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City ISoc Year Plan Planner Legends/Keys

Event Type Date Event/Course Brothers/Sisters
[Committee Meeting] Tue 22/09/09 Shoorah Meeting
[Fun and Games] Wed 23/09/09 Freshers’ Fayre
[Non-ISoc Programme] Fri-Sun 02/10/09-04/10/09 Sabeel Course Brothers ONLY Shoorah Meeting
[Fun and Games] Wed 07/10/09 Football Tournament Brothers ONLY
[Fun and Games] Sun 11/10/09 Paintball Brothers ONLY
[Crash Course] Wed 14/10/09 Hadeeth of Jibreel (as)
[Large-scale Event] Wed 21/10/09 Big Talk [Title: TBC]
Freshers’ Fayre
[Charity/Awareness Week] Sat 24/10/09 Bazaar
[Charity/Awareness Week] Mon-Fri 26/10/09-30/10/09 Charity Week
[Charity/Awareness Week] Sat 31/10/09 Bazaar
[Crash Course] Wed 04/11/09 Tafseer of Soorat al-Faatihah
[Charity/Awareness Week] Mon-Fri 16/11/09-20/11/09 Discover Eemaan Week Bazaar (Market/Shop)
[Crash Course] Wed 18/11/09 Uloom al-Qur’aan
[Large-scale Event] Thu 03/12/09 ‘Eeid Gathering
[Crash Course] Wed 09/12/09 Mustalah al-Hadeeth
[Fun and Games] Fri 11/12/09 Big Munch Brothers ONLY Courses/Lectures/Talks
[Fun and Games] Sun 10/12/09 Bowling Brothers ONLY
[Large-scale Event] Wed 23/12/09 Holidays of the Disbelievers
[Non-ISoc Programme] Thu-Mon 24/12/09-28/12/09 Sabeel Course Brothers ONLY
[Small-scale Event] Tue 26/01/10 Normal Talk [Title: TBC]
Awareness/Charity Week
[Fun and Games] Wed 03/02/10 Football Tournament Brothers ONLY
[Crash Course] Wed 10/02/10 Fiqh of Da’wah
[Small-scale Event] Thu 11/02/10 Valentine’s Day Talk
[Charity/Awareness Week] Mon-Fri 22/02/10-26/02/10 Discover Islaam Week
[Crash Course] Wed 24/02/10 Fiqh of Tahaarah Exams/Non-ISoc Related Programmes
[Fun and Games] Sat-Sun 06/03/10-07/03/10 Camping Brothers ONLY
[Crash Course] Wed 10/03/10 Fiqh of Salaat
[Charity/Awareness Week] Mon-Fri 15/03/10-19/03/10 Oppressed Lands
[Crash Course] Wed 17/03/10 Oppressed Prophets (as) Fun and games
[Crash Course] Wed 24/03/10 Fiqh of Marriage and Divorce
[Large-scale Event] Wed 31/03/10 Big Talk [Title: TBC]
[Fun and Games] Fri 02/04/10 Big Munch Brothers ONLY
[Fun and Games] Sun 11/04/10 Theme Park Brothers ONLY
[Committee Meeting] Wed 09/06/10 Shoorah Meeting
[Master of Events] Sun 13/06/10 Annual Dinner [Theme: al-Qur’aan]

Speakers, times and venues for all of these events/courses are yet to be confirmed. During the Charity/Awareness weeks more events will take place inshaa’Allaah. By the Will of Allaah more
Events/ Courses may also take place throughout Summer ‘10 as well. Please keep an eye out on the City ISoc website or the prayer rooms’ notice boards for any updated details. This is just a
rough plan of what we expect to achieve this year and when (in terms of events). Dates are subject to change. NO permission is given to publicize any event until it is confirmed on the City ISoc
website. Wa’l-hamdulillaah.

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