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Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology 3rd Year Project (16-6077) - Electronic Engineering (2011)

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Student No.

Student Name

Project Supervisor Dr.Malitha Wijesundara Dr.Malitha Wijesundara Dr.Malitha Wijesundara Dr.Malitha Wijesundara Dr.Malitha Wijesundara Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana

Project Title PC based Laptop Cooling Pad Portable Digital Video Recorder GSM based Data Transmission System Home Controlled System Key Pressers and Mouse Pointer Movement Repeater Voice Controlled Robot arm for the Physically handicapped Wireless RF based surveillance Robot Controlled Via Computer Modern Technique Irrigation system using Fuzzy Logic

BEE/09/M8/2781 Dedigamuwa D.A.M.N. BEE/09/M8/2808 Silva A.D.N. BEE/09/M8/2809 Herath H.M.S.N. BEE/09/M8/2821 Samarakoon W.A.C.M. BEE/09/M8/2836 Fernando W.S.S. BEE/09/M8/2756 Premasiri S.D. BEE/09/M8/2763 Goonethileke M.D.I.E. BEE/09/M8/2777 Jayaneththi K.G.T.


BEE/09/M8/2786 Chrishri Shan S.S.

Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana

Robots Sharing Knowledge Through Internet Fuzzy Logic based Temperature Control system and Remote Monitoring Facility for a Green House Environment Solar Heliostat system Radio Frequency Controlled All Terrain Robot Measuring Equipment for Calculate Chaff Percentage of a Paddy Sample "Chaff Meter" Floor Cleaning Robot Neural Network Controlled Robot Arm Sensor status monitoring system and fan controlling using wireless sensor Portable currency and Obstacle detector for the Visually Impaired Vision based Hand Gesture Recognition system for Appliance Control in Smart Homes DC Motor Control using a Combined PIDFuzzy SMC Approach


BEE/09/M8/2795 Chandrathilake K.A.S.L.

Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana

EE_2011_11 EE_2011_12

BEE/09/M8/2799 Nimalasuria Y.D. BEE/09/M8/2800 Epasinghe S.R.

Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana


BEE/09/M8/2803 Madanayake D.T.

Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana

EE_2011_14 EE_2011_15 EE_2011_16 EE_2011_17

BEE/09/M8/2823 Ranganath A.L.G.D. BEE/09/M8/2843 Premarathne P.H.R. BEE/09/M8/2758 Wijayawardhana G.P.P. BEE/09/M8/2794 Ayeshmantha J.A.P.

Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana Dr.Pradeep Abeygunawardhana Prof.Sisil Kumarawadu Prof.Sisil Kumarawadu


BEE/09/M8/2831 Senanayake R.

Prof.Sisil Kumarawadu


BEE/09/M8/2837 Dissanayake D.M.K.B.

Prof.Sisil Kumarawadu

EE_2011_20 EE_2011_21 EE_2011_22 EE_2011_23

BEE/09/M8/2783 Peiris K.H.V.C. BEE/09/M8/2754 Bandaranayaka S.M.M.S. BEE/09/M8/2757 Perera A.A.M.A. BEE/09/M8/2768 Wickramasinghe G.M.

Prof.Sisil Kumarawadu Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha

School Time Managing System Quadrotor Design Vehicle event data recorder and assistance system Rid based intelligent speed adaptation system Detecting the Thinking Pattern (Brain waves) of Human and Activating Bluetooth enabled commands to perform those actions Digital Instrument Cluster AC Power Supply Fluctuation Detecting and Alerting System Electro cardiograph based diagnostic system Rat Repeller Customizable Engine Control unit for Single Cylinder Engine High Efficient Sinusoidal Uninterruptible Power Supply


BEE/09/M8/2770 Devapreman D.A.

Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha

EE_2011_25 EE_2011_26 EE_2011_27 EE_2011_28 EE_2011_29 EE_2011_30

BEE/09/M8/2775 Gunaratna N.C. BEE/09/M8/2797 Gurusinghe P.G.M.H.G. BEE/09/M8/2815 Rizmy M. Z. M. BEE/09/M8/2827 Fazmil S.A. BEE/09/M8/2830 Gunawardena A.D.J.K. BEE/09/M8/2846 Katugampala H. H.

Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha Mr.Nimsiri Abhayasingha

EE_2011_31 EE_2011_32 EE_2011_33 EE_2011_34

BEE/09/M8/2790 De Silva E.N.C. BEE/09/M8/2793 Widyasekara G.R BEE/09/M8/2812 Alwis W.T.C. BEE/09/M8/2820 Zubani A.M.M.

Mr.Anuradha Jayakodi Mr.Anuradha Jayakodi Mr.Anuradha Jayakodi Mr.Anuradha Jayakodi

GSM based on Centralized Wireless Smoke Detecting Alarm System Extended Rader Through TCP/IP Power Line based Communication System Auto Bus Number Identification with Voice Announcement International Maritime Boundary Line Detection for Fishing Boats using GPS Interfacing Microcontroller Speaker Recognition Security system Intelligent Battery Charger Voice Operated Calculator Automatic Rail Gate System using Wave Propagation and Vibration of the Rails Automatic Light Level Controlling System Water Temperature Sensitive Flash Light Controlling Domestic Electronic Devices using DTMF Signals


BEE/09/M8/2751 Ratnasekera O.V.


EE_2011_36 EE_2011_37 EE_2011_38 EE_2011_39 EE_2011_40 EE_2011_41 EE_2011_42

BEE/09/M8/2755 Herath H.M.S.M. BEE/09/M8/2762 Munasinghe V.V. BEE/09/M8/2764 Herath H.M.Y.C. BEE/09/M8/2792 Kankanamge K.R.C. BEE/09/M8/2805 Gunetileke W.W.M.S.P. BEE/09/M8/2807 Silva H.C.N. BEE/09/M8/2811 Wijetunge M.D.

Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.M.Kalyanapala

EE_2011_43 EE_2011_44 EE_2011_45 EE_2011_46 EE_2011_47 EE_2011_48 EE_2011_49 EE_2011_50 EE_2011_51

BEE/09/M8/2833 Amaratunga K.H. BEE/09/M8/2840 Perera K.N.I.J. BEE/09/M8/2767 Wijayasuriya A.N. BEE/09/M8/2769 Nirujan K. BEE/09/M8/2771 Prashanth R. BEE/09/M8/2814 Beddewela S.S.V.B. BEE/09/M8/2834 W. R. Jayasundara BEE/09/M8/2801 Sriviththakan V. BEE/09/M8/2806 Egodawattaarachchi E.A.P.T.

Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.M.Kalyanapala Mr.Janaka Wijekoon Mr.Janaka Wijekoon Mr.Janaka Wijekoon Mr.Janaka Wijekoon Mr.Janaka Wijekoon Mr.Niranga Silva Mr.Niranga Silva

GSP Based Vehicle Tracking System with Intelligent Guidance Intelligent Multi Source Energy Harvesting Solution for a Battery Charger Bus Identification and Navigation system for the Blind Wireless Controlled Electronic voting machine Micro-SD card Image Reader Multi-Functional Security system Car parking and Reversing system Land Craft Secure Auto Railway Gate Automated PCB Drilling Machine


BEE/09/M8/2832 Samarasinghe R.M.T.M.B.

Mr.Niranga Silva

Robot Arm based Product Packing

EE_2011_53 EE_2011_54

BEE/09/M8/2845 Adikari S. BEE/09/M8/2779 Dharmasena N.P.M.P.

Mr.Niranga Silva Mr.Nuwan Kuruwitaarachchi

Pick-and-Place Robot Rail Road Switches Operating Remotely using GSM Technology

EE_2011_55 EE_2011_56

BEE/09/M8/2789 Meepage M.A.S. BEE/09/M8/2819 Lakshani H.R.

Mr.Nuwan Kuruwitaarachchi Mr.Nuwan Kuruwitaarachchi

Ambulance Which Control Traffic Light System GSM based Door Latch Security System Activating Security Door Alarm and Programmed Mobile Phone based on Bluetooth Automated Elevator System for VIPs Automatic phone dialing security system for various places Self parking Robot car Combat Robot Portable Bralille Reader and Writer Electronic Control Panel for a Commercial Washing Machine Finger Print based Door Lock System for Two Doors Speech to Text Conversion System based on Character-wise Recognition for Sinhala Language


BEE/09/M8/2825 Arachchige B. A. D. N.

Mr.Nuwan Kuruwitaarachchi


BEE/09/M8/2818 W.A.D.C.D.Wetthasinghe

Mr.Prabhath Buddhika

EE_2011_59 EE_2011_60 EE_2011_61 EE_2011_62 EE_2011_63 EE_2011_64

BEE/09/M8/2772 Thuvarahan R. BEE/09/M8/2774 Javagar T. BEE/09/M8/2788 Rawshan A.R.M. BEE/09/M8/2835 Lankananda P.T.S.A. BEE/09/M8/2761 Fernando B.R.D.X. BEE/09/M8/2782 Thayaparan N.

Mr.Prabhath Buddhika Mr.Prabhath Buddhika Mr.Prabhath Buddhika Mr.Prabhath Buddhika Mr.Senadhi Ramachandra Mr.Senadhi Ramachandra


BEE/09/M8/2791 Hasala M.S.

Mr.Senadhi Ramachandra


BEE/09/M8/2813 Wijesiri M.I.K.

Mr.Senadhi Ramachandra

Single Interface Waterproof Switch Automatic Temperature Measurement system for compost piles Vehicle Over speed Detector Microcontroller and GSM based Irrigation Protect system D-Monitor /Diesel Level Monitoring system Ground Surveillance Robot Vision based Automated tablet sorting machine Bottle Filling system using Fuzzy logic Intelligent Traffic Light System Restaurant Controlling System Wireless Controlled Highway Traffic Light Control unit Smart Door Bell


BEE/09/M8/2760 Haripriya A.P.R.K

Mr.Tharindu Nanayakkara

EE_2011_68 EE_2011_69 EE_2011_70 EE_2011_71

BEE/09/M8/2785 A. W. C. C. Piyasena BEE/09/M8/2787 Rathnayake R.M.C.A. BEE/09/M8/2810 Wijesuriya W.M.H.T. BEE/09/M8/2839 Fernando L.R.R.

Mr.Tharindu Nanayakkara Mr.Tharindu Nanayakkara Mr.Tharindu Nanayakkara Mr.Tharindu Nanayakkara


BEE/09/M8/2780 Perera M.R.

Dr. Anver

EE_2011_73 EE_2011_74 EE_2011_75 EE_2011_76 EE_2011_77

BEE/09/M8/2753 Dhanapala M.A.A.L. BEE/09/M8/2828 Weerasinghe M.M.A. BEE/09/M8/2817 Hewamadduma P.M. BEE/09/M8/2841 Navarashan A. BEE/09/M8/2824 Dantanarayana K. A.

Dr. Anver Dr. Anver Ms.Windya Rankothge Ms.Windya Rankothge Ms.Windya Rankothge


BEE/09/M8/2798 Wijesinghe W.P.L.M.

Mr. Dammika De Silva

Fluid Level Monitoring and Manipulating System Security and Loss Prevention Alert System for USB Flash Drives based on Bluetooth Technology


BEE/09/M8/2752 Gomes T.N.M.

Mr. Dammika De Silva