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Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

By Joel Chue

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

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Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

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Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

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Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

Table of Contents .......................................................................................................... 5 A Short Message From The Author ......................................................................... 6 The Laws of the Subconscious Mind ...................................................................... 7 -Discover Your Real Potential- ................................................................................ 7 The Ultimate Success Formula ................................................................................ 9 The Different Minds .................................................................................................... 11 Two Main Ways To Influence the Mind Autosuggestion and Heterosuggestion ....................................................................................................... 14 The Secret Passage To Influence The ................................................................... 17 Sub-Mind Alpha State ............................................................................................... 17 How The Mind Communicates To You ................................................................. 19 Getting Started What You Can Start ................................................................. 21 Doing Today! ................................................................................................................. 21 Introduction To The Visualization Technique ................................................... 24 Introduction To The Affirmation Technique ....................................................... 27 How To Use Affirmations Spaced Repetition .................................................. 29 Here Are Some Sample Affirmations................................................................. 30 Affirmations Part 2 ..................................................................................................... 33 How To Get Your Mind Into The Alpha State..................................................... 37 Get Your Mind Into ..................................................................................................... 39 The Alpha State Method #1 ..................................................................................... 39 Get Your Mind Into ..................................................................................................... 41 The Alpha State Method #2 ..................................................................................... 41 Get Your Mind Into ..................................................................................................... 43 The Alpha State Method #3 ..................................................................................... 43 Introduction : The Power Of The ............................................................................ 45 Law Of Attraction ........................................................................................................ 45 Success in ALL Spheres of Life using the Law of Attraction ........................ 46 Using Law of Attraction to get Love from Everybody Around You ........... 48 Overcoming Obstacles With Law of Attraction .................................................. 50 Maximize the Power of the Law of Attraction..................................................... 51

Table of Contents

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

A Short Message From The Author

Does Mind Power Really Work? Will this Mind Power Secrets work for you? There is an old Chinese proverb that says: When you hear something, you will forget it. When you see something, you will remember it. But not until you do something, will you understand it. In short, my answer is a resounding,YES! It does work. Every time its applied. And it will work for you. So cast that doubt to the abyss. Read, understand and apply. Youll be on your way to unlocking your real potential in no time. To Your Success, Joel Chue

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

The Laws of the Subconscious Mind -Discover Your Real PotentialThis age is an exciting time in the history of human kind. An age when the secrets of the mystics of the past are becoming more comprehensible to the human mind. Our preconceived notions of our limits are being constantly broken, with scientific and technological progress. In the last fifty years or so, we have made giant strides in scientific and technological knowledge, which have been windows into the world we live in, the universe all around us, and even into the depths of the realms of our mind. What we are discovering is that laws govern every realm we perceive or even those that are beyond our perception. Certain laws govern the universe. Laws govern our success in life, or the lack of it. Laws even govern our subconscious mind. Some call it belief, some call it faith, but this is the law that governs our subconscious mind. Many of todays motivational gurus and thoughtful minds who have written compelling and influential self-help books tell us about the inherent power that is at the core of belief. The basic idea they are trying to convey is this: What the human mind can envisage and believe, it can attain. To define that even further, it is thought that what the conscious mind envisages and the subconscious mind accepts as true, it can attain. That is the power of the subconscious mind. And here is the explanation of why that happens. The power of our subconscious mind is akin to a strong magnet. It draws to itself things that correspond with what it believes. To explain it more clearly, if our subconscious mind has certain beliefs because our conscious mind envisaged them, the subconscious mind will vibrate on the basis of these beliefs, attracting people and events that correspond or relate to these beliefs. This is the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, which are applicable universally. These fundamental universal laws exist whether we believe in them or not, similar to the law of gravity.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Therefore, if you are having a difficult time in life, it is because in your subconscious mind you believe that life is difficult. The events that happen in your life and the people you meet will make your life difficult. If you believe in your subconscious mind that money is hard to come by, then you will have a tough time getting money. The opportunities that you will be attracted to will require tremendous effort for you to make any money. In other words, the realities that you are experiencing are being attracted by the subconscious beliefs you have. In order to attract what we want in life, whether it is money, or a happy relationship, or peace and joy, it is with our conscious mind that we must envision an idea, but the result can only be attracted, or brought into fruition, by the power of our subconscious mind. Usually, most people do it the other way around, using their conscious mind to chase after a result, which generally ends up in causing worries, stress and disappointment. What this implies is that the life that you are living is really an indication of what beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind. Most people try to change their situation, either by changing jobs or their neighborhood, but experience the same problems wherever they go. What they fail to realize is that it is not their external circumstances that they must change, but their inner convictions. Once they bring about a change in their inner beliefs, they will attract new job opportunities that will spell success, new kinds of people creating happier relationships, and the very world around them will be transformed corresponding to their subconscious minds new beliefs based on deep positive convictions. Your life is a reflection of the inner beliefs you have. If you continually use your life as a guide to reprogram your subconscious minds beliefs, you can attract and achieve whatever you want.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

The Ultimate Success Formula

The law that governs the subconscious mind governs our happiness, health and wealth. If we can prize open our eyes within, we will be able to discover the infinite potential for success that already exists within us. There are enormous resources within each of us, which we can use to extract whatever we need in order to achieve success in life. Most people are completely oblivious to this tremendous potential we have of limitless intelligence and capacity to achieve anything we want right within us. Just like a piece of magnetized steel, we attract whatever we believe we can achieve. There are two kinds of people. The ones who are full of selfbelief and confidence are the magnetized kind. They know that come what may, they will succeed. Then there are the demagnetized kinds of people. They are beset with doubts and fears. When opportunities come their way, they are the ones with the negative thoughts of failing, or of losing money, or are inhibited by the discouraging words of others around them. These people can never find success, because they are too pessimistic to grab opportunity and make a success of it. In order to achieve success you have to become like the people who are magnetized. They use the secret power that exists within, in their subconscious mind, to fulfill all their dreams of success. You can attract more wealth, more power, more happiness, and more health by learning how to get in touch with and unleash your subconscious minds secret power. There is no necessity of acquiring this power, because you have it already. But, you need to understand how to utilize it. You need to learn about it in order to benefit from it in every aspect of your life. Within the depths of our subconscious mind lie boundless power and wisdom, and infinite reserves of all that we need, simply waiting to be

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential developed and allowed to express itself. Once you begin to realize these inherent capacities of your mind within, they will affect your life without. If you are receptive and open minded, that boundless intelligence of your subconscious mind will unveil to you all that you need to know. New ideas and thoughts will come to you, which will enable you to discover new things, create new inventions, write plays and books, be a success in business, or whatever else you choose to do. Through your subconscious minds power you will be able to attract the right partner or associate in business, your perfect companion, get the right person to buy your home, get all the money you require, and achieve the financial success which will allow you to do and be whatever you desire. It is the right of each person to realize this inner realm of feeling, thought, and power, of success, beauty, and achievement. Although these forces are invisible, they are powerful indeed. Because each of us has the potential of drawing out these hidden powers, we can actually acquire the wisdom and capability that are needed to advance forward in security, joy, abundance, and success. Here are a few points to keep in mind for achieving the success formula: Success is within us. Draw from the powers within to achieve whatever you want. All the successful people in the world, through the ages, achieved their success by their ability to tap into their inner beings and unleash their subconscious minds power. Each of us can do likewise. Each thought is the source of a cause, and every resultant condition is the effect. Never allow negative thoughts like I cannot do it cross your mind. Your subconscious mind gets that message, which results in negative things happening in your life. In order to achieve success, always have affirmative thoughts like, I can achieve everything through my minds subconscious power.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential The law of success is the law of deep belief. Belief is nothing but the thoughts that occur in your mind. If you do not believe that negative things will happen to you, you will not experience failure. If you believe in your subconscious minds power to find success, you will achieve it. By transforming your thoughts you can transform your destiny. By following these techniques, you can acquire the understanding and the ability that you require for success. A new awakening will inspire you, and you will be able to stimulate a new force, which will enable you to realize all your hopes and dreams.

The Different Minds

The power of the mind is more compelling than you imagine. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson: Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Although technically we have only one mind, it can be categorized into three parts: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the super conscious mind. While the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are within us, the superconscious part of the mind is without, being an extension of ourselves. The Conscious Mind That part of our mind that has thoughts is our conscious mind. This is the reason why people use the power of their conscious mind to achieve goals they set for themselves and to solve problems. However, in comparison to the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind, the conscious mind has limited powers. The power to take decisions is the most important power of the subconscious mind. It decides exactly what information it will allow into the subconscious mind. However, most people dont exercise this power properly, allowing trivia into their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can also be reprogrammed by the conscious mind, which it does chiefly by repetition. For example, when you first learnt to ride a bike, you had to consciously think about how to balance and move forward. But later, once you learnt how to ride it, you no longer consciously

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential have to think about it. Riding a bike becomes an automatic act. In other words, you can do it subconsciously. Your subconscious mind has been programmed to ride a bike, through repetition. Once anything becomes a part of the subconscious, it gets automatic. What is true for riding a bike is also true for various other aspects of life. The Subconscious Mind The subconscious mind takes on various roles in our life. Its functions can be classified into five areas. 1. The well being of our body is balanced and maintained by it. That is why by nature our body is able to heal itself. Any kind of disease can be healed by its power. This is the basis of all kinds of alternative curative therapies. 2. It shields us, and sometimes even our loved ones, from dangers. 3. It is an infinite bank for our memories. All the experiences of our past are stored in it. 4. It is akin to a magnet. It attracts whatever resonates with the beliefs it has. 5. It is similar to radar. It transmits and gets information from the superconscious mind. The connections between the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind can be explained like this: the conscious mind has connections with the subconscious mind, which has connections with the superconscious mind. This is true for all of us. Thus, at the level of superconsciousness, each of us is connected to the other via each of our individual subconscious mind. We depend on our subconscious mind to transmit and get knowledge or information from the realm of the superconscious. As the conscious mind manifests a desire on the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind in turn will manifest it on the superconscious mind, which then will work bring it into reality.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential The Superconscious Mind The author of Think and Grow Rich, and considered one the greatest gurus on achieving success, Napoleon Hill, termed it Infinite Intelligence. Scientists call it the Universal Mind. Some gurus of metaphysics club it all under the term Unconscious Mind. Although, the term Superconscious Mind is now becoming more in use. However, what it is called is not of particular importance. What is important is what it has the capacity to do for each of us. The following are a few characteristics of the superconscious mind. Each persons mind is connected to a single superconscious mind, which is therefore termed the Universal Mind. Since it has the capacity of infinite intelligence, it helps each of us to make wise decisions. It contains all the answers we seek. All inventions made by mankind have their source in it. The method of receiving ideas from this superconscious mind has been mastered by all great minds of the world who have invented or created anything. It helps each of us to achieve our goals. The superconscious mind can be likened to a huge computer, which masterminds the activities of all the small computers that are connected to it. When we impress our goal on our subconscious mind, our superconscious mind responds accordingly. The right opportunities and the right people begin to appear, and lessons are given in order to strengthen us, if required. Everything required to achieve the manifested desire is put into motion. Once each of us understands the true power of our super conscious mind, we will realize that success does not happen by luck.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

Two Main Ways To Influence the Mind Autosuggestion and Heterosuggestion

Repeated suggestion is one of the basic tools used for setting goals in general. It is a method through which direct communication takes place between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Through a repetition of statements, also referred to as affirmations, the subconscious mind receives the suggestions given by the conscious mind, without questioning them, and acts upon those suggestions. These suggestions can be received from any of the five senses we have, and the more senses that are used, the more powerful is the effect. In order to bring about a change in the subconscious mind, you must train it every day by suggesting whatever goals you want to attain. In fact, the suggestion should be repeated and reaffirmed all through the day. The conscious mind is like a strainer through which thoughts are filtered into the subconscious mind. The only method, by which this filter can be bypassed, is by using affirmative suggestions mixed with powerful feeling and emotion. The more emotion and feeling you can infuse into these suggestions the more powerfully will the subconscious mind act to produce the goals you want. If the suggestion or affirmation is generated from the self, it is referred to as autosuggestion. If other people are the source of suggestions that influence you, it is termed as heterosuggestion. The following are some examples of autosuggestion: repeating affirmations mentally or aloud putting you affirmations down in writing listening to a self-recorded tape of autosuggestions play-acting being somebody you admire or want to be like

Heterosuggestion examples include: listening to subliminal or affirmation CDs reading articles and books

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential listening to the opinions of friends, siblings or parents watching programs on TV

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are already being subjected to affirmations daily. Your subconscious mind pays heed to what you say whenever you talk. Whenever you complain about life, your subconscious mind listens and unquestioningly follows the instructions you are feeding it by manifesting the type of life you keep complaining about. Hence, it is important to be constantly aware of what you think or say, especially what you keep repeating to yourself. A word of caution: if you do not use autosuggestion, you will be subjected to and be influenced by negative heterosuggestion. Everyday, when you hear complaints from others like the economy being bad, about hard luck, about how tough life is, and so on, your subconscious mind gets influenced by these negative thoughts. If they are repeated frequently, your subconscious mind begins to believe that they are true. Then these negative factors will be manifested in your life, due to the law of attraction. Once these negative factors become a part of your life, you become convinced that they are true. It is important to use positive autosuggestion or affirmation techniques daily in order not to be subjected to negative heterosuggestion, or even to counter it. You can read or write these affirmations every day before going to sleep and after waking up, or use a recording of the affirmations to listen to them repeatedly before going to sleep. Repetition is the key to the success of affirmations. Your subconscious mind can be likened to the muscles in your body. Just like you need to exercise your muscles repeatedly to keep them strong and in shape, you have to keep using autosuggestion in the form of affirmations on your subconscious mind to bring about positive results in your life. If you neglect using the power of positive autosuggestion to influence your subconscious mind, you will be vulnerable to the negative heterosuggestion of others.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

Listening to CDs with good self-help messages every morning is one of the best ways to keep you positive. You can do it either on your way to the office or at home. This allows you to begin your day with an optimistic mind-set, while also cleaning up your subconscious mind with affirmative beliefs so that it is not influenced by the negative thoughts expressed by others through the day.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

The Secret Passage To Influence The Sub-Mind Alpha State

That the brain is inherently an electrochemical organ is well known. The electrical activity, which emanates from it is displayed as brainwaves. These brainwaves can be divided into four categories, which range from the most active to the least active. Of the four categories of brain frequencies, alpha brain wave is one. When the brain vibrates in the range of 7-14 Hz, it is thought to be in an alpha state. In recent times, alpha brain wave, which is considered to be the most intriguing amongst the brain waves, has caught the interest of scientists and researchers. This is because human creativity is linked to it. Many people experience sudden flashes of creative insights when they are in the middle of the most innocuous activities, such as bathing, or just relaxing. Many times, the solution of a difficult problem will suddenly occur just before going to sleep. It has been observed that creative thoughts or ideas always occur when people are completely relaxed, which is when they are in an alpha state. When your brain emits alpha waves, you are unperturbed and calm. This is the time that your creative juices flow more rapidly, your capacity to recall things is enhanced, your learning ability is improved, and you are able to absorb and understand information much faster. More significantly, the alpha state is the most favorable time for the subconscious mind to be reprogrammed. Apart from alpha brain waves, delta, theta and beta are the other forms of brainwaves. When you are in deep sleep, you are in the delta state. Since your mind is in an unconscious state, in the delta state, you are completely unaware of what is happening around you. The theta state is a twilight zone. You have no consciousness, but are in the dreaming state. When you are fully alert and conscious, you are in the


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential beta state. An excess of beta waves can lead to breathlessness and stress. Each day, the state of your brain moves from the sleeping stage (delta) to the fully alert stage (beta), and vice versa. Between these stages, you experience the states of theta and alpha. But, what exactly is the alpha brain wave? Alpha is the conduit between the conscious and the subconscious mind. If you think of your mind as two compartments, partitioned by a door, you are in the conscious compartment when you are in the beta state. You cannot access the subconscious compartment, because the door in between is shut. In the theta state, however, you are in the subconscious compartment, but cannot enter the conscious compartment, because the door is shut again. This is the reason people cannot remember their dreams, usually. In the alpha state, it is like having the door open, and you standing at its threshold, with access to both states of consciousness. Although you are fully conscious, you can access your subconscious. This is the most opportune time for your subconscious mind to be reprogrammed. This is also why many people experience their most creative moments when the brain emits alpha waves. This point can be proven very easily. Everybody dreams when they sleep. On waking up, however, people often cannot remember what they dreamt. But sometimes, just at the point of waking up, which is the alpha state, many people are able to recall what they dreamt, for a short while. However, as soon as they are awake fully, they forget their dream, because they enter the beta compartment, and the door in between is shut again. Most books on self-improvement tell you that the most favorable time to conduct your visualization and affirmation techniques, which are methods used for reprogramming the subconscious mind, is just before going to sleep or as soon as you awake. This is because you are in the alpha state at these times.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

How The Mind Communicates To You

Does your subconscious mind have the ability to communicate with you? Yes, it does. It uses various channels to do so, such as intuition. Whenever we seek our subconscious to find help or guidance, we may experience a sudden urge, a hunch, or a flash of inspiration to solve a problem or to carry out some task. This is intuition at work. Or you may find the solution in a dream. Or an image could just pop into your mind. You know intuitively that these are messages meant for you. The subconscious mind uses the language of symbolism to communicate. Metaphors, music, images all of them are the symbolic channels that the subconscious mind works with. You will find that a lot of symbolic images will be communicated to you through your dreams. Dreaming is essential because not only is it an outlet for your inner tensions to be released, but it is the state of mind when information that has been imprinted by you during the day into the subconscious is processed. Your dreams can communicate a lot to you. You can analyze the contents of your dream with the help of your conscious mind. And if you find the symbolism still unclear, you can simply ask your subconscious to provide the meaning. You are bound to get some insights from this kind of contemplation. Or you could be guided intuitively towards reading certain books or talking to people and get the answers you are seeking through these sources. Each of us has unique methods or channels of getting messages from our subconscious mind. Some of them are auditory, some visual, while others are just feelings. Many people receive their messages through a combination of external events and internal voices. Some people can deliberately program their subconscious in order to seek solutions through dreams or sudden flashes of intuition.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Meditation has been used since ages to both communicate and get feedback from the subconscious. In fact, the more you are able to get into a meditative state of mind, the more you will awaken your intuition. The most effective way to engender communication from your subconscious is to be sensitive and receptive to everything around you, and have faith in your feelings and your internal voices. Many people think that a highly developed intuition has something to do with being spiritual or unique. But that is not so. According to studies made on the techniques of making decisions by managers, it was found that 80 percent of them used their intuition, particularly when the decisions they made were complex or involved other people. Most businesspeople, when asked how they go about making decisions for their business, say that they use gut feelings. Gut feelings are nothing but intuition. Intuition, therefore, should be a part of our process of evaluation everyday. If you see that you have difficulty in coming to decisions, or the ones that you make are not adequate enough, it is most likely that you are not utilizing your minds intuitive power to its fullest potential. This is when you need to listen to your subconscious mind more closely, and trust it. If you can accomplish this, you will find yourself making decisions that are not only the most effective, but also making them faster. Information is not processed the same way by the subconscious mind as it is by the conscious mind. And neither does it communicate the information like your conscious mind does. But, when you decide to trust it, you will find your subconscious mind processing information and communicating with you by providing intuitive ideas.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

Getting Started What You Can Start Doing Today!

It is one of the truths universally applicable, that the life we create and live is a mirror of the thoughts within us. Each of us creates our own miniuniverse, which exists within an immense multiverse, and each ones world is unique to themselves. We perceive the events of our lives because of our beliefs, or what we deem true about the world we live in, and our beliefs stem from the thoughts we have about things. There are about five filters through which our beliefs take shape: our education, our environment, the effects of past events in each ones life, the events taking place at present, and the creative thoughts each person has. In addition, beliefs are also created by the suggestions made by other people that we accept, also known as heterosuggestion, or when we think of a suggestion ourselves which we accept, which is referred to as autosuggestion. Everything that occurs in our lives, based on each of the five fields, through heterosuggestion or autosuggestion, generates our views or beliefs about life. At some stage, all of these beliefs filter into the subconscious mind. This is when we no longer think about them, but act or react to them. Our reactions and behavior then get habitual. In order to find success and happiness in our lives, we need to be able to change our belief patterns and create new things to focus on. Here are a few points on how to go about it. First, be cognizant of the heterosuggestions that are acting upon you and causing the repetitive patterns of your life. If your sentences are full of terms like always and never, it tells you that you are functioning according to old patterns.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Other examples of this for of functioning are: why does this always happen to me? or why dont I ever get things right?. We need to get attuned to these thoughts when they happen, and firmly change them. Be conscious of the feelings certain repetitive occurrences evoke within you. If they are positive, you can keep them. If they are not, there could be a negative belief underlying in the subconscious, which is resulting in your experiencing the same event repetitively. Try and determine what kind of emotion you want to feel, and make an effort to create that feeling. Next, bear in mind that if you had the ability to create beliefs in the past, which are now responsible for the negative aspects of your life, it implies that you also have the ability to undo and re-create other beliefs in order to bring about changes into your life. Be aware of your subconscious minds boundless power, and that it is always functioning, never shutting down. Moreover, although you may feel that all the events that take place in your life are not of your choosing, you certainly have the choice of how you react to them. By affecting changes in the way you respond, you can change your mindset about life, and thus form a new belief within your subconscious mind. So, what are the specific ways to bring about new subconscious beliefs? Here are a few: The technique of passing-over: Infuse the subconscious mind with the outcome you desire. Create a picture in your mind about you being, having or doing whatever you want, and stay focused on only that. Pass over that picture into your subconscious mind, and consciously believe and trust that you will achieve what you desire. The technique of visualization: Consciously visualize what you want to do, have or be. For example, if you have to make a speech publicly, visualize a picture of the applause of the audience because they appreciated your speech, and envision yourself as feeling happy about the response. Enter completely into the emotions associated with it.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential The technique of mental movie: This is similar to the visualization method, except that you can play it in your mind like a movie. The technique of affirmation: Create affirmation in the written form that expresses what state of existence you want for yourself. For example: I am prepared to make changes. I can let go of the need to resist change. My life from henceforth will be smooth and easy. Keep repeating the affirmations you make as frequently as you need to, particularly when you feel challenged and can see proof of the contrary. Meditation as a technique: Get into a state of drowsiness, similar to sleep, and then impress the desired outcome into the subconscious mind. Since there is a lowering of resistance during the meditative state, you will discover that your mind is more receptive. This is the primary reason why every technique works particularly well just prior to falling asleep, or the moment you wake up. You could take the assistance of a coach to achieve your desired goals. And finally, dont allow yourself to get stressed or try to force matters. Remain focused, be aware, and trust, expect and believe that you will bring about the desired results. It will amaze you just how much power you have within you to bring about changes in your life. Note: (Listen to the interview with Master Coach Dev for more details) In the next few pages, we will cover the techniques of visualization and affirmation in detail.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

Introduction To The Visualization Technique

Did any one ever tell you that if you crave for something you would get it? Did they tell you to visualize success and it would be yours? Did you really believe them and try hard enough? If you did not then, you need to think again. All about science Scientific research has proven that we can create our own reality with our thoughts. Research and researchers have proved that what we think can be transformed into what we want physically, in reality. This research has its base from quantum physics where we know that subatomic particles manifest physically if they are observed carefully. Seeing is believing; remember how when you were scared of ghosts your parents told you that if you did not see it, you shouldnt believe in it. Now this theory of seeing is believing is not applicable, especially where success is concerned. You have to believe in things first before you can see the results. Which boils down to you visualizing the future before you can make it reality. How Visualization works? The brain is divided into two parts, the left-brain and the right brain. The left-brain is responsible for logical thinking and the right brain is used for creativity. Most of the times we use our left-brain for logical thinking and living. This is not necessarily good as it creates a disproportion in the brain functions. We need to use our creative right side too. This creates a body and mind connection, which helps us, balance and helps us accept change. Another way of visualization is through the eyes. The eyes or the optic nerve is directly connected to the brain. Hence, what we see helps in visualization. There is another theory as well, one where thought is converted in to reality upon repetition. Passive and Active

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Visual programming happens at all time. Whether it is active or passive depends on you. Visual programming in its passive form is a continuous process. The subconscious mind absorbs every image it has ever been exposed to and stores it. The mind does not know which images are real and which are not. Like the images seen on TV, the mind does not know the images on TV are not real. These images are stored unconsciously or passively and affect the behavior of people. Active programming of the mind is a very deliberate effort. It is a process of visualization where you actively use positive images in your mind so that you get a more positive outcome. The more active your visualization, the more powerful and accurate the results and outcome. Active visualization or active programming of the mind can be used in every field of life from sports to personal life and even the business. Using active programming is a very personal tool. Each one does it differently and reacts or responds to it differently. There is no fixed method of active visualization. If differs from person to person. Remember that your body reacts to the way your brain thinks. Simply put, if you think negative, there will be a negative outcome and similarly, if you think positively things will work out in your favor. How to Visualize Visualization is what makes the world function; if you really want something and visualize it, you will achieve it! This is called creative visualization, where you use images, thoughts and feelings for something to come true, for events to take place and to be successful. This power can change the environment and events around each one of us. Using thoughts Using thoughts is the most effective way to visualize. Thoughts have a way of traveling from one mind to another, provided they are strong and powerpacked. They key to this is repetition and persistence. If we are repetitive and perceptive with our thoughts, other people will perceive them and work accordingly. If you are the sort of person who is always positive, then things will always work out for you positively, this is because you keep attracting positive energy. This is because of the law of attraction, likes attract likes. Our thoughts are centered on energy.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential If we concentrate on certain thoughts, we are powering them with emotional energy. These powered thoughts then stimulate pressure in the environment, which affects it accordingly and changes it. Thus, if we change our thoughts, we in actuality can change reality. Getting over barricades Most people have personal barricades that they have to get over. Where visualization is concerned, these are thought barricades. Thoughts have a great power, especially in visualization. If we can get over barricades in our thought process, there will be no limit to the benefits of visualization. Most of the time we are held back by our beliefs and thoughts. If we were to get over them and look around, our possibilities would increase by leaps and bounds. Guide to visualization Think about the reason why you want to visualize Listen to your inner voice, think it through and then meditate Make sure you tell yourself that the result after visualization will be the best Make yourself comfortable at a place where there is no noise and no distractions Relax Take deep breaths Start visualizing the event that you want to take place or the object that you want Make sure that you imagine a clear and thorough picture of what you want Use all your five senses while visualizing Include feelings and emotions to make your visualization all the more effective Invest 10 minutes twice a day every single day to make your visualization become reality Persevere till you succeed Remove all those negative thoughts and emotions Dont get disheartened easily, always stay positive Do not focus on any negative thoughts that enter your mind. Always focus on the positive Be open to opportunities so that you can take advantage of the best End your visualization with a chant like let all things happen in harmony and let it be favorable for all involved

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Never use your imagination or your visualization to harm others or to wish ill on others. Always use it to enhance your life and your environment positively. All things balance out in the end.

Introduction To The Affirmation Technique

Affirmations have a very important role for maintaining a strong and positive mental outlook. We are what we think. Affirmations are positive assertions that are made, using the present tense. In order to be most effective they must be said with conviction and out aloud. For instance, I feel positive all the time. When you say something like that, it affirms the thought into your subconscious, becoming an inherent part of your psyche. The conscious mind is a mental condition that we are aware of. The selftalk that goes on constantly in the mind is the conscious mind. It is fed with the beliefs that we hold in our subconscious mind. For example, if you have to make a decision about something, which requires debating about its right or wrong by your conscious mind, the decision is usually made based on beliefs held deep within us, on what we are taught while growing up, which are held in the subconscious mind. The realm of the mind that we are unaware of is the subconscious mind. It controls involuntary actions like breathing, blinking, digestion, etc. It is also the domain where each persons inherent values are held and where our unique self-image was shaped. Basically, it is the repository of everything we have experienced and learned in our life. The subconscious mind has the wisdom that gives you the ability to differentiate between wrong and right. This wisdom it receives through the conscious mind. Essentially, what our subconscious mind is convinced about is manifested in our reality. Thus, if we are convinced that we cannot achieve success, we will not, if we are convinced we will not be able to do something, we really will not be able to do it, and so on.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential This is why we need to use affirmations in order to retrain the subconscious mind into being convinced that we are successful, that we can accomplish anything we set out to do, that we are positive. Changing deeply held convictions cannot be brought about overnight, but with commitment, it can be accomplished. Since the convictions that we have stored in our mind have been collected over the years, we need to tackle it by dealing with single issues. In order to get the process started we need to be cognizant of what exactly we need to change. The best way to go about it is making a list of what you want to achieve and seem unable to accomplish. For instance, if your list consists of tasks related to your business, which you keep putting off, and dont seem to be able to get done, it indicates that to find fulfillment in your life, you need to be good at your business. And that is exactly what you need to focus upon I am a success in my business. Thus a new belief is born. The core beliefs that we have basically keep repeating themselves in our subconscious mind. Many of them serve us, while others hold us back. Those that hold us back may not even be our own words or thoughts, but instilled in us by others who have been critical of us, criticisms that we have begun believing in, like I cannot learn arithmetic, I have never been good with numbers or I cannot be a ballet dancer, I am too clumsy or I am fat because I have no self control. We can use affirmations to install new beliefs in our subconscious mind. These beliefs can be programmed into the subconscious mind by constant repetition. However, it this process involves a lot of time and emotional commitment. One important to factor to watch out for is that as soon as you stop consciously affirming your new beliefs, the old beliefs begin running again, which can be a setback to the new affirmations you have made. So you need to focus constantly on your new affirmations, until they are completely programmed into the subconscious, replacing the old beliefs.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential We are what we think, so think positive thoughts. Use affirmations in your life every day, and you will discover how powerful they can be for transforming your life.

How To Use Affirmations Spaced Repetition

Our subconscious can be empowered by the use of a powerful technique called affirmation. When the subconscious is conditioned to accept the affirmation as true, the affirmation is then transformed into a positive course of action taken up by the conscious mind. Through the power of affirmations, people are empowered to work, to do, and to endeavor to attain more things. With affirmation, people turn the thoughts they have into action by believing in themselves. Affirmation combines both visual and verbal techniques in order to affect transformation in the mind. Powerful affirmations can be very effective, which can be used to fulfill desires and achieve goals. Nevertheless, the potency of an affirmation is dependent on how weak or strong it is. Affirmation is nothing but an assertion that is made about a condition of life, or something in a persons life. The person can use affirmation on the factors or things he wants to attain, e.g., I have a good life now. Attaining health of body, mind and spirit can also be achieved by using affirmation. In order to be additionally effective, the present tense should be used when an affirmation is stated. For example, an affirmation like I am a happy person now is more efficacious than one that says, I will become a happy person. Positive terms should always be used when making affirmations since it is meant to act for you, not be opposed to you. Say, Im happy, instead of, Im not unhappy. Concise and simple words should be used to make up an affirmation. In order to be more potent, it should be precise. Instead of producing a positive effect on a persons mind, a long-winded affirmation can have the opposite effect. Short and precise affirmations can be uttered and repeated


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential easily. It can be used like a mantra, expressed repetitively again and again. An affirmation has to be repeated in order to cause positive effects. Repetition influences and works on the subconscious, which then provides the motivational impetus for bringing about the fruition of the affirmation. The human mind is able to learn the fastest with a method known as massed repetition. However, what is learnt is also soon forgotten with this method. Spaced repetition, which is a technique of learning according to which if each subsequent repetition is made three or more times in a day, it results in better retention. Spaced repetition is not merely about repeating phrases by rote. It puts emphasis on recalling actively instead of recognition, and it utilizes other methods of recalling like free recall, intellectual reflection, or cueing by utilizing other mnemonic prompts or triggers. With affirmation, it is more effective to combine both spaced repetition and massed repetition methods for the best results. Anyone who engenders an affirmation must be involved deeply with the words that are used in order to actualize the affirmation. One of the most powerful ways is to write down words which one believes. However, merely forming an affirmation and repeating it many times will not make it a mind-set. What is important is to actually live the affirmation one makes and be positive-minded enough to do whatever is necessary in order to turn the affirmation into reality. Applying the affirmation in life and feeling it will help to make it a reality. Affirmation is a technique that is simple and yet can be a profound cause of difference in peoples lives. It helps to bring about positive changes and is a powerful motivator.

Here Are Some Sample Affirmations

Affirmations are declarations of acceptation that are used for each ones destiny to come into fruition. They are positive and powerful statements and thoughts that are directed towards the universe.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential The negativity that surrounds you has to be eliminated in order to be able to carry out positive affirmations. You have to first be convinced that you do have the ability to create your own destiny. It has to be a powerful and positive belief and not merely Ill try it out and see if this really works. Along with the technique of visualization, the kind of life you seek for yourself can be created with the help of affirmations. Before starting, determine which area in your life needs to be worked upon, and then resolve exactly what it is you want. Affirmations involve many important aspects, which you need know about: The present tense or the past tense should be used, never the future tense. You need to let your mind think that what you want has happened already. Be optimistic. Being positive is one of the most important factors. Terms that convey the most positivism should be used. Negatives should never be used during affirmations. Put them down in writing. As you learn how to make affirmations, it is important to put them in writing in order to elucidate what exactly it is that you have to say. Keep the affirmations specific and short. Make them personal by using your name. Have faith. It is important to be convinced that what you want to happen in your life will happen. The more convinced you are the more powerful will be the affirmation. Be repetitive. Being persistent and repetitive assists in planting them in your subconscious mind. Set a time. Always set aside a particular time each day for your affirmations, visualizations and meditations. This will be useful in setting a pattern, which will become a daily habit. The following are a few examples of affirmations you can make: Affirmations for Life Everyday I am in constant touch with the Universe. I accept and love myself. I am loving and unique, free and loved. I am protected and feel safe always.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Since I am in contact with every feeling I have, I accept all of them. My life is surrounded by caring and loving people. I accept and love other people and this builds friendships that are strong and long-lasting. I have faith in my inner being leading me in the correct direction. I do everything I can each day to make the environment for everybody around me loving. I am in constant connection with the Divine Loving Power in the Universe. The vision in my inner self is always focused and clear. Affirmations for Harmony and Peace I am peaceful within myself. I find harmoniousness with the Universe. I am full of the loving joy of the Divine Universal Truth. I am in harmony with everyone around me. The more I am honest with everyone in my life, the more loving I get in return. I always create a harmonious environment for everybody I love and myself. The inner child within me and I are in harmony with each other. I give expression to my anger in an appropriate manner, so that harmony and peace prevails all the time. Affirmations for Success I am successful in everything I do. Every venture I get into returns wealth to me. I am constantly productive. I always perform to the full potential I have and have respect for my abilities. My work is always given positive recognition. I augment my income constantly. I always have adequate money for everything I require. I spend my money prudently always. My work is always rewarded. Health Affirmations I have the ability to keep my health in my control. I have an abundance of well-being, vitality and energy. My wellness and my health are in my control. Since I know that my body is in my control I have no fear of getting unhealthy. Every aspect of my self is healthy. I am full of energy for carrying out all my activities daily. My weight is always under my control.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential I care for and love my body, and it loves me and cares for me. My mind is peaceful. Spiritual Affirmations I have the freedom to be what I am. I am loving and forgiving. My spiritual growth is my responsibility. I allow myself to be in harmony with the Universe. I get my strength from forgiving those who cause me hurt. I deserve being loved. Love is ever lasting and eternal. The more I give love, the more I get love in return. I care for my inner self, nurture her/him, allow her/him to heal, and love her. My life is my responsibility, and I always have the power to be joyful and be positive.

Affirmations Part 2
Affirmations for love If you are looking for lovethat perfect someone to share the rest of your life with, to share joys and sorrows with then you need some affirmations for love. Simple affirmations like: I am surrounded by love I love and accept myself exactly as I am I know that I deserve love and I accept it now The love I give out returns to me multiplied Love flows through my body, shines in my face and radiates out from me in all directions. Using simple affirmations like these while you meditate not only gives the universe the command to attract love to you and also makes you feel better about yourself. Affirmations for Joy If you want joy and happiness in your life, then you should use affirmations that will attract joy and peace, to you and your environment. I go with the flow and my life is easy and filled with joy I am grateful for all the wonderful things I already have in my life and those that are yet to come I choose thoughts that nourish and support me in a loving and positive way

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential I increasingly relax and accept the good that I know I deserve in my life. With these affirmations, you are telling the universe that you are a good person and you deserve happiness in your life. You are removing all negative thoughts from your mind with these affirmations.

Affirmations for health If you have been recently been sick, or are suffering with some condition or disease like cancer, then these affirmations will help you heal faster in body, mind and soul. Or you can even use these affirmations to maintain good health. I know that my healing is already in the process Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health I am healthy, healed and whole Affirmations for relationships If you are going through a difficult time with your personal life or with your relationships with friends, family or loved ones, then using these affirmations to enhance your relationships are the best: All my relationships are now loving and harmonious I deserve love and happiness I attract only loving people into my life My friends are loving and supportive I love and accept myself the way I am and I love and accept others in the same way These affirmations for relationships are centered on forgiveness, acceptance and caring. Affirmations for prosperity If you want to prosper in your career or your business, then using these affirmations will help you. My income is constantly increasing Abundance is mine I am a money magnet, and prosperity is drawn to me New opportunities to increase my income open up for me now These affirmations make you feel more confident about yourself and your business, as they are great morale boosters.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

Introduction: Getting Your Mind Into The Alpha State

There has been a lot of excitement recently in the news and in general, about the Alpha State of the mind. Experts are predicting wide ranging uses for education, psychology and psychiatry, hypnosis, life coaching and a hundred other fields. In the midst of all this excitement, you may wonder what on earth this Alpha State really is, and why anyone would want to get their mind into it to begin with. What, after all, does this Alpha State do for you? These states of mind are categories defined in terms of the amount of brain activity. In a normal waking state, your brain is in what is called the Beta state. When falling asleep, the brain-wave patterns change from the Beta state into what is called an Alpha state. This is the level of brain activity where the body, as well as your mind, begins to relax enough to be able to reach the Delta statesleep. From here, you would usually progress to the Theta state, which is a deep sleep. When your mind is in the Alpha State, you are relaxed, completely and truly, and your actual mental awareness, contrary to what you might think, actually expands. This is the state that is the most conducive to accelerated learning and aids creative energy to surface. In the Alpha State, new ideas occur spontaneously, and all the solutions to all those tricky problems just pop into your mind. The dominance of Alpha brain waves suspends, for a time, the super logical left-brain activity, leaving the subconscious to truly dig into the

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential depths of your emotional, intuitive, creative mind which lies, in everyone, in the preconscious, just below consciousness. In addition, new research is constantly proving that it is possible to change your brainwave patterns from one state to another, without actually altering your waking. In other words, you can induce an Alpha State, even when you are awake, when it is not bedtime, or when you are not really sleepy. You can indeed alter your total emotional response and your state of mind simply by inducing the right brainwave pattern. When your mind is in the Alpha State, your conscious mind is not really processing very much information. Your subconscious mind however, is then free to make the connections to solve the problems. Experts agree that the subconscious has a powerful ability to make connections, draw conclusions from the information it receives, much more so, in fact, than the conscious mind. It can act on the information it receives and make major changes in your behavior, easily and effortlessly. And this, in short is the greatest advantage of getting your mind into the Alpha state. Most people have the need, the desire, to make certain basic changes. Whether it is health, career, or family life, most of us have something that we are struggling to change about our lives. Being held back and feeling imprisoned by dissatisfaction and frustrations, unhappy because there seems to be no way to change and to achieve what we want. The mind, in the Alpha State, links the conscious and the subconscious mind, stimulating the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This connects your logical, rational and analytical capabilities to act in conjunction with intuition, creativity and imagination, tapping into almost 90% of your brain's unused potential.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential This is what allows you to eliminate problems more creatively, make life changes and kick bad habits and tap into your most powerful creative talents.

How To Get Your Mind Into The Alpha State

We have all heard of the great benefits of getting your mind into the Alpha State. We are reading, everyday, of the advantages, of the immense potential of the subconscious for problem solving, and making life changes. All of us have bad habits that we want to quit, changes that we want to make to our lifestyles, and problems that we dearly wish to solve. The one question likely to be uppermost in your mind, is how to get your mind into the Alpha State, to begin with, in order to try to accomplish these changes. One of the biggest problems associated with any lasting change, any life decisions, is trying to get into the correct frame of mind. Reaching a place, mentally, where all conflicting thoughts are eliminated and you are left totally free to concentrate on the outcome that you desire. You may know that to get your mind into the Alpha State would make it all much easier. After all, the Alpha State is where you are at a point of aware relaxation, and it has a number of advantages for accomplishments. The Alpha State Calms the body and mind, without harming alertness Stimulates right brain qualities like y our imagination, intuition your instincts Creates a calm detachment from frustrations and distractions Improves your concentration, your clarity of thought, decision making powers and memory Gives you clear access to your full potential to achieve your life goals


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Produces lower levels of DHEA and Melatonin in your body, significantly slowing the aging process and vastly improving sleep and rest patterns Produces lower levels of cortisol, keeping you healthier and boosting the immune system Increases learning and retention abilities, and improves long and short term memory There are numerous ways for you to get your mind to the Alpha State, the most common and popular of which is traditional meditation. You can begin to achieve the Alpha State through meditation after you have put in some work learning the basic relaxation techniques and meditation methods associated with transcendental meditation or yoga. However, be warned that this entire process may take a considerable amount of time. Although using the traditional meditative methods can indeed induce the Alpha State of the mind, there are less time-consuming methods available. One of the most interesting and eventually quite helpful methods to do this is through entrainment technology. This method involves the application of an outside sensory input to influence the brain. These entrainment technology aids are usually in the form of sound tapes and CDs, used with earphones for the most useful results. The tape or CD may also contain spoken words, or specially designed music, in addition to the sound wave frequencies. The frequency of the sound vibration in these aids is meant to be at a level coordinated with the required brainwave frequency in the Alpha State. The outside brain entrainment aids may also include a coordinated use of light, along with the sound and the music. This often applies the required influence on your brain to bring the waking brain vibrations to the Alpha State level. When used properly, with the proper guidance and mind exercises, these entertainment aids often allow you to get your mind to the Alpha State quite effortlessly.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential This in turn allows you to access the deeper healing states of your consciousness and achieve healing and change. Another simple way to achieve the state is through hypnosis, helping you to resolve the normal difficulties with concentration and meditation, allowing you to get to the Alpha State more easily.

Get Your Mind Into The Alpha State Method #1

By now, most of us have heard that getting your mind to the Alpha State opens the door to your subconscious mind, allowing you to accomplish seemingly unachievable things. We have heard that allowing yourself to enter the alpha state causes your suppressed feelings to spontaneously rise to the level of your awareness and your conscious mind, causing a cleansing, and facilitating change and healing. Just as sitting still for a few minutes allows your concentration to be focused on an important task; similarly, getting your mind into the Alpha State gives your subconscious mind the opportunity to begin acting to accomplish healing and change. Especially in the case of suppressed feelings and trauma, the slower brain frequencies of the Alpha State level, induces relaxation and leads to healing. Working on these feelings when you are in the Alpha State, gives you a massive advantage. There are many ways to enter the Alpha State, meditation, hypnosis, and entertainment aids seem to work for most people. You can learn to do this by yourself, under guidance, and when used properly, any of these techniques and methods can be an immense help in accomplishing major changes in life, and mind. You can also learn to enter the Alpha State yourself, without the various entertainment aids.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential The process, as you might imagine, takes some learning and practice, so do not expect instant results. However, once you learn to get your mind into the Alpha State by yourself, you end up with a much better control over your own brain, and its full capabilities. The following simple process is one way for you to youre your mind from the conscious Beta level, to the much more relaxed and open subconscious level of the Alpha State, even, and especially, when you are fully conscious. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Begin by sitting down or lying down, in a comfortable position Close your eyes and try to empty your mind of all the clutter Take deep breaths and consciously relax your body and mind Begin a mental countdown Think of the number 3 Repeat the word Three to yourself, thrice Think of the number 2 Repeat the word Two to yourself, thrice Think of the number 1 Repeat the word One, thrice Begin a countdown from 10, while reinforcing your relaxation Think of the number 10; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that you are relaxing Think of the number 9; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that you are calming down Think of the number 8; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that you are relaxing even more Think of the number 7; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that you are getting calmer Think of the number 6; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself youre your consciousness has become uncluttered and placid Think of the number 5; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that your body is now totally relaxed Think of the number 4; see it behind your eyelids, as you feel the lightness and leave the weight of your body behind Think of the number 3; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that you have achieved total calm Think of the number 2; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that you have achieved total relaxation


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Think of the number 1; see it behind your eyelids, as you tell yourself that calm and relaxed as you are, you have entered the Alpha State By the time you get to 1, you will feel genuinely relaxed and calm. You are now in the Alpha State. Initially, when you go through the process while lying down, you may fall asleep before you reach the end. This is not a problem, and in fact can be used as a good tool by people who have trouble sleeping.

Get Your Mind Into The Alpha State Method #2

Recent scientific research has begun to confirm what traditional practitioners of meditation have been saying for centuries. Studies now confirm the fact that you have the full ability to move your awareness and your mind, altering your level of consciousness through many different frequencies. The reason you might want to do this, of course, is to get your mind into the Alpha State where the interplay of the conscious and subconscious mind will throw open unlimited potential and give you access to unlimited possibilities for healing and change. Learning how to accomplish this simple but powerful process can show you a clear way towards making your dreams a reality. It can lead you to live your life to the fullest, and tap into the potential power of your brain to accomplish amazing results. The truth is that our brains have more power than we can ever realize or imagine. Getting your mind into the Alpha State allows you to tap into some of this power, and make positive changes towards better health, much more success, and happiness. When you learn how to get your mind into the Alpha State, your brain activity slows down from the faster waking patterns of the Beta State into the slower and mellower Alpha State brain waves.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Once you achieve the Alpha State, your body and your mind relax completely expanding your awareness in unforeseen ways. When you learn how to get your mind into the Alpha State, you learn to get the amazing advantages of accelerated learning and unprecedented creative energy. The subconscious-conscious interface acts as a catalyst for lightning fast problem solving, and solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems simply float into your mind. Fears and insecurities can be minimized very easily in the Alpha State and a sense of peace can be induced. The process of getting your mind into the Alpha State is quite simple and easy and can enhance all your practical, mental and cognitive skills to help you accomplish specific tasks of change. It can be used to help you stop smoking, change your eating habits, leading to weight loss, give you more of a push to work for personal fulfillment. It can improve personal and business relationships, and has the capability to improve memory, add to success, cut down stress, anxiety and depression. If you can master the skills, like visualization, meditation, aided meditation, etc necessary to get your mind into the Alpha State, you can access your Alpha State problem solving capabilities at any time, whenever you may need it. Alpha is also associated with hypnosis. When you relax, under hypnosis, into the Alpha State, the subconscious, which is open to suggestions, comes to the surface. Your conscious mind can be critical, and analytical, and often these very traits get in the way of true change. The subconscious mind, however, is more open. It is the storehouse of all your memories, thoughts, and feelings to the deepest level of your basic belief systems. It controls your behavior patterns and the involuntary responses. So, a hypno-therapist can access your subconscious when you are in the Alpha State, and can change old, obsolete belief systems and destructive patterns of behavior that are holding you back and causing harm.

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential The state of hypnosis induces the Alpha State of the brain waves, and makes you much more open to positive change. The hypno-therapist can then use the Alpha State to make suggestions about your problems, powerful subconscious tools to help you accomplish your goals. Hypnosis can be a re-training tool, helping you to learn to get your mind into the Alpha State and take control of your life.

Get Your Mind Into The Alpha State Method #3

You are probably aware, from recent news and trends, that the Alpha State of mind is a highly beneficial state. It is the state where the brain waves from the beta or waking stage lower, into the more relaxed and open Alpha State of mind. This is, for example, the time just before you fall asleep or just after you wake up, where conscious mind activity is at a minimum, you are totally relaxed, and your subconscious mind is active. The Alpha State of mind is the perfect combination of your waking conscious mind, and your unconscious, and combines both the left brain and right brain traits. It is a great way to get your more cognitive and intuitive side to act upon problem solving and life changes. The subconscious is a major force in your life. It controls your beliefs, and conditioned responses. So, whether you are looking to give up a bad habit, become more proactive at work, or get a better home and family life, tuning into the subconscious, via the Alpha State of mind is the perfect way to achieve your goals. The question of course is how you find a way to get into the Alpha State of mind. Here is one.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Before beginning the process remember that this is not a magic wand. It will take some time and practice to master the art of getting into the Alpha State of mind. Dont rush yourself. Remember that the aim is to relax, so dont put any extra pressure on yourself. The first step for any relaxation exercise is to find a place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Take the phones off the hook, and turn off the answering machines. Once you are at the right place, do the following Sit in a comfortable position Sense the tension in your body Say to yourself I want an alert mind and a calm body Consciously relax your face and jaw Inhale, while counting to three With every inhalation imagine the air moving from the soles of your feet, through your legs, and into your stomach, in the each color of the rainbow, and filling your entire body and mind. Say to yourself each color brings me closer to the Alpha State of mind. Exhale slowly, letting your body become limp and visualizing all the worry and the heaviness leaving. Imagine that you are light and airy. For the colors, Begin with Red. Imagine the color rising from soles into your stomach, every cell of your body becoming filled with the color. Visualize the color seeping from your pore, becoming an aura around you, and then fading away. Visualize Orange next. Imagine the color rising from soles into your stomach, every cell of your body becoming filled with the color. Visualize the color seeping from your pore, becoming an aura around you, and then fading away. Then visualize Yellow. Imagine the color rising from soles into your stomach, every cell of your body becoming filled with the color. Visualize the color seeping from your pore, becoming an aura around you, and then fading away. Follow with Green.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Blue after that. Purple next. And finally Indigo or Violet. By the end of the process, you will feel totally and completely relaxed and open. This is a good way to get into the Alpha State of mind

Introduction : The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

A universal fact that many of us fail to realize is that we can create a life to be the way we want it to. Whether we believe it or not, the truth is that we create our desires through the power of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our emotions give rise to our thoughts, which consequently take the form of our actions. Proper alignment of all these three factors in the right direction eventually leads to fulfillment of our desires. All of us have this power within us, but until we dont realize it and hence, cannot explore its full potential. We have a tendency to manifest our fears rather than our desires. Here are a few steps that will help you to tap the latent power of your inner being in order to apply and manifest your desires into reality: 1. Start by directing the flow of your thoughts and imagination towards creating what you want. In other words, use the technique of creative visualization. Although, consciously or unconsciously, all of us use it in our everyday lives, we need to implement effective ways so that our thoughts follow a planned and determined course and achieve what we want. 2. How you perceive your life and the various aspects associated with it greatly affects what we can achieve in life. A common misconception about life is that life is our master. But this is not the case. Our life is

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential in our hands and it is up to us to pave the right way. By training and developing the required basic skills, harboring good thoughts and emotions, you can groom you life exactly the way you want it to be. 3. What you want is what you get. Your thoughts control your destiny. Hence, rather than concentrating efforts on what you dont want, it is better you focus your attention on what you want. It is what you envisage that manifests into the reality of your life. In other words, you can desire whatever you want or be whomever you want. 4. It is first necessary to realize what you precisely yearn for. Knowing what your aspirations and desires are, will help you to use your creative visualization abilities in that direction and enable you to align your thoughts, feelings and actions towards your objectives in life. Imagination has the power to influence your physical world. 5. Whether you are aware of this or not, but every one of us sends out positive or negative vibrations. The waves of energy that we send out influence everything and everyone around us. These radiations are up to a great extent influenced by our thoughts and emotions. What we see in the universe is but an extension of ourselves. Hence, encourage good thoughts and feelings at all times.

Believe in your self and your abilities. Beliefs breed thoughts, which in turn generate feelings and help you to transform your inner experiences into outer reality. If you are experiencing difficulties in a specific area of your life, then you simply need to enhance your beliefs in that area.

Success in ALL Spheres of Life using the Law of Attraction

Once you realize the power of the law of attraction, you can achieve more success and scale greater heights by enhancing its powers. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize the power of the law of attraction to your advantage and use it to become successful in all spheres of life: Success in professional life


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Success is relative and for many, its synonymous with power and money. However, success is something that tells you the difference between what you were and what you are today and whether your efforts are being channelized properly. Success is essentially about the goals you set for yourself, both personal and professional and how far you have progressed to achieve them. The law of attraction dictates what you want is what you attract. If you want to taste success, you need to condition your mind for success. In other words, you cannot be successful if you are thinking of the hurdles in your path to success and how you have failed miserably earlier when you decided to do achieve something. Success just wont come to you overnight and you need to reinforce positive thoughts to shape up your mind for success. If you were planning to shed off twenty pounds and instead managed to get reduce only ten pounds, does not imply that you failed to attain your goals. It only means that you are halfway through and are on your way to success. Most people are in the pursuit of instant success, however its important to understand that success is a long and steady process that requires consistent efforts from your side both before and after attaining it. In order to become successful, it is important that you have clear goals. The faster you realize what you want, easier it would be to devise a strategy to success. Once you identify your goals, work each day to realize them. Know what it takes to attain your goals and if you have the right resources to take you closer to your goals. If you are painter who wants to become successful but havent painted in many years, you need to first start painting again. Dont mull over your past and just start painting without wasting any more time. The moment you stop to think will I be able to do it? or will people appreciate my work the way they used to before? will not take you anywhere.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential Success in personal life Law of attraction has helped several people in incredible ways to build winning relationships with people around them. Give love and you will receive nothing but love in return from the people you truly cared for. Its a two way process and works beautifully for everyone who has had notso-happy relationships in the past. In the process of training your mind for success, you must also declutter your mind to discard negative feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy, and the like and start harboring optimistic emotions. You need to believe in yourself so that you can create positive vibes around you. So, believe in yourself and think of only the good things you ever wanted from life in order to get them. Its not difficult to attain success provided you dont lose sight of your goals and dream of nothing but success!!

Using Law of Attraction to get Love from Everybody Around You

Everyone wants to be loved and in the absence of love, life doesnt seem worthwhile. Theres hardly anybody who does not value love in his or her life and the best part is its not all that difficult to get it. Love is a universal need however, you must understand that its a give and take world and you need to give love first in order to receive it. Attracting love can be very easy and no matter how bad your present relationships with other people are, you can still transform them into winning relationships for life. The first step is to love yourself because if you dont even love yourself, how can you love others? If you are unhappy with yourself, and dont feel good about the way you look or are uncomfortable about the current circumstances you are in, you are bound to send negative vibes around you.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential And unfortunately, whether you like it or not, people are going to sense this negativity and reciprocate in the same way. So, make it a point to feel good about yourself no matter how trying the present situation is in order to pass on positive energy in the universe. People hate to be surrounded by those who are so negative and pessimistic. Positive relationships can be built only when you yourself have a positive attitude towards life and yourself. Dont confine love to your close relationships alone love your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and just about everybody whom you interact with regularly. When you get so much love in your life, you need to show gratitude. Have you ever thought about the times when people appreciated you for small gestures that touched their heart and you were so overwhelmed that you wanted to continue pleasing them thereafter? Your boss may have appreciated you for your helping nature and for all the times you may have helped your fellow workers in difficult times. Does this not motivate you to help them again and again so that you can help them in meaningful ways? Never forget to thank enough for all the good things in life that you enjoy, for all the kindness people must have shown to you and for all the wonderful things someone may have said to you. Thank your mother for taking care of you and pampering you all through the years, thank your dad for guiding you through ups and downs of your life, thank your friend for being there with you through thick and thin! Being thankful to these wonderful joys life has showered upon you, will attract more happiness and love in coming years. Dont resist change, as you never know when life will smile at you. And last but not the least, dont let past relationships that may have failed, tarnish new and precious relationships that you will build in future. So, be prepared to forgive all those people who have hurt you or turned their backs on you when you needed them the most and welcome all those people with open arms who want to believe in you and love you.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

Overcoming Obstacles With Law of Attraction

Whether we believe it or not, there is a bigger power within our selves, a divine power that helps us to get whatever we desire in life. The secret to success merely lies in realizing that we possess this power and then to appropriately use it for our benefit. Right from achieving a business goal to scaling great heights in our career to influencing our near-and-dear ones, the law of attraction can indeed affect our lives in a positive way. Our energy flows in the direction where we concentrate our attention. When we get stuck in some difficult situation, although we put in an effort, most of the time however, we do not succeed in moving forward. In fact, we end up re-creating the same circumstances again and again. We feel stuck and helpless because instead of focusing on what we want, we focus on what we lack. We keep harboring negative emotions of anger, frustration, resentment and irritation. The law of attraction states that we are like magnets and attract what we want. In order to triumph over the various impediments and obstacles in life, following these simple steps will prove to be helpful: 1. The first step is to understand what your desires are. Question yourself what you want and why. Ask yourself, how the achievement of the desired objectives will make life easier for you. What will be the consequences of the satisfaction of your desires? Will it lead to the fulfillment of your other wishes as well? Feelings of optimism will lead to positive outcome, while feelings of cynicism will only lead to failure. 2. Dwell on your goals and think about ways to achieve them. Imagine and feel as if you your wishes have already been fulfilled. Spend time focusing on the joy and pleasure that you will experience once you have what you desire. Law of attraction dictates that you attract what you think, feel and want. Anchoring positive emotions and thoughts will enable you to transform your thoughts in to constructive


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential energy, which you can then route towards the accomplishment of your aspirations and desires. 3. Imagination has the potential to transform your dreams into reality. Creative visualization and concentration of the feelings associated with the accomplishment of a goal will enable you to envision things the way you want them to be. This in turn will attract everything in life that will work towards fulfillment of your desires. 4. Gain inspiration from other people who have managed to reach the peak of success, in spite of all odds. If they can achieve success and overcome all barriers, then so can you. 5. One of the main reasons that most of us dont succeed is that we lack the confidence and dont believe in our capabilities. Our manifestations are restricted due to our feelings of unworthiness for ourselves. Hence, first we need to develop love and respect for ourselves. A good way is to write down and highlight our positive attributes. As you start appreciating yourself, you will discover the path becoming easier.

Maximize the Power of the Law of Attraction

Once you have realized the power of the law of attraction, you can achieve more success and scale greater heights by enhancing its powers. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize the power of the law of attraction to your advantage and use it to change your life in positive manner. 1. The key to success in any field lies in continuous growth and development. Keep striving to acquire more knowledge because you will never reach a stage where you have attained all the knowledge present in the universe. Knowledge and development go hand- inhand and know no boundaries. The moment you think that you have all the knowledge and developed fully, you stagnate. In fact, you yourself are pushing your success in a backward direction. The more you grow, the more knowledge you will gain on how the principle of the law of attraction works and you will become more adept in applying it to different situations in life. 2. Another way to ensure continuous growth and development is to teach others. By helping others to realize the importance of the law of attraction, you are indirectly helping yourself. By teaching others,

Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential you will gain a better understanding of how it works and the several ways in which you can use it effectively. By teaching others, you are unconsciously reinforcing and strengthening your own scope for learning and thoughts. While you try to explain to others, how the principle of the law of attraction works and how they can use it to attain success in their personal and professional lives, you will develop a better understanding and appreciation of the concept of the law of attraction. 3. The law of attraction dictates what you want is what you attract. The faster you realize what you want to create, the faster you will develop the ability to attract it. In other words, this implies that you need to discard negative feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy, and the like and start harboring optimistic emotions. You need to realize your drawbacks and concentrate your efforts on the development of skills and abilities to fulfill your desires. Although, it may prove to be difficult initially, but if you believe that it is for your benefit, you will be able to make the desired changes. 4. What you are inside greatly influences the world outside you. So you need to start changing your self, your thoughts and feelings. Then only can you use the powerful combination of your thoughts, feelings and actions to achieve your goals. Hence, encourage positive emotions like love, pleasure, appreciation and other good thoughts. 5. Your life is a reflection of your habits. These very habits and your thoughts, actions and feelings help you to attract what you want. In other words, if you want to transform your life, you need to start by implementing positive changes in your habits and lifestyle. You need to put in efforts to develop habits that will enable you to attract things that you want in life instead of what you dont want. Although, this will take time but in the long it will surely work in your favor.


Mind Power Special Report: Secrets To Unlocking Your Real Potential

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