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Eilistraee Cantrip: You know the guidance cantrip plus one cantrip of your choice from the clerics

cantrip list. Channel Divinity: You gain the Light of Heaven, Restore Health and Turn Undead options. Disciple of Eilistraee: You gain proficiency with martial weapons and light armor. Additionally once per day you can spend one use of your channel divinity power to cast magic missile as a 1st level spell. Domain Spells: You always have the fallowing spells prepared, provided you are able to cast cleric spells of the given level. They do not count against the number of spells you can prepare each day.

Spell Level 1 2 3 4 5

Domain Spell eilistraees moonfire moonbeam moon bolt divine power eilistraees grace

Spells Eilistraees Moonfire 1st-level evocation You surround your hand or some other part of your body with light resembling moonlight. You can change the intensity from a faint glow equivalent to a candle to a clear, bright light equivalent to a torch. It varies in color as you desire, whether blue-white, soft green, white, or silver. Casting Time: 1 action. Effect: You can use moonfire to make a magic touch attack on a hit it deal 2d6+5 points of cold damage. Whether or not the attack hits the spell is discharged. You can cause the moonlight to leave your body and move about as a single orb of light that provides 20 feet of bright light and 40 feet of dim light. Once it leaves your body, the effects duration is one minute Special: This spell deals an additional d6 for each spell slot of a level higher than 1st.

Moon Bolt 3rd-level evocation

You create a bolt of shimmering moonlight that streaks from your outstretched hand to strike any living or undead creature in range. Moon bolts strike targets unerringly. Casting Time: 1 action. Effect: Choose a creature within 100 feet of you, living creatures must make a constitution save or take 2d6 points of strength damage halve damage on successful save, while undead creatures must make a wisdom save or fall prone and remain motionless and helpless for 1d4 rounds, after which it is no longer helpless and can stand upright, but suffers disadvantage on attack rolls and on wisdom saves for one minute. Special: If you cast this spell outdoors at night you can generate a second moon bolt that can be directed at the same target or a second target within 15 feet of the first target.

Eilistraees Grace 5th-level transmutation With a single word, you call upon the might and grace of Eilistraee, bathing your body with divine energy. Casting Time (Swift): 1 action. You can take another action as part of the same action, but not an action that involves casting a spell or activating a magical item. Effect: Your body glows with silvery light, providing bright light up to a radius of 60 feet. You gain disadvantage on dexterity checks to hide while under the effect of this spell. For the duration of the spell, you gain a +2 bonus to your dexterity, and your base land speed increases by +10 feet. In addition, your touch attacks and any melee weapon you wield become infused with this power as well. They are treated as radiant weapons. This spell lasts for one round. Special: You can cast this spell as a reaction. If you cast this spell with a spell slot higher than 5th level its duration last for one additional round for each level higher than 5th.

Initiate of Eilistraee Prerequisites: Patron deity Eilistraee, Wisdom 11, ability to cast spells. Benefits: You can add the fallowing spells to your class spell list (you must still learn them if you use a spell book): 1st level Eilistraees Moonfire 3rd level Lesser Spellsong 6th level Spellsong

You use your Wisdom modifier instead of your classes spellcasting score when casting these spells.

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