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PART# SL-B3M (801): This insulated copper wire connector is designed for use on 14-18 AWG, and is capable of making tap, in-line and pigtail splices. UL listed for 300 volts on tap slices. With plastic stop. 100 per package


PART# SL-Y3M (903): Designed exclusively for 10-12 gauge splicing on heavy-duty vehicle wiring. Tap, in-line and pigtail splices. UL listed for 300 volts on tap splices. 100 per package.

PART# SL-W3M (564) : Designed for tap, in-line and pigtail splices in low voltage applications. It permits 4-way connections without cutting either wire. No plastic stop. 100 per package.

PART# SL-BR3M (902): This heavy-duty connector is designed for 14,16 and 18 gauge wire, connected to 10-12 gauge automotive wire. Ideal for over-the-road equipment where tap, in-line or pigtail splices are required. UL listed for 300 volts on tap splices. 100 per package. SL-R3M (558) SL-R3M-2 (557) SL-R3M-3 (905)

SL-BU3M (901)

This handy connector is designed for quick electrical connections on pullbehind vehicles. It extends 14, 16 and 18 AWG to towed units with a universal or standard male bullet on .157" diameter. All you need is a pair of pliers. 100 per package.

22-18 to 22-18 Wire Range UL Listed

22-18 Pigtail Wire Range UL Listed

22-18 to18-14 Wire Range UL Listed

Pictures are not actual size.


Self-stripping connectors have productivity built in. No wasted time stripping or twisting wires. Reduced wire waste on the job. No special tools are needed - an ordinary pliers is all that is required. Make quick work of tap, in-line and pigtail connections. 100 per package.


PART# SL-B3M-WP (804): Sealant Filled. The ease of Scotchlok installation with a protective gel around the wire and element. Provides a moisture-resistant barrier to destructive substances such as salt water and other corrosive environments. 18-14 gauge wire range. 50 per package.

SL-UR (UR2) 3 Port Sealant provides moisture resistant connection. PART# SL-UR SL-314 GAUGE 26-19 22-14 PKG 100 25 COLOR Red Blue

SL-314 (314) 3 Port

SL-A3M-FE (951K) SL-B3M-FE (952K) SL-C3M-FE (953K)

T-TAP Connectors speed installation, reduce

conductor damage and make fast work of otherwise time consuming mid-span taps. A tap leg that can be disconnected simplifies hookup and increases flexibility. It provides a fully-insulated connection when used with a fully-insulated male quick-slide terminal. Mates with most .250" male blades. Available in 100 or 1,000 packages.

22-18 GA Mates with A6M-250-3M

18-14 GA Mates with B6M-250-3M

12 GA Mates with C6M-250-3M

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