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Material, Mental and Relational Process

Functional Grammar 1



n order to process a medical claim, I asked a patients mother to send details of her sons accident to me at our hospitals business office. The boy had suffered a broken arm so the file was coded Treatment of limb. Aptly so, I thought, after reading her description of the accident: My son was running through the yard and turned into a tree. (Kimberly Sherrell)


orking as probation officer, I attended the trial of a serial offender whod appeared in court many times before. At the start of the hearing, the usher went up to him and asked, Do you need a lawyer? Not this time, he replied. Im telling the truth today. (Eric Goldby)

ate for a seminar and unable to find parking, I pulled into a spot behind a church. It was only after Id gotten out of the car that I spotted this sign: No parking. Forgiveness is our business, but dont make it any harder than it already is. (Brian Martin)

ractically bounding into the ad department of his newspaper, my husband couldnt hide his excitement as he announced the great news: We reached our ad sales target! I just sold the last spot.

July? another rep asked excitedly. No, my husband gloated. I didnt have to. (Celia Notley)


hen I was a university theatre director, my wife was asked by a client about her plans for the upcoming weekend. I think Ill watch my husbands play, she replied.

Oh, said the client. How many do you have? (

medical intern at the hospital I work at was interviewing a patients husband. He asked, This morning, when your wife was having seizures, were you able to get her temperature?

After thinking for a few seconds, the husband replied, Um, no, but I noticed that she was hot in bed last night. (Radolph Fangonilo)

Source: Readers Digest, August 2007. Pg.23.

Material Process
Participant 2 Text Conj. Actor Process was coded 1st and I who 2nd The usher went up to him A serial offender My son was running turned attended had appeared into a tree the trial in court many times before at the start of the hearing Goal the file Range Recipient Client Circumstance treatment of limb through the yard

(I) 3rd after 4th I I I I

unable to find pulled into had gotten out just sold work at

parking a spot of the car the last spot a medical intern at a hospital seizures her temperature this morning behind the church



Your wife You

was having were able to get

Mental Process
Text Conj. Senser
The boy 1st I You I 3rd (you) (my husband)

had suffered thought do need spotted dont make bounding

a broken arm


after reading her description of the accident a lawyer this sign it into ad department of his newspaper his excitement our ad sales target ill watch my husbands play for a few seconds that she was hot in bed last night as he announced the great news any harder than it already is



My husband We

couldnt hide reached

I 5th After 6th But (the husband) I


thinking noticed

Relational Process-1
Attributive Text 6th Conj. Carrier She Process was Intensive hot Possessive Circumstantial Circumstance in bed last night

Relational Process-2
Identifier Text 3rd 5th When Conj. Identified Process Intensive our business a university theatre director Possessive Circumstantial Circumstance

Forgiveness is I was

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