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Are You Truly a “Christian”?

Take this brief quiz of your attitudes toward real and possible scenarios that will help you realize
whether you are truly a “Christian”, or whether you are among those many tens of millions who enjoy
bandying about the label without actually “walking the walk”.

1) Yes or No: The kidnapper and rapist of Elizabeth Smart, the Utah girl who was abducted
from her home at the age of 14, should be found guilty and put to death.
If you answered Yes, you are not truly a Christian (Ref: Ex. 20:13; Deut 5:17; Matt 5:21; Mark
10:19; Matt 5:39)
If you answered no, you are truly a Christian

2) Yes or No: A homeless man comes to your door asking for food. He is unkempt, acts
agitated, and may be the point person for a gang looking to invade your home. You should
respond by inviting him in, turning over your house and all of its possessions to him, and
then set out on an uncertain journey.
If you answered No, then you are not truly a Christian (Ref: Mark 10:21; Luke 18:22; Matt
If you answered Yes, you are truly a Christian

3) Yea or Nay: Your family has lived in your rural area for generations peacefully. Over the
past few decades, different groups of people, both in ethnic origin and religious belief, have
began moving into the lands that your people were once free to roam, and many conflicts
have occurred. You have a meeting of your township, and your people decide that the only
solution is a “final” one – all of the “foreign” peoples that surround your area should be
wiped off the face of the Earth. Your religious leader stands and says: “this is the will of our
God!” As the elder of your clan, everyone now turns to you for either confirmation or denial
of this admittedly extreme proposed action. What do you say?
If you answered Yea, you are truly a Christian
If you answered Nay, you are not truly a Christian (Ref: Deut 20:17; 1 Sam 15:3; Num

4) Yes or No: You win the lottery for several millions of dollars. All of your family, friends
and your local small church are anticipating that you will share some of your largesse
with them, but instead you shock all by donating the entire sum to the local homeless
shelter. Loved ones, friends, your minister - they all feel betrayed. Are they justified?
If you said Yes, you are not truly a Christian (Ref: Matt 19:24; Mark 10:25; James 1:11)
If you said No, you are truly a Christian

5) The unthinkable has happened: the United States has been attacked with a nuclear bomb by
a rogue element of the Chinese military. The President addresses the nation and signals that
we will retaliate with a “scorched Earth” policy. He invokes the name of Jesus in asking for
our prayers. But what would Jesus do if he were President?
If you say Retaliate, you are not truly a Christian (Ref: Matt 5:44; Luke 6:29-35)

So, sticking to the Scripture as any in the faith would admit is the very cornerstone of their religious
practice, are you truly a Christian?