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Carryng Bag CG-36

- Made from reinforced waterproof fabric for transport of rubber gloves in vehicles and tool boxes. - Rear Loop for belt and snaps - Size : 60x180x400 mm - Weight: 0,120 kg

- Designed to give users maximum safety, the DETEX detectors of the CC-245 Series are the result of the most modern developments in electronic research. They offer a number of important properties and advantages. Double signalling Voltage presence indicated at the same time by: - 4 extremely bright red flashing electro - luminescent diodes (visible at more than 50 meters even in direct lighting), - a powerful rated acoustic signal (60 dB/2 m).


Electronic Voltage Detectors

Checking Satisfactory operation of the unit is indicated: - When pressing the test button, by: . the red diodes flashing, . the acoustic signal sounding. - When releasing the TEST button, by: . timed green up diodes lighting. As long as they light, the unit continues its self testing and the detector is fully operational. High specifications - Detectors are adjusted, tested and controlled one by one. - Remarkably resistant to impacts, vibrations, extreme temperatures, humidity and sudden changes in the atmosphere (condensation, freezing). - Precise and stable operating threshold.

Insensitivity to induced voltages by limiting the operating voltage range. - Robust housing made from polycarbonate with high mechanical properties and dielectric strength. - The contact electrodes are simply screwed to the housing and are therefore easily interchangeable.


Insulating Ladders

Insulation between 2 steps: 30,000 V (test performed after immersion in water for 24hours), High mechanical resistance to bending and twisting, Good resistance /weight ratio, High fire resistance, High resistance against bad weather and corrosive elements, Lateral risers in polyester/glass fiber rectangular section 75 x 25 mm, Aluminium Alloy rungs with square 29 x 29 mm section and anti-slip coating


Insulating Stick For Short Circuiting and Earthing System

- 46 mm dia. single type elements, yellow colour, with superior characteristics, they are connected between them without any prior order of assembly. - These elements allow "long length" assemblies which can support short-circuit systems with large cross-section cables. - Shockproof guard and pole end cap.

These 39 mm dia. elements are assembled using a new safety bayonet system


Insulating Stick For Voltage Detectors and Earthing System

connector in aluminium alloy. They allow construction of a large variety of custom made sticks that meet the most varied conditions of application. Calibrated lengths of 1 to 3 meters (with fraction of 0.50 m) permit a huge number of applications.

Used as outer glove, Silicon grain leather


Overgloves CG-99

Very flexible large protective cuff in chrome tanned hide Adhesive strap Weight: 0.170 kg

For compulsory control of gloves before


Pneumatic Glove Tester

use. Checking is done by inflating and immersing in water


Rescue Sticks CS-90

Insulating sticks ended by a large hook in order to rescue quickly an electrified victim in case of accident.

To be placed in high voltage stations. Insulating material Shock resistant, yellow colour Transparent window (enables to check


Rubber Gloves Storage Box with Window

gloves presence). Bottle of talc included Attachment: 4 holes 3,5mm diameter Centre distances 155 x 345 mm U.V protection window. Size of the box: 60x210x460 mm Weight: 0,730 kg


Undergloves CG-80

Cotton undergloves To be used with insulating rubber gloves.



Regeltex Insulating Gloves


- Checker 1729 Sound and vibration dampening Trelleborgs standard quality of industrial flooring. The flooring is a black, homogenous, rubber floor covering for industrial applications, for example on walkways and in front of machines and heavy equipment where the demands for durability and oil resistance are lower. It can also be used in forklifts, trucks and other vehicles, around machines, in drawers, on shelves etc. This flooring is comfortable to walk and stand on and it provides a good antislip surface. The material is sound insulating and vibration dampening. Checker 5485 Electrically insulating Grey, electrically insulating material. It can be used around electric machinery and fuse boxes that require insulation. It can also be used for the same applications as 1729 and as kick protection on walls and pillars. This material is also sound insulating and vibration dampening. Checker 2394 Oil resistant Black homogenous oil-resistant, antistatic material. Suitable for oily en- vironments. It can also be used in areas where the flooring is to conduct away electricity. Checker 310 Extra durable Checker Traffic is a homogenous type of rubber flooring with good wear resistant rubber quality. The flooring is extremely hard-wearing and is an excellent choice of flooring material in vehicles, heavy industry workshops, changing rooms, players tunnels, and under players benches in ice


Trelleborg Flooring Rubber

rinks. The "checker" patterned surface provides a good anti-slip surface, for example at golfing facilities, skating rinks, pedestrian bridges and similar. Checker Traffic is weatherproof and is suitable for outdoor applications.


The PLASTIC INSULATING BOOTS are used for protection of electrical workers from electrical accident while working on a live electric wire operation. These boots are very important personal protective equipments as RUBBER INSULATING GLOVES for safe electrical working, these are manufactured under very strict quality control.


Plastic Insulating Boots



Rubber Insulating Boots

protection of electrical workers from electrical shock while working on a live electric wire operation.