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Make the world fantastic Fill the characters lives with adventure Play to find out what happens

The Dying Garden

Castlevania flavored &ungeon 'tarter by &ylan (reen in the style of Marshall Miller for 'age )aTorra and dam *oebels

Custom Moves
When you throw coins in the fountain roll3 (old spent 4ma$ 56, 7n a 893 hold :, 7n a ;#< 0old 8, 'pend your hold 8#to#8 to add 38 to a roll, 7n a =# you anger the spirits, Take #8 forward, -ither way the toads stop croaking and the fountain falls silent, When you eat the mushrooms roll 31nt, 7n a 89 3 you are only out for a matter of minutes and come back with a vision of the future that seems to make sense, 7n a ;#<% you>re out for hours but still gain an insight, 7n a =# you have a really bad trip man, ?ou>re out for hours and take #8 forward, When you enter the the hedge maze roll3 1nt, 7n a 893 ?ou get where you wanted to go, 7n a ;#< ?ou get out but god knows where you are, 7n a =# you>re hopelessly lost, Places you might get lost at@ The )eaning Tower 4to Catacombs6 The Wheel 0ouse 4to .nderground Aiver6, The Forgotten 'tair 4To the Auins of lBiba6 The 'pider 0aunted (reenhouse The (ardeners 'hed The )onesome (rave The 'erpent>s 2est The Center of the (arden When you offer the crows a bribe roll3 hearts spent 4ma$ 56, 7n a 893 they don>t alert the garden to your presence, 7n a ;#<% they are willing to delay% but they will be back for more, 7n a =# they begin screaming,

What happened to the gardeners wife? Who is being hunted by the serpent? What draws people from the village here? Whose lover was taken by The Castle? What happens when you eat the fruit? Why do the villagers distrust one another

&ungeon + World

-stablish details% describe .se what they give you sk /uestions )eave blanks )ook for interesting facts 0elp the players understand the moves (ive each character a chance to shine 1ntroduce 2PCs Fill out your worksheet

crawling vine with vibrant red flowers The hush of scales through fallen leaves The cold greenhouse filled silver webs hill that overlooks the labyrinth coven of verdigrised bron!e statues n eerily calm villager standing alone The guillotine sound of garden shears mewling child rooted to the earth The moon behind the spires of The Castle pomegranate tree deep in the labyrinth "lue mushrooms that give off a faint glow Tree#bark scarred by lovers initials The poison wracked body of a villager The into$icating scent of roses marble bench% seemingly untouched village youth come to save her brother massive blossom throbbing with life shambling figure in the mist painful ache for the pleasures of the flesh smooth monolith placed without reason massive writhing pod warped vegetal copy of yourself% nubile beauty beckoning form the heart of a massive blossom

Dungeon Moves
Change the environment Point to a looming threat 1ntroduce a new faction or type of creature .se a threat from an e$isting faction or type of creature Make them backtrack Present riches at a price Present a challenge to one of the characters

Spirit Planchette
8 weight% 8C (old A stained wood board with letters and numbers carved into its surface as triangular piece of brass, about the size of your palm, with a cracked lens in it center. Usually used for speaking with the dead... When you use the 'pirit Planchette to speak with the dead roll3 Cha, 7n a 893 the spirits answer a /uestion truthfully 4yesDnoDmaybe or a single word6, 7n a ;#< you get an answer% but are drained by the process, 7n a =# you contact a dangerous or malevolent spirit,

The seedlings of the enus !eed lie in weight in the soil for a warm blooded host to claim. 1nstinct@ To sleep in warm flesh Move through the earth 'hatter focus with horrific wail 1mmobili!e with crawling vines )evel 8% ; 0P% rmor 8% F damage 4spines6 Gestation: When Mandragora has you immobile and it>s vines under your armor it opens you up and crawls into your body, Aoll3de$, 7n a 893 you get away, ?our wounds are only superficial, 7n a ;#<% it opened you up pretty bad% Take it>s damage and make a saving throw, 7n a =#% congratulationsG ?ou>re a parentG

A horrific gaping green maw lined with cruel teeth lunges from the greenery. 1nstinct@ to lie in wait% ensnare% and feed "lend in with the surroundings 'hoot poisoned nettles drag them into your maw )evel% 5 89 0P% 5 armor% E damage 4teeth6

Venus Weed
A nubile beauty reclines seductively at the heart of a huge blood"red rose surrounded by a mass of writhing vines and thorns. 1nstinct@ To breed and seed 1nto$icate with heady scent )ash out with spikes and tendrils 1mmobili!e with crawling vines )evel F% :9 0P% : armor% 8: damage 4thorns6 Have her way with you@ When the Henus Weed has her way with you roll3 'tr, 7n a 893 you may escape% or mark e$perience if you let her sample you, 7n a ;#< mark e$perience if you let her continue% or &efy &anger to escape, 7n a =# you must defy danger to escape, Destruction Ritual@ 'tab through the heart with a blade of salt% burn the body% bury the ashes% salt the earth,

Black Rose
Weight 9% C (old Known to grow only in the haunted gardens of The Castle, the black roses are rumored to have mysterious powers. When you carry the black rose others can smell the magic on you, Take 38 forward to your ne$t Cast a 'pell roll% after which the rose crumbles, There are mysterious purple robed peddlers who would pay a high price for the roses% and they will seek you out if you have one, They will not take no for an answer,

Body Snatcher
This figure is eerily familiar but there is something deeply wrong about the way it moves. 1nstinct@ to feed% to deceive% to grow,,, mimic your sire mutate wounds into monstrous growth Fill the air with to$ic spores )evel :% 85 0P% : rmor% C &amage 4claws% teeth6

This shadowy figure haunts the garden, leaving mangled vegetal corpses in it#s wake. 1nstinct@ to prune% chop% and cut ppear as if from nowhere Flicker and close the distance 0ack off limbs )evel C% :; 0P% : armor% 8C &amage 4'hears6

Barbed Whip
Weight 8% E (old Close% trip% swing% disarm 38 &amageD3 : Creatures of the 2ight

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