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FS2000 Installation IN001 Onwards

For support contact: support@aes-uk.com

The FS2000 Distribution CD

The CD contains the following : ? ? ? ? Setup.exe dk2wn32.exe Manuals DK2NetSvr FS2000 set-up program DESKey drivers set-up program FS2000 documentation in PDF format DESNet software for network software authorisation control

Run Setup.exe on the CD to install FS2000. FS2000 Directories Apart from user model folders FS2000 uses two basic directories: ? ? FS2000 System Folder FS2000 User Folder

The FS2000 System folder would normally be located in the Windows Program Files folder. This can be a read only folder. The FS2000 User folder can be located anywhere. The set-up default is C:\Program Files\FS2000. The local user must have full read and write access to this folder. This folder location is specified at set-up but not registered. It will be registered with a specific user when the user first uses FS2000. A utility, FS_User_INI.exe can be used to create/relocate and register the FS2000 User folder. This can be used to change the location defined at set-up. This can enable different local user each to have their specific FS2000 User folders. User Model Directories - FS2000 requires fast read and write disk access to model related data files. Therefore for efficient operation, model folders should be located on a local hard drive and network drives used only for archive purposes.

What Set-up will do.

The Setup.exe program will: ? Install FS2000 system files in a folder of choice (C:\Program File\FS2000) ? Create a program group for the FS2000 program modules in the Windows start menu. ? Register the specified location of the FS2000 user folder (C:\Program Files\FS2000) ? Install the DESKey drivers by running dk2wn32.exe (via a second set-up file). The FS2000 system folder it will have the following sub-folders. System Examples Props Manuals System files for FS2000 Validation Examples Property Libraries (duplicates of those in the FS2000 folder) Documentation in pdf format

When a local user first uses FS2000 it will detect that the FS2000 User folder does not exist. This will then be created at the location specified during set-up.

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FS2000 Documentation
FS2000 has context sensitive help documentation. Hit the F1 key to activate. The user documentation for FS2000 is located on the CD in the Manual folder. The manuals are in PDF format. FS2000.pdf is the printable document version of the Help file for the core module. Documentation relating the DesNet server software is located on the CD in the DK2NetSvr folder.

Software License Control

FS2000 uses a DESKey (DK2) dongle system to control the use of the program. On a single license FS2000 set-up, the dongle is generally fitted to the local machine running FS2000. On a network, the dongle can be used to authorise the running of FS2000 on a number of machines, subject to the concurrency user limit set by the dongle. Where FS2000 is used on a PC on network the DESKey may be fitted to any PC on that network. Any other PC, which has network access to this PC, the DESNet Server, will be able to run FS2000 using the DESKey authorisation. All PCs running FS2000, require to have DESKey drivers loaded. The DESKey icon for the configuration utility is added to the Control Panel. The DESkey configuration utility can be used to enable local or network access. The machine acting as the DESNet server requires the DESNet Network Server software to be loaded and running, FS2000 does not have to be installed on the machine running the DESNet Server, but can be. This DESKey Network Server Monitor will be added to the Windows Start menu on the client. Note: The initial password for the server software is deskey. DESNet Connection Monitor When using FS2000 it is recommended that the connection monitor be activated and set to 510min. The default setting is no monitoring. With this setting any user will always be logged as a user until FS2000 is correctly exited but if there is a crash and FS200 is not correctly exited the user still holds the licence. The monitor, if activated will cancel the license in such an event. DESNet manual is on distribution CD in the DK2NetSvr folder.

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