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Role of the Teacher I believe that the role of the teacher is to first and foremost create a classroom environment

where students feel safe and welcomed. The families of the students should also feel comfortable with sending their child to spend all day in that room. Once the child feels secure, they will be able to learn to their maximum potential. In order to help the students learn, the teacher must adapt to meet the needs of her classroom and teach the way they learn. The content of the work should be challenging so they are given a chance to explore and see what they can do. In addition, the teacher should be there to encourage and support the students through their work to ensure they are successful and happy with themselves. Role of the Students I believe that in order for students to learn best, they need to have an active role in their education. They need to be willing to try anything put in front of them and know that it is okay to ask questions. Students need to realize that they are not the only one in the classroom. The teacher needs their help to know how to best teach them and ensure they are learning and feeling safe. They need to be willing to speak up for themselves and gain independence to be able to further develop their own learning. Respect for All Children Teachers need to understand that all children are individuals and it is crucial that all children have their needs met. Teachers can show their respect for their children by ensuring that all students feel safe in school and understand that it is a positive and stable environment. They need to feel comfortable and wanted in their classroom in order to thrive. Also, children should have a voice in the classroom. It is their education and their classroom, so they should have a say in many aspects of the room. That is how they will feel respected and start to take ownership of their education. Classroom Management I believe that the classroom environment is one of the most fundamental factors for a successful class. The classroom must be a safe and welcoming place for each child and the teachers management skills should reflect that. Teachers should make the rules and expectations clear from the beginning. When establishing these rules, the students should have a say in what they are. They will feel responsible for their actions when they have helped to dictate the rules for behavior. When there are situations that need to be resolved, I believe having class meetings is a beneficial strategy. Through class meetings, students will learn to develop problem-solving skills and how to work together. Professional Goals I believe that teachers can never stop improving. There are always new resources and methods being developed and it is important for teachers to familiarize themselves with them. What worked for one class may not work for another and vice versa. It is essential that teachers are armed with a variety of tools to help them year after year. It will be necessary to start fresh each year and adapt the curriculum and teaching methods to each individual class. Teaching philosophies will also always be evolving as teachers learn these new things.