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October 31, 1960 Ponente! Paredes, J. Petitione"s! 1. Kapisanan ng mga Manggagawa sa Manila Railroad Compan !. Manila Railroad Compan Res#on$ents! 1. "ard Crew #nion, $tations %mplo ees #nion, Railroad %ngineering &epartment #nion. Manila Railroad Compan , and Co'rt o( )nd'strial Relations !. Co'rt o( )nd'strial Relations, Manila Railroad Crew #nion, $tation %mplo ees #nion, and Kapisanan ng Mga Manggagawa sa Manila Railroad Compan %AC&S! * Kapisanan (iled petition pra ing t+at it be certi(ied as t+e e,cl'si-e bargaining agent in t+e Manila Railroad Compan . * respondent Co'rt (o'nd t+ree 'nions appropriate (or p'rposes o( collecti-e bargaining o 'nit o( locomoti-e dri-ers, (iremen, assistant (iremen and motormen*ot+erwise .nown as t+e engine crew unit o cond'ctors, assistant cond'ctors, 'nit agents, assistant ro'te agents and train posters, ot+erwise .nown as t+e train crew unit o all the rest of the company personnel, except t+e s'per-isors, temporar emplo ees, t+e members o( t+e /'diting &epartment, t+e members o( t+e sec'rit g'ard and pro(essional and tec+nical emplo ees, re(erred to b t+e respondent co'rt as t+e unit of the rest of the employees * e,cl'si-e bargaining agent o( t+e 3 'nits respecti-el o #nion de Ma0'inistas, 1ogoneros, / 'dantes Motormen o #nion de %mpleados de 2renes o Kapisanan 3g Mga Manggagawa $a Manila Railroad Compan

* *

Manila Railroad "ard Crew #nion, $tation %mplo ees4 #nion, and Railroad %ngineering &epartment #nion eac+ pra ed t+at it be recogni5ed as a separate bargaining 'nit. 2+e are legitimate labor organi5ations wit+ certi(icates o( registration in t+e &epartment o( 6abor. Kapisanan and t+e Compan opposed t+e separation o( t+e 3 'nits on t+e (( gro'nds7 o Kapisanan +ad been d'l certi(ied as t+e collecti-e bargaining agent in t+e unit of all of the rest of the employees and it entered into a C8/ w+ic+ bars certi(ication o( a 'nit at least d'ring t+e (irst 1! mont+s a(ter t+e (inalit o( t+eir case 9contract bar r'le:. o Co'rt +ad denied similar petitions (or separation o 'nions in 0'estion are barred (rom petitioning (or separate 'nits beca'se t+e are bo'nd b t+e pre-io's decision +a-ing been represented t+erein b t+e Kapisanan. C)R7 ordered a plebiscite to be cond'cted among t+e emplo ees in t+e t+ree proposed gro'ps, min's t+e s'per-isors, temporar emplo ees, members o( t+e /'diting &epartment, members o( t+e sec'rit gro'p, pro(essionals and tec+nical emplo ees, to vote on t'e ()estion o* +'et'e" o" not t'e, $esi"e to -e se# " te$ *"o. t'e unit of the rest of the employees -ein/ "e#"esente$ -, t'e K #is n n. o collecti-e bargaining agreement co'ld not be a bar to anot+er certi(ication election beca'se one o( its signatories, t+e Kapisanan President, ;icente K. Ola5o, was a supervisor

ISSUE! WON t+e appealed orders are interloc'tor in nat're WON order o( t+e respondent co'rt, granting gro'ps o( emplo ees to c+oose w+et+er or not t+e desire to be separated (rom t+e certi(ied 'nit to w+ic+ t+e belong, d'ring t+e e,istence o( a -alid bargaining contract entered into b a 'nion close to t+e +eels o( its certi(ication, is contrar to law WON it is legal error (or t+e respondent co'rt to +old t+at t+e bargaining agreement in 0'estion does not bar certi(ication proceedings, onl beca'se one o( t+e signatories (or t+e 'nion was ad<'dged b t+e ma<orit o( s'c+ co'rt to be s'per-isor, 0ELD!

it is <'st a part o( t+e in-estigator power o( t+e Co'rt to determine b secret ballot t+e desire o( t+e emplo ees concerned. o merel a plebiscite and not t+e certi(ication election itsel(

* * *

somet+ing else +as to be done wit+in t+e premises and t+e order does not den or grant petition in t+e abo-e entitled case. )t is di((ic'lt to determine (rom t+e e-idence alone w+ic+ o( t+e se-eral claimant gro'ps (orms a proper bargaining 'nit= t+at it becomes necessar to gi-e consideration to t+e e,press will or desire o( t+e emplo ees * a practice designated as t+e >?lobe doctrine,> w+ic+ sanctions t+e +olding o( a series o( elections, not (or t+e p'rpose o( allowing t+e gro'p recei-ing an o-er all ma<orit o( -otes to represent all emplo ees, b't (or t+e speci(ic p'rpose o( permitting t+e emplo ees in eac+ o( t+e se-eral categories to select t+e gro'p w+ic+ eac+ c+ooses as a bargaining 'nit= 1t'e $esi"es o* t'e e.#2o,ees1 is one o* t'e * cto"s in $ete".inin/ t'e ##"o#"i te - "/ inin/ )nit. Co'rt was simpl interested >in t+e -eri(ication o( t+e e-idence alread placed on record and s'bmitted w+erein t+e wor.ers +a-e signed mani(estations and resol'tions o( t+eir desire to be separated (rom Kapisanan.> 2+e test in determining w+et+er an order or <'dgment is interloc'tor or (inal is 1Does it 2e ve so.et'in/ to -e $one in t'e t"i 2 co)"t +it' "es#ect to t'e .e"its o* t'e c se3 I* it $oes, it is inte"2oc)to",4 i* it $oes not, it is *in 21 interloc'tor , as t+e lea-e somet+ing more to be done in t+e trial co'rt and do not decide one wa or t+e ot+er t+e petitions o( t+e respondent 'nions. @e are, t+ere(ore, constrained to +old, as we do +ereb +old, t+at t'e #"esent ##e 2s o" #etitions *o" "evie+ -, certiorari, "e not )t'o"i5e$ -, 2 + n$ s'o)2$ -e $is.isse$ CO$ a bar to t+e certi(ication proceedings

DECISION! Petition dismissed 6o'ie Camino