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Student Name: Class: Problem 03-06 AUCTON CORPORATION Computation of Activity Rates Estimated OH Cost Expected Activity Activity


Activity Cost Pool Machining Purchase orders Parts management Testing General factory

AUCTON CORPORATION General Journal Date Account Title a. Raw Materials Accounts Payable b. Work in Process Manufacturing Overhead Raw Materials c. Work in Process Manufacturing Overhead Sales Commissions Expense Administrative Salaries Expense Salaries and Wages Payable d. Sales Travel Expense Accounts Payable e. Manufacturing Overhead Accounts Payable f. Advertising Expense Accounts Payable g. Manufacturing Overhead Depreciation Expense Accumulated Depreciation h. Work in Process Manufacturing Overhead I. Finished Goods Work in Process j. Accounts Receivable Sales Cost of Goods Sold Finished Goods Debit Credit

Student Name: Class: Problem 03-06

4. Underapplied or overapplied overhead: Actual overhead incurred Overhead applied Overhead overapplied General Journal Account Title Manufacturing Overhead Cost of Goods Sold 5. Debit Credit

AUCTON CORPORATION Income Statement Sales Less cost of goods sold Gross margin Less selling and administrative expenses: Sales commissions expense Administrative salaries expense Sales travel expense Advertising expense Depreciation expense Net income

Given Data P03-06: AUCTON CORPORATION Activity Cost Pool Machining Purchase orders Parts management Testing General factory Activity Measure Machine-hours Number of orders Number of parts types Number of tests Direct labor-hours Estimated OH Cost $180,000 90,000 60,000 150,000 280,000 Expected Activity 1,000 600 300 250 20,000

Inventory balances: Raw materials Work in process Finished goods

$7,000 6,000 10,000

Transactions: a. Raw materials purchased b. Raw materials withdrawn for use Direct Indirect c. Costs for employee services: Direct labor Indirect labor Sales commissions Administrative salaries d. Sales travel costs e. Various factory overhead costs f. Advertising costs g. Depreciation Factory operations Selling and administrative activities h. Manufacturing overhead: Activity Actual Cost Pool Activity Machining 1,050 Purchase orders 580 Parts management 330 Testing 265 General factory 21,000 I. Cost to manufacture finished goods j. Sales Cost to manufacture goods sold Check figure: Total overhead overapplied

$595,000 600,000 560,000 40,000 90,000 300,000 85,000 245,000 38,000 237,000 190,000 270,000 210,000 60,000

MHs orders part types tests DLHs $1,450,000 2,100,000 1,400,000