short tie bolt Insert, for two-piece bushing Spring,valve,25lb/in,stainless Gasket,no.4 discharge valve,4 1/2" Ring,spacer,no.4 discharge valve, 4 1/2" Spring,lock,no.4 suction stop Boot, Suction stop, Retainer, stop and spring Shoe top, crosshead Shoe bottom, crosshead Seal, oil Seal assembly, plunger nose,4 1/2" O-ring, Nitrile 90 Duro #436 O-ring, Nitrile 90 Duro #432 Seal, discharge passage, 3 3/8" O.D.

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Martin Decker Data Recorder

The unit should also be equipped with Dual Input Martin Decker Pressure Chart recorder. Model: M365-series Working Pressure: 15,000 PSI Portable recorder with 5 pressure gauges


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