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31 of your Favorite Duct Tips!

1. To find the linear feet requirement of Ductmate 25/35/45 for any duct size, add the width plus the height then divide by 3. Example: 36" + 36" = 72" 3 = 24" or 2 Linear feet 2. All ductwork leaks, some much more than others. The quickest way to check for leakage is to spray a mild detergent/water mixture directly onto the suspect seam. Don't be concerned by slow festering bubbles, rather concentrate on rapid bursting spots. 3. The most common myth when securing Ductmate 25/35/45 frames to the duct is that spacing the fasteners closer than 24" centers will increase structural value. In reality, using more fasteners only increases costs. 4. A general rule of thumb when choosing a connector for round duct: If you cannot clasp your hands around it, Spiralmate will save on installation costs. Furthermore, always insist on Spiralmate when the duct run will be exposed. 5. Use a piece of continuous cleat along the top of a Ductmate connection for all roof top and outdoor applications. 6. With special assembly and installation procedures, Ductmate is considered an excellent breakaway connection. 7. Spiralmate eliminates the additional cost of sealant, labor, and time, reducing your overall installation cost. 8. Using our magnetic rod anchor with Easyrod will make the installation of tie rods faster. It will ensure a fast, strong friction fit. 9. Trapeze Duct Hanger is cost-effective in comparison to 2"x3"x1/16" angle, and provides a more clean and professional appearance after installation. 10. It is important to keep your butyl gaskets warm during cold weather installations. 11. Butyl gasket placement is critical on all of your Ductmate 25/35/45 connections. Consult the "Ductmate 25/35/45" spec sheet for details on proper gasket placement. 12. Ductmate's Quick-Sleeve results in a quick and easy, protrusion free round duct connection, which is excellent for ductwork transferring sawdust, sand, dirt, etc. 13. Moisture in ductwork or drain pans can lead to dirty duct systems and a contaminated air stream, especially in humid climates. Installing Ductmate Moisture Drains is a quick and efficient way to assure proper water drainage.

14. All duct sealants are not alike. Choosing a duct sealant which dries quickly will often result in a loss of elasticity and problems during testing or operation. PROseal has been designed to cure quickly and remain flexible in both the short and long-run. 15. When painted ductwork is a requirement, reduce costly duct preparation by specifying Ductmate Galvanneal products. 16. Ductmate recommends cutting the Ductmate 25/35/45 flange 1-1/4" to 1-3/8" shorter than the duct dimensions. When using 16 ga. ductwork, cut the flange 1-3/8" shorter than the duct dimensions, giving you easier, more workable 16 ga. ductwork. 17. When using Ductmate 25/35/45 with 14 ga. or 16 ga. ductwork, ask about our "wide pocket" option for easier installation. 18. Decrease your Spiralmate installation time by flipping over two, four wheel dollies and placing the ductwork on the wheels. This will permit you to rotate the ductwork allowing for quicker fastening. 19. Using 'C' grips when seating Ductmate 25/35/45 flange onto the duct will help ensure the frame stays in contact with the raw edge of the ductwork until a screw or spot weld can be applied. 20. When spot welding Ductmate flange seat the entire frame onto the raw edge of the duct and keep in place with 'C' grips prior to 1st weld. Failure to do so will prevent the metal to metal contact that is needed for a tight seal. A spot weld prior to seating the entire frame will not allow proper flange movement necessary for proper seating. 21. Ductmate's patented corner clips for use with Ductmate '25' and '35' eliminates the need for expensive carriage nuts and bolts and reduces installation time and cost. 22. Ductmate PROrail snaps together quickly and easily, eliminating the need for welds, screws or hammering of tabs. Its amazing pull-out strength makes it perfect for any application. 23. Ductmate's Round Duct Sandwich Access Door is airtight and eliminates the need for a saddle tap, reducing installation time and cost. 24. Raising your heat condenser with our Hurricane Air Brace can help deter copper theft. 25. PROseal is UNION MADE, which means you are getting a product made to highest standards, by the knowledgeable workers of S.M.W.I.A. Local 12. 26. PROseal Spray is used to reduce duct sealant application time on large projects or in the shop.

27. PROseal water based duct sealant helps save application time and fatigue. Its excellent brushability and low brush drag lets you apply faster with less strain to your hand, forearm, shoulder and back. 28. When looking at the big picture, Ductmate Sandwich Access Doors are by far the most economical solution. 29. Spiralmate is the most economical solution for ductwork above 24" in diameter. 30. PROrail is the only patented self-locking vane rail system. 31. Using our UL Listed Weld-On Grease Duct Access Door with a hinge will offer easier access and reinstall.