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Office of Scholarships Updated: August 29, 2013


STEP 1: Prepare the content of your portfolio

What are the scholarship portfolio requirements? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Application letter outlining your academic and musical accomplishments, explaining why you are applying for scholarship. Please do not post your application letter on your online portfolio. You will submit this information via the online application on Berklee.edu. Professional Resume summarizing and listing all your relevant accomplishments. Artistic Bio highlighting and including details of your musical experiences. Three (3) Audio Samples (mp3) demonstrating your ability on your principal instrument and/or progress in your major. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation from Berklee faculty. Supplemental Materials documentation of: ! Your musical involvement within and outside of Berklee. ! Your involvement and progress in your major. ! Your involvement in the Berklee community. ! Your involvement outside of the Berklee community.

Refer to the ONLINE PORTFOLIO GUIDELINES for more details on each requirement (pages 2-4)

STEP 2: Publish your portfolio online

Applicants may choose between publishing their portfolio at www.berkleemusicnetwork.com by creating a free online profile or posting it on a self designed and hosted website. The Learning Center will periodically offer training sessions to help students with converting and uploading as well as customizing their portfolios on www.berkleemusicnetwork.com. The training sessions are usually offered 2-3 weeks prior to each application deadline. Please check with the Learning Center for exact dates and how to sign up: <http://learningcenter.berklee.edu/training/class-signup>.


STEP 3: Submit your scholarship application and portfolio link

Once you have created and posted your portfolio online, you must also submit an official application form with your portfolio link to the Office of Scholarships on Berklee.edu in order have your portfolio reviewed for scholarship consideration.


Scholarship Portfolio, p. 1


EVALUATION Evaluation of the online portfolio is based upon:

Office of Scholarships and Student Employment

Applicants academic achievement at the college, level of instrumental ability, and level of activity and achievement on and off campus as demonstrated by the following items: The Materials of the Online Achievement Portfolio The Applicant's Cumulative and Concentrate grade point average (GPA and CGPA), The Applicant's Instrumental Proficiency as demonstrated by, progress in private lesson studies, ensemble ratings, and submission of recorded material, The Applicant's Level of Achievement in his/her Major; and Any other evidence of Achievement or Special Circumstance. AWARDS Awarding of scholarship is based upon: The strength of the applicant's Online Achievement Portfolio, Cumulative and Concentrate grade point average, Instrumental Proficiency, and Achievement in Major, The quality of the applicant compared to that of the other students applying, Completion and submission of the appropriate financial aid documentation by the appropriate deadline, The applicant's progress towards completion of their course of study; and The availability of funds. Any award received from this scholarship can only be applied toward undergraduate study. ALL DECISIONS WILL BE E-MAILED TO YOUR BERKLEE E-MAIL THE WEB PORTFOLIO FORMAT AND CONTENT All portfolios must to be submitted in HTML (webpage) format. We recommend that you use your own professional web site or www.berkleemusicnetwork.com. We do not accept paper-based portfolios, DVDs, CD-ROMs, or any other media that is not in .html format. All documents that you are not the sole author and/or copyright holder, can be used only with written permission from the author(s) and/or copyright holder(s). Do NOT post/use any documents (in any media/format) if you do not have written permission to use them, as you might be in direct violation of the copyright law. Due to privacy concerns, we recommend that students do not post any personal and sensitive information they do not wish to share publicly via their public websites/profile pages. Students should omit their home address, mobile number, and/or any other personal information they do not wish to share publicly. Make sure all your work (including your songs/scores) are copyrighted and protected!

All digital media must be Macintosh compatible and all documents should be typed and proofread. Preferably, use only PDF, jpg, mp3, or QuickTime documents. Do NOT use Word documents on your web site(s). All applicants are required to submit an online application at <Berklee.edu> including a link to their web portfolio consisting of the following items: 1. An application letter outlining your academic and musical accomplishments since entering the college. Explain in this letter why you are applying for scholarship. You will submit this information via the online application on my.berklee.edu. Please do not post your application letter on your online portfolio.

Scholarship Portfolio, p. 2


A professional resume outlining your career objective, musical and educational background, employment history, and where applicable, any awards, honors, publications, appearances, internships, or volunteer activities. Due to privacy concerns, we recommend that students do not post any personal and/or sensitive information they do not wish to share publicly via their public websites (student mail box, personal mailing address and phone numbers i.e.). An artist biography describing your music life. Biography (from the Greek words bios meaning "life", and graphein meaning "write") is based on the written accounts of individual lives. In contrast to your resume a biography develops a complex analysis of personality, highlighting different aspects of it and including intimate details of experiences. A biography is more than a list of impersonal facts like birth, education, work, and relationships. Three recordings demonstrating your ability on your principal instrument and/or progress in your major. a. b. c. d. Include a note describing the pieces recorded (title and composer of each piece; how, where, and when each piece was recorded). Scores may accompany original compositions. Make sure all your work is copyrighted and protected (if you dont want your music to be downloaded for free post on password-protected web site and/or at a site that doesnt allow free downloads iTunes, Myspace.com, etc). Please note all documents that you are not the sole author and/or copyright holder, can only be used with written permission from the author(s) and/or copyright holder(s). Do NOT post/use any documents (in any media/format) if you do not have written permission to use them, as you might be in direct violation of the copyright law. Signed artists should provided us with their management/record company web site(s), and follow all stipulations associated with their contract(s). Please visit our office to discuss any relevant details.





Letters of recommendation from at least three (3) Berklee faculty members. You may also include additional non-Berklee musical references and/or non-musical references. a. b. c. d. Make sure you clearly and completely inform your references regarding the purpose of the recommendation and how you intend to use it. Do not post recommendations on your site that you do not have expressed written permission to use. Include a list of your references in your resume (include name, title, and e-mail address only). Faculty may send their recommendations confidentially to the Scholarship Office by submitting the online Faculty Scholarship Recommendation Form on Berklee.edu. Due to privacy concerns, students must obtain expressed, written permission from the recommender(s) to post their recommendations on their websites. If you do not have the proper permission, please ask faculty to submit their letter through the Faculty Scholarship Recommendation Form on Berklee.edu.


Supplemental materials documenting your musical and/or curricular-related activities within and outside the College. These should be activities NOT required in order to receive a grade in a particular class. For example, concerts, recitals, CD releases, recording sessions, student projects, project bands, professional affiliations and other career-related activities. Identify and document your role, i.e. instrumentalist, recording engineer, synthesist, composer, therapist, teacher, etc. Supplemental materials documenting involvement and progress in your major. Present your skills/accomplishments as a composer, producer, performer, music therapist, songwriter, music business entrepreneur, music educator, recording engineer, synthesist, etc. Supplemental materials documenting your involvement in the College community. Membership in student clubs or organizations, student employment positions held, tutoring or mentoring, etc. Letters from employers or associates are an acceptable form of documentation. Supplemental materials documenting your involvement in community service or activities outside the College. This may also include areas of interest to you outside of music. Letters from employers or associates are an acceptable form of documentation.




Scholarship Portfolio, p. 3

ASSISTANCE Students should utilize the colleges resources and other sources to help build their portfolios, such as: Music Promo Kit: http://www.berkleeshares.com/music_business__careers/music_promo_kit_fundamentals Resume Guide and Cover Letters in the Career Development Center or online at: http://www.berkleemusic.com/billboard/resources/resumes/ Berklees Writing Center: http://www.berklee.net/wc Learning Center offers classes on creating an E-Portfolio via the berkleemusicnetwork.com platform check the schedule at http://learningcenter.berklee.edu/training/class-signup Copyright Information: http://www.copyright.gov/ Family Educational and Privacy Rights: http://epic.org/privacy/education/ferpa.html Students seeking additional assistance on compiling their online scholarship portfolio may schedule time to meet with a scholarship representative prior to the deadline by calling the Scholarship Office at 617-747-8681. If you wish to schedule a meeting with a scholarship representative, you must schedule the meeting a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the deadline. Students should come to the meeting with their portfolio materials in draft form. CONDITIONS OF THE AWARDS All awards are based upon full-time enrollment (12 or more credits per semester). Awards toward part-time study will be pro-rated based on the Colleges policy on part time enrollment and aid using the following formula: (Per-Semester Scholarship Amount / 13) X Number of Registered Credits = Pro-Rated Scholarship Amount (rounded up to nearest $100) ie- John receives $4000 per-semester, is authorized to go part time, and is registered for 6 credits. His formula would be: ($4000/13) x 6 = $1846.1538 (rounded up to $1900) High achieving students who receive scholarship from the College are an integral part of Berklees educational process. As students recognized for their outstanding musical and scholastic abilities, scholarship recipients are expected to participate in activities, concerts, recitals and projects as deemed necessary and requested by the College. Failure to participate may result in the reduction or cancellation of scholarship. Also, awards may be reduced or cancelled due to disciplinary probation, suspension, or dismissal. DURATION OF THE AWARDS Awards are issued for one (1) academic year (Summer, Fall, and Spring). You must reapply each Spring semester. Awards are not automatically renewed. The level of competition for this award is constantly increasing as is the quality and quantity of the Achievement Portfolios. GRADUATION STATUS & CREDIT LIMITS FOR SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Students who have completed all graduation requirements for their course of study are no longer eligible to receive a Berklee Scholarship. Scholarship recipients are no longer eligible to receive scholarship assistance from the College if their total credits on file (credits attempted, plus transfer credits, plus credit by exam) exceed the following maximums: Diploma Program Diploma Dual Major 120 credits 150 credits Degree Program Degree Dual Major 150 credits 180 credits

This limit may be altered after review of your situation with the Director of Scholarships. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call: (617) 747-8681 or email us at: <scholarships@berklee.edu>.
Scholarship Portfolio, p. 4


The www.berkleemusicnetwork.com concept of the online portfolio for our continuing and returning students is a simple, elegant, and effective way how to build your web-based achievement portfolio. After you convert you documents to digital formats, it will take you less than one hour to finish and publish your web profile. This is completely free for all Berklee students; there is no web programming involved and you do not have to have any background in web design; and this site is a publicly accessible profile/website.

I. Setting up your account

1. 2. 3. Go to www.berkleemusicnetwork.com. Click on Gain Access Here to create your new account. Use your Berklee e-mail address and your Berklee wireless pin number as your password. Once you have created and verified your account, go back to www.berkleemusicnetwork.com and click on Log In to get started with customizing your profile and online portfolio.

Scholarship Portfolio, p. 5

II. Building your portfolio 1. Once on your dashboard, hover the cursor over your name in the top right corner, then click Profile
from the drop-down menu to start building your online portfolio:


You can now immediately start customizing your portfolio. You can add your interests, genres, photos, music, and other files. Make sure your image files are in PDF or JPEG format. Use the Media Center resources a scanner is available for all students. Music files must be mp3 format. Browse the Berklee Music Network to familiarize yourself with all the features. To return to your promo page click on Profile in the upper right corner.

To comply with the Scholarship Renewal/B.A.S. requirements, please follow these steps: a. MAIN PHOTO use a picture that best represents you. b. ABOUT ME Use this section as your bio. You may also add quotes from media or press in this section. (Alternatively, your bio can also be uploaded as a PDF file in the FILES section.) c. MUSIC You should upload at least three (3) mp3s as examples of your progress on your principle instrument or progress within your major. (NOTE: You must register for a SoundCloud account before you are able to upload music to this section. Once registered, you will be able to upload .mp3 files or link music on your SoundCloud page directly to your Berklee Music Network portfolio.)

d. FILES - Upload your RESUME any and other documents relevant to your curricular and/or extra-curricular activities/accomplishments. e. PHOTOS/VIDEO - Additional materials such as photos (from concerts, shows, recording sessions, etc.) and videos may also be uploaded. f. You may use the EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION section to briefly list highlights in your music industry related experience and musical education, including internships, etc. However, the detailed information regarding these types of experiences needs to be fully documented in your resume.

**Please make sure that all text files are uploaded in PDF format. Make sure all images are in JPEG format and appropriate for a public website viewing. **

Scholarship Portfolio, p. 6

III. Submitting your Berkleemusicnetwork.com portfolio link with your scholarship application Now that you created and customized your online portfolio, you must submit your official scholarship application where you will be prompted to specify the link to your Berkleemusicnetwork.com portfolio. Follow the instructions on page 8 under Submitting the Scholarship Portfolio Application on how to submit your application. Please note: Do not set your profile to Private under Edit Privacy Settings as this will prevent the Office of Scholarships from accessing your portfolio and processing your application.

Scholarship Portfolio, p. 7

Make sure to include the correct link to your berkleemusicnetwork.com page. Do NOT copy/paste the link directly from your browser! Instead, copy the public profile link at the bottom of your ABOUT box as shown here:

Type the link into your scholarship application on my.berklee.net note that the Berklee Music Network Profile URL always starts with http://go.berkleemusic.com/ followed by the name you gave your page when you created it as shown in this example below:


Once you have created your web-based portfolio, you need to submit your scholarship application form by logging into campus cruiser. Follow these steps to access the correct form: 1. Log in at <http://www.Berklee.edu>. 2. Go to Student Life. 3. Click on Scholarship Office.

Scholarship Portfolio, p. 8

4. 5.

The links to the applications can be found on the left hand sider under Continuing Students. Click on the proper link to access and the guidelines and application that applies to your situation:

If you are a Berklee scholarship student seeking to renew your current award, click on Scholarship Renewal Guidelines.

If you are a Berklee student without a scholarship and wish to apply for an award through the Berklee Achievement-Based Scholarship (B.A.S.), click on Berklee Achievement Scholarship Instructions.

Scholarship Portfolio, p. 9