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Impressions: a storm howls at night along an old road surrounded by dangerous woods.

. Against the dusky sky lies the shadow of an ancient tower A lantern burns in a window and begins to sway an elderly ritualist petitions a character to return the slaughter stone to her for its destruction a pack of desperately hungry wolves stalks out of the woods Straight-edged roads of cracked agstone run between huge buildings of timber and stone. Through a smashed door, a circle of mystic runes inscribed on the oor Bookshelves line the walls and the tables are covered with open books, alchemical liquids and powders Rickety scaffolding surrounding a gaping pit the thunder of dozens of little feet pounding on the stone oors a series of ruined stone steps and ornate columns surrounds the ancient hot baths witness a branding as the orcs brutalize and interrogate goblins A shoddy wooden table and several chairs sit in the middle a room between two sarcophagi Goblin carcasses lie slumped in the chairs the corpses chewed and mangled Wooden cages with crude latches holding snarling wolves with scraps of fresh meat strewn about A goblin in ill-tting, but ornate robes browses through tomes on a shelf, He rips a page from a book and chants something quietly A few large, reptilian scales litter the oor, and the bookcases have been pushed aside like a large beast moved through gouges from giant claws all around the corners of a secret stone alcove (now empty) an ancient ruin shrouded by withered vines: a temple reduced to a foundation pit and half a dozen pillars among the stunted trees Misshapen Kobold bodies are lashed along the crumbling stone walls of the citadel. Thin strips of leathery esh cling to eyeless skulls.

The Slaughter Stone

A Dungeon Starter adapted on the D&D 4e Module: The Slaying Stone by Logan Bonner For Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebels Dungeon World. 2011 LaTorra&Koebel www.dungeon-world.com Goblins have invaded ___________, once an artisan jewel in the crown of __________, the fallen human kingdom. Within its plundered ruins lie magical treasures yet to be unearthed, including the last of the Slaughter Stones - deadly relics from bygone wars created by mystic artisans that could annihilate anyone who attacked the town. Even now, evil orcs under the employ of a warped Arcanist scour the ruins in search of the stone, but they are not alone! Campaign Front The Arcanist, __________ Impending Doom: The Burnt Eyes' benefactor, has the slaying stone brought to her and added to her collection of magical miscellany and other ancient weapons of evil bent. Grim Portents: The Arcanist watches with scrying on the happenings in the town The Stone falls into the hands of the Arcanist The Arcanist unearths the secret of the Slaughter Stone and forges another Stakes: Can the characters interrogate/inuence the orcs to divulge their mission? Could the town could serve as a home base for the characters in the future? Can the characters nd other clues that can lead them to her citadel? How can her arcane defenses be overcome? What elementals and other creatures defend her?

Front: The Slaughter Stone Impending Doom: The Burnt Eyes nd the stone, and bring it to the Arcanist. Grim Portents: The orcs intimidate the factions in the town as they hunt for the slaughter stone. The Orcs torture the hobgoblin leader. The Orcs confront the dragon, to get the slaughter stone from her. The Orcs return the stone to the Arcanist. Stakes: What kind of Dragon guards the stone? The slaughter stone kills (once and once only), why? Can the PCs convince the dragon to relinquish the stone? Do the Burnt Eyes get the stone from the Dragon? Which factions can be swayed by the PCs? Cast: The Dragon who Guards it The Burnt Eye Orc Warband The Arcanist in the shadows Front: The Kobold Uprising Impending Doom: Kobolds have uncovered ancient magical creations. They tinker with them until they get them working again, to attack the goblins. Stakes: Who will win control of the town? What magical artifacts have the Kobolds uncovered? Will the goblins come into direct conict with the Dragon? Cast: The ____________ Kobolds The ____________ Goblins

Magic Artifact: The Slaughter Stone A character who picks up the item feels their hand quake and see their veins glow red. The person who carries the stone is lled with an impulse to kill. They must Defy Danger (WIS) to avoid using the stone to smite their perceived enemies. When someone uses the stone, the air around the item grows hot and dry, and a cloud of energy erupts from the ground around the target. The target's body deteriorates into ashy gravel sludge. Its purpose fullled, the stone cracks in half, its runes go dark, and it turns ice-cold. Locations: Remember that when you draw the map, that leaving blanks is the key to playing to nd out what happens, leave some things you dont know. The Jagged Mouth (City Gate) The goblins have built a rickety palisade, The once great gates guarded by traps and pets The Kobold Warrens (Slum District) Crumbling huts and tattered tents Il this area. Traps and confusion abound. The Kindling Supplies (Magical Library) Many of its waIls have tumbled down. A goblin spellcaster scours the ruins The Houses of Revelry (The Temples) The goblins go here to dance, chant, and offer sacrices to their twisted gods. The remnants of holy shrines still rest here amongst the lth. The Looting Grounds (The Trade District) kobolds have scavenged every little scrap they could A Burned Tavern (The Green Oak) The inn's namesake tree stands near it, charred and apparently dead. Goblin grafti decorates the trunk. Monster Pens (Keeps Stables) The goblins keep monstrous beasts in the stables the nobility once maintained. Ruined Hot Springs (Baths) Tumbled pillars surround hot springs, a dragon has made her lair here, digging around the stone baths. Goblin Mansion (Ruined Keep) This building now bears cracks, gouges, and obscene decorations after years of goblin occupancy.

Questions to ask Characters Who was born in the waning town and spent their early years there? Have you seen the town since it was overrun by monsters? If you recover a beloved personal item from the ruins of mark 5xp Who has sworn to bring down tyrants both powerful and petty? Would you rather ght for the victims or empower them to ght for themselves? If you help people escape from oppressive control or overpower their tyrants mark 5xp. Who has unending enmity toward the disgusting creatures of the goblin family? If you remove goblins from power mark 5xp. Who has taken it upon themselves to purify holy sites, polluted by the presence of evil amongst the ruins? If you consecrate anew a holy place that has been desecrated or destroyed, mark 5xp. Who is fascinated by antiquity and the magical arts, dreaming of nding and collecting ancient enchanted items? For each magic item or other arcane creation you record, catalog or collect, mark 1xp. Danger: A Dragon - LVL 7, 40 HP, 5 Armor, 25 damage (bite, claw, tail smash, breath weapon) Impulse: To be rid of the responsibility of the stone, give it up to a trustworthy bearer and be left alone. Description: This impetuous dragon took up residence underground in the hot spring, digging a lair and currently possesses the slaughter stone. Question their worthiness Block access to her lair through minions, traps or magic Take to wing and rain destruction (wipe out a building) with her breath weapon from above Danger: The __________ Kobolds Impulse: gain a place in the world through violence and trickery Description: The kobolds have taken over an old slum, setting up traps throughout the narrow alleys. Kobolds - Level 1, 3 HP, 2 damage (spears) Lay an ambush

Retreat and prepare for a rematch Danger: The Burnt Eyes (gang sized) Impulse: to search for the stone through intimidation. Description: They Brand an eye into the face of their victims Orc Warchief - Lvl 5, 15 HP, 3 Armor, 12 damage (wicked magic sword) Instinct: To nd the Slaughter Stone and rule with an iron st Torture to get information Orc Bloodwarrior - Lvl 4, 9 HP, 2 Armor, 8 damage (hatchets and blades) Instinct: To follow orders Danger: The __________ Goblins (Warband sized) Impulse: Hurt anybody who intrudes into the town. Description: the goblins rule over the town and they ourish within its crumbled walls. Goblins - Lvl 1, 5 HP, 1 Armor, 3 damage (swords/ spears) Sound the alarm Attack with poisoned weapons Goblin Orkaster Lvl 2, 6 HP, 1 Armor, 4 damage (acid orb) Cast a goblin magic or looted spell Contact a powerful being Offer a Deal Goblin Champion Lvl 2, 10 HP, 2 Armor, 5 damage (ornate sword) Make a bloody show of force HobGoblin Chief, mounted on a Drake Lvl 4, 9 HP, 3 Armor, 6 damage (ne mace / javelins) Mounted charge driving foes back Overtake, surround, or cutoff slower creatures Attack from a place of advantage Command goblins into battle Fire Drake - Lvl 4, 10HP, 2 Armor, 5 damage (claws) Instinct: To follow commands Rend clothes or soft armor to shreds with claws Tear hard armor from its wearer Charge them

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