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Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence for 2014

The end of data scientists.

Data science moves from the specialist to the everyman. Familiarity with ata analysis !ecomes part of the s"ill set of or inary !usiness users, not e#perts with $analyst% in their titles. &rgani'ations that use ata to ma"e ecisions are more successful, an those that on(t use ata !egin to fall !ehin . For more, see this Special Report from The Economist: Fostering a Data-Driven Culture.

Cloud business intelligence goes mainstream.

&rgani'ations that want to get up + running fast with analytics rive a option of clou !ase !usiness intelligence. ,ew scenarios such as colla!oration with customers an outsi ethe--rewall mo!ile access also accelerate a option. The maturation of clou services helps .T epartments get comforta!le with !usiness intelligence in the clou . For more, rea the whitepaper : )usiness *nalytics in the Clou .

Big data finally goes to the sky.

Clou ata warehouses li"e *ma'on Re shift an /oogle )ig0uery transform the process of !uil ing out a ata warehouse from a months-long process to a matter of ays. This ena!les rapi prototyping an a level of 1e#i!ility that previously was not possi!le. Clou offerings li"e Tera ata Clou an S*2 3*,* from tra itional ven ors vali ate the space. For more, watch this we!inar: E#ploring )ig Data with *ma'on Re shift.

gile business intelligence e!tends its lead.

Self-service analytics !ecomes the norm at fast-moving companies. )usiness people !egin to e#pect 1e#i!ility an usa!ility from their ash!oar s. *n the monolithic infrastructure stac" -nally crum!les in favor of solutions that can wor" with new ata sources. For more, rea this whitepaper !y /iga&m: *gile )usiness .ntelligence: Reshaping the 4an scape.

"redicti#e analytics$ once the realm of a vance

For more, watch TD5.(s Davi Sto er on this we!inar : 6sing *nalytics to !e 2re ictive an 2roactive.

an speciali'e systems, will move into the mainstream as !usinesses see" forwar -loo"ing rather than !ac"war loo"ing insight from ata.

%mbedded BI begins to emerge$ in an attempt to put insight

irectly in the path of !usiness activities. *nalytics start to live insi e of transactional systems. Scenarios li"e customer relationship management will lea the way with analytics provi ing support for the many small ecisions salespeople ma"e in a ay. 6ltimately, em!e e ). will !ring ata to epartments that have typically lagge : for e#ample, on the shop 1oor an in retail environments. See the value of em!e e ). with this vi eo.

&torytelling becomes a priority$

as people reali'e that a ash!oar eluge without conte#t is not helpful. Stories !ecome a way to communicate i eas an insights using ata. They also help people gain meaning from an overwhelming mass of !ig an isparate ata. Rea more in this whitepaper : 7 )est 2ractices for Telling /reat Stories.

mobile business intelligence becomes the primary e!perience$

For lea ing-e ge organi'ations, For an e#ample, rea this whitepaper: 3ow 8o!ile )usiness .ntelligence Drives Ef-ciency an Transformation for Supervalu.

not an occasional e#perience. )usiness users !eing to eman access to information within the natural 1ow of their ay, not !ac" at their es"s.

'rgani(ations begin to analy(e social data in earnest$ gaining insight !eyon num!er of their li"es an followers. Social ata !ecomes
a pro#y for !ran awareness an attitu e, as well as fertile groun for competitive analysis. Companies !egin to use social ata to un erstan how relevant they are to their customers. For an e#ample of how to gain insight from social me ia ata, watch this vi eo: 6sing Social 8e ia *nalytics for .nsight.

)o&*+ is the ne, -adoop.

&rgani'ations e#plore how to use unstructure ata. ,oS04 technologies !ecome more popular as companies see" ways to assimilate this "in of ata. )ut in =:9>, the intelligent use of unstructure ata will still !e the e#ception an not the norm. For more on noS04, rea this TechRepu!lic article: 9: Things ;ou Shoul < now *!out noS04 ata!ases.

bout Tableau &oft,are

Ta!leau Software ?,;SE:@D*T*A helps people see an un erstan ata. Ta!leau helps anyone Buic"ly analy'e, visuali'e an share information. 8ore than 97,::: customer accounts get rapi results with Ta!leau in the of-ce an on-the-go. *n tens of thousan s of people use Ta!leau 2u!lic to share ata in their !logs an we!sites.@ .