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January 31, 2014


Mon. 2/3 Fri. 2/7 Mon. 2/17 Fri. 2/28 Wed. 3/12 Thurs. 3/13 Thurs. 3/13 Fri. 3/14 April 4 13 No Students Professional Development Day Popcorn Friday No Students Winter Recess Family Fun Night/Silent Auction PM Conferences Spring Pictures PM Conferences AM Conferences No School Spring Break

2/3 ~ No Students Professional Development Day 2/4 ~ Chicken Nuggets & Dinner Roll or Turkey & Cheese Sub 2/5 ~ Cheese Pizza or Sloppy Joe On A Bun 2/6 ~ Breaded Chicken Rings & Roll or Baked Potato w/Broccoli & Cheese & Roll 2/7 ~ Hot Dog or Grilled Cheese Sandwich Teacher at Delta Center Elementary here in Grand Ledge. Delta Center's gain is our loss, and we at Beagle wish her the best in this new step in her career. I am also pleased to announce that Mrs. Jennifer Mead will be taking over Mrs. Gorden's 2nd grade classroom for the remainder of this school year. Mrs. Mead has spent a couple of days in the classroom with Mrs. Gorden this week to ensure a smooth transition, and we are thrilled to welcome her to Beagle. As always, if you have any questions, or would like to discuss any concerns, please contact me. G.L. BASEBALL/SOFTBALL SIGN UP City of Grand Ledge Summer Baseball/Softball Leagues: Registration is now open at Grand Ledge City Hall, 310 Greenwood Street, for recreation baseball and softball. Baseball is open to boys and girls currently in grades 1-6. Softball is open to girls currently in grades 1-8. The deadline for both programs will be Friday, April 18th. Teams will be formed by current grade and school. Players who wish to sign up after that date may do so until early May, but those who register late will be added to a team that is in need of players regardless of school. For general information regarding these programs, call 627-2144.


As you are well aware, we have been focusing on behavior that ROCKS for several years now. We are teaching and looking for choices that show Respect, Ownership, Cooperation, Kindness, and Safety. There are many benefits to all of these traits; Dr. David Hamilton lays out the benefits of kindness in his book, Why Kindness is Good for You. In it, Dr. Hamilton explains that demonstrating and receiving kindness has some specific benefits: 1) Kindness Makes Us Happier 2) Kindness Gives Us Healthier Hearts (lowers blood pressure) 3) Kindness Slows Aging 4) Kindness Makes for Better Relationships 5) Kindness is Contagious So, please work with us to model and demonstrate kindness for your children and recognize kindness in your children when they demonstrate it. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs. Sheryl Gorden on her new position as a Reading

Beagle Elementary School 600 South Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 www.glps.k12.mi.us
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Our lives are changed by what we do, not by what others do to us.

field trips and support special assemblies for students. Family Fun Night and the Silent Auction present a fantastic opportunity to promote your business to hundreds of Grand Ledge area families. If your business would like to donate an item for this event or a business you frequent would like to donate, please let Sherry Renton know. All donations are tax deductible. Additionally, we are looking for donations of large baskets for the classrooms to hold their auction items in.

If you dont go after what you want, youll never have it. If you dont ask, the answer is always no. If you dont step forward, youre always in the same place.

This years chairperson is Sherry Renton. Please contact her with your questions or if you have large baskets or individual auction items you wish to donate. You can reach her at 517-402-1857 or sdotyrenton@yahoo.com.

JANUARY BEAGLE ROCKS STUDENTS There are two types of people anchors and motors. You want to lose the anchors and get with the motors because the motors are going somewhere and theyre having more fun. The anchors will just drag you down.

Silent Auction Family Fun Night Friday, February 28th

Preparations for the 2014 Silent Auction/Family Fun Night have begun. Due to the tremendous success last year, each classroom will be given a theme and encouraged to donate an item (valued $1 - $5) for a basket to be auctioned at the event (check your up coming child's Friday Folder for further details). In addition to classroom baskets, other items from Lansing area businesses will be available for bid. Last years Silent Auction brought in over $2,000 for the Beagle PTO. This money is a great help to support teacher needs for extra materials in their classrooms, offset costs of

D-1 Drew Buckland, Gage Flynn, Brenna Vermetti R-1 Jared Breen, Katelyn Roberts, Raegan Ward T-1 Eva Anderson, Chelsea Driver, Molly Waterman D-2 Lilly Davis, Hannah Kemp, Emma Shepard G-2 Joseph Carman, Parker Pant, Patrick Waterman H-2 Victoria Berk, Skyler Forbush, Christopher Morse II K-2 Ryan Boylan, Nevaeh Jarrell, Emma Shilton H-3 Hunter Bonney, Leo Lake, Jaylen Stewart P-3 Rowan Curran, Kaden Miller, Ben Szydlowski Sm-3 Nathan Adair, Mckenzie Mulnix, Lily Wyatt St-3 Jenna McGill, Mathew Rodriguez, Ella Treanor B-4 Declan Helfrich, Zane Nainan, Nowaii Upson K-4 Torrianna Alvarez, Madelyn Marsh, Amina Vakili L-4 Alyssa Buffenbarger, Noah Holland, Camryn Nauta S-4 Everett Dahl, Sophie Kerr, Ethan McCartney, Andrew VonAchen D-5 Dalton Barnes, Anna Davis, Eric Moyer F-5 Diego Lopez, Andrew Murphy, Kaden Nowak N-5 Daniel Babbitt, Anna Godwin, Adam Kemp R-5 Chloe Baumer, Isaac Webber, Lydia Webster L.S.-6 Hannah Foltz, Riley Merryfield, Lauren Phillips D.S.-6 Brianna Eichelberger, Ethan Harris, Emily Ostrander Szy-6 Chris Deboer, Jenny Kamm, Ethan Ross V-6 Priscilla Edwards, Kyleigh Mankel, Brody McPhail

Beagle Elementary School 600 South Street, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 www.glps.k12.mi.us
Phone (517) 925-5480 Fax (517) 925-5523