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Government of India Ministry of Science & Technology Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

The Innovative Young Biotechnologist Award (IYBA) was instituted by the Department o Biotechnology in the year !""#$ as an attractive$ career%oriented scheme to identi y and nurture outstanding young scientists with innovative ideas and desire to pursue research in rontier areas o biotechnology& 'or the year !"(( awards the department invites applications rom the young investigators upto the age o )# years& The award will consist o inancial support or a pro*ect and +ash Award, ellowship or the awardees& Awardees having a regular employment will receive a cash award o ` (&"",% -a.h every year during the course o the pro*ect in addition to grants%in%aid o ` #"&"",% -a.hs or a pro*ect& The awardees$ those are not in the regular employment will receive a ellowship o ` /"$""",% per month and shall be attached to a 0enior 0cientist (1entor) in a 2niversity$ 3esearch Institute$ 1edical,Agriculture, 4eterinary +ollege or any other institute o repute& It is e5pected that the awardees will wor. independently and the 1entor will acilitate the awardees research e orts& Applications (! copies) neatly typed on plain paper in the prescribed ormat along with enclosures 6 certi ied copies to be sent to Dr T Madhan Mohan! Adviser! Department of Biotechnology! Bloc"#$! %G& %omple'! (odi )oad! *e+ Delhi , --. ../$ so as to reach latest by ormat$ please visit DBT websites7 .0th Decem1er! $.-- 0o t copy o the http7,,www&dbtindia&gov&in,iyba&htm , application also needs to be sent to7 iyba&dbt8nic&in& 'or more details and application http7,,www&btisnet&gov&in,iyba&htm *ote2 The soft copy application sho3ld 1e all in one file +ith necessary attachments The details o the scheme are as under7 $ - 4hat is e'pected from an applicant and +ho can apply5 The applicant should have an e5cellent academic career and also should have publications in high impact *ournals and,or should have invented technologies supported by Indian,

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International patents& The proposed research pro*ect should clearly re lect the innovative thin.ing and e5ecution capabilities o the applicant& The minimum eligibility criteria or applicants will be the ollowing7 (i) (ii) The candidate should have secured 'irst +lass grades in e5aminations o all academic courses or award o a degree rom the graduate level onwards& +umulative publication impact actor o (" 93 +umulative publication impact actor o # with two published Indian :atents or one International patent& (iii) ;uali ication7 :h&D& in any branch o li e sciences including 1edicine$ 4eterinary 0ciences$ :harmacy$ Agricultural 0ciences$ and engineering sciences& 1aster degree in 1edicine$ <ngineering,Technology is also eligible to apply& (iv) Age limit7 )# years or below as on )( st December !"((& Age relaxation of 5 years would be given to candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC, Women and t!is effect !ave to be enclosed'$ (v) (vi) The applicant should be an Indian =ational& In addition to the above minimum eligibility criteria$ it is essential that the proposed pro*ect wor. is carried out in any recogni>ed research institution,university in India having ade?uate acilities to carry out the proposed research pro*ect& A consent letter rom the institution, university should be urnished along with the application$ (vii) A nomination,recommendation by a 'ellow o any o the =ational Academies$ or a Director o =ational -aboratory$ or a @ead o a 06T Department o Aovernment o India$ or a 4ice%+hancellor o a 2niversity or an eminent scientist in the ield o biotechnology is also essential& The nomination letter should indicate the candidates competence or the ellowship and should be sent directly in con idence to Dr& T& 1adhan 1ohan$ Adviser$ DBT$ Department o Biotechnology$ 1inistry o 0cience 6 Technology$ Bloc.%!$ +A9 +omple5$ -odi 3oad$ =ew Delhi B ((" "")& !ysically "andica##ed Category$ %&ecessary attested co#ies of su##orting documents to

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The award shall cover the non%recurring and recurring inancial grants or per orming and e5ecuting an innovative research plan as proposed by the awardee& Arant or e?uipment$ computational and communication acilities$ consumables$ contingencies and travel will be covered as re?uired or the research pro*ect& In addition a ellowship o ` /"$""",% per month will be admissible or awardees who do not have a regular employment or are not drawing any other ellowship& I during the course o the pro*ect$ the awardee inds a regular employment or receives any other ellowship$ the awardee should immediately in orm the act to the DBT and the monthly payment o ellowship rom the subse?uent month onward will be discontinued& In this situation the awardees will receive ` (&"" la.h cash award per annum similar to the awardees those are in regular employment& Awardees having a regular employment will receive a cash award o ` (&"" la.h every year during the course o the pro*ect in addition to the e?uipment and other recurring grants e5cept the ellowship amount& $/ 6inancial S3pport A& =on%3ecurring (i) <?uipment and accessories B& 3ecurring C(i) 'ellowship ('or =on%3egular candidates) ` /"$"""5(! D ` /&E" la.h,year C(ii) +ash Award ('or 3egular candidates) (iii) 1anpower (( F3',03') (iv) +onsumables,+ontingency,Travel (v) 9verheads ` G&"" la.h,year (#H without sealing ` (&"" la.h ` ("&"" la.h

The inancial limits mentioned above indicate the ma5imum level o support& The actual amount to be sanctioned will depend upon the re?uirement o the pro*ect proposal& C Admissible only to awardees who do not have a regular employment or is not receipt o any other ellowship& Those who are under regular employment will receive a cash award o ` (&"" la.h every year during pro*ect period& $7 D3ration

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$ 7 - 8'tension2 The duration o the pro*ect will normally be or a period o three years sub*ect to satis actory progress& In case o research o outstanding merit$ based on a review o the pro*ect by a committee o e5perts and their recommendations$ the duration o the pro*ect may be e5tended by two more years to a ma5imum period o ive years& $ 7 $ Sr IYBA2 In case o research outstanding merit and re?uires e5pansion o the wor. within the ambit o its original ob*ectives then the IYBA e5pert committee may consider the candidate or up gradation as 0enior IYBA (0r& IYBA) ellow or the ne5t upto ) years to a ma5imum o G years without sealing o grants%in%aid and continuation o the 'ellowship, +ash award similar to IYBA& $9 Mode of Selection2

<ligible candidate will submit application in the prescribed ormat& The applications a ter initial screening by numerical calculation o impact actor,citation inde5 o research publications and patents will be reviewed by the e5pert committee or selection o IYBA on the basis o their career pro ile$ distinctions$ publications$ patents$ innovative thin.ing$ scienti ic originality o the pro*ect and the detailed scienti ic comments& 0hort listed applicants will be invited or ma.ing a presentation to support their candidature& <ach candidate will be given )" minutes to ma.e the presentation& 0uccess ul candidates up to ma5imum o !# will be recommended or the IYBA !"((& $: )evie+ of the progress of the A+ardees

The e5pert committee will also be responsible to monitor the progress o the pro*ect$ *udge any additional re?uirement o the pro*ect and also acilitate wor. i there are hindrances and ta.e mid%course correction wherever essential& The review will be done once every year& In case o unsatis actory progress$ the ellowship can be terminated and the decision o the Department o Biotechnology$ Aovernment o India$ in this regard will be inal& The selection committee will also decide about e5tension o the pro*ect beyond three years& $; Implementation of the <ro=ect2

The IYBA pro*ect must be initiated through this grant within si5 months rom the date o announcement o the Award& 9therwise the selection o award will lapse and one has to reapply i interested& 4
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&ther %onditions A letter rom the 1entor$ giving consent to provide laboratory space where the applicant desires to wor.$ should be enclosed with the application& The place o wor. should be able to support ma*or needs o the pro*ect& The e?uipments re?uired or the research pro*ect can be purchased out o the e?uipment grant o the award& The pro*ect will be operated by the awardee& @owever$ the capital e?uipment will be procured in the name o the institute where the awardee proposes to wor.& A consent certi icate rom the head o the institution where the proposed research pro*ect will be conducted should be submitted while submitting the application& The inancial transactions o the award have to be handled by the host institute$ which will be responsible or submitting the utili>ation certi icate and statement o accounts every year& The awardee will be allowed to visit national and international laboratories or carrying out any research activity related to the pro*ect or not more than three months in a year$ provided the acilities or the research activity is not available in the country& The awardee shall submit a report on the wor. done during this period& The unds or international travel and other support will be considered by the DBT on the basis o *usti ication by the awardee and recommendations o the +ommittee o e5perts responsible or review o the pro*ect& IYBA awardee should not underta.e oreign deputations or more than three months during the entire course o the pro*ect period& The awardee will be the irst corresponding author or any publication emanating as a result o the research carried out on account o the award& The mentor and others could be collaborators and co%corresponding authors& This arrangement will serve the purpose o the award$ namely$ nurturing the e5cellence o young investigators and ma.ing them independent$ to bloom$ eventually as scientists o eminence&


<resentation of the A+ards

0elected candidates will be intimated in writing as well as publishing it on DBT website& The awards would be presented to the selected candidates at a ormal unction organi>ed by the DBT& 6ormat for the application is as follo+s2 5
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A<<(I%ATI&* 6&) DBT?s

I**&@ATI@8 Y&A*G BI&T8%B*&(&GISTS

0cheme applied or7 IYBA B !"((

(& !& )& /& #& G& I& E& J& ("& ((& (!&

63ll name Title (:ro essor$ Dr) Date of Birth & Age as on /-st Dec $.-(attach proo or age) Gender (:lease tic. the relevant bo5) %ategory 63ll postal address Bome Telephone 4or" Telephone Mo1ile 6a' 8#mail address Designation7

1ale A<= 0+ 0T 9B+

'emale :@

(!A& 3egular, =on%3egular ()& (/& Institution7 Institutions address7



(#& Degree

Academic ?uali ication rom Bachelors degree onwards 0ub*ect 2niversity, Institution Year :ercentage o mar.s 6 +lass, Arade


:ositions held7 (list the most recent irst) 2niversity, Institution Dates


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-ist o publication in inde5ed *ournals showing the *ournal impact actor (<5pand space where ever needed)


Total impact actor o publications7

(J& (i)

-ist o patents granted =o& o Indian :atents B with brie details on each patent


=o& o International :atents B with brie details on each patent


-ist o :atents applied or7


Details o commerciali>ation technologies developed


-ist o boo.s, reviews written


:articulars o citation inde5 o published wor.

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9verseas visits +ountry Duration o the visit with dates :urpose

=ame o the place


<A)TI%A(A)S &6 M8MB8)SBI< I* A%AD8MI%SC S&%I8TI8SC <)&68SSI&*A( B&DI8S

!#& A4A)DS 4&* Agency,9rgani>ation which gave the award


=ature o the award

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!G& <)&<&S8D )8S8A)%B <)&D8%T (i) :roposed start date7 (ii) Duration o support re?uested (in years)7 (iii) :ro*ect Title7

(iv) 0+I<=TI'I+ 92T-I=< 9' 3<0<A3+@ :39F<+T The summary must be con ined to the details such as Introduction$ 3eview o literature$ 0cienti ic plan$ <5pected outcomes relevant to India and Innovation in the pro*ect$ not e5ceeding five pages7 (v) Budget proposed7 (A) *on#)ec3rring (i) <?uipment (ii)Accessories 0ub Total (A) (B) )ec3rring (i) 'ellowship (/"C(!) or cash award ` (&"" la.h p&a& (ii) 1anpower (( F3',03') (iii)+onsumables, +ontingencies (iv) Travel (%)&verhead charges Arand Total (AKBK+)

` In la.hs (0hould not e5ceed budget limit given at sl& =o& !&))

!I& *AM8 & ADD)8SS &6 TB8 M8*T&) A*D BISC B8) %&*S8*T 63ll name Title (:ro &$ Dr&$ etc&) <osition2 Instit3tion?s address2

Telephone 8#mail address !E& M8*T&)?s &)GA*IEATI&* A*D *AM8 &6 B8AD &6 TB8 &)GA*IEATI&*

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A*Y &TB8) I*6&)MATI&* I* SA<<&)T &6 Y&A) A<<(I%ATI&*

DAT<7 :-A+<7

0IA=AT23< 9' T@< +A=DIDAT< =A1<7


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D8%(A)ATI&*C%8)TI6I%ATI&* It is certi ied that a) i the pro*ect involves the utili>ation o genetically engineered organisms$ we agree to submit an application through our Institutional Biosa ety +ommittee& Le also declare that while conducting e5periments$ the Biosa ety Auidelines o the Department o Biotechnology would be ollowed into& b) i the pro*ect involves ield trials,e5periments,e5change o specimens$ etc& we will ensure that ethical clearances would be ta.en rom concerned ethical +ommittees,+ompetent authorities and the same would be conveyed to the Department o Biotechnology be ore implementing the pro*ect& c) it is agreed that any research outcome or intellectual property right(s) on the invention(s) arising out o the pro*ect shall be ta.en in accordance with the instructions issued with the approval o the 1inistry o 'inance$ Department o <5penditure& :lease see www&dbtindia&gov&in or details& d) the Institute assumes to underta.e the inancial and other management responsibilities o the pro*ect& e) as a mentor$ I will provide necessary support to the awardee as per the guidelines given by DBT& ) the institute will provide necessary acility or carrying out the research by the IYBA awardee&

Signat3re of Mentor of the A+ardee +ith Seal Date2

Signat3re of A3thority of Instit3teCAniversity +ith seal Date2 Signat3re of the %andidate2 Date2


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