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Shelley Scaletta/Teaching Evaluations

Student Feedback/Teaching Evaluations I am proud to say that have always received primarily positive teaching evaluations. For example, I received the following student comments during written evaluations for CC110: A Topic Based Writing Course, Spring 2013: Would you recommend this class to a friend? Why or why not? Yes, this class really helped me a lot. Ive gained knowledge not just in writing but in everything. I strongly recommend this class to everyone. Yes, because most of my friends are international and the professor helps and explains a lot to international students so they can understand. I would definitely recommend this class to my friend because I know that he/she would gain skills that can help he/she to improve his/her writing, reading, and listening skills. I have also received positive feedback from other educators on campus. This email is from Mary Walsh, the director of the Learning Resource Center at Pine Manor College:
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2013 10:53 AM To: Scaletta, Shelly; Alexander, Anne

Hi Shelley and Anne, Nathalia and I just nished our last tutoring session in which she edited her last essay for CC 110, a reection. I am so impressed by how much she has grown in her English skills and in her condence. The difference from the beginning of the semester to now is really quite remarkable. She now comes to tutoring with a draft already prepared. When we review it, she is in charge! She pauses as she reads aloud and is so much more able to spot errors and correct them. She has truly benetted from your instruction both of youand your condence in her If I dont see you, have a great summer! We earned it! Mary Mary E. Walsh Director, Brown Learning Resource Center Pine Manor College 400 Heath Street Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 617-731-7181

Shelley Scaletta/Teaching Evaluations

Lastly, it is rewarding to maintain positive working relationships with many of my students. I was happy to receive this note from one of my former international students at Pine Manor College. He is originally from Hong Kong and was my student for both CC110 and CC112. He also came to me for personal help on his transfer application to his dream school, New York University. He sent me a LinkedIn request this past winter. My response is below:
On 01/19/14 7:46 AM, Shelley Scaletta wrote: -------------------Hi Jacky It was terric to get your Linked In request and see that you're attending NYU CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that you have an amazing experience; I'm sure you will. Wishing you well! Shelley

Hi Shelley, No matter when I start the conversation with you, I have to begin with a "Thank You!" My ACT was unsatisfactory, I truly believe my essay was the turning point. You, as my writing professor, have contributed greatly to my essays. I will seize the opportunity to study at NYU and contribute back to the society and my life-long passion - Economics. However, I believe you and I will be much busier after the start of the school. Please stay in touch! You are more than my writing professor or tutor. You are my mentor in life! Do take care! Keep in touch! Regards, Jacky

As an educator I aim to serve my students and take student feedback seriously. While I value their compliments, it is also important that I consider their criticism so that I can continue to improve my methods of teaching. Critical feedback that I have received in the past has sometimes been related to course content and structure. For example, one semester I received feedback from more than one student that they would have preferred working from a singular textbook, rather than from essays that I culled from disparate sources. While I do believe it is important to incorporate resources from a variety of media, I have made an effort to focus my classes around one singular text. Currently in my CC110 class I am using The Blair Reader, edited by Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen Mandell. In my CC112 class I use Contemporary and Classic Arguments: A Portable Anthology, edited by Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau. I also use The Little Penguin Handbook by Lester Faigley as a reference guide for both courses.