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Ismail Patel @b00052056 section 5e (8-9.15 am) 1. Which of the philosophers is nicknamed The philosopher of the Arabs?

2. The study of philosophy in the Arabic-speaking world ended when Al-Ghazalis writing of the Tahafut al-Falasifah. (True/False)

3. The term Ilm al-Hiyal is the Arabic term used to describe: a) b) c) d) Astronomy Geometry Medicine Mechanics

4. Name the Muslim scientist who paved the way for the invention of the camera.

5. The term al-zij is used to refer to what?

6. List the famous centres of Greek learning in the Near East before the rise of Islam.

7. The Arabs inherited some of the forms of arithmetic reckoning before they learnt Greek mathematics. True/False?

8. Al-Jazari and the Banu-Musa were famous for their work on what?

9. Abul Qassim as-Zahrawi is famous for what?

10. Who was the Greek scientist whose works were translated into Arabic during the Abbasid period? 11. The 1st Muslim physician to study the cause and effects of smallpox and measles was? 12. Jibrael Ibn Bakhtishu were in charge of building a hospital in Baghdad by Harunar Rashid. True/False 13. The transmission of Greek learning in the Near East had great contribution by Alexander the Great. True/False 14. Ibn-al Haytham contributed greatly to the understanding of? 15. Tahafut-at Tahafut is written by? 16. Ibn Zuhr was one of the medieval scholars from Muslim Spain. True/False? 17. Imrul Qays and al-Kindi were both from the same Arab tribe. True/False? 18. All branches of arithmetic reckoning were foreign to the Arabs. True/False?

19. Was the Greek philosopher whose works were translated in the Abbasid period? a) Balzak b) Albert Einstein c) Shakespere d) Galen

20. The brethren of sincerity were greatly influenced by which of the following? a) al-Ghazali b) al-Kindi c) al-Jahiz d) Al-Razi

21. Ibn Rushd was a Muslim Philosopher of the Arab Islamic East. True/False?

22. Who was the founder of the Bayt-al Hiqma? 23. Who wrote the story of Hayy-Ibn Yaqzam? 24. Hisab is the Arabic term used to describe: a) b) c) d) Mechanics Astronomy Arithmetic Medicine

25. Ibn Tufayl is an Ummayyad philosopher, and is reputed as a translator of Greek works into Latin. True/False?

26. Bakhtishu and Masawayeh were charged with building a hospital during Harun-ar Rashids reign. True/False?

27. The earliest hospital in the Islamic world was built in?

28. One of the main characteristics of the maqamat is that it is considered to be as? 29. Who was the most encyclopedic poet?

30. Abd-al Malik Ibn Marwan was a caliph and a poet at the same time. True/False?

31. The 1st court that welcomed al-Mutanabbi was ?

32. Who was the most pessimistic poet? 33. Hassan bin-Thabit was one of the Prophets Satirists. True/False?