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Date: 20/01/2014 Ref : SP/2014/Jan/15

This contract of employment is in BETWEEN SP SHIP MANAGEMENT PTE LTD,SINGAPORE (AS MANNING AGENT ) AND Name Date of birth Address Passport no. Seaman Book No. Nationality

10/11/1989 16/27,12thStreet, Vinobaji Nagar, Hasthinapuram, Chrompet, Chennai 600064. Tamil Nadu. India. K2228360 MUM210497 INDIAN

In the rank of TRAINEE MARINE ENGINEER vessel CAPTAIN KATTELMANN for the period of 12 month (+/-1 month).


A. REMUNERATION : PARTICULARS AMOUNT BASIC WAGES 390$ (USD) OVERTIME ALLOWANCE 1.5 *( BASIC WAGES/PER HOUR) LEAVE SALARY OTHERS TOTAL 390$+O.T (Basic wages shall be paid from the date of commencements of this contract. The remuneration for the see service period along with other allowance shall commence from the actual date of joining the vessel.) B. INCREMENT AND DEDUCTION: Increment are calculated on basic completion of 12 months sailing time. Accordingly your increment will be due after completion of 12 months sea service. The following will be deducted from your on board salary towards the following CASH ADVACNE, MEMBER FEES, OTHER. C. CASH ADVANCE ON BOARD: All seafarer will be allowed to draw cash advance up to the amount of their earnings standing against their name, at no time his account will run into negative balance. As far as possible the company will endeavor to make advances available in US dollars.

D. ALLOTMENT: The employee will provide the facility of sending one month allotment without any extra cost to the seafarer. In order to facilitate transfer of any monies to your account. E. BALANCE OF WAGES: As far as possible, the company will pay your balance of wages in US DOLLOAR prior to signing off the vessel. However, in the event of currency restriction prevailing in the port, the employer will pay your local currency if you desire so. If any exceptional circumstances, funds are not available on board or with agent, the employer will settle your balance of wages within a month by remitting same into your nominated bank provided by you to the master prior signing off.

F. PROBATION PERIOD: During the first contract with the employer, the first tour of duty will be considered as probation period. During the probation period company is entitled to terminate your employment in case of unsatisfactory performance and appraisals from your superiors.

G. MEDICAL ATTENTION SICK PAY ,DEATH AND DISABILITY COMPENSATION : The employer will pay all medical expenses from the date of commencement of contract till the tune to repatriation to your home town, for any sickness contracted or injure received whilst upon the employer business, provided it was not self inflicted or due to your own fault or negligence. H. Compensation for the loss of life : In case of death of a seafarer due to any accident while serving on board or while travelling to or from the vessel on employers business or due to marine peril , the employer will pay to his next to kin compensation as per the governing the CBA.

I. DISABILITY COMPENSATION: If a seafarer due to no fault of his own meets with accident while working on board or while traveling to or from the vessel on employers business or due to marine peril ad as result his ability to work is reduced , the employer will pay him disability compensation as per the governing CBA. J. DENTAL/OPTICAL TRATEMENT: Cosmetic dental work will not be paid by the employer. Spectacles are to be on the sufferers own account. In the event of spectacles being broken during service replacement will be on employer account (subject to suitable on board log entry.)

K. LOSS OF PERSONAL EFFECTS: In case of loss or damage personal effects, as result of wreck or loss due to standing or abandon of the vessel, or result of fire, flooding or collision, the payment of compensation will be made in accordance with prevailing practices of the mariner industry. L. TRAVEL: At the time seafarer will be flown economy class from home town to home town and will be entitled to baggage allowance as applicable. Any extra baggage expense incurred will be paid by the seafarer.

M. DOCUMENT: seafarer will be required to carry his entire document in original which are considered necessary for service on board a vessel to which he is being assigned. Any expenses that the employer may incur due to officer not having complied with the above will be chargeable to the officer. Without limiting the extent, such documents will mean to include

Passport Vaccination certificate Certificate of competency(for officer rank) STCW 95/11 convention Certificate for any additional training, which the seafarer may have attended. Continuous Discharge Certificate (Valid at least 6 month at the time of joining the vessel.) N. DRUG AND ALCOHOL: At the time of joining the company, a seafarer is required to give an undertaking that he is not habitual user of drug other than at the time when prescribed by doctors for medication. Seafarer attention is drawn to our policy on use of drugs and misuse of Alcohol. The seafarer undertakes not to consume 4 hours of going on watch keeping and further agrees that at no time he will consume alcohol in amounting which may give him alcohol of 40mg/100cc of the blood at the time of taking over his watch keeping /port duties and agreed to abide by the mangers drug and alcohol policy which he has read and understood. O. HEALTH ,SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION POLICY: Seafarers attention is drawn to the manager safety policy of Health ,Safety and Environmental protection policy to five priorities to occupational health, ensures safety at sea, prevention of pollution ,avoidance of damage to the marine environment, preservation / conservation of our environment and continual improvement in health ,safety and environmental performance. P. EARLY TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: A seafarer may resign from our service at any time before the expiry of his contract after giving 2 month notice in writing, in which he will be entitled to leave pay pro rate, but he is to be responsible for his repatriation expenses. In the event of his leaving the employers reparation and relief expenses and the employer reserves the right to recover from him all the cost and/or losses incurred, which would not have arisen, had he fulfilled his contract period. If, due to circumstances involving no fault of seafarer, it becomes necessary to terminate employment within a period of your service; the employer will give one months notice in writing or month basic wages in you thereof, plus leave pay on pro-rata for actual period of service and free repatriation to your place of your engagement. If, you are discharged due to misconduct, negligence or incompetence within the period or during your probationary period, you will receive wages up to and including the day of termination of your services but you will be responsible for your repatriation and relief expenses and for all cost and/or losses incurred which would not arise, had you not been discharged.

The company reserves the right to transfer you on any vessel managed by the company during the tenure of your contract under similar terms and condition.

Q. SUPRIOR CERTIFICATE/ ADMINOSTRATIVE ALLOWANCE: Superior certificate /Administrative allowance have already been included in the wages.

R. NEW BUILDINGS SUPERVISION/OFFICE BRIEFINGS/TRAINING COURSES: During the period of your employment, you may be required either to attend to building inspection of a new ships or ashore attend any training courses including office briefing prior to joining the vessels as required by the company. The basic salary shall apply during this period with food allowance if not been provided for. In the event that the office assignments exceed 8 days, the seafarer will be paid complete remuneration without trade allowance.

S. CERTIFICATION & EQUIVALENT LICENSES: During the period of your employment you may be required to sail or serve on vessel of any type under any flag within normal trading limits without any extra pay. The employer may assist you making application and obtaining foreign licenses or certificate in order to me et vessels flag country requirements on certification of officer, all expenses in obtaining such certificates will be to employers account. The employer will bear the rest involved in obtaining any necessary visa or permits, which may required, allow you to enter or remain in any particular area on employers business. T. SERVICES IN WAR ZONEOR WAR RISK LIKE AREA(AS DECLARED BY LLYODS): If during the period of your employment, any area is designated as war risk area then you will during the period for which you are required to work in that area shall be entitled to followings: A war risk bonus amounting to 100% basic wage. Such entitlement will start from and including the calendar day that the ship enters the zone and continue to and including the calendar day that the ship leaves the zone. However the payment of bonus would not be less than 5 days. In the event of death, the surviving would receive a compensation of twice the amount they would have received had the vessel been trading in normal areas. In the event of disability any compensation for disability would be twice the amount of compensation the officer would have received as if vessel was trading in normal areas.

U. Signing this contract , binds you to sign the appropriate articles of the ship to which you may be appointed from time to time by the employer and it also defines that all claims arising from this contract are subject to prevailing marine rules /regulation.

V. Email facility hosted in web mail. It is simple to use web based email account. Email is an efficient tool for sharing information and therefore, the objective for providing the dedicated email address for each of the officer employed in the Company is to facilitate an effective method of communication between sea staff and office. W. . All officer and ratings undergo Computer Training on board.

X. If any either reason i.e. if ship goes for scrap or sold, the candidate sign off the vessel, we ensure that you will be placed within a time ample of 60 Days and if not done so, he will be paid of rest salary of his contract.

Name Address Contact Number Relation with you

I have read and understood the above terms and condition and the same are acceptable to me.

Employee (Mr.Narendra Kumar . T) (Date: 20/01/2014)

Employer (SP Ship management Pte Ltd, Singapore)

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