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An adventure sparker by watergoesred for Dungeon World www.dungeon-world.com

People & Rumours

When someone you dont know appears, approaches or notices you, roll d6 then cross result off. 1. Zealot: judger, obscure, insatiable 2. Reveller: gregarious, thirsty, skint 3. Tax man: persistent, shrewd, greedy 4. Dandies: pompous, handsome, foolish 5. Street urchin: small, fast, sharp 6. Old soldier: storyteller, broken, forgotten 7. Rival adventurers: opportunistic, sly, arrogant 8. Snitch: gossip, observant, bitter 9. Noble: petty, witless, rich 10. Court schemers: conniving, ambitious, unwise When you hear a rumour you dont know, roll d6 for each column and piece together. Cross one result off. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Who Doing What Undead trapped Humming Lane Vromme lost jade dragon golem van Morley insulted the Elder Court Lady Aydin coerced <pick Who> Grundloch controls Bloodstone idol Rival adventurers destroyed <monster you killed> You bargained night fiend <pick What> hides/haunts Celestial wealth Porcelains stole beneath Blackmoore Ringed Gauntlet wants war

When entering a part of Blackmoore you dont know, roll d6 then cross result off. 1. Caravan gathered on large grounds 2. Temple with rounded buildings & graveyard 3. Market square with inns and dens: Solar n' Anvil, North o the Lute, Weeping Hare, Square's Haunch. 4. Winding canal docks and warehouses 5. Row houses with padlocked doors, smelling of disease 6. Broken-down block houses smelling of of wet animals 7. Several aged officials buildings 8. Fine diverse shops 9. Wealthy residential street with large gates 10. Rope lifts to the Council of Elders atop the Tree When the street is noisome, roll d6 then cross result off. 1. Town crier offers news of the arrival of a diplomatic caravan 2. Puppet show The Griffon and the Rat 3. Local militia knocking down someone's front door 4. A heavy fog rolls in, dulling all the senses 5. A crowd around a wandering prophet 6. Bell tower chimes noon, at the wrong time 7. Falling debris from rooftop revellers 8. Funeral procession of a noble 9. The burning of Humming Lane 10. The hanging of Orthias van Morley When you find yourself alone in the fog, roll+INT. On 10+, choose two; on 79, choose one. you know exactly where you are you dont draw unwelcome attention to yourself youre not cornered On a miss, whatever lurks nearby has the drop on you. When you wander the low bronze, roll+WIS. On 10+, you can spot and avoid a mugging. On a 79, you spot the muggers in time to prepare. When you read the graffiti at Dead End, ask another player a question about Blackmoores sordid history.

Make the world fantastic Fill the characters lives with adventure Play to find out what happens How tall do they say the tree stood above the fossilised stump at the heart of Blackmoore? What secret is Lady Aydin blackmailing you with? How did she contact you? What local terror did you recently slay? How did the evidence of your deed disappear and how do you plan to claim the Elder Courts reward anyway? Why is Orthias van Morley to be hanged till dead? Towers atop the stump of a gigantic fossilised tree A craggy, foggy moor stretches out to the north east Thick hedges and pines break the howling wind Smoke and haze rising from low wooden buildings Maze of stone walls intersect lower Blackmoore Long ropes haul goods up side of Blackmoore Tree Deeply rutted cartways A bustling canal runs westeast Down the street a child pushes a big wheel of dung High stone bridge over the canal Hammer striking wood Freshly tanned leather on the breeze A badly burnt boy asks for bread Seamstress sewing on a street corner Loose stone work house collapsing Priests inviting all to a service amid their ruined church Children running by the canal A flag of a hippogriff and sunburst flaps furiously Dogs bark Thick, sturdy wood buildings with carved tree motifs Roden & Sons sign with silhouette of a pine tree



Second class people

Porcelain golems Rare and expensive masterpieces, the art to creating these human-like constructs has long been forgot. Now, theyre just toys for the nobility; smooth limbs, soft words, quiet weeping. But a few porcelains have sought and found asylum, claiming sentience and the right to freedom from slavery. Large bounties stand for their safe return. Court Ogres Servants and grunt for the Elders, the Court Ogres have been born and raised atop Blackmoore Tree for as long as any remember. Their duties include hauling folk and goods up to the trees plateau, guarding the Elders and their property, and occasionally descending to lower quarters to quell an insurgency or smear some recalcitrant. Rare is the Ogre who leaves the Courts service, alive that is.

Elder of the Court Organised. Devious Member of Blackmoores Council of Elders. Instinct: to maintain status quo - Offer a reward - Change the law to their advantage - Call the Court Ogres Iron Ooze Solitary, Small, Gibbous Acid (d10, ignores amour) 15 HP 4 Armour Hand If you wander the dry, dusty catacombs beneath Blackmoore, watch out for dark puddles and always look up. Instinct: to encase - drop heavily from above - smother and harden around limb - dissolve Night wyvern Solitary, Large, Stealthy Tail spur (1d10+4, 1 piercing) 16 HP 2 Armour Close, Reach, Forceful, Messy Special qualities: Wings Theres a wyverns nest deep inside Blackmoore Tree and only accessible from the sheer, wind-blasted cliff. Instinct: To grow - attack silently from a dark sky - pull someone into the air - poison with tail spur


The Goblin Well It was here long before Blackmoore. None remember drawing water from it but many throw meat down in hope of sating the fates and the hollowmen who sleep below. Key of the Keeper No one knows for sure, but Vrommes not be seen for many a year. Hes said to have given a key to the Courts librarian that makes any door open into his wizardry sanctum, lying dormant on the north edge of Blackmoore. Abandoned foundry They say beneath the ruined yard of scattered and rusting iron statues lie piles of finely crafted weapons and armour.

Books of Orthias van Morley 1 weight Garbled nonsense filled pages. 1d4 days study reveals hidden: spell to swap bodies, how to stitch souls and lessons on channelling magic through stitched souls. Stinky's Map Carved across various tables in various inns, its said to show the way to the Lost Vale of Charlt and, more importantly, the way back. The Fashionable Hat 0 weight Donning this hat makes the wearer now look so finely dressed they rival the macaroni of the most foppish dandy. Brass Goblet 1 weight This is grants the bearer an audience with the Elder Court of Blackmoore or one of its members. BYO. Memory golem 5 uses, 40 Gold, 1 weight This handy homunculus will record (1 use) and recite (unlimited) recipes, directions, instructions, spells, etc. Used frequently by the illiterate, like Court Ogres.

Orthias van Morley Magical To be hanged till dead, then dropped. Instinct: to survive one more day. Knack: a plan for the perfect crime - Spend hours, in gut wrenching agony, preparing a spell - Permanently swap bodies with a kiss Lady Tyler Aydin Organised, Devious, Hoarder Well connected social parasite. She collects secrets and blackmails for money and favours. Instinct: to make money Knack: writing - Know enemies weaknesses - Call on powerful favours from Dorr, Sorronfen, Witheart

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