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GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL CAPITAL TERRITORY OF DELHI , LABOUR DEPARTMENT: 5, SHAM NATH MARG: DELHI-11005 . . F. 1! "1 !)#0!#M$#L%&.#101' ORDER 1. Whereas the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi revised minimum rates of wages in Scheduled Employments covered under the inimum Wages !ct" 1#$% in the National Capital Territory of Delhi vide Notification No.&.1' (1to '#) *#'* W*+a,. dated 1- th &e,ruary" 1##$. '. !nd whereas" in the a,ove mentioned notification" it was stipulated that the Dearness !llowance will ,e paya,le . /e.1.00 per point rise or fall in the Consumer 1rice 2nde3 Num,ers on the ,asis si3 monthly average inde3 num,ers of 4anuary to 4une and 4uly to Decem,er. 5. !nd whereas" now" the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi" after ad6ustment of the average Consumer 1rice 2nde3 Num,er for the period from 4uly '007 to Decem,er '007" here,y declares the following Dearness !llowance" which shall ,e paya,le over and a,ove the e3isting minimum rates of wages (including Dearness !llowance installments announced till date) fi3ed ,y the 8rder No. &.1' (1$')*0'* W*+a,.*1%$*9ol:29* dated '1 !ugust '007 for all the categories w.e.f. 1 st &e,ruary" '00; . IN ALL THE SCHEDULED EMPLOYMENTS "F-. %// 0%()1-.2)3) R3. 154.00 5). 6-7(8 $. !fter this Dearness !llowance the minimum rates of wages applica,le in the National Capital Territory of Delhi are as under< C%()1-.9 U7-S=2//)* S)62-S=2//)* S=2//)* R%()3 %3 -7 01.04.!00' "R<5))3) 551'.00 5$;%.00 5;57.00 D)%.7)33 A//-:%70) "R<5))3) 1-%.00 1-%.00 1-%.00 R%()3 ;.-6 01.0!.!00, "R<5))3) P).-M-7(8 5$;0.00 5757.00 5%#$.00 P).-D%9 155.$15#.%1$#.;D%()* : 1+#0+#!00,

CLERICAL > NON-TECHNICAL SUPERVISORY STAFF R%()3 %3 -7 01.0!.!00' "R<5))3) D)%.7)33 A//-:%70)3 "R<5))3)


R%()3 ;.-6 01.0!.!00, "R<5))3) P).-M-7(8 P).-D%9

N-76%(.20</%()3 M%(.20</%()3 &<( N-( 1.%*<%()3 G.%*<%()3 %7* %&-?)

5-0-.00 5;70.00

1-%.00 1-%.00

5775.00 5#1%.00

1$0.#0 1-0.;0





N.=.: Case of tampering with the order have come to our notice. Employers*Wor>ers may confirm rates from We,site of +a,our Department: la,our.delhigovt.nic.in . "PIYUSH SHARMA) @-27( S)0.)(%.9 "L%&-<.)

F.1!"1 !)#0!#M$#L%&#101' C-59 F-.:%.*)* (-:

D%()* : 1+#0+#!00,

Dy. Secretary" G!D" Government of Delhi" (' copies)" for pu,lication in Delhi Ga?ette E3traordinary 1art:29 in today@s date. Secretary to Govt. of 2ndia" inistry of +a,our" Shram Sha>ti =hawan" /afi arg" New Delhi. Secretary to the +t. Governor" Govt. of NCT of Delhi . Secretary to the Spea>er" Delhi 9idhan Sa,ha Delhi . Secretary to the Chief inister" Government of Delhi . Secretary to inister of Transport" Tourism A 1ower" Government of Delhi . Secretary to inister of &inance" Govt. of Delhi . Secretary to inister of +a,our" Govt. of Delhi . Secretary to inister of Bealth A &amily Welfare" Govt. of Delhi . Secretary to inister of &ood A Civil Supplies" Govt. of Delhi . Secretary to inister of Education" Govt. of Delhi . Beads of all Departments" Govt. of NCT of Delhi . Chief +a,our Commissioner (C)" Shram Sha>ti =hawan" /afi arg" New Delhi . Secretary (+a,our) of Baryana" 1un6a, " Bimachal 1radesh" Cttar 1radesh" 4ammu A Dashmir" /a6asthan and C.T. Chandigarh. General Secretary of Delhi State = S" 2NTCC" C2TC" !2TCC" B. .S. Secretary General of C22" &2CC2" 1BDCC2" !SS8CB! with the reEuest to circulate copies of this order to the local Employers 8rgani?ations with the directions that the revised minimum rates ,e paid to the wor>men employed in their esta,lishment. Copies of such circulars may ,e >indly ,e endorsed to this office. District D+C@s with 10 spare copies for distri,ution to local Trade Cnions and Employer@s !ssociations.

Dy. Secretary (&inance) Govt. of NCT of Delhi with the reEuest to issue the necessary directions for wor>ers employed in the offices of the Government of Delhi. /egional +a,our Commissioner (C)" = =loc> Cur?on /oad =arrac>s" Dustur,a Gandhi arg" New Delhi . Deputy Director" inimum Wages Cell" inistry of +a,our" Shram Sha>ti =hawan " New Delhi . 4oint Director" +a,our =ureau" SC8 '%:51" Sec:1; !" Chandigarh :17001; +i,rarian" 8ffice of the +a,our Commissioner" Delhi . !D (1lanning A Statistics)< +a,our Department" Government of Delhi" for pu,lication on the we,:site of the Department" in the +a,our Statistics and for laying on the ta,le of the 9idhan Sa,ha Guard file. @-27( S)0.)(%.9 "L%&-<.)