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Cu iu kin - Cc trng hp c bit

ITypes of condition !s" #Cc d$ng c%n b&n' Ngoi 3 dng ph thng: 1,2,3 hc ta cn c: ()Condition ! type * : -iu ki n !un "ng, di#n t$ %&t ch'n !( ha) thi *u+n, --o.%:

If >hen If nd @hen

? present si0p!e c! use3 present si0p!e c! use)


If I am late, my father takes me to school. When you drop something, It falls. / 0hi 10 2% nh iu ki n3 4ng t.56c 1 ch7nh c8n c d9u ph:) ng;n c<ch gi=a 2 % nh , +),i-ed Condition ! #Type .' i khi >$) .a t.5?ng h@p gi$ Anh %&t kBt *u$ C hi n ti hoDc t5Eng !ai dFa t.Gn 1 iu ki n *u< kh4 2ni chung ! khi th?i gian cHa 1 ch7nh I 10 kh<c nhau3 ta c thJ kBt h@p nhiu kiJu c'u ki n, /- 0p!e: If she hadn't helped me, I wouldn't work here now. 2 K)p+ 3 K)p+ 2 3 II-Cc d$ng bi1n thi c2 cu k !o$i (3+34) ()Condition ! (" - 0iJu () : If ? present si0p!e c! use3 A? 0od !s#c nB0 yB0ight)))' ?CD)) Eg: - 0iJu ()b: If you are late, you can call me.

Co00 nd #0nh !nh'

nd or #e!se' other@ise

? si0p!e future c! use


Hurry up or youll be late for school. !if you dont hurry up, youll"..# $top shouting and well do the task ! if you stop shouting, well""..# %e there on time, otherwise youll be fired. ! if you are not there on time, &oull""..# - 0iJu ()c:

If ? A?shou!d?CD3 A? 0od !sB@i!! ?CD))

2') ! !oi Dc Li t ha) dMng khi IiBt t.ang t.ng, kh$ n;ng >$) .a th9p hEn dng 1 chu:n, thJ hi n NF nghi ng? cHa chH thJ I kh$ n;ng >$) .a3 Eg: If he should arri'e, we'll in'ite him along to dinner. 2h+ %ight co%+, Lut thiN %a) not happ+n3, 2,Condition ! + : - 0iJu +) : If ? p st si0p!e c! use3 A? 0od !s#cou!dB0ight)))' ?CD)) Eg: If he knew the fact, he could tell us what to do. - 0iJu +)b:

If A? @ere to ?C3 A?@ou!dB 0od !s#cou!dB0ight)))' ?CD))

Eg: If he were to know the fact, he could tell us what to do. !If he knew the fact, he could...# 4)Condition ! 4 : If ? p st perfect c! use3 A? 0od !s#cou!dB0ight)))' h 8e?C+D)) - 0iJu 4) : (Eg: If he had known that, he might ha'e helped you 5 6&o ng7 89 !c b: ;If< trong ,66=" -10 c thJ 5@c !5@c LO ;If< .Pi $o c<c t.@ &ng tQ 2Nhou!d, RaNSR+.+, had3 !Gn t.56c T) Eg: )type (" If he should# arri'e, we'll in'ite him along to dinner. should he arri'e, we'll in'ite ""

If I bought*were to buy a new car, what would you say+ were I to buy a new car, what would you say+ )type 4" If he had known that, he might ha'e helped you. had he known that, he might ha'e helped you. /U5u (: NBu t.ong 10 c VnotW thX khng 5@c $o n !Gn t.56c T : Eg: If he shouldnt arri'e, we wont in'ite him along to dinner. Nhou!d h+ not a..iI+, we wont in'ite ", shouldnt he arri'e, we wont in'ite"# wrong III) Cc trng hp ;if< c th y th1" (-;if< cE thF c th y th1 bGi cc !iHn tI s u trong ,66= " eg Yn!+NN 2 Z i[ \ not3 ]N !ong aN S No !ong aN Z %i#n !\, 2No !ong aN he arri'e, we'll in'ite him along to dinner 3 ^.oIid+dSp.oIiding 2that3Z nBu, chQng no\, 2p.oIiding 2that3 he arri'e, we'll in'ite " dinner 3 _th+.RiN+ Z nBu khng thX 2 giI+ %+ th+ %on+), _th+.RiN+ `a!! hit )ou3 TuppoN+S NuppoNing 2that3Z gi$ Nb .cng\ 2 NuppoNing )ou cou!d [!), Rhat Rou!d )ou thinkd3 ]NNu%ing 2that3 Z thb cho .cng,, 2]NNu%ing 2that3 )ou R+.+ th+ ^.+Nid+nt, Rhat ed )ou dod3 _n 2th+3 condition 2that3Z I6i k ! 2`a!! Ntand L) )ou, _n condition 2that3 )ou a.+ hon+Nt to %+3 `n caN+\Z phng nBu\ 2`a!! tak+ an u%L.+!!a in caN+ it .ainN3 fI+n i[S i[ on!)\Znga) c$ nBuS gi< %\ 2`[ on!) h+ R+.+ h+.+, R+ad L+ happ)3 _nc+ Z %&t khi %\ 2onc+ )ou t.) ha.d, `a!! h+!p )ou3 ghat i[\Z thb nghh .cngS gi< % 2K)p+ 23, 2ghat i[ )ou R+.+ anoth+. on+, `ad L+!i+I+ )ou3 +-,66= ;if< cE thF c th y th1 bGi cc giJi tIB cK0 tI s u ?LBCing " githSRithouti in caN+ o[ 2t.ong t.5?ng h@p\3i Lut [o. 2nBu khng IX\3i R+.+ it not [o. Z 2 i[ it R+.+ not [o. -nBu khng LCi\3i had it not L++n [o. Z2 i[ it had not L++n [o. - nBu khng LCi \3i thankN toi oRing to 2nh? Io3i du+ to 2 do ti \3,,, /- 0p!e ( : )If it weren't for his dedication, this company wouldn't e-sist. -g+.+ it not [o. -jut [o. -githout Z KhankN to his dedication, this company has e-sisted _Ring Eg2: If you are in an emergency, please call me. `n caN+ )ou a.+ in an +%+.g+nc), p!+aN+ ca!! %+, `n caN+ o[ an +%+.g+nc), p!+aN+ ca!! %+, /Ka c thJ Nb dkng %lu c'u Nau m1 % nh chn ngu)Gn nh'n J to !Gn 1 ki n cho 1 gi$ Anh t.<i thFc tB, were it not for the fact that = nu khng b i th!c t l".#gi$ %&nh tr'i ht(i) ha* it not been for the fact that = nu khng b i th!c t l".#gi$ %&nh tr'i +u' kh,) eg-: .an helpe* us so we foun* out the answer. `[ Uan hadnat h+!p+d uN , R+ Rou!dnat haI+ [ound out th+ anNR+., oad Uan not h+!p+d uN , R+ Rou!dnat haI+ [ound out th+ anNR+., oad it not L++n [o. th+ [act that Uan h+!p+d uN, R+ Rou!dnat haI+ [ound out th+ anNR+., gith UanaN h+!p, R+ [ound out th+ anNR+.,2Z thankNS oRing to UanaN h+!p, R+ [ound out \,3 githout UanaN h+!p, R+ Rou!dnat haI+ [ound out th+ anNR+., -. ,Mt sN trng hp cu kin ngO0 Pnh" eg: /ype 0: gi/en time, theyll probably agree. ! if we gi/e them time, theyll"..# /ype 1: I would write to her, but I *on0t know her a**ress. ! if I knew her a**ress# /ype 2: without your help, R+ Rou!dnat haI+ don+ it, 2Z if you hadnt helped us\,3

)type +"


I.1ewrite these sentences, using con*itional sentences 1, Th+ didnat +at an)thing L+cauN+ Nh+ RaNnat hung.), oad Nh+ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, 2, `t didnat .ain, No %) I+g+taL!+N in th+ ga.d+n cou!d not g.oR R+!! oad it \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, 3, ` didnat N++ th+ Nigna!, No ` didnat Ntop, oad ` \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, p, Kh+) %iNN+d th+i. p!an L+cauN+ th+) got in th+ Lad t.a[[ic oad th+) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, q, rick o[t+n cauN+N accid+ntN L+cauN+ h+ d.iI+N ca.+!+NN!), g+.+ rick \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, s, UiNt+n ca.+[u!!) o. )ou Ronat und+.Ntand th+ !+NNon, `[ )ou \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, t, Kh+ R+ath+. iN not [in+, thataN Rh) R+ canat go out NuppoNing \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, u, Kh+ R+ath+. %a) L+ [in+ to%o..oRi R+ Ri!! go [o. a picnic, Thou!d th+ R+ath+. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, v, wou got into No %uch t.ouL!+ L+cauN+ )ou didnat !iNt+n to %+, oad )ou \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, 1x, o+ iN LuN) .ight noR, To, h+ canat h+!p th+%, i[ on!) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\,, II) Qut the 8erbs in p rentheses into the correct for0) s3 TuppoN+ No%+on+ 2Ra!k3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in h+.+ Rith a gun, ` Rou!d L+ I+.) [.ight+n+d, t3 `a% Nu.+ h+ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2und+.Ntand3 p.oIiding that )ou +>p!ain th+ Nituation to h+., u3 ]NNu%ing Nh+ hadnat Ra!k+d to th+ %++ting, Nh+ 2not L+3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, !at+, v3 o+ a!Ra)N 2co%p!ain3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, onc+ `a% !at+, 1x3 i%agin+ h+ Npok+ %o.+ c!+a.!), R+ 2und+.Ntand3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hi%, 113 i[ on!) th+ Ro%an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2Na)3 Rhat Nh+ Rant+d, ` Rou!dnat haI+ put th+ phon+ doRn, 123 _n condition that th+) a..iI+d in ti%+, th+) 2N++3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, th+ c+.+%on), 133 ghat i[ )ou 2aNk3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, %+, ` Rou!d +>p!ain it to )ou, 1p3 TuppoNing )ou R+.+ anoth+. on+, gho\\\,,)ou \\,2Rant3 to L+d 1q3 ^!+aN+ tak+ a!ong No%+ %on+) in caN+ )ou \\\\,2n++d3 to Lu) an)thing, III) Choose the best ns@er" 1s3 `[ )ou ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to!d uN aLout th+ Lad N+.Iic+, R+ Rou!d haI+ +at+n th+.+, ], hadnat j, donat y, didnat r, Rou!dnat haI+ 1t3 ghat Rou!d Ko% do i[ h+ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, th+ t.uthd ], Rou!d knoR j, knoRN y, had knoRn r, kn+R 1u3 `[ ` ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, )ou R+.+ Nick, ` Rou!d haI+ ca!!+d Noon+., ], kn+R j, had knoRn y, knoR r, Rou!d haI+ knoRn 1v3 `[ ` ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, )ou, `ad ca!! and apo!ogiN+, ], a% j, R+.+ y, Rou!d L+ r, RaN 2x3 zack Ronat Rin th+ +!+ction un!+NN h+ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ha.d+., ], Ri!! ca%paign j, Rou!d ca%paign y, ca%paign+d r, ca%paignN

IC-Re d the te-t nd choose the best ns@er"

`n d+I+!oping count.i+N, Rh+.+ th.++ [ou.thN o[ th+ Ro.!daN popu!ation !iI+, Ni>t) p+.c+nt o[ th+ p+op!+ Rho canat .+ad and R.it+ a.+ Ro%+n, j+ing i!!it+.at+ do+Nnat %+an th+) a.+ not int+!!ig+nt, `t do+N %+an it iN di[[icu!t [o. th+% to chang+ th+i. !iI+N, Kh+) p.oduc+ %o.+ than ha[t o[ th+ [ood, `n ][.ica +ight) p+.c+nt o[ a!! ag.icu!tu.a! Ro.k iN don+ L) Ro%+n, Kh+.+ a.+ %an) p.og.a%N to h+!p poo. count.i+N d+I+!op th+i. ag.icu!tu.+, ooR+I+., [o. )+a.N, th+N+ p.og.a%N p.oIid+d %on+) and t.aining [o. %+n, `n pa.tN o[ ][.ica, thiN iN a t)pica! da) [o. a Ii!!ag+ Ro%an, ]t p:pq a,%, Nh+ g+tN up, RaNh+N and +atN, `t tak+N h+. a ha[t hou. to Ra!k to th+ [i+!dN, and Nh+ Ro.kN th+.+ unti! 3:xxp,%, Th+ co!!+ctN [i.+Rood and g+tN ho%+ at p:xx, Th+ Np+ndN th+ n+>t hou. and a ha[t p.+pa.ing [ood to cook, Kh+n Nh+ co!!+ctN Rat+. [o. anoth+. hou., -.o% s:3x to u:3x Nh+ cook, ][t+. dinn+., Nh+ Np+ndN an hou. RaNhing th+ diNh+N and h+. chi!d.+n, Th+ go+N to L+d at v:3x p,%, `nt+.nationa! o.gani{ationN and p.og.a%N .un L) d+I+!op+d nationN a.+ Nta.ting to h+!p Ro%+n, aN R+!! aN %+n, i%p.oI+ th+i. ag.icu!tu.a! p.oduction, |oI+.n%+ntN haI+ a!.+ad) paNN+d No%+ !aRN a[[+cting Ro%+n L+cauN+ o[ th+ YN_ r+cad+ [o. go%+n, Kh+ YN_ .+po.t Ri!! a[[+ct th+ chang+N noR happ+ning in th+ [a%i!) and Noci+t), 1, j) Rho% 2Rhat3 RaN th+ r+cad+ [o. go%+n o.gani{+dd ], L) d+I+!oping count.i+N, j, L) th+ Ynit+d NationN _.gani{ation, y, L) th+ go.!d o+a!th _.gani{ation, r, L) %an) ][.ican count.i+N, 2, gh) do p+op!+ Na) Ro%+n p.oduc+ %o.+ than ha[t o[ th+ [oodd ], L+cauN+ ux p+.c+nt o[ a!! ag.icu!tu.a! Ro.k iN don+ L) Ro%+n, j, L+cauN+ sx p+.c+nt o[ Ro%+n a.+ i!!it+.at+, y, %oNt Ro%+n a.+ not int+!!ig+nt, r, a!! a.+ co..+ct, 3, gh) do p+op!+ Na) that ][.ican Ro%+naN !iI+N a.+ ha.dd ], L+cauN+ th+N+ Ro%+n a.+ LuN) Rith houN+Ro.k,, j, L+cauN+ th+) Ro.k a!! da) in th+ [i+!dN, y, Loth ] and j a.+ co..+ct, r, non+ a.+ co..+ct, p, ghat do th+N+ Ro%+n do a[t+. dinn+.d ], th+) a!Ra)N go [o. a Ra!k, j, th+) co!!+ct Rat+., y, th+) co!!+ct [i.+Rood, r, th+) a!Ra)N RaNh diNh+N and th+i. chi!d.+n, q, `t iN di[[icu!t [o. th+% to chang+ th+i. !iI+N, gh)d ], L+cauN+ th+) a.+ i!!it+.at+, j, L+cauN+ th+) a.+ a[.aid o[ changing, y, L+cauN+ th+) do +ight) p+.c+nt o[ ag.icu!tu.a! Ro.k, r, ]!! a.+ co..+ct, V. Co0p!ete the sentences @ith the correct for0s of the @ords fro0 the bo-" er dic te T honor T !iter te T 8o!unteer T educ te T pro8ide T pro0ote T p rticip te T effect T 0 ture 1, g+ R+.+ I+.) p!+aN+d Rith th+ high !+I+! o[ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}} in th+ cha.it) +I+ntN 2pa.ticipat+3 2, ou%o. iN o[t+n [a. %o.+ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} than Nhouting 2+[[+ct3 3, rid h+ do it }}}}}}}}}, o. did )ou %ak+ hi%d 2Io!unt++.3 p, ` can N++ an inc.+aNing }}}}}}}}}} in hoR Nh+ und+.NtandN th+ Ro.!d, 2%atu.+3 q, Kh+) Nta.t+d a ca%paign [o. i!!it+.ac) }}}}}}}}} in th+ Nu%%+. o[ 2xxx, 2+.adicat+3 s, ` a% d++p!) }}}}}}}}} to L+ inIit+d to thiN %o%+ntouN occaNion, 2hono.3

t, g+ cong.atu!at+ za%+N on hiN R+!!-d+N+.I+d }}}}}}}}} to yhi+[ f>+cutiI+, 2p.o%ot+3 u, ]!! th+ chi!d.+n a.+ t+Nt+d in LaNic }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} 2!it+.at+3 v, Kh+ ~+d y.oNN iN in cha.g+ o[ }}}}}}}}}}}}}} o[ +%+.g+nc) .+!i+[ 2p.oIid+3 1x, g+ [ound th+ p.og.a% }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and in[o.%atiI+ 2+ducat+3

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