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English VI

I. Verbs 1. Scientist ________ to explore ways of preventing further damage to the environment. a. continue b. continued c. continuing d. continuous

2. In todays groceries and department stores you always place what you ______ in an eco-friendly bag. a. buys b. buy c. buying d. brought

3. Every afternoon, after going home from school, Ben _____ to climb trees. a. like b. likes c. liked d. liking

4. Everybody ______ a happy ending. a. love 5. Measles ______ fast. a. spread b. spreads c. spreader d. spreading b. loves c. loved d. loving

6. From Quezon Avenue to S.M. Centerpoint it ______ about fifteen to twenty minutes by jeep. a. take b. takes c. took d. taking

7. Two hours ______ one enough time to fetch the children from school. a. give b. gave c. gives d. giving

8. The chairman or the teachers ________ the votes. a. count b. counts c. counter d. counting

9. The congress ______ on the bill today. a. decide b. decides c. decided d. deciding

10. Several people _______ the peace rally. a. join II. Pronouns 1. Marlon dressed _______ elegantly for the party. a. itself b. herself c. himself d. themselves b. joins c. joint d. joining

2. The girls talk about ________ during the reunion. a. himself b. herself c. their selves d. themselves

3. I heard _________ knocking at the door. a. somebody b. everybody c. nobody d. anybody

4. Mother _______ cooked the best dish. a. herself b. himself c. myself d. itself

5. ________ apply for the position. a. Everybody III. Adverbs 1. Plastic bags in garbage dumps take a long time to decompose and ________ when they do they become dangerous substance. a. strangely b. surprisingly c. sadly d. happily b. Several c. Nobody d. Somebody

2. Our ancestors used to do the same thing when they _________ used their bayongs or straw bags. a. lovingly b. carefully c. truly d. wisely

3. The new secretary encodes ________ than the former one. a. more efficient b. more efficiently c. most efficiently d. least efficient

4. Cases of dengue were aired ___________ on the evening news than noontime broadcast. a. accurate b. more accurately c. most accurately d. least accurately

5. The first group of applicants had the _______ errors in the elimination round for varsity volleyball. a. less b. lesser c. little d. least

6. The _______ typhoon to hit the country in the last five years was that in September last year. a. worse IV. Adjectives 1. On display in a balikbayan souvenir shop were _______ _______ ______ bags. a. three pretty yellow b. pretty yellow three c. yellow pretty three d. yellow three pretty b. worst b. most worst d. more worse

2. The bank manager for the remodeled offices ordered ____ _____ ____ carpets. a. five new red b. red new five c. five red new d. new five red

3. _____ ______ ______ soldiers received the medal. a. young six brave b. young brave six c. six brave young d. brave six young

4. Somebody sent me a ________ ________ ________ roses a. dozen red long-stemmed b. dozen long-stemmed red c. long-stemmed red dozen d. red long- stemmed dozen

5. I have never been to ________ ________ ________ places. a. unknown some dangerous b. dangerous unknown some V. Preposition/Prepositional phrase 1. After completing the project, the club plans to bring the toys ___ the barangay hall and give them to the children in the community. a. at b. for c. to d. in c. some unknown dangerous d. some dangerous unknown

2. We buy grapes at the supermarket ___ kilogram. a. at b. for c. by d. on

3. She has lived here ___ December last year. a. during b. since c. on d. at

4. He was hiding _____ the wall. a. below b. beneath c. beside d. behind

5. _______ the bed lay the robbers as quiet as mice a. Between b. Over c. Under d. Below