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SURPASS hiT 7500

Automated DWDM transport platform

Highlights at a glance SURPASS hiT 7500 is a future-proof DWDM transport platform optimized for building ultra-high capacity regional, long-haul (LH) and ultra-long-haul (ULH) networks. The platform transports 2.5, 10, and 40 Gbit/s per channel. Additional investments in other platforms for different applications are not necessary. The system consists of several network elements (NE) including optical transport terminals (OTT), optical line repeaters (OLR), optical add/drop multiplexers (OADM) and the optical channel unit providing transponders and multiplexing transponders. It also offers optical protection cards.
Capacity and capabilities for all needs Up to 3.2 Tbit/s capacity Up to 3,000 km unregenerated reach 100% OADM with future upgrade to photonic cross-connect for optical networking Comprehensive optical performance-monitoring, fast preemphasis and link control and channel upgrade using integrated Optical Performance Analyzer (OPA) Optional Raman Amplifier and EDFA pump upgrades Tunable laser transponder covering for example the complete C-band (80 wavelengths) for fast provisioning of transparent end-to-end services and spare part reduction Latest out-of-band FEC/EFEC technology for improved system performance G.709 implementation for end-toend wave-length provisioning and management across multiple vendor sub-networks Direct 10GE LAN PHY support Maximum Chromatic Dispersion tolerance for ease of installation

Your Customers
gain from fast provisioning of all kinds of services (voice, leased lines, data at different bit rates) carried by one common DWDM platform for regional up to ultra-long-haul networks. You benefit from future-proof design and in-service upgrades that protect investments and guarantee return on assets.

Your Business
grows thanks to costoptimized network solutions and fast provisioning of protocol independent service, leading to lower service cost. A single common DWDM platform for all applications reduces operational costs significantly.

Your Network
benefits from the SURPASS hiT 7500 series by having only one platform for regional to ultra-longhaul networks, simplifying the network and bringing reduction of costly electrical regeneration. The single common platform reduces network complexity and simplifies network operations.

A major asset for carriers The SURPASS hiT 7500 DWDM platform has a wealth of features that benefit network operators. The common nature of the platform saves staff training time and costs, simplifies the carriers network and also reduces the range of spare parts that need to be stocked. The systems modularity allows optimization of network solutions according to need and minimizing the number of network components leads to lower CAPEX and OPEX. This DWDM platform is future proof, supports 40 Gbit/s capacity per channel and its minimum foot-print also saves on operational costs. Highly adaptable SURPASS hiT 7500 can be customized for all applications, thus permitting optimum investment in DWDM technology. Transparent optical networking with 100% OADM avoids the cost of electrical regeneration. The 100% OADM can be configured remotely to redirect data streams with minimal effort simultaneously with the customers service request. This highly automated system using integrated Optical Performance Analysers enables easy and fast upgrading of new services, resulting in considerable OPEX savings. Release upgrades of SURPASS hiT 7500 are carried out by remote software download without affecting operation. Transponder and regenerator functionality for 10 Gbit/s as well as service aggregation using a 10 Gbit/s multiplexing transponder for 2.5 Gbit/s are supported. The upcoming need for 40 Gbit/s services is already addressed by 40G transponders and multiplexing transponders. All common protection mechanisms are supported. SURPASS hiT 7500 is fully integrated into TNMS, Nokia Siemens Networks best-in-class network management system. Wide-ranging support SURPASS hiT 7500 supports all kinds of network architectures

(point-to-point, ring, mesh). It adapts all types of services to the DWDM layer through use of transponders, it multiplexes a high number of wavelengths on one fiber, and optically amplifies the combined signal. Due to its high system flexibility, the SURPASS hiT 7500 platform is cost-optimized for regional links (300-800 km) and LH/ULH links (up to 3,000 km), and is well suited to the needs of carriers running networks with a wide variety of link lengths. Additional features Due to the flexible 100% OADM based on multi-wavelength blocker, there is no need for pre-planning of both express and add / drop wavelength. Furthermore the 100% OADM concept enables a future extension to a transparent optical networking node (photonic switch). Built-in enhanced optical monitoring capability with OPA, based on power measurements, supports fast pre-emphasis and link control, fully automatic operation control and fast channel upgrade. The 10 Gbit/s transponder supports STM-64/OC-192 and 10GbE WAN/LAN in accordance with IEEE 802.3ae, while the 10 Gbit/s multiplexing transponder supports STM16/OC-48 and aggregated GbE/FC/STM-4.

The implementation of G.709 enables the network management system to intelligently monitor and manage multiple wavelengths with single wavelength granularity. Endto-end supervision and management is supported through-out the DWDM network. Comprehensive management support for fault localization, configuration management, performance analysis and automatic analysis of optical paths further reduce OPEX. SURPASS hiT 7500 constitutes a leading and future-proof costoptimized DWDM platform for regional up to ultra-long-haul applications for both small and large carriers. The product is constantly being improved to further enhance network efficiency. SURPASS hiT 7500 helps turn band width into positive cash flow and ensures the profitability of current business operations and a fast return on investment.
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