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There are many ways for people to be unhappy, but happy people have common characteristics.

Thats why a good way to be happy is to learn the common characteristics of happy people and apply them. So I studied what the great minds in history say about being happy. I went through hundreds of quotes on being happy and extracted the best lessons out of them. Not only are these lessons useful, they are also timeless in nature. ere Id li!e to share what I learned with you. "ithout further ado, here are #$ timeless secrets of happy people% 1. Forget the past One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory. &ita 'ae (rown )ou wont be happy if you carry the burden of the past. *id you ma!e mista!es+ *id you have terrible experiences+ "hatever they are, you should let them go. Theres nothing you can do about the past, so youd better let them go and focus your energy on the present. 2. Take responsibility for your life The secret of Happiness is Freedom, and the secret of Freedom, Courage. Thucydides To be happy you should have freedom and the most essential freedom is the freedom to choose. No matter how bad a situation is, you can always choose how you respond to it. ,eople can annoy you, but its up to you whether or not you will resent. (ut, as the quote above says, freedom ta!es courage. -reedom to choose requires the courage to ta!e responsibility for your life. )ou shouldnt blame someone else when something goes wrong. Ta!e the responsibility and you have the power to choose. 3. Build relationships Lifes truest happiness is found in friendships we make along the way. .n!nown &elationships is where we can get true happiness in life. The reason is simple% only through relationships can we lo e and be lo ed. 'a!e relationships your top priority and you are on your way to true happiness.

4. Develop multiple passions The more passions and desires one has, the more ways one has of being happy. /harlotte0/atherine ,assions lead you to happiness. So not only should you discover your multiple passions, you should also e!pand yourself to new passions. This way you will create new ways to happiness. The !ey to expanding to new passions is curiosity. If you are curious, you will have an endless stream of exciting things waiting for you. 5. Build your hara ter Character is the basis of happiness and happiness the sanction of character. 1eorge Santayana (uilding your character is essential for happiness. "hen you are true to yourself and others, you will be in peace. The way to start building character is by making promises and keeping them. -or example, you ma!e promise to yourself that you wont smo!e. "hen you !eep it, you are building your character. 2r you ma!e promise to others to be punctual. "hen you !eep it, you build your character. !. Be "ho you are The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is. *esiderius 3rasmus )ou can only be happy if you become who you are. *ont live other peoples life by trying to meet their expectations. ,eople may expect you to have certain 4ob or certain way of living but dont be intimidated by them. -ind who you are and be yourself. #. $ive your life purpose The only true happiness comes from s"uandering oursel es for a purpose. "illiam /owper To have a fulfilling life, you should find your life purpose and follow it faithfully. -ind what matters to you and build the courage to follow it. aving a one0liner will help you internali5e and communicate your mission. %. &ount your blessings

Happiness will ne er come to those who fail to appreciate what they already ha e. .n!nown (eing happy is easy if we are grateful. .nfortunately, seeing what we dont have is often easier than seeing what we ha e. Sometimes we need to experience loss before appreciating what we have. So dont ta!e things for granted. 6oo! at what you have and soon you will have plenty of reasons to be happy. )ou may start with these simple things. '. (ave positive mind #t is not the place, nor the condition, but the mind alone that can make anyone happy or miserable. &oger 63strange appy people !now how to control their mind. They dont let negative thoughts come in. "hile a situation may seem bad to others, happy people loo! at them in a positive way. They always believe that no matter how bad a situation seems, there is always something positive to ta!e from it. )our mind can ma!e or brea! you, so guard it well. 1). *ork reatively Happiness lies in the $oy of achie ement and the thrill of creati e effort. -ran!lin *. &oosevelt "hen you wor! creatively on something you will find happiness. There is a well0!nown phenomenon regarding this called flow. "hen you are in the state of flow, you are fully focused on the tas! at hand that you no longer reali5e the passage of time. This state of flow allows you to achieve high productivity and being happy at the same time. ere are some tips to achieve it. 11. +tart "ith "hat you have The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet. 7ames 2ppenheim appy people dont need something they dont have to be happy. They dont need certain 4ob or certain level of income. Instead, they learn to be happy with what they already have. They have learned the art of contentment. (e content with what you have and you will be happy. 12. &hange They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. /onfucius

(eing happy requires you to constantly grow. In fact, the process of learning itself is essential for happiness. ave you ever felt the excitement of being enlightened about something+ ave you ever felt the excitement of achieving a new level in life+ Top #8 Things )ou Should /hange in )our 6ife gives you some practical tips on changing your life. 13. ,se your talents True happiness in ol es the full use of ones power and talents. *ouglas ,agels There are two lessons to ta!e from this quote. -irst, you should find your talents and second, you should use them to the fullest. "or!ing in your talents is a sure way to en4oy your wor! because its something you are 9hardwired: to do. .sing your talents fully will ma!e you even happier because of the satisfaction of doing your best. 14. Be"are of small things The happiness of most people we know is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructi e little things. 3rnest *imnet This is very true. 2ften its not big things that ruin your happiness. Its the small things that do. ,erhaps you dont li!e someone or brea! some 9small: promises. (ut even small lea!s can sin! your ship of happiness, so beware of them. 15. Distill your ambitions %here ambition ends happiness begins. ;uthor .n!nown "hile wanting to achieve more in your life is good, being obsessed by it is not. *o your best to improve yourself but dont be obsessed by it. 1!. -ake others happy Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. &alph "aldo 3merson This is my favorite secret of happiness. The way to being happy is to make others happy first. The more you help other people and ma!e them happy, the more you will be happy. appiness doesnt come through selfishness but through selflessness. )ou reap what you sow. 1#. .ra ti e ompassion

#f you want others to be happy, practice compassion. #f you want to be happy, practice compassion. The *alai 6ama /ompassion is perhaps the highest level of selflessness we could have. ;s this quote aptly says, practicing compassion can ma!e both others and you happy. (ut of course, it requires practice. Start with thin!ing about the people around you. 6oo! at their needs and find ways to meet them. 3ven if you dont do it out of compassion in the beginning, your compassion will grow over time. <<< ;ll in all, this quote by ;ristotle can summari5e the lessons above% Happiness depends upon oursel es. Its you who decide whether or not you are happy in life. I choose to be happy. "hat about you+

(o" to /ver ome Fear by 0n reasing 1our Fear Fitness

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , September ?@, ?88A

"ith all the personal development boo!s, blogs, spea!ers, videos, teleseminars and coaches available these days, we all have access to an abundance of information, and personal development can seem li!e an overwhelming tas!. Ive been immersed in this literature and culture for #@ years, searching for the personal development ideas and change tools that really ma!e a difference, and these days I believe that there are only really two s!ills that you need to master to progress your life% #. 1etting clear on what you really want and ?. transforming the fears that are holding you bac! from ma!ing what you want a reality. In fact, I find that it often boils right down to 4ust transforming your fears, because much of the time the only reason that youre unclear about what you want is because youre afraid to want what you want, so your fear obscures your vision of what you want. If you !now how to handle your fear, you can have, do and be everything you want.

Fear 0s ,niversal
*ont get caught in thin!ing that being afraid means youre a wimp. "e all have a part of our brains thats colloquially referred to by neuropsychologists as the reptile brain, because its similar in structure to the brain of a reptile. 2ur reptile brains agenda is to ma!e sure that we survive, so its concerned with watching out for potential lac! and attac!, and it sets off the alarm and the stress response whenever theres any indication of potential lac! or attac!. This is a really useful survival response when youre being chased by a lion or someones trying to mug you on the street, but the problem is that it can prevent us from thriving by being overly paranoid and holding us bac! from anything thats the slightest bit scary, including new and unfamiliar experiences and uncertain future situations, which were all faced with when we ma!e changes in our lives. "e cant ever entirely switch off this part of ourselves that produces fear =and thats a good thing, because we need it, for !eeping us safeB>, but what we can do is become 9fear fit.: Normally, when were afraid, we try to avoid the situation thats seems scary to us, because were afraid of feeling afraid. (ecoming 9fear fit: is about practicing having scary experiences, so that youre no longer afraid of feeling afraid. "hen you practice having scary experiences, youll be come more comfortable and s!illed at handling scary situations, which will increase your 9comfort 5one: and the number of different experiences you feel comfortable to handle. 3very time you do something scary, you build more evidence that you can handle scary situations C evidence that you can rely on to boost both your confidence and your competence in future new scary situations. So heres how to increase your fear fitness%

23er ises for 0n reasing 1our Fear Fitness

1. Take up opportunities to try ne" and different things4 visit new and different places, and meet new and different people. "henever you expose yourself to unfamiliar experiences, youll get more familiar with the feeling of 9safe fear: that your reptile brain produces in response to new and different experiences, so that youll grow to understand that the feeling means youre learning and growing, and its perfectly safe to proceed. 2. +et yourself a fe" unrealisti goals. I !now that the whole 9S0'0;0&0T: goal0setting process says we should set realistic goals, but I also !now that

9realistic: is a sub4ective thing, and most goals are achievable if youre willing to ad4ust the deadline and give yourself more time to get there. So set yourself some unrealistic goals so that you can become comfortable with the feeling of fear that comes with being unsure that you can achieve your goals. 3. 5eep a log of signifi ant fears that you6ve fa ed. "rite down the date, the scary thing you faced, and the positive outcomes. ,art of becoming fear fit is about teaching your brain to associate positive feelings with scary situations, rather than negative feelings. If you highlight and record all the positive results of facing your fears, your brain will quic!ly learn to associate facing your fears with pleasurable feelings. 3ven if it didnt go as well as youd hoped, if youre writing down the results, you must have survived the experience, so you can at least say that 9I didnt die.: "hen youre feeling afraid of something new, youll be able to loo! bac! on your fear log and be reminded of your resourcefulness and the fears youve successfully faced in the past C achievements that we often forget when were feeling afraid and unresourceful. 4. (ang out "ith other people "ho are "illing to fa e their fears. "e all loo! to the people we hang out with as our reference for whats 9normal.: If its normal in the communities you hang out in for people to avoid doing anything scary, your reptile brain will tell you that its abnormal, and therefore dangerous, for you to do otherwise. ;nd whenever you do something scary, youll have the added fear that your tribe will thin! youre cra5y, not support you, or even re4ect you for it. ang out with other people who face new fears on a regular basis, and youll teach your reptile brain that this is a perfectly normal and safe thing to do. 5. &elebrate "henever you fa e a fear. This is another way to associate positive feelings with the idea of facing your fears. ave a special dinner with someone important to you, buy yourself a special gift, hold fear parties, phone your coach, or whatever else ta!es your fancy. ,racticing these exercises to increase your fear fitness is a lot li!e going to the gym. If youve trained regularly at the gym, over time youll build your ability to deal with ma4or athletic challenges li!e running a half marathon or whatever other challenge you might li!e to ta!e on. In much the same way, these fear fitness exercises can prepare you with the mental fortitude, stamina and s!ills for dealing with scary situations in the future, giving you

the ability to confidently deal with whatever may come your way and use that to create more of the life you want.

1. &omment by Tristan $ee

D# ?E. September ?88A, F%@G am oHcloc! I

ey /ath, than!s for post on fear. Some people let fear stop them from achieving a goal, while others let fear drive them to succeeding no matter what. I thin! one of things you mentioned is 4ust facing it, ta!e up opportunities, and try new things. Through experience, fear will diminish and one will loo! bac! as!ing themselves, 9"hat was I so scared about+:

2. &omment by -arvin
D? ?E. September ?88A, G%EA am oHcloc! I

I li!e the idea of hanging around people who regularly face their fears. Its positive peer pressure. Its important to ta!e time to evaluate our experiences on a regular basis. when I to this I find that Ive actually stared fear in the face before and won, I 4ust have forgotten.

3. &omment by &oa h 7
DF ?E. September ?88A, ##%8$ am oHcloc! I

I wonder if well ever evolve past the need for that reptile brainJ I thin! your suggestion to hang out with people who face their fears is especially helpful. In my experience, having support is the biggest push people need to overcome fears. Than!sB

4. &omment by /mar
D@ ?E. September ?88A, #?%#K pm oHcloc! I

/onquering fears ma!es me feel really good. Ill loo! bac! and say to myself 9I cant believe I did it or I did my thing:. "hen I dont do something because of a fear, theres a feeling of regret and sadness.

5. &omment by 7aky 8stik

DE ?E. September ?88A, #8%?E pm oHcloc! I

I read a wonderful article of fear of failure on some blog called 6itemind. http%LLlitemind.comLfear0failureL

!. &omment by 7ohn Bardos 9 7et+et&iti:en

DK ?$. September ?88A, #%#K am oHcloc! I

/ath also had a great post on using fear to finding your passion. http%LLwww.thechangeblog.comLface0your0fearsL She offered a great insight, 9Sometimes fear means that were entering new territory and learning, growing and thriving. Sometimes our fear is pointing us to exactly whats most important to us and what we love most, in amongst the myriad of different demands and opportunities presenting themselves to us.:

#. &omment by alternavie"
D$ ?G. September ?88A, #8%#G pm oHcloc! I

I thin! this is a great post. )ou are so right that it really is about reprogramming ourselves and this process will happen overtime if we continually commit to it. I thin! this is also one of those life lessons that we are all supposed to learn because everyone has had some sort of fear. The !ey is that some people will choose to wor! through fears and others will 4ust let them expand and grow. The choice is ours and as you explained, there are many things we can do to eliminate fears. "e 4ust have to choose to do so.

%. &omment by .aul ;or"ine

DG #. 2ctober ?88A, ##%?K am oHcloc! I

i /ath 0

This post comes at a great time for me. I, too, have immersed myself in the personal development literature and it /;N be overwhelming. It can even become a bit of an addiction if youre not careful. I thin! narrowing it down to two !ey points is highly effective =Meep It Simple Stupid C MISS>. ;nd I have to agree that these bullet points are essential. /elebrating the small successes =DE> is something that has helped me tremendously. It allows me to en4oy my progress without worrying about getting it all done right this minute while at the same time freeing up and unloc!ing creative energy. Than!s for the great postJ ,aul

'. &omment by (o<oponopono &learing 9 &laus D 7ensen

DA @. 2ctober ?88A, E%@$ am oHcloc! I

i *onald, 1reat post, than! you for sharing. I li!e the 9getting clear about what you want: C partB ;nd the expression 9-ear -itness: is pretty coolB %0* 1reetings, /laus


&omment by 8nnaly

D#8 K. 2ctober ?88A, A%@# pm oHcloc! I

I find being present with your fear and riding it out to a natural conclusion is the best way to get over it. 2f course, easier said than done.


&omment by -ary =ettig

D## #8. 2ctober ?88A, #?%8$ pm oHcloc! I

1reat post. It seems li!e most people stop when the fear seems to appear a lot.. I especially li!e the idea of setting unrealistic goals not what you usually heard.

12. .ingba k by Total -ind and Body Fitness Blog &arnival 121 > (o" To Build -ore -us le
D ?A. September ?88A, #%8K pm oHcloc! I

N...O 6atumahina presents ow to 2vercome -ear by Increasing )our -ear -itness posted at 6ife N...O

13. .ingba k by =esour es for Transforming 1our Fears4 ? -y Five =ules > -ine 1our =esour es
D# G. 2ctober ?88A, #%8# am oHcloc! I

N...O that matters in creating the life you want is having the ability to manage your own fear. I wrote this post on how to overcome fear by increasing your fear fitness over at 6ife 2ptimi5er. This is one of many ways you can improve your ability to manage your fear N...O

-y Favorite *ay to -ake -oney

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , 2ctober K, ?88A

"hat is your favorite way to ma!e money+ 2bviously, there are many ways to ma!e money. )ou can wor! for a company or have your own business. )ou can earn money from salary, dividend, commission, bonus, and many others. 'y favorite way is to earn passive in ome. Im sure this is not new to you. Ive heard about it for years but only recently did I begin to understand its nature. Im not saying that this is the best way or that everyone should do this. This is 4ust the way I li!e most. The main reason 0 love passive in ome is freedom. "ith passive income, I dont need to be actively involved to ma!e money. I do need to wor! hard to build the system in the beginning, but once it wor!s I can leave it alone and the system will continue earning me money. ;ll I need to do is chec!ing it every now and then to ma!e sure that nothing goes wrong. I can improve the system if I want to, but thats optional. I can spend my time on a hobby or a new pro4ect.

Differen es Bet"een 8 tive and .assive 0n ome

To better understand the nature of passive income, here are some differences between active income =income that requires your active participation> and passive income%

"ith acti e income, you can quic!ly get full0time income. -or example, if you receive monthly paychec! then you will get full0time income within one month. "ith passi e income, it may ta!e a long time before you get it. "ith acti e income, when you stop wor!ing your income drops to 5ero or near 5ero. "hen you wor! you maintain your income level or slightly increase it. "ith passi e income, when you stop wor!ing your income stays at the same level. "hen you wor!, you increase your income level.

-rom these two differences, you can see that building passive income is long and difficult. (ut once you ma!e it, you will get the big reward of financial freedom.

+teps to Build .assive 0n ome

-rom the characteristics above, here are the steps you should follow to build passive income% 1. Build a side business. Since it ta!es a long time to reach full0time level with passive income, dont leave your day 4ob. The active income from your day 4ob will cover your expenses. ;t the same time, you should start building your passive income through a side business. Start early because it will ta!e time. These passive income resources might give you some ideas. 2. Fo us. Its important that you focus on 4ust one business and ma!e it successful. *ont be all over the place. Theres a price to pay for something to be successful and only with focus can you pay the price before you burn out. 3. $eave your day @ob. 2nce your passive income reaches full0time level, you can leave your day 4ob. This is where you start en4oying your financial freedom.

4. Diversify. Now that you have more time, you need to diversify your sources of passive income. "or! on new income sources. This way when something goes wrong with one source you still have other sources to cover you. This also is a good way to increase your @ 1uidelines for Increasing *aily appiness F8 ,ractical Tips to 'a!e )ourself Indispensable to 2thers 6in!s for #G 'arch ?88$

1. &omment by -enandro from .assive 0n ome .assion

D# $. 2ctober ?88A, @%@# am oHcloc! I

This is greatB I love this part C Steps to (uild ,assive IncomeB #. 1ood that you can build your fortune while still tied to you r 4ob. ?. )es, its easy to get overwhelmed by the number of ways to generate passive income. )our passion in one business is enough. "hen it ta!es life of its own, then you can loo! up another awesome businessB F. Some people li!e to stay employed but the great thing is that a passive income business does not really affect the 4ob much because its automated income. @. This is where you become unique, when you find more creative ways to. The potential is as broad as your imagination. Than!s for your advice. )oure superB

2. &omment by Faramar:
D? $. 2ctober ?88A, E%8? am oHcloc! I

,assive income is great but easier said than done and no income is truly passive. That said passive income is truly a mighty goal to aspire to and one which i am wor!ing towards

3. &omment by +hane
DF $. 2ctober ?88A, A%@F am oHcloc! I

*o you !now an example of anyone generating truly passive income+ It seems to me that even with 9passive: income, you will still be involved in twea!ing and optimi5ing the income sources, branching out to new ones etc. I thin! the more important or perhaps more accurate distinction lies in the scalability of the income. "or!ing your average day04ob, the income is always lin!ed very rigidly to the amount of hours you put into wor!. "ith 9passive: income, while you may still have to wor! regularly on generating it, the money will be more independant of your wor!ing hours. Thats 4ust my ?c. %>

4. &omment by .o"erful 8ffirmations 9 &laus D 7ensen

D@ G. 2ctober ?88A, E%FE am oHcloc! I

Im totally with you about the socalled passive income. &oyalties digital products etcJ )ou do the wor! once, and then this wor! starts wor!ing for youB Its 4ust coolB 1reetings, /laus * 7ensen

5. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DE G. 2ctober ?88A, A%@@ pm oHcloc! I

'enandro, Than!s for sharing your thoughts on the stepsB -aramar5, )es, most of them arent truly passive. (ut they still give us high degree of freedom. Shane, "hat about boo! royalties+ I dont thin! you need to do anything to maintain that. In some cases, a boo! still generates income years after the authors death = ow to "in -riends and Influence ,eople comes to mind>. I love your thoughts on scalability, by the way. /laus, Thats the nice thing about passive income. ;fter the initial wor! is done, it becomes mostly automated.

!. &omment by 7ohn Bardos 9 7et+et&iti:en

DK A. 2ctober ?88A, #%#@ am oHcloc! I

2nline passive income seems to be illusive with the increasing amounts of competition in every niche. 3verybody I have tal!ed to or interviewed seems to be wor!ing ?8 or F8 hours a wee! for a pretty small amount of money. I agree with -aramar5, that no income is truly passive. *onald, It would be great if you could share some details about how much you earn and the number of hours a wee! to wor!. %0>

#. &omment by Donald $atumahina

D$ A. 2ctober ?88A, ?%8$ am oHcloc! I

7ohn, I agree that its not easy to earn passive income online. The possibility is still there though =and there are always offline options>. In my case, I dont earn much by ..S. standard but I already earn enough by the standard of where I live. I thin! thats an advantage of living in a country where the living costs are relatively low. &egarding the number of hours to wor!, I can actually spend 5ero hour a wee! if I want to, but I do choose to !eep improving and experimenting with new ideas.

%. &omment by maui"alt
DG #8. 2ctober ?88A, #%@F am oHcloc! I

,assive income is easy if you are in an elected office. ere how it wor!s. )ou get elected to congress or city hall then you write or rather a ghost writer writes a boo! and you put your name on it and a price of PF?. Then lobbyists or developers buy your boo! by the thousands and you get a nice chec! for a million or more dollars. No wor!. True passive income. There are no ends to this as one can have many ghost writers popping out boo!s and the poc!ets of lobbyists both foreign and domestic are deep.

'. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DA ##. 2ctober ?88A, G%@F am oHcloc! I

'auiwalt, Interesting ta!e %>


&omment by +teve

D#8 ##. 2ctober ?88A, A%@? pm oHcloc! I

I would add a couple of caveats to this. I thin! its so important to emphasi5e that the road to passive income is long and difficult, as you said. If people dont reali5e how actively they will need to wor!, they will quit long before the income becomes passive. Second, you need to plan to have a solid understanding of money and spendingLsavingLgiving before trying to generate passive income. In my eagerness to generate passive income, I have too often neglected this one and ended up in debt. -inally, I would call it active0passive income to emphasi5e point D#.

aving said all that, however, a true understanding of passive income will have you putting all of the above into practice. %>

3) .ra ti al Tips to -ake 1ourself 0ndispensable to /thers

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , ;ugust #K, ?88$

The !ey to success is ma!ing yourself as useful as possible to others. &ou should make yourself so useful that you are indispensable to them. (ut how do you do that+ ow do you ma!e yourself indispensable+ -irst of all we need to define what is meant by useful, since only by being useful can we become indispensable. 'eing useful means meeting peoples needs and desires. It is solving peoples problems. /onsequently, there is a tually @ust one rule to make yourself indispensable% Find what people need and meet those needs. The more you an do it4 the more you "ill be ome indispensable. The next question is% how do you find what people need+ 2f course, there are a lot of needs people can possibly have. -ortunately, people6s needs and desires an be grouped into eight ategories based on ;braham 'aslows wor!. ere they are =quoted from 'ade to Stic!>%

(hysical% hunger, thirst, bodily comfort )ecurity% protection, safety, stability 'elonging% love, family, friends, affection *steem% achieve, be competent, gain approval, independence, status Learning% !now, understand, mentally connect +esthetic% symmetry, order, beauty, balance )elf,actuali-ation% reali5e our own potential, self0fulfillment, pea! experiences Transcendence% help others reali5e their potential

These categories allow you to see the full spectrum of human needs. #n order to make yourself indispensable, all you need to do is focusing on meeting the needs in these categories. 2f course, you should emphasi5e different categories in different circumstances. In some circumstances, you may be most helpful in (elonging, while in some other circumstances you may be most helpful in 6earning. 1ou should al"ays be a"are of "here you an be most helpful.

In this post, Id li!e to share F8 practical tips on how to do that for all of the categories except Security and ,hysical. These two categories comprise very basic needs which are usually well met in the modern world. ere they are% Belonging #. ?. F. @. E. K. $. Listen to your friends without interrupting nor being hurry. Send them your warm greetings via e0cards. Tell them how you miss them. Send them special messages at their birthday /omfort them in times of trouble. Introduce them to your other friends to expand their networ!s. (uy them gifts when you are traveling. 3ven small gifts matter.

.ote% )ou can find more tips in FF Tips to (ecome a "ell 6i!ed ,erson. 2steem #. ?. F. @. E. ;s! them how they are doing. ,raise them for the good 4obs they have done. Tal! with them about their achievements. Tal! about how good they are in front of your other friends. (e the first person to tell them about good news involving them.

$earning #. ?. F. @. E. K. $. Send them your favorite quotes. Ta!e the time to do small research to answer their questions. 6end them your favorite boo!s. Spar! their curiosity by as!ing them smart questions. Tell them your favorite web sites to learn from. Send them the articles you find that might help them. ,assionately share your learning experiencesQ its contagious.

8estheti #. ?. F. @. E. 6end them your favorite /*s or *R*s. Tell them where they can learn to play music. Tell them where they can learn to draw =*rawspace is a good start by the way>. Share your favorite wallpapers and pictures. 6et them !now of interesting cultural events you hear about.

+elf9a tuali:ation

#. 3ncourage them to find their life purpose. ?. 3ncourage them to follow their heart more than the expectations of others. F. Share with them inspirational stories about men and women who are willing to pay the price to do what matters to them =e.g. Nelson 'andela, 'other Teresa>. .ote% )ou might find the materials in F$ 6essons to elp )ou a 6ive that 'atters useful here. Trans enden e #. Tell them about how 4oyful it is to help others by sharing your experiences. ?. 6et them !now about your favorite charities and why you li!e them. F. "hen you are involved in a social activity to help others, as! them to 4oin you. #f you liked this post, please gi e it a thumb up

in )tumble/pon. Thanks0

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*ear *onald 0 I happened on your site and I want to tell you how valuable the wor! you are doing in personal growth. I am doing the same C and we are worlds apart as I am in /hicago Illinois. The world is truly a global village. ;fter reading your post on how to ma!e yourself indespensible, I could not resist sending you one I wrote. It is part of a sales course I am developing C eventually to be an 3 boo!. http%LLwww.personal0growth0with0corinne0edwards.comLsales0#8#0loving0the0 peopleL It almost sums up your post in a few words.

If you li!e it, you have my permission to put it on your site with the usual lin!s to mine. It is an absolutely true story. ;ll the best 0 /orinne 3dwards

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Saw your blog via Stumble.pon. Thought youd be interested in how people end up here.

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/orinne% Than!s for telling me about your personal growth resourcesB Im always glad to learn about new resources. 7osh% "elcome, 7oshB Im a fan of Stumble.pon myself. I hope you en4oy your visit here.

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This is one of your best articlesB "ell done. ,ractical and useful, and easy to understandB Than!s for sharing itB

5. &omment by Donald $atumahina

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Than!s for the encouraging words, ,hilB Im glad you find it useful.

!. &omment by 7ane
DK ?F. ;ugust ?88$, #%F# pm oHcloc! I

hmm nice article memento more

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ey *onald, &ecently I have been writing about self improvement articles for employees and one of my !ey point was to find out what your boss need and then satisfy him. &elating that to your article, it would ma!e that employee indispensables to his boss. 1reat article and I li!e itB /heers 7ames

%. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DG @. September ?88$, #?%?@ pm oHcloc! I

Thats a good idea, 7amesB "or!place is among the most important places to be indispensable in. "ell, maybe the most important from financial point of view %>

'. &omment by pelf

DA ?E. 2ctober ?88$, E%?E am oHcloc! I

Im a student, and I help my Supervisor out a lot. In fact, I sometimes help her run her personal errands such as renewing her drivers license or vehicle insurance =so you have an idea what other official or wor!0related things I do>. (ut she always tells her students that 9nobody is indispensable:.


&omment by Donald $atumahina

D#8 ?K. 2ctober ?88$, @%#$ am oHcloc! I

,elf, Its definitely not easy to become indispensable. The bottom line is we should try to be as useful as possible to others. ;t the end of the day we may or may not be indispensable, but as long as weve done our best theres nothing to regret.


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*onald% "hat an exciting list you have hereB 3veryone wants to !now how to ma!e themselves more indispensable to others and you nailed it right on the head with this. Rery en4oyable read. Than!sB Im going to stumble you right now and hope to add you as a friend if I can find you at S.. %>


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Stephen, "elcomeB Im glad you en4oy it. 6ets learn together to put it into practice %> (y the way, than!s for adding me in Stumble.ponQ Ive added you as well.


&omment by +tephen (opson

D#F #G. November ?88$, F%@E pm oHcloc! I

*onald% )up, lets see if we can combine forces and see how we can ma!e ourselves indispensableB 6ets stay in touch. 1lad we stumbled each other. ; quic! question% I noticed you are able to list pingbac!s at the very bottom of the comment section so that it doesnt mix with the regular comments and clutter things. "hat plug0in did you use for that+ Im interested in having that on my site. I thin! itd be quite helpful. Than!s.


&omment by Donald $atumahina

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Stephen, I do not use any plug0in for that, it is automatically done by the theme =(inary (lue>. )ou can follow the lin! to (inary (lue page at the footer of this page if you want to.


&omment by 7ohnny

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No what your saying is !issing up, what you really mean is. 6earn some of your bosses 4obs and ma!e himLher dependent on you by !nowing quic! answers and !nowing company policy, ma!e yourself li!able by understanding the boss is always the boss, allow them that but !now your words are as if the boss was spea!ing, always ta!e the bosses side unless you !now it will get them in trouble, then you warn them so they can ma!e the correction. Its not easy and you will have to wor! hard to become !nowledgeable. 1ood 6uc! and you would be surprised how much you will learn


&omment by arlos

D#K #$. 'arch ?88G, $%?? pm oHcloc! I

3xcuse meJ ; very useful lin!, but.. if you permit express myself. (e careful not to be extremely indispensable. 'aybe you can be called in the middle of the night, or interrupted at a meal, .. or something else. There is a thin line between be useful and be abused. 1ood luc!.


&omment by Donald $atumahina

D#$ #A. 'arch ?88G, A%FF pm oHcloc! I

/arlos, Than!s for the reminder. (eing useful is always good, but being abused is no fun at at all.


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I would li!e to !now where you have been hiding++ %> This is a great blog and I really li!e what you say in this article.

1'. .ingba k by ;ine *ays to $ive the $ifestyle of a &hampion 9 lifeha
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N...O *onald 6atumahina is an avid learner who blogs about personal growth and effectiveness at 6ife 2ptimi5er. &ead his articles on F8 ,ractical Tips to 'a!e )ourself Indispensable to 2thers and The ;rt of ;rbitrage% The Mey to 6iving Smart. diggSurl T Uhttp%LLwww.lifehac!.orgLarticlesLproductivityLnine0ways0to0 live0the0lifestyle0of0a0champion.htmlQ = function=> V var dsTtypeof diggSs!inTTstring+diggSs!in%:Q var hTG8Q var wTE?Q if=dsTTcompact> V hT#GQ wT#?8Q W var uTtypeof diggSurlTTstring+diggSurl%=typeof *I11S.&6TTstring+*I11S.&6%window.location.href>Q document.write=:X>Q W >=> ;uthor% *onald 6atumahina ,osted% Tuesday, September @th, ?88$ at #8%E8 am Tags% achievement, attitude, lifestyle, performance, success (oo!mar! or Share this with a friendB N...O

2). .ingba k by *ho +aid ThatC Friday4 +eptember #th 2))# > &reate Business Aro"th /ffers...
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N...O If the !ey to success is getting paid based on value, not time C then a critical part of success is increasing the value you provide to others. *onald 6atumahina of 6ife 2ptimi5er offers F8 ,ractical Tips to 'a!e )ourself Indispensable to 2thers that is pac!ed with practical ideas. N...O

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N...O we all !now its easier said than done. "e all want to be li!ed and accepted for who we are. )et sometimes letting others see our authentic self is scary. "e are timid and afraid that we are not good enough or may offend someone, instead of relaxed and N...O

22. .ingba k by ' +imple Tri ks to Aet the -ost /ut of Today > $ife /ptimi:er
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N...O 1ive something to others. -ind needs and fulfill them. (y doing so you brighten someone elses day and chance is your day will also be brightened. )ou can read some practical ways to do it in F8 ,ractical Tips to 'a!e )ourself Indispensable to 2thers. N...O

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N...O past. ,eople hoping and wishing to ma!e some money from home, wanting to be with their children, needing to be independent, desiring more freedom, etc. ;nd yet, they sit on their laurels and continue wishing and N...O

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N...O )ou may clic! to see%0YF8 ,ractical Tips to 'a!e )ourself Indispensable N...O

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N...O F8 ,ractical Tips to 'a!e )ourself Indispensable to 2thers N...O

2!. .ingba k by Top 1) Things 1ou +hould &hange in 1our $ife to Aet *hat 1ou *ant
D$ K. 2ctober ?88G, $%8E am oHcloc! I

N...O li!e to see motivation through 'aslows hierarchy of needs. There are eight levels of needs there =from the lowest to the highest>% physical, security, N...O


.ingba k by -aking -oney *ith a .urpose

DG K. November ?88G, G%FA am oHcloc! I

N...O the lower goal of ma!ing money sits on level # =,hysical> or @ =3steem> of 'aslows hierarchy of needs, the higher goal sits on level G =Transcendence>. /onsequently, the higher goal is more fulfilling. N...O

2%. .ingba k by /n Being indispensable > Aame9 &hanger

DA F. 7anuary ?88A, F%?K am oHcloc! I

N...O So its the start of a new year and I want to share a piece of advice that wor!s for meJbe indispensable. N...O Z

15 Tips to +tay .ositive in ;egative +ituations

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , September #8, ?88$

There are times when we must go through negative situations. 'aybe people say something negative about us, or they show re4ection or even resentment against us. In such situations, it may be difficult to stay positive. "e may be inclined to react negatively to them. That wont do us any good thoughQ doing so will 4ust ma!e the situation worse. ,eople may behave even more negatively to us. 2ur day would be filled with anger and disappointment. ;t the end, nobody wins. Though its not easy, its important to stay positive in negative situations. (eat the negative situations by staying positive. ere are #E tips on how to do itQ pic! the ones that wor! for you% #. Never respond when you are not calm. If you are not sure that you are calm, dont respond. Ta!e time to calm yourself down first. ?. Ta!e a deep breath as a first step to calm yourself down. F. Spea! in gentle tone to reduce the tension of the situation. @. &eali5e that you can find opportunities in negative situations. ;lbert 3instein said% 9In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.: E. 6oo! at the content of what people say to you for something positi e that you can act upon to improve yourself. *ont 4ust re4ect the whole messages. K. -or the rest of the messages which is negative, simply ignore it. $. 'aintain positive view of the people. 'aybe you dont li!e their messages or behavior, but that doesnt mean that you can hate them personally.

G. &eali5e that having negative feelings will 4ust hurt you, not them. So there is no reason for you to have any negative feeling. A. If you ma!e mista!es, be open to admit it. #8. If you ma!e mista!es, remember this quote by 1eorge (ernard Shaw% 9; life spent ma!ing mista!es is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.: ##. If you can, listen to motivational audio program to feed positive thoughts into your mind. #?. Tal! to a positive friend who can encourage you. #F. &emember your favorite quotes to give you inspiration and motivation. This is one reason why you should have quote of the day. #@. 6oo! at the negative situations as your training sessions for real life. The higher you climb in life, the worse the negative situations would be, so youd better be prepared for them. #E. &eali5e that you cant please everyone. In fact, nobody can. Sometimes you need to 4ust let some people go. &eali5ing this will relieve you from a lot of unnecessary burden so that you can focus on the people that you can positively interact with.

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1. &omment by D+tephen
D# ##. September ?88$, E%EA am oHcloc! I

These are great tips, and Id li!e to offer one more% always remember that even though you may be in a negative situation, you have the ability to remain positive in the first place. Mnowing that possibility exists is half of the battle.

2. &omment by David
D? ##. September ?88$, ##%@? am oHcloc! I

i *onaldB "hile living a life as near to positive as possible, negativity doesnt have to have a clearly negative effect %> (y that I mean, a person grows not 4ust from their positive experiences but also by the not so positive. "e learn, therefore, from our 9mista!es.: I agreed going off the deep end is not a great way to handle things, and I also !now that sometimes 9righteous+: anger can be a good thing even if in the moment it doesnt seem li!e it.

3. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DF #?. September ?88$, #%8E pm oHcloc! I

Stephen, )ou are right, !nowing that we have such ability can greatly help us stay positive. "e should not let situations ta!e control of our life. Instead, we should ta!e control of the situations by staying positive. *avid, I agree with you. Negative experiences may in fact teach us more than positive experiences. It is our attitude that should remain positive so that we can learn as much as possible from those negative experiences.

4. &omment by 0sadora
D@ #K. September ?88$, G%E@ pm oHcloc! I

(ut we must also reali5e that people can be evil and manipulative. They have their own motives as to their attitudes toward you. &eali5e that if you wor! under a woman a lot of 9Kth grade, she said, she did, crap: will inevitably follow. There is no advice out there to solve the bosss mental issues. 7ust reali5e that no matter what they dont dictate who you areB This article is filled with great advice but its easier said than done. /alm down, cry if you have to in privacy, ta!e wal!, come bac! to office without being seen by said mean person and get bac! to wor!J coffee is a comfort to me J even grabbing a bite to eat helpsJ you wont want to eat, tal! or loo! at anyone but let the moment passJ. put a smile on the next time you see themJ it always confuses them as to why your no upsetJ thats my best advice that is left out from this articleJ use it wisely from one who got her position from the higher ups because I was more qualified than the bosss best friend. 1ood 6uc!B

5. &omment by kenneth daniels

DE F8. September ?88$, #?%E$ am oHcloc! I

I too! alot from your post. I have a problem in a negative situation of ta!ing it as a personal attac!. It could be critical information that I should grow from lf I 4ust get past the point of ta!ing it personal. I must reali5e I cannot please everyone [ everyone is not loo!ing out for my well being. In this world some people are sic!er than others. I must cling to the positive [ not let negative people drag me down.

3very experience there is something to ta!e from lt, even if I have to meditate on it for awhile to figure out what it is

!. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DK #. 2ctober ?88$, @%@F am oHcloc! I

Isadora, )oure right, doing the tips in this post are easier said than done. ;nd yes, there are things that we cannot control. I believe that we can always control our responses though. If we focus on what we can control we will be better and better in managing the situations. Menneth, I agree with what you said. aving the right mindset is !ey. If we have the right mindset we can see the situations differently and even use them as opportunities to grow ourselves.

#. &omment by 7ane
D$ @. 2ctober ?88$, G%?$ am oHcloc! I

great tips but only need that all people to learn this rules

%. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DG E. 2ctober ?88$, #8%#$ am oHcloc! I

Than!s, 7ane. Its indeed great if everyone can learn them, but at least we can start with ourselves.

'. &omment by Bipin

DA F#. *ecember ?88$, ?%EF am oHcloc! I

Nice tips, ;re all of the tips given by your own personal experience+


&omment by Donald $atumahina

D#8 F#. *ecember ?88$, #8%8K pm oHcloc! I

"ell, yes. To write this post, I extracted the lessons I got from negative situations I encountered throughout the years.


&omment by $ouise 8spden

D## A. 7anuary ?88G, $%FF pm oHcloc! I

)ou have a great list of tips hereB I would li!e to add one if you dont mind. It is the piece about finding relief. Sometimes, if a situation has us upset we dont have the cognitive or emotional ability to move bac! to where we had been. "e can however, find one thing within the situation, or the person to focus on that will ma!e us feel 4ust a little relief. &elief is the path to attracting more 4oy. "ith 1ratitudeJ


&omment by =a:van Dobre

D#? #?. ;ugust ?88G, E%8A pm oHcloc! I

I li!e your article, especially no. #@ in this list. )ou are very correct% the more you evolve, the tougher the situations will become. (ut without these negative happenings our life would be 4ust 4oy and fun, and even if this sounds great, we wouldnt learn anything at all. Its the hard times that teach us a lesson. I embrace you *onald and than! you again, &a5van


&omment by Donald $atumahina

D#F #A. ;ugust ?88G, ##%E$ pm oHcloc! I

&a5van, Its the hard times that teach us a lesson. Thats the truth though its not convenient. I li!e to thin! of it li!e training our muscles. 2nly hard training will grow our muscles. Than!s for sharing, &a5vanB


&omment by editor

D#@ #F. September ?88G, E%?F am oHcloc! I

,ingbac! by /hristian (y /hoice #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations


&omment by =5

D#E ?G. September ?88G, A%@K pm oHcloc! I

These tips i must say are ama5ing. I 4ust came into my room li!e a little girl, ready to cry and i googled how to stay positive and it wor!ed li!e a charm%>. Than! youB


&omment by morris p. m tities

D#K #K. 2ctober ?88G, #8%@F am oHcloc! I

how tha hec! do you co0inside with a family who is struggling to get there own self on trac!+


&omment by sharon

D#$ #@. 'arch ?88A, K%E# am oHcloc! I

go serve someone you are angry with. buy them gifts. send them encouraging letters. greet them with a big smile even if in your heart u feel li!e strangling them. do these things and other good things for them continuosly. if u believe in 1od, then pray for them, as! 1od to bless them and give them happiness.


&omment by imran

D#G ?$. ;pril ?88A, $%8G am oHcloc! I

1) Tips to making good friend from from neighbours Some Time when you want to ma!e friendship with any person, but you feel bit scary and tensed to as! about ma!ing friendship, actually that time youre not sure that whether heLshe will accept you as a friend or refused you, if heLshe refused you then surely you will be much agree on ourselves and thin!ing for long time that why I have as!ed that, but here is some tips to get sure before as!ing that whether heLshe will be interested in ma!ing friendship. #> Note hisLher daily activities for few days that when heLshe go to schoolLoffice and at which time often heLshe come bac! to home, then try to be presence there in front of him regularly, and stand near by his door.

?> ;fter couple days heLshe will start to notice you, and then if possible for you then pay hello to him, otherwise stand there silent. F> ;fter # or ? wee!s later, suddenly dont stand in front of hisLher home for couple of days, then heLshe will trying to loo!ing for you, because heLshe will use to see regularly, now youre in hisLher routine, so if some thing missing from routine then surely heLshe will start to thin!ing about you. @> ;fter few days start standing again for few days, that time in often case heLshe will try to as! you how are you, otherwise heLshe will give you some good expressing li!e smile, at that period you will be sure that heLshe is interesting to ma!ing friendship with you, because he glad to see you bac! on hisLher routine. E> Now on next day start to pay 9hello: to himLher, surely heLshe replied you in good manner, and that is the beginning sign. K> Now you will not be scary, day by day by paying hello to himLher frequently. $> ;fter couple of days on that routine, you will not come again for ? L F days, and see hisLher reaction, heLshe will surely tensed worry about you, heLshe will trying to loo!ing your door several times, and mostly of peoples trying to !noc!ing hisLher door and as!ing some thin! li!e that do you have sugar L salt L matchbox please+ G> If you appear that time, then surely heLshe will as! that are you 2M;)+ "hy you were not standing at corridor+ A> ;nd then say him, that due to some wor!s at home, and then formula got succeed after next time, you peoples will start to communication slowly and after few days you will be a good friends. #8> ;fter being a good friend showing that youre very luc!y to be hisLher friend

1'. .ingba k by (o" to 2n@oy *hat 1ou 8re Doing ;o -atter *hat 9 lifeha
D #A. September ?88$, #8%E8 am oHcloc! I

N...O *onald 6atumahina is an avid learner who blogs regularly about personal growth and effectiveness. &ead his articles on #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations, and #8 "ays to Increase )our ;rbitrage ,ower. diggSurl T Uhttp%LLwww.lifehac!.orgLarticlesLproductivityLhow0to0en4oy0what0you0are0doing0 no0matter0what.htmlQ = function=> V var dsTtypeof diggSs!inTTstring+ diggSs!in%:Q var hTG8Q var wTE?Q if=dsTTcompact> V hT#GQ wT#?8Q W var uTtypeof diggSurlTTstring+diggSurl%=typeof *I11S.&6TTstring+

*I11S.&6%window.location.href>Q document.write=:X>Q W >=> ;uthor% *onald 6atumahina ,osted% "ednesday, September #Ath, ?88$ at #8%E8 am Tags% attitude, happiness, life, motivation (oo!mar! or Share this with a friendB N...O

2). .ingba k by &harles Burke6s Bulls2ye $iving E Blog 8r hive E .ra ti al 8dvi e for /ptimi:ing 1our $ife
D# A. 2ctober ?88$, G%@8 am oHcloc! I

N...O #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations N...O

21. .ingba k by (o" to 2n@oy *hat 1ou 8re Doing ;o -atter *hat F The $ittle Flo"er at the 2nd of the =ainbo"
D? #E. November ?88$, $%@$ am oHcloc! I

N...O an avid learner who blogs regularly about personal growth and effectiveness. &ead his articles on #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations, and #8 "ays to Increase )our ;rbitrage N...O

22. .ingba k by Das $eben 9 2in 8us:ug E Blog 8r hiv E Aaaan: ruhig bleibenG
DF #E. November ?88$, F%EE pm oHcloc! I

N...O auf dieser ,age hier% http%LLwww.lifeoptimi5er.orgL?88$L8AL#8L#E0tips0to0stay0 positive0in0negative0situationsL 3inen &atgeber gefunden in den miesesten Situationen einfach cool 5u bleiben. .ngef\hr wie der N...O

23. .ingba k by 5eeping a .ositive 8ttitude "hile you +erve > .rin ess 5imi
D@ $. 'arch ?88G, ##%?? pm oHcloc! I

N...O an avid learner who blogs regularly about personal growth and effectiveness. &ead his articles on #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations, and #8 "ays to Increase )our ;rbitrage N...O

24. .ingba k by +tudy -atri3 Blog 9 ;ever Aive ,p4 ;ever Huit > -ind -ap
DE #E. 7une ?88G, K%@$ am oHcloc! I

N...O #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations ] 6ife 2ptimi5er N...O

25. .ingba k by Theme for / tober 2))% and -onthly =oundup of +eptember 2))%
DK K. 2ctober ?88G, G%?F am oHcloc! I

N...O #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations N...O


.ingba k by CCCCC15CCC > CCICC

D$ K. *ecember ?88G, #?%8K pm oHcloc! I

N...O ++++ #E Tips to Stay ,ositive N...O

2#. .ingba k by Doom4 Aloom4 and #.2J > The 1oung Te3as $a"yer
DG A. 7anuary ?88A, @%#8 pm oHcloc! I

N...O always easy to bloc! out all the negative vibes going out right now but here are #E tips from *onald 6atumahina to help N...O

2%. .ingba k by Do 1ou *ant to +tay .ositiveC Turn /ff the ;e"s
DA #F. -ebruary ?88A, K%88 am oHcloc! I

N...O right% one way to stay positive is to turn off the news. -rom /NN =ironically>% 9-or somebody thats unemployed right N...O


.ingba k by $ife /ptimi:er F -oni a +uma

D#8 #G. 'arch ?88A, ##%?E pm oHcloc! I

N...O website. ;t a first glance, I particularly found useful the @ "ays to -eel 1ood entry, the #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations and 6ive your 6ife with /onfidence. /hec! it out, its worth it. It also has many posts in N...O


Tra kba k by $ive *ithout *ork

D## #K. ;pril ?88A, #?%F$ pm oHcloc! I

# Areat .ersonal Development BlogsG -or todays post Ive compiled a list of some must read personal development L productivity L life enhancing blogs that I frequently read myselfB The list is in no particular order, but I have given F recommended readings per blog. ave a J

31. .ingba k by .ersonal Development 8rti les 1ou +hould =ead *hen Feeling /ver"helmed 9 Dream4 8 t4 .lan4 and Believe
D#? ?8. ;pril ?88A, G%EK pm oHcloc! I

N...O *onald 6atumahina very popular article shares #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations. N...O

32. .ingba k by # Areat .ersonal Development Blogs by .aul Di kinson > +olopreneur .rodu tivity
D#F #A. 'ay ?88A, #8%8? am oHcloc! I

N...O #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations N...O

^ #? 3ssential 6essons to 'aximi5e )our ,ersonal Strengths -irst ;nniversary of 6ife 2ptimi5er Z (eople who are unable to moti ate themsel es must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressi e their other talents. ;ndrew /arnegie If you want to excel in life, self motivation is essential. )ou must !now how to motivate yourself. )ou must be able to !eep your spirit high no matter how discouraging a situation is. Thats the only way to get the power you

need to overcome difficulties. Those who are discouraged in difficult times are certain to lose even before the battle is over. The question is% how do you motivate yourself+ ere are several tips Ive found to be effective to build self motivation% 1. (ave a ause I cant thin! of a more powerful source of motivation than a cause you care about. Such cause can inspire you to give your best even in the face of difficulties. It can ma!e you do the seemingly impossible things. "hile other causes could inspire you temporarily, a cause that matters to you can inspire you indefinitely. Its a spring of motivation that will never dry. "henever you thin! that you run out of motivation, you can always come to your cause to get a fresh dose of motivation. 2. (ave a dream. 8 big dream. Only as high as # reach can # grow, only as far as # seek can # go, only as deep as # look can # see, only as much as # dream can # be. Maren &avn )our cause is a powerful source of motivation but its still abstract in nature. )ou need to ma!e it concrete in the form of a dream. Imagine how the world will be in the future. Imagine how people will live and wor!. aving a dream is important because its difficult to be motivated if you dont have anything to shoot for. 7ust thin! about people who play bas!etball. "ill they be motivated to play if there is no bas!et to aim at+ I dont thin! so. They need a goal. &ou need a goal. Thats what your dream is for. (ut 4ust having a dream is insufficient. )our dream must be big enough to inspire you. It must be realistic but challenging. It must stretch your ability beyond your comfort 5one. 3. Be hungry

%anting something is not enough. &ou must hunger for it. &our moti ation must be absolutely compelling in order to o ercome the obstacles that will in ariably come your way. 6es (rown To be truly motivated, you need to have hunger and not 4ust desire. aving mere desire wont ta!e you through difficult times since you dont want things badly enough. In many cases, hunger ma!es the difference between the best performers and the mediocre ones. ow can you have hunger+ )our cause and your dream play a big role here. If you have a cause you care about and a big dream related to it, you should have the hunger inside of you. If you thin! that you are losing hunger, all you need to do is to connect again to your cause and dream. 6et them inspire you and bring the hunger bac!. 4. =un your o"n ra e # do not try to dance better than anyone else. # only try to dance better than myself. 'i!hail (aryshni!ov /omparing yourself with others is an effective way to demoti ate yourself. 3ven if you start with enthusiasm, you will soon lose your energy when you compare yourself with others. *ont let that happen to you. )ou have your own race so how other people perform is irrelevant. /omparing yourself with others is li!e comparing the performance of a swimmer with a runner using the same time standard. They are different so how can you compare one with the other+ The only competitor you have is yourself. The only one you need to beat is you. ave you become the best you can be+ 5. Take one more step )uccess is not final, failure is not fatal1 it is the courage to continue that counts. "inston /hurchill

"hen you meet obstacles along the way, there could be the tendency to quit. )ou may thin! that its too difficult to move on. )ou may thin! that your dream is impossible to achieve. (ut this is where you can see the difference between winners and losers. Though both of them face the same difficulties, there is one thing that ma!es the winners different% the courage to continue. In difficult situations, 4ust focus on ta!ing one more step forward. *ont thin! about how to complete the race. *ont thin! about how many more obstacles are waiting for you. 7ust focus on ta!ing the ne!t step. !. $et go of the past Finish each day and be done with it. &ou ha e done what you could. &alph "aldo 3merson (elieve it or not, one of the best demotivators is your past. )our past can drag you down before you reali5e it. )our past can give you a heavy burden on your shoulders. The good news is its a burden you dont have to carry. Ta!e it off your shoulder and leave it. )ou might ma!e mista!es in the past. )ou might disappoint others with what you did. (ut its over. Its already in the past and theres nothing you can do about it. Today is a new day and you have the chance to start again. No matter how bad your past might be, you still have a bright future ahead waiting for you. 7ust dont let the burden of the past stop you.
<<< ;pply these tips and motivate yourself. *ont settle for mediocrity. 6et your self motivation ta!e you to excellence.

5 *ays to -otivate 1ourself Throughout the Day

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , 2ctober $, ?88K

'otivation is a !ey to success. If you are a motivated person, then you will very li!ely be successful in everything you do. In fact, research shows that

motivation is the !ey behind the expert minds. ,eople who are motivated will be very successful in their learning process. ;nd so will in other areas of life. The problem is, its not easy to be motivated, let alone be motivated for the whole day. There are times when challenges and problems stri!e us and ma!e us feel bad. 2r maybe there is no real problem, but we 4ust feel that our energy level is low throughout the day. "ell, dont let this happens. (e motivated and energi5ed throughout the day B ere is how%
#. =ise early

I dont !now about you, but for me, rising early is a !ind of magic. It ma!es me feel more enthusiastic and energi5ed throughout the day. 'aybe its because by rising early I can start the day fresh without having to rush on everything. I would have more time to be prepared mentally and physically to face the day. ?. .i k KLuote of the dayM ,ic! your favorite quote in the morning and !eep it in mind throughout the day. 2f course, the quote should be something that motivate and inspire you. Then spea! out the quote to yourself throughout the day, especially when you thin! that you need extra motivation. This way, it will be easier to get rid of negative thoughts because you always have something positive to say to yourself. F. Find the positive side of everything 2ne main cause for losing motivation is thin!ing negatively about the events which are happening to us. 3very time you thin! negatively about something, you actually lose a part of your energy. *o it for the whole day and you will feel very exhausted and even intimidated. So find the positive side of everything. There must be something positive we can get from everything that happens to us. If your effort end up in failure for example, then you !now that you can learn something from it. ;nd learning is a positive thing. If you must do something boring, 4ust thin! of a useful thing you can get from it. There is always positive side on everything, so focus on it and not the negative one.

@. Fo us on giving

/ontributing to others is always motivating. It wor!s for me. I dont !now why, but maybe its because by doing so I become less focused on my own problems. It doesnt mean that I run from the problems, it 4ust means that the problems seem less daunting and intimidating. "hy + (ecause Im not 4ust thin!ing about myself. ;lso, there is something about giving that gives you extra happiness. (righten someone elses life today and somehow your life will also be brightened. E. De ide to be a "inner It is your decision that ma!es the difference between winning and losing. Nothing can ma!e you lose if you dont allow it to do so. So decide to be a winner. If you decide to be a winner then you will be tough and brave when facing all challenges throughout the day. )ou will not let problems overcome you. Instead, you will go out and conquer those problems B )ou are the winner, so who can resist you +

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1. &omment by 7ohn (ill
D# ?$. ;ugust ?88$, K%F8 am oHcloc! I

This is a great site *onald, you have some real pearls of wisdom here. I particularly li!ed your tips on motivation, deciding to be a winner can ma!e all the difference.

2. &omment by Donald $atumahina

D? ?$. ;ugust ?88$, A%?G pm oHcloc! I

Than!s, 7ohnB 2ur ability to decide is indeed powerful. It can ma!e or brea! our life, not 4ust in term of motivation, but also in term of love, happiness, and others.

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N...O E "ays To 'otivate )ourself Throughout The *ay N...O

4. .ingba k by $ife /ptimi:er 9 $ive your life to the ma3

D# #E. 2ctober ?88K, K%FF pm oHcloc! I

N...O -ill Now that we have fled from all those negative thoughts, we must fill our mind with something so that those negative thoughts wont come bac!. Naturally, fill our mind with positive thoughts. This is one reason why having a qoute of the day is a good thing. This way we directly have something handy to fill our mind with. N...O

5. .ingba k by thoughtstransform. om E Blog 8r hive E +taying -otivated Day by Day

D? #8. 7uly ?88$, A%?# am oHcloc! I

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(o" to Fo usN Five $evels of -ental Fo us 1ou -ight ;ot 8"are of

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; few wee!s ago I wrote about the danger of being obsessed. There I wrote that there are three states we can possibly be in% lacking focus, being focused, and being obsessed. The best state is being focused but there is always the danger of falling to either lacking focus or being obsessed states. aving discussed the topic of obsession, here Id li!e to go bac! to the topic of focus. -ocus is essential to achieve anything we want in life. In fact, not only should we have focus, we should have it at e ery le el of our life. 6oo!ing at my life, sometimes I wondered why my progress was slow while I thought that I was already focused on my goals. 2nly later did I reali5e that there are different

levels of focus. I may have focused on one or two levels, but if I do not focus on the other levels then the results wont be optimal. So what are the different levels of focus+ In my opinion, there are five levels of mental fo us based on the time frame% #. ?. F. @. E. 6ifetime )early "ee!ly *aily /urrently

2f course, you can add other levels li!e quarterly or monthly if they wor! for you, but for me these five levels are enough since having too many levels is confusing. 0f you "ant to su eed4 you should be fo used at all five levels . 6ac!ing focus at any of them will decrease the performance of the rest. In addition, you should also be careful not to be obsessed. The art of maintaining the balance without falling to the lacking focus or being obsessed states is an art that will ta!e time to master.

(o" to Fo us at 8ll Five $evels

6ets loo! at the five levels of focus and see how to focus at each of them% 1. $ifetime (eing focused at the lifetime level means that you should have a purpose for your life. "hat is your life purpose+ ave you followed it+ -inding your life purpose is perhaps the most difficult thing to do in all five levels, but it is also the most rewarding. It sets the directions of the other levels. If you have this level wrong, you may end up ma!ing many wrong decisions in your life. ere are some things you can do to find your life purpose% #. Find what matters to you This is the starting point to finding your life purpose. There is one question that can help you find what matters to you% 9"hat is the thing that you care so much about that you are willing to do it for free+: ?. *!plore your passions I believe everyone has multiple passions that are waiting to be explored. *ont limit yourself to only one passion. (uild your portfolio of passions. F. Find the intersection between your passions and the things that matter to you The intersections between the things you are passionate about and the things you care about are clear signs of what your life purpose could be.

@. 2ake a mission statement ;fter you have an idea of what your life purpose is, you should write it in a mission statement. Ideally, it should be a one0liner% ten words or less. E. 3eep refining -inding your life purpose is not something you can do in one day or even one year. 7ust start with what you have and !eep refining it. 2ver time, the direction of your life will be clearer and clearer. 2. 1early ;fter dealing with the lifetime level, you should then go down to the yearly level. ere you should have a goal for the year related to your life purpose. )our goal should be both specific and measurable. To ensure that you are focused at the yearly level, you should have only one goal for the year =or two if you must>. 2ne thing to remember is your yearly goal should be related to your life mission. 2therwise, there is a missing lin! between the lifetime and yearly levels. 3. *eekly To have focus at wee!ly level, you should set a goal for the wee! ahead. "hat do you want to achieve in the following wee! to help you achieve your yearly goal+ 4. Daily The next level is daily in which you set your goals for the day. "hat are the things that you want to achieve today+ )ou can start by setting your 'ost Important Tas! ='IT> for the day. )our 'IT should be the thing that will ma!e the most difference if you accomplish it today. ere is a question to help you set your 'IT% 4#f # can only finish one task today, what will that be56 )ou can then set other goals using a variant of the same question% 4#f # can only finish one more task today, what will that be56 (y as!ing this question repeatedly you will get a list of the tas!s based on priority. 5. &urrently ;fter setting your goals for the day, the next level is the present. To get optimum result, you should be focused in whatever you are doing. It means that% #. )ou should not multitas!

?. )ou should prevent distraction F. )ou should use ultradian sprint to accomplish as much as possible within the wor!ing session

*here is 1our *eaknessC

(eing focused at all five levels is important to get the most out of your life. I reali5e this when I loo! at my own life. Im focused at some levels but not at the others and as a result I do not get the results I want. .nderstanding these five levels help me see the levels which need improvement. In my case, my wea!ness is the weekly and currently levels. "hile there is still room for improvements at the other levels, those two levels are where I lac! most. There is one thing to remember though% while being focused at all levels is good, we should stay flexible if we want to avoid falling to being obsessed state. ,erhaps you have set some goals for the day, but you should be flexible enough to adapt to changes that happen during the day. )our heart is often the best guide since it somehow !nows what is right.

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1. &omment by =uth
D# #E. 'ay ?88G, G%@G pm oHcloc! I

This is a great article. I really li!e the way youve bro!en the five levels of focus down, and especially the idea of having a portfolio of passions. Ive always felt !inda gypped when being told I have to pic! one and only one, when its all the things Im passionate about that ma!e up the whole me. Thats one of the things I li!e about the new breed of self help authors such as /orrie "oods ` there are no limits to what your passions are and can be, and to me thats a much nicer way to find my lifes purpose that having to narrow it down to one choice right from the start.

2. &omment by (. van Duuren

D? #K. 'ay ?88G, E%F8 pm oHcloc! I

1reat post, stirring the awareness and having a closer loo! at all those levels of focus, and also wor!ing with a *;I6) 'ost Important Tas!. Its my experience

if you use such a U'IT it is very motivating to be able to see all the other additional tas!s C you had time for C as a U(onusBBB that feels great. It also gives me a reasuring feeling that on a few of my (logspots there are several =third party> U*aily Items that run automatically without having to worry about them. I do thin! that tas!s that I dont have to do myself motivate me also %> ;ll the (est, To your appy Inspiration, ,

3. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DF #$. 'ay ?88G, ?%EF am oHcloc! I

&uth, The idea of having portfolio of passions also has profound impact on me. 7ust li!e in your case, it allows me to be the whole me. Those passions can also leverage one another to produce much better value. ,, )es, besides increasing our productivity, the 'IT concept can also boost our motivation. Its very satisfying to see how much Ive accomplished in a day. That ma!es me feel good.

4. &omment by -eirav
D@ #. September ?88G, #?%EK pm oHcloc! I

,ersonally I find it very difficul to focus. I am a mother of ? !ids a I wor! half a day at the office and then I come home to be with the !ids and also wor! from home. *istractions are comming in every minute and I cannot avoid them =cannot ignore the !ids>. I reali5ed that I am trying to do too many things and do not really get any hgh quality wor! done. &ecently I discovered a new tool C the power of (inaural beats and a specific audio file for focus. -ran!ly, I cannot believe the power it has over me. I get things done, I can even concentrate on what I eat and I feel much more relaxed and vital. &ead about it on my squidoo lens =website> lin! attached.

5. &omment by ra@esh"ari

DE @. 2ctober ?88G, E%F# am oHcloc! I

Rery good site. I felt so good to go through some of your articles. opefully I will get benefitted. Than!s ra4eshwari

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DK K. 2ctober ?88G, @%88 pm oHcloc! I

I was reading this and then switched tabs to read webcomics.

#. &omment by +a@ith 5umar 5 5

D$ ?F. 2ctober ?88G, A%@F am oHcloc! I

The article is very good and it certainly give appropriate directions to someone wandering without focus=li!e me now, but not hereafterB> ;nyway Than! )ou for that.

%. &omment by tree:a
DG E. November ?88G, F%?A pm oHcloc! I

i found all the sugesstions practical and fruitful. i shall re read it again and again to implement it in mah life.

'. &omment by ainnan

DA A. *ecember ?88G, #%EG pm oHcloc! I

right, this article is more li!e Uhow you should manage your life not Uhow to focusJ !nowing what your priority etc. is not really going to help with focusing. for instance, i !now i should focus on my studies, but my interest is not there, so how+ that should be the question that needs to be answered. this article is li!e, 9yeah, if you !now whats best, then somehow youll be able to focus:. onestly, its pointless.


&omment by Aura@oga

D#8 K. 7anuary ?88A, #8%@? am oHcloc! I

&ecently i bent dyscovering i got sirius problems about focus, i can focus in # thing more than, i guess is seconds before my mind goes to a whole diferent world. That is ma!ing me cra5y, becouse i dont finish my proppouses. i was wondering if somebody !now some simple exercises for start wor!ing in my focus, becouse i want a better life. Than!s. = sorry if a ma!e mista!es in my gramma or my english >


&omment by *ardell

D## #A. 7anuary ?88A, #?%@@ am oHcloc! I

i my name is wardell and I am starting to do some things that I believe can help with focus. 2ne thing I do is turn on a fan and lie down by it for a minute. In that minute I try to focus only on the sound of the fan and bloc! everything else out. ;t first it will be hard, but soon It will get better.


&omment by :

D#? #. 'arch ?88A, ?%?F pm oHcloc! I

I found this really useful than!s. Today I have had problems focusing all day and I !now that by brea!ing down all the many things going on in my head to life, year, wee!, day and current has actually helped me =even tho that was not the purpose of the article>. I am going to ta!e a brea! now and come bac! to the one tas! I set for myself. I will do this daily C than!s %>


&omment by sam

D#F ?$. ;pril ?88A, $%8G pm oHcloc! I

Thnx alot extremely helpfulJ !eep onJ


&omment by fo us

D#@ #@. 'ay ?88A, G%@# pm oHcloc! I

Ta for your ideas step one I write the one thing on my notepad and get started have a great focus


&omment by BunnygotBlog

D#E A. 7uly ?88A, #?%8A am oHcloc! I

)ou have a wonderful blog here , I have been spending the evening reading your articles.


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This is an excellent post.. than!s for sharing.


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i loved it 0its awesome


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D#G #?. ;ugust ?88A, $%E8 am oHcloc! I

It is good to explain the need of focus. (ut i thin!, you should go more in the depth of the process ow to be focused.


&omment by ;eelakanta

D#A ??. September ?88A, E%E$ pm oHcloc! I

It is an ama5ing article, really words will not describe the feelings one experiences after going through the article, focus is one word that can change the lives of disillusioned millions, than!s.


&omment by 8nge

D?8 ?K. September ?88A, $%?? am oHcloc! I

-antastic "ebsiteB This one is particularly close to heartB Than!youB


&omment by .rimatene-ist

D?# #. 2ctober ?88A, #?%@8 am oHcloc! I

Rery helpfull articles. I always having difficulties to stay focus on what Im doing. To "ardel, nice tips. Ill try myself. Than! you.

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N...O ow to -ocus% -ive 6evels of 'ental -ocus )ou 'ight Not ;ware of N...O

23. .ingba k by Talent Ooo 7ournal E (o" to Fo us

D# #K. September ?88G, #%?A pm oHcloc! I

N...O focus on the tas! at hand. There are plenty of articles on how to remain focused and on trac!, but ow to -ocus% -ive 6evels of 'ental -ocus )ou 'ight Not (e ;ware 2f ta!es more of a personal approach than the other articles Ive seen. ow do you thin! the N...O

24. .ingba k by (o" to Be a $ight"orker 9 +piritualBlog. om

D? K. November ?88G, F%@K am oHcloc! I

N...O ow to -ocus% -ive 6evels of 'ental -ocus )ou 'ight Not ;ware of N...O

25. .ingba k by 43 -emorable .osts 0n The Blogosphere From 2))% 9 +piritual Blog
DF ?8. *ecember ?88G, ?%## am oHcloc! I

N...O 2ught To Mnow ;bout &enewing )ourself at it )our 1oals The ,ower To /hoose at 6ife &eboot ow To -ocus% -ive 6evels of 'ental -ocus )ou 'ight Not ;ware of at 6ife 2ptimi5er ow To 2vercome 'istrust at Sources of Insight "hat To *o "hen Someone Is N...O


.ingba k by &reate 1our $ife .lan

D@ $. ;pril ?88A, $%8# am oHcloc! I

N...O ow to -ocus% -ive 6evels of 'ental -ocus )ou 'ight Not ;ware of N...O

2#. .ingba k by Fo usingN The Big .i ture F 8dventures of a ;e" + i9Fi *riter
DE F8. September ?88A, #%?? am oHcloc! I

N...O ow to -ocus% -ive 6evels of 'ental -ocus )ou 'ight Not be ;ware of N...O

-ollow comments according to this article through a &SS ?.8 feed ^ ow to /reate Ideas% ## ,roven 6essons from Idea 1enerators &eview% ow to Thin! 6i!e 6eonardo da Rinci Z

Brain *orkoutN 1) Free -ind Aames for -ind 23er ise

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , ;pril A, ?88G ;dvertisements

"ho doesnt want to have a sharp mind+ aving a sharp mind is something we all want. I recently read a thought0provo!ing article about it entitled /ognitive -itness in arvard (usiness &eview. The article tal!s about how the minds of people li!e "arren (uffet and ;lan 1reenspan stay sharp even in their old age. "hat is the secret+ The secret is brain workout. They e3er ise their brain ontinuously and that makes their minds sharp. /ne "ay to e3er ise your brain is playing%

,lay engages the prefrontal cortex, responsible for your highest0level cognitive functions C including self0!nowledge, memory, mental imagery, and incentive and reward processingJ ;ctivities li!e bridge, chess, sudo!u, role0playing games, and challenging crossword pu55les all provide rigorous neural wor!outs. 6oo!ing at myself, I must admit that I do not play as much as I should. So I went around the web and searched for places where I can play games to have fun and exercise my brain. "hat I want are places where I can play for free and C whenever possible C play alone without having to find partners first. This way I can easily exercise my mind whenever I want. ere I would li!e to share what I found along with resources to help you play those games better. (ut, first of all, here are some tips to get the most out of the games% #. )et aside time to play Though not everyday, you need to allocate time to play. This is not 4ust playing anywayQ this is time investment to sharpen your mind. ?. )tart with a game you are familiar with If you found it difficult to understand how to play a game, you might not be motivated to play. So start with the games you are familiar with. This way you can soon train your brain without being distracted by the game rules. F. Choose a new game later ;fter you have played a game quite often, you should try a new game. It gives your brain a different !ind of training that enriches it. @. #ncrease the le el of difficulty 7ust li!e you should increase the weight you use in weight training to build your muscles, you should also increase the difficulty of the games you play to build your brain muscles. This way you stretch your mind beyond its current boundary. "ith those tips in mind, here are #8 free mind games to exercise your brain% 1. +udoku +bout the game Sudo!u is a logic0based number placement pu55le. The ob4ective is to fill a AbA grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine FbF boxes =also called bloc!s or regions> contains the digits from # to A, only one time each =that is, exclusively>. The pu55le setter provides a partially completed grid. =source> %here to play

Sudo!u *aily on )ahooB 1ames Sudo!u C 'iniclip 1ames Super Sudo!u

(rain(ashers% *aily Sudo!u (rain 1ames% Sudo!u


6ist of Sudo!u terms and 4argon Sudo!u Tips% 6earn ow To Solve Sudo!u -aster Miller Sudo!u Tips and Strategies Sudo!u tips% ow to solve Sudo!u

2. &hess +bout the game /hess is played on a square chequered chessboard with K@ squares arranged in an eight0by0eight square. ;t the start, each player =one controlling the white pieces, the other controlling the blac! pieces> controls sixteen pieces% one !ing, one queen, two roo!s, two !nights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The ob4ect of the game is to chec!mate the opponents !ing, whereby the !ing is under immediate attac! =in 9chec!:> and there is no way to remove it from attac! on the next move. =source> -or more information, see the rules of chess. %here to play

,lay ;gainst the /omputer C / /hess C 1ames for the (rain Simple /hess


Ten Tips to "inning /hess /hess opening

3. Bridge +bout the game /ontract bridge, usually !nown simply as bridge, is a tric!0ta!ing card game of s!ill and chance. It is played by four players who form two partnershipsQ the partners sit opposite each other at a table. The game consists of the auction =often called bidding> and play, after which the hand is scored. =source> -or more information, see the rules of bridge.

%here to play These sites require you to log in and play against other human players. I couldnt find free sites that allow you to play bridge online against computer.

)ahooB (ridge (ridge (ase 2nline


/ontract (ridge 1lossary (ridge Scoring (ridge Strategy

4. &ross"ord +bout the game ; crossword is a word pu55le that normally ta!es the form of a square or rectangular grid of blac! and white squares. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving clues which lead to the answers. =source> %here to play

*aily /rosswords on )ahooB 1ames (rain(ashers% /rosswords


/rossword pu55le solving tips

5. Ao +bout the game 1o is played by two players alternately placing blac! and white stones on the vacant intersections of a line grid. The ob4ective of the game is to control a larger part of the board than the opponent. =source> -or more information, see the rules of 1o. %here to play

/omputer01o 2nline


Senseis 6ibrary% (eginner Study Section Seven Steps to Shodan

!. &he kers +bout the game /hec!ers is a form of the draughts board game played on an GbG board with #? pieces on each side that may only move and capture forward. =source> -or more information, see the rules of chec!ers. %here to play

/hec!ers C 'ind (luff


/hec!ers Strategies /hec!ers in a Nutshell

#. =eversi +bout the game &eversi are names for a board game which involves play by two parties on an eight0by0eight square grid with pieces that have two distinct sides. The ob4ect of the game is to ma!e your pieces constitute a ma4ority of the pieces on the board at the end of the game, by turning over as many of your opponents pieces as possible. =source> -or more information, see the rules of &eversi. %here to play

&eversi C 1ames for the (rain &eversi C


&eversi Strategy -rench 2thello -ederation (oo!let

%. &onne t Four

+bout the game /onnect -our is a two0player board game in which the players ta!e turns in dropping alternating colored discs into a seven0 column, six0row vertically0suspended grid. The ob4ect of the game is to connect four singly0colored discs in a row ` vertically, hori5ontally, or diagonally ` before your opponent can do li!ewise. =source> %here to play

(rain 1ames% /onnect -our /onnect @ C


/onnect -our Tips [ Tric!s /onnect -our C "i!iboo!s

'. &hinese &he kers +bout the game /hinese chec!ers is a board game that can be played by two to six people. The ob4ective of the game is to place ones pieces in the corner opposite their starting position of a pitted K0pointed star by single moves or 4umps over other pieces. =source> -or more information, read the rules of /hinese chec!ers. %here to play

/hinese /hec!ers I Thin! (rain 1ames% /hinese /hec!ers


/hinese /hec!ers C "i!iboo!s /hinese chec!ers% Strategy and tips

1). -astermind +bout the game

'astermind is a simple code0brea!ing board game for two players =source>. -or more information, read the rules of 'astermind. %here to play

'astermind C N6R' Super0'astermind


'astermind ;lgorithms

<<< The ten games above are enough to improve your brain fitness. (ut, in case you got bored, there are plenty of other mind games you can find on these sites%

'ind (luff (rain(ashers (rain 1ames C Sheppard Software 1ames for the (rain

"hatever game you choose, play it and boost your brains performance. #f you liked this article, please share it on )tumble/pon or #d appreciate it.
(hoto by apesara

=elated .osts 'onthly &oundup% ;pril ?88G Increase )our ,roductivity by 3liminating X(lac! TimeX Top #8 Interesting -acts ;bout the (rain F8 Simple "ays to 3n4oy 6ife 'ind 3xercise% G /ant0'iss "ays to Train )our 'ind .osted under (ealth4 Thinking #$ comments ;dd your own comment or set a trac!bac!

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1. &omment by -r.ositioning. om P+tanley BronsteinQ

D# #?. ;pril ?88G, A%?E am oHcloc! I

)our article raises ? important points. #> The need for play. 2ur minds need to let go every so often. ,lay is a great way to do it. ?> The need to !eep our brains exercised. 3xercising the brain =especially as we get older> is vital if we want to stay young and healthy. 'r ,ositioning Stanley -. (ronstein ;ttorney, /,;, ;uthor [ ,rofessional 'otivational Spea!er

2. &omment by Donald $atumahina

D? #F. ;pril ?88G, ##%FA am oHcloc! I

Stanley, Thats right. "e need to have fun and exercise our brain. The right !ind of play can meet both needs.

3. &omment by $ily Byme

DF #E. September ?88G, G%@? am oHcloc! I

1o is one of the most difficult games that I ever played. It has a long history and it definitely ma!es you thin! really, really hard. It definitely is interesting and will let you exercise your brain for sure.

4. &omment by Donald $atumahina

D@ #G. September ?88G, G%@E pm oHcloc! I

6ily, I read a lot about 1o when I was writing this post and its indeed a complex game. 3ven computers cant handle 1o well.

5. &omment by kent
DE ?E. September ?88G, #?%?# am oHcloc! I

9brain age: for the nintendo ds is also a great brain trainer.

!. &omment by filippo
DK ?K. September ?88G, K%8G pm oHcloc! I

Try 1ames and brain games online for free tooB

#. &omment by gdash1
D$ F8. September ?88G, ?%#K am oHcloc! I

3xcellent articleB I really en4oyed reading it and playing some of the games. Than!s for posting itB

%. &omment by =yan
DG #8. 7anuary ?88A, G%#8 pm oHcloc! I

I am very surprised scrabble isnt mentioned here, great noodle scratcherB

'. &omment by =a@esh

DA ??. 'ay ?88A, #8%EG am oHcloc! I

Than!s for the wonderful article. I grew up playing /hinese /h!ers, /hess etc. but never reali5ed what role these games are playing in my life. That was the time when computerLelectronic games werent common. I found my nephews who grew up playing computer games, and never played board games li!e chess or chec!ers etc., are pretty smart and have excellent I_. I would recommend users to try their hands on xbox, "II games too.. they have higher level of mind challenges in modern era.


&omment by 8le3
i *onald

D#8 F#. 7uly ?88A, A%8A am oHcloc! I

1reat article. ow convenient it is we can !eep our minds sharp by playing gamesB If you have a moment, please ta!e a loo! at ,lay"ith)our' and consider adding it to your list of mind games sites. It offers over #88 <original< brain games, mind exercises, pu55le and brainteasers.

Than!s, ;lex


&omment by Tom

D## #G. ;ugust ?88A, A%#$ am oHcloc! I

Try this colorful Sudo!u at http%LLwww.sudo!uarena.comL to please your eyes while entertaining your mind.

12. .ingba k by +tudy -atri3 Blog 9 5 5eys to 0mproving 1our -emory > -ind -ap
D #E. 7une ?88G, E%#G am oHcloc! I

N...O (rain "or!out C #8 -ree 'ind 1ames to 3xercise )our (rain ] 6ife 2ptimi5er N...O

13. .ingba k by +tudy -atri3N 0mprove 1our -emory in 3! *ays F .NN .eta 5onsep 8nak Bangsa NN.
D# #8. 7uly ?88G, ##%@F pm oHcloc! I

N...O (rain "or!out C #8 -ree 'ind 1ames to 3xercise )our (rain ] 6ife 2ptimi5er N...O


.ingba k by 8sk*ikiN (ealthy $iving

D? ?$. ;ugust ?88G, G%8? pm oHcloc! I

N...O (rain 1ames%Ten free !eep0it0active games. N...O


.ingba k by 3) *ays to 2n@oy $ife

DF K. 2ctober ?88G, $%8@ am oHcloc! I

N...O ,lay a mind game. N...O


.ingba k by 2n@oy life F T"iggiessis6s *eblog

D@ K. 'arch ?88A, #8%8G am oHcloc! I

N...O ,lay a mind game. N...O

1#. .ingba k by +e urity &he k N =ole of ,sername in se uring your *ord.ress blog > Blog Design +tudio
DE ??. 'ay ?88A, F%FG am oHcloc! I

N...O =are you still thin!ing about it+ if the answer is yes, go ahead and ta!e these mind exercises or play these games>, I would remind you to ensure that you subscribe to our blog for regular tips li!e N...O

8 +imple Tip to Aet Aood $u k

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , September ?A, ?88A

"hat do you thin! it ta!es to get good luc!+ There are many opinions on this. 2ne popular one is to prepare yourself so that you will be in the right position to capitali5e on opportunities when they come. This is summari5ed in a 6ouis ,asteurs quote that says 9-ortune favors the prepared mind.: (ut theres an interesting ta!e on it that I found recently in The /reative abit by Twyla Tharp. There the author gives a simple tip to get good luc!% be generous. )ou should be generous if you want to be luc!y. In other words, you should ma!e other people feel lucky to be around you. The more I thin! about it, the more it ma!es sense. ere are three reasons why% #. The Luality of the people around you refle ts your Luality Twyla Tharp is a choreographer and this is what she writes% To be a great choreographer 8or teacher9, you ha e to in est e erything you ha e in your dancer: %ithout that generosity, youll always hold something back. The finished work shows it, and your audience knows it. ?. .eople "ill re ipro ate &eciprocation is one of the weapons of influence described in Influence% The ,sychology of ,ersuasion by &obert /ialdini. The law of reciprocation is wired into us. "henever someone does something good for us, we feel obliged to give

bac! to her. The more you are generous, the more people are willing to reciprocate and the more opportunities will come your way. F. 1ou "ill be kno"n as a value provider Not only will the people whom you help feel obliged to reciprocate, but they may also tell their friends about you. They may tell their friends about how much value they get from you. That will attract these friends to come to you. They may then tell their friends and it becomes viral. ;ll these people attracted to you means more opportunities for you. ere are two things you should do to apply this principle% #. 0n rease your value (efore you can give to others, you need to have something you can give. )ou need to have something that ma!e other people want to come to you. If you have nothing, how can people feel luc!y to be around you+ So wor! hard to increase your value. (uild your expertise in the field you choose and expand your networ!. /oincidentally, it means that you are also preparing for opportunities. (y wanting to be generous you build yourself a 9prepared mind.: ?. +hare "ithout holding ba k Now that you have something worth sharing, what you need to do is sharing it without holding bac!. It may ta!e practice to do that, but over time you will feel more and more comfortable to share what you !now. ;gain, the !ey here is not 4ust to gi e but to be generous. ;dd your own comment or set a trac!bac!

&urrently 12 omments
1. &omment by Faramar: 9 8n3ious &andy
D# F8. September ?88A, E%EK am oHcloc! I

This is great post C the only way to have a great life is to 9cultivate: a set of people who are willing to help you at the drop of a hat because you have helped them in the past. Thing is how do you stop people from ta!ing advantage if youre always being so generous

2. &omment by Tristan $ee

D? F8. September ?88A, #%E@ pm oHcloc! I

ey *onald. Nice post. I li!e your tips on how to become more luc!y, especially the one on the ability to provide value to others. I thin! the more you are prepared for life and the people you interact with life, youll start to find my opportunities

and chances that will ma!e you lu!cy. ;s ;nthony &obbins once said, 9The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luc!.:

3. &omment by &oa h 7
DF F8. September ?88A, F%E@ pm oHcloc! I

Its ama5ing how well your suggestion wor!s. If you are generous with your time and emotions, people feel luc!y to be around you. To be honest, absolutely no wor! is needed on your partQ 4ust be open and emotionally available for people. The best part is that )2. feel good as wellB Its win0winB

4. &omment by .aul ;or"ine

D@ #. 2ctober ?88A, #?%8F pm oHcloc! I

i *onald C I dont often stop to write down things I read in a post but what you wrote about above was enough to get me to do so. Than!s for the great adviceJ ,aul

5. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DE #. 2ctober ?88A, ##%8? pm oHcloc! I

-aramar5, Thats a good warning for all of us. "e should be generous but we should also be careful not to let people ta!e advantage of us. Tristan, I agree that luc! comes from the meeting of preparation and opportunity. -rom what I see, being generous increases both your preparation and the chance that opportunities come to you. /oach 7, -eeling good is a big reward in itself. 2ften its better to feel fulfilled than to gain reputation or money. ,aul, 1lad you find it usefulB

!. &omment by -arvin

DK F. 2ctober ?88A, $%F8 am oHcloc! I

1reat balance between ma!ing yourself more valuable and then sharing that value without holding bac!. It !eeps everything balanced

#. &omment by 7an
D$ F. 2ctober ?88A, #?%E? pm oHcloc! I

I agree about share without holding bac! specially in sharing ideas on how to improve their lives.

%. &omment by (o<oponopono &learing 9 &laus D 7ensen

DG @. 2ctober ?88A, E%@@ am oHcloc! I

i, 1reat blog postB %0* 3specially 9The quality of the people around you reflects your quality: gave me something to thin! aboutB Than! you, /laus * 7ensen

'. &omment by $isa

DA #?. 2ctober ?88A, ##%#$ am oHcloc! I

1reat post. )ou really do have to give before you can receive. If you give a smile, youll certainly get one in return. If you give somebody a pat on the bac!, then they will reciprocate one day. "e have a wonderful saying in 1erman that the way you call into the woods is the same way your words will come bac!. )ou get what you give.

1). .ingba k by Aive it your best shot > Development +hift

D #. 2ctober ?88A, $%@@ am oHcloc! I

N...O reading of a *onald 6atumahinas post % ; Simple Tip to 1et 1ood 6uc! 4ust has interested N...O

11. .ingba k by &reate 1our /"n $u k F The,niversityBlog

D# K. 2ctober ?88A, G%E$ am oHcloc! I

N...O 6ife 2ptimi5er C ; Simple Tip to 1et 1ood 6uc! N...O

12. .ingba k by &arnival of .ositive Thinking N *ido"s Huest 9 =edefine 1ourself and =edis over $ife after a $oss
D? ##. 2ctober ?88A, ##%E? am oHcloc! I

N...O 6atumahina presents ; Simple Tip to 1et 1ood 6uc! posted at 6ife N...O

-ollow comments according to this article through a &SS ?.8 feed

1) +imple *ays to =edu e +tress and 0mprove the Huality of 1our $ifeG TodayR
(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , ;ugust #F, ?88A

.ote1 This is a guest post by +dam Curren of Character ;e elopment 'log 6ife can be a grindJ. in fact, most of the time it is. In between wor!ing @80E8 hours a wee!, mowing the lawn, coo!ing dinner, cleaning the house, ta!ing the !ids to soccer games, well..J you get the idea. ;t the end of it all, were toastB The body reacts negatively to consistently high levels of stress and many times lead to things such as burn out, anger, depression, and even physical illness. The body wasnt made to go 9Indy E88: all day long. 2ur bodies need to regenerate as well as our minds and spirit. 'any people are drin!ing F0E cups of coffee a day 4ust to get by. 2ur culture tends to treat the symptom and leaves the root of the problem alone. The result is never fixing the problem and in many cases, ma!ing it worse. Illness can generally be traced to one or more of three sources%

environment, diet or genetics. Stress lowers the immune system, ma!ing you more susceptible to disease. /ombining this with a poor diet and toxic environment could potentially create a disasterB Improving the quality of your life increases your return from it. It also has a direct impact on our relationships, how we perform at wor! and our health and well being. I challenge you to inventory the different aspects of your life in order to determine its quality. (ere are 1) +imple *ays to =edu e +tress and 0mprove the Huality of 1our $ifeG..TodayR #. 2valuateN your current situation. 'ost situations that we perceive as stressful really arent a serious threatQ if we reassess our situation we can reduce our stress significantly. ?. BreathN "hen our bodies become tense, we temporarily stop breathing. 2ur bodies naturally regulate the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide it needs by breathing naturally. (ecome conscious of this and ta!e longer rhythmic breathsQ this will both calm your body and help to focus your mind. Ta!e #E minutes each day to close your eyes and clear your mind. F. 23pensesN 6ower them and consider wor!ing one less day per wee!. Imagine thatB %> @. 23er iseN *o at least one if not two cardiovascular wor!outs per wee!. I li!e to swim and bi!e, because Im fairly sure my running days are over. E. DebtN Thin! of debt as in0laws thatve been at your house for a monthQ its something you should consider getting rid of. If you dont have the money, dont spend it. This is the simplest way to stay out of financial trouble. 6earn to use cash and !eep a credit card for emergencies only. (uild an emergency savings account if you dont have one already. K. DietN /onsider it and choose a healthier one. ; tric! that I use is to plan my meals in advanceQ this way I have a plan and its easier to stic! to it. I also eat raw foods for one meal every day. -or example% at least one meal every day consists of raw vegetables, fruit, or nuts. )our bodys getting more nutrition and its easier for your digestive system to brea! down, giving you more energy. $. =elationshipsN 6i!e your bones, you want em strong and healthyB "e were built for relationships. ; void is created when we arent investing in healthy relationships. Mey word being healthy. ;s a result we fill that void with things li!e wor!, sports, pornography.Jyou can fill in the blan!. G. .assionN If what youre doing every day from A0E isnt your passion, consider ma!ing a change. If youre not sure what it is youre passionate about, create a little time and figure it out. A. $oveN ,robably my favorite one. 1ive and receive love, !now and be !nown, real, true, unconditional loveQ its the <reatest (ower on *arth.

#8. +piritual $ifeN /ultivate one and learn to connect to the source of life, something .osted under 8ttitude4 (ealth A comments ;dd your own comment or set a trac!bac!

&urrently ' omments

1. &omment by 5ai:an
D# #F. ;ugust ?88A, $%#E am oHcloc! I

1reat post. I li!e your 9debt as in0laws: example. I thin! focussing on the actions contained in your list is something everyone should be doing, but we thin! we are too busy to pay attention to them. Im as guilty as anyone of thisB

2. &omment by 8dam &urren

D? #F. ;ugust ?88A, @%E$ pm oHcloc! I

Mai5an, than!s for the comment. Id love to chec! out your blog sometime.

3. &omment by =oseanna $eaton

DF #@. ;ugust ?88A, #%#G pm oHcloc! I

6i!ed your #8 pointers. I agree with Mai5an in that most people thin! they are too busy to do a lot of these thingsJand also I thin! a lot of people dont thin! that they can changeQ they do not !now how to change and feel as if they are loc!ed onto an ever0running treadmill. It is important therefore to give oneself small things to change and then piece by piece you will get there. ow much time, after all, does it ta!e to breathe properly+ ;nd it is such an easy and natural thing to do.

4. &omment by @onathan figaro

D@ #$. ;ugust ?88A, E%FG pm oHcloc! I

3xercising not only improves health, increases energy, clears the mind and !eep you positive. It also extends ones life. (eing able to live longer on this plant to do more of what you love to do. 7ust by ta!ing bite si5e steps each day will increase your life span guaranteed.

5. &omment by 7a ob
DE F8. ;ugust ?88A, $%E? pm oHcloc! I

Spiritual life+ 9something greater than yourself:+ &3;66)+++ aving faith or imaginary friends is not going to improve your lifeB &eason will do that, though.

!. &omment by (unter *
DK A. September ?88A, #8%F# pm oHcloc! I

;wesome article ;damB

#. &omment by 8dam &urren

D$ #8. September ?88A, F%8# pm oHcloc! I

7onathan, than!s for the comment. 3xercising is one of my favorite things to do to clear my mindQ it has so many benefits.

%. &omment by Balasundaram
DG #F. September ?88A, #%#F am oHcloc! I

(etter breathing% -ollow simple )oga technique of ,ranayama C (retahe in as musch as you can by ta!ing a deep breathQ then hold it for an equal time or longer and then breathe out very, very slowly, till your lungs are clear. &epeat this #80#E times in a session.

'. &omment by 8dam &urren

DA #F. September ?88A, #?%?# pm oHcloc! I

(alasundaram, than!s for adding that breathing techniqueB Its a great one for calming and relaxing the body.

-ollow comments according to this article through a &SS ?.8 feed If you are a ighly Sensitive ,erson, you may be wondering if there are any tools or strategies for living more comfortably and effectively in this sometime overwhelming and seemingly insensitive world. There certainly are.

ere ared 14 +u ess +trategies for (ighly +ensitive .eopleB 1. 8 ept your sensitivity. )our sensitivity is a gift. I !now it doesnt always feel li!e it. (ut it is. I spent more than half of my life denying that I was a highly sensitive. .ntil you ac!nowledge and say 9yes: to your sensitivity you cannot begin to learn the tools that will help you leverage that sensitivity into a positive benefit. 2. &hoose to empo"er your sensitivity rather than minimi:e it. It has ta!en me many years to get to the place where I can truly claim my sensitivity and use it as a powerful tool on my 4ourney of self0discovery and deliberate creation. ;s a ighly Sensitive ,erson in an often over stimulating world, dampening your sensitivity sometimes seems li!e the best solution. ;nd while that may be helpful, and even necessary, at first, ultimately you want to empower your sensitivity and turn it into a powerful ally in the creation of a truly brilliant life. 3. +pend time "ith other sensitive people. It is very easy to get caught up in the stress and overload of our frenetic, chaotic world. Sometimes it seems as if there is no one else as sensitive as you. ;nd from that thought its a short slide down the slippery slope into feeling li!e you are cra5y or weird or strange. So find some other fol!s who are highly sensitive and create a support group where you can go for encouragement and to remind each other that you are not alone and that you are not cra5y. 2ne important note on this% This group is not a complain and whine groupB The point is not to compare notes on how horrible and insensitive the rest of the world is. )ou connect with other ighly Sensitive ,eople in order to !now that you are not alone and discuss ways to leverage your sensitivity to create positive changes in your livesB 4. (ang out "ith su essful4 not9so9sensitive people. I !now this seems li!e a contradiction of the last one. (ut I have seen it happen =in myself and others> where a sensitive person basically says 9screw you: to the rest of the world and all of the less sensitive people and finds someplace to curl up in a little ball and hide. "hile this can certainly be a beneficial and sometimes necessary short0term strategy, its not an effective long0term solution. Those of us who are highly sensitive can learn a lot from people who are not sensitive. So find some not0so0sensitive people who are successful and begin hanging out with them. 2bserve them. 6earn from them. "atch how they move through the world. Not so that you can dampen your sensitivity but so that you might learn how to bring your sensitivity into the world in a balanced manner. 5. +tart a regular pra ti e of Kmindful e3er ise.M 3xercise is important for everyone. (ut especially so for ighly Sensitive ,eople. 'oving your body helps to get any environmental, emotional and energetic toxins out of your system. "hile any type of exercise is

beneficial, wor!outs that incorporate your mind, body and spirit can be especially helpful. Try things li!e )oga, Tai /hi, ;!ido. and ,ilates. *ancing and roc!0climbing can also be great opportunities for the body, mind and spirit to move. The bottom line is to find a form of exercise that touches )2.& body, mind and spirit. !. Find (+. role models4 sensitive people "ho have leveraged their sensitivity to reate a great life. *o you !now any ighly Sensitive ,eople who have learned to not only survive in this world, but thrive in it+ "hat lessons can learn from them+ "hat life strategies can you emulate+ If you cant find role models in your own life, loo! in the wider world. "hat teachers, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs =yes there are successful ;N* highly sensitive entrepreneurs> can you find+ 2nce you find them, again loo! for lessons and strategies that they are using to leverage their sensitivity into success. #. Aently push yourself beyond the level of your sensitivity. )our sensitivity is a gift and strength. (ut in order for this gift to be of any value to you and to the world, you must learn how to put it into use. That means you have to stretch yourself and bring your sensitivity with you into places and situations where it feels uncomfortable. 7ust as you build muscle mass through resistance, you increase your ability to bring your sensitivity into the world by practicing and exercising. %. 5no" your limits. *ont push yourself so far that you blow a fuseB (ecome aware of the internal signals that let you !now you are reaching maximum capacity. ;nd when you notice them bac! off. )ou want to push yourself and strengthen your sensitivity, but not to the point where it causes you to blow a fuseB '. +et up a onsistent self9 are routine. ;s a sensitive person you need more self care than others. *ont compare yourself to less sensitive people. 1et clear on your needs and ta!e steps to ensure that those needs are met. If you need a massage every wee!, get one. If you need to ta!e a bath with sea salts every night, do it. )our sensitivity is of no use if you are not able to function in the worldB 1). &onne t "ith nature as often as possible. If there is one consistent theme I have found among sensitive people it is the restorative capacity of nature. 3ven if you live in a city get outside every day. /onnect with a tree. If you dont want to loo! strange, pretend youre leaning up against it waiting for some. (ut while youre there, feel the restorative, grounding energy flowing through that tree. 11. &reate safe4 san tuary spa es. It is very important for sensitive people to have safe spaces to go to when the world gets

overwhelming. )ou need to !now that no matter what is happening in the wider world, that you have a safe space, a sanctuary to which you can return and restore yourself. Ideally, your home is your sanctuary. If its not, start by ta!ing a small space and turning it into a safe, private, sanctuary where you can go when you need quiet and solitude. 12. $imit your e3posure to ne"s. In some ways, this one suggestion may be the easiest and most powerful success strategy for ighly Sensitive ,eople. ;nd yet, I find it ama5ing how often this suggestion triggers people. They feel that if they dont read the newspaper theyll be missing out on important information. 'y response is that if reading the newspaper ma!es you feel li!e crap what good does that information do for anyone. I would much rather see you feeling great and doing positive things in the world, than see you feeling depressed and hopeless because youre reading too much news. 13. 23plore energeti healing modalities. 'y training at the ;cademy of Intuition 'edicine has been the most powerful wor! in my quest to empower and balance my sensitive nature. Try acupuncture, homeopathy, rei!i, energy medicine, flower essences and other forms of energetic healing. "hen you find one that wor!s, schedule regular sessions. 14. $earn ho" to reate positive energeti boundaries. There are wonderful resources that can teach you to setup positive energetic boundaries. Start with my course, The 3nergetics of ;ttraction and explore 3nergy 'edicine .niversity =the distance learning wing of the ;cademy of Intuition 'edicine>. &ead boo!s by /aroline 'yss , *onna 3den , and others. 2nce you venture into this world you will be ama5ed at how easily you are led to the information and teachers you need to get learn how to thrive in this worldB If you are a ighly Sensitive ,erson, I encourage you to begin using some of these strategies. 6oo! through the list and pic! one or two of these that resonate with you and begin integrating them into your daily life. )ou may be surprised at how quic!ly and dramatically your life can change when you actively employ success strategies specifically designed for ighly Sensitive ,eople. ,lease leave a comment below and let us !now which of these strategies you already use and what other techniques you use as a sensitive person in this world. ;nd if you want more information, inspiration and techniques to help you thrive in this world as an empowered sensitive person, I encourage you to read my new report% The 2nergeti s of 8ttra tionN ,nderstanding and 8pplying the (armoni s of (uman 8"areness and to &ompose The $ife 1ou Desire. The report is free and you can download it instantly by entering your name and email in the form below.

'ost of us love the familiar. "hether we reali5e it or not, we put a lot of wor! into ensuring that certain things in our lives remain constant.This personal 9comfort 5one: is the invisible, but very real area that defines the boundaries of what we !now and understand. (y staying within this comfort 5one we reassure ourselves that we are safe. ;nd as long as we are safely held within the walls of what we !now we feel secure and confident. ;s we move closer to the edges of that 5one we begin to feel a bit sha!y and unsure of ourselves. (ut those edges are where we grow. ;nd by stretching those boundaries we increase our ability to receive. T. arv 3!er, the author of The Secrets of The 'illionaire 'ind has said that our comfort 5one equals our money 5one. In order to have more money in our lives we must expand our comfort 5one. I would add that our comfort 5one equals our 4oy 5one, our love 5one, our fulfillment 5one, our spiritual connection 5one, you name it. So if you want more of anything in your life, the place to start is with your comfort 5one. (y expanding your comfort 5one you will get more of what you want. Its that simple. Now it sounds easy enough, but most of us have built up some pretty sturdy walls around our comfort 5one. ,ushing them out or brea!ing them down requires conscious, concerted effort. ;nd I have found that its easier to expand the comfort 5one in small, steady, steps than in great big leaps. (ut in order to do that, you need to intentionally ta!e expansive action on a daily basis. So to get you started, Ive created a list of E8 actions that might expand your comfort 5one. Meep in mind that the parameters of everyones comfort 5one are different. So if you already love to Scuba dive, number F8 on this list isnt going to expand your comfort 5one very muchB (ut there are most li!ely other items on this list that will wor! for you. ;lso reali5e that many of these can, and may need to be, turned around to wor! for you. -or example, number K is 9(e the first to say, 9I love you.: (ut if youre the one that always says I love you first, youll need to turn it around to 96et the other person say efgI love you first.: -or some of you thats going to be quite uncomfortable, especially when the other person doesnt say 9I love youB: This is not meant to be an all0inclusive list. It cant be. Instead, its a catalyst and a reminder for you to ta!e small steps each and every day that expand your comfort 5one. eres the list%

#. Try some new food. ?. 1o on a silent retreat. F. ;s! for a raise. @. Smile at strangers. E. Say hello to people in the grocery store. K. (e the first to say 9I love you.: $. ,erform at an open mi!e night. G. 3at at a local restaurant by yourself. A. Ta!e a day off from wor! to volunteer at your childs school. #8. 1o bac! to school. ##. Start a new business. #?. 'oonlight as a waitperson. #F. .nplug the TR for a wee!. #@. "rite in a 4ournal every day. #E. 6earn to surf. #K. 1o to a different churchLtempleLmosque each wee!. #$. 1et your news from different sources. #G. 6ive in another country. #A. *o a house0swap for a month. ?8. .se public transportation. ?#. "ear an outrageous outfit. ??. 'editate for #E0minutes a day. ?F. ,ut your cell phone in a drawer for a full wee!. ?@. 'a!e a fool of yourself C on purpose. ?E. /all someone you admire in your community and as! them out for lunch. ?K. ;s! someone you admire to be your mentor. ?$. Switch sides =of the bed> with your partner. ?G. /onfront a phobia. ?A. 7ump out of a plane =with a parachute pleaseB>. F8. 6earn to scuba dive. F#. Say I love you to your parentsLchildrenLsiblingsLfriends. F?. ;dmit you were wrong. FF. 1o to a movie by yourself. F@. Ta!e responsibility for something you didnt do. FE. 1ive away all one0months income. FK. 1ive a public tal! on a topic youre passionate about. F$. 7oin a networ!ing group. FG. *isconnect the Internet for a wee!. FA. ;s! for help. @8. 1et a part time 4ob as a chec!er at your local grocery store. @#. 3nter an art show. @?. -orgive someone. @F. 7oin Toastmasters. @@. Start a blog. @E. ;s! for a partial or complete telecommute arrangement at wor!. @K. Ta!e lessons in something youve always wanted to try =art, music, woodwor!ing,

dancing, etc.>. @$. 6earn a foreign language. @G. &ead a boo! in a genre you dont usually read. @A. *elegate more of your wor!. E8. 1et up an hour earlier than usual. E#. Try a therapy or modality that seems a bit 9out there.: "hich of these have the most potential for expanding your comfort 5one+ "hich ones made you gulp or start to sweat a bit+ "hich actions did I leave off this list that, for you, are particularly effective at expanding your comfort 5one+ 6eave a comment below and share some of yours.

Fo us 1our 2ffort on the Big *ins

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , 'ay ?A, ?88A

2ne of the ideas I learn from I "ill Teach )ou To (e &ich =my review> is the importance of focusing on the big wins. Fo using on the big "ins means fo using on things that make the most differen e. Instead of spreading your effort on many different things, you should focus only on things that give you the most return. In personal finance, one way to apply it is by focusing on the big expenses =li!e the interest you pay for your mortgage> instead of the small ones =li!e the three0dollar latte>. 'any people do the opposite by focusing on the small expenses instead of the big ones. ;s a result, they lose money more than they save. (ut why dont people naturally focus on the big wins+ Isnt it clear that we should focus on things that ma!e the most difference+ .nfortunately, thats not case. 2ne reason is that the big "ins are often not obvious. )ou cant see them right away. )ou can immediately see that you save three dollars by not buying latte, but the amount you save on mortgage interest cant be seen immediately. )ou can only see it by loo!ing at the big picture and thin!ing long term. That6s "hy it6s important to see the big pi ture "hen it omes to finding big "ins. See how things will be in ten or twenty years. Think long term. "hat seems li!e a good deal in the short term might actually be bad in the long term. 2n the other hand, things

that dont give you immediate return in the short term might give you great return in the long term. 2ne more important thing to !eep in mind is that not only should you identify big wins to get them, but also you should identify big losses to avoid them. If you focus only on the wins then there is a danger that one big loss could wipe them out. )ou need to be aware of potential losses as well so that you can avoid them before they hit you. I learned this from personal experience. ; few years ago, I went overseas with my family. Since Im a boo! lover, I was happy to find used boo! stores that sell good boo!s at discounted prices. So I bought many boo!s. 2nly at the airport was I aware that all those boo!s made my bag overweight. I needed to pay a hefty overweight fee that wiped all the savings I made from the discounted boo!s. I loss money, in fact. So dont forget to loo! at both sides of the coin.
(hoto by 'omb;og

3mail this h Save to =# save> h *igg ThisB h Stumble ItB =elated .osts #E Tips to Stay ,ositive in Negative Situations The Single 'ost Important Ingredient of 3ffectiveness &eview% I "ill Teach )ou To (e &ich .osted under Finan e4 *orking ## comments ;dd your own comment or set a trac!bac!

&urrently 11 omments
1. &omment by Bern > 0n 8ns"ers
D# F8. 'ay ?88A, #%E@ am oHcloc! I

Nice article *onaldJ I once wor!ed for a brilliant guy on 2ahu. "e had a very small group of wor!ers that were laser focused on only the biggest things that could ma!e money for the company. The details were not focused on much. "e loo!ed only at things that could drastically increase income. ; good way to focus and I learned a lot at that companyB

2. &omment by Blad Dole:al

D? #. 7une ?88A, ?%FA am oHcloc! I

1reat point, *onaldB I thin! a lot of people get stuc! in small0picture thin!ing, or somehow they feel that they need to advance slowly, step by step. (ut I see again and again how the most successful people ignore societys expectations of step0by0step advancing, and go straight for the big wins.

3. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DF #. 7une ?88A, #%?? pm oHcloc! I

Rern and Rlad, It seems that focusing on the big wins is actually an application of the G80?8 principle. Successful people are those who ignore the bottom G8i and go directly to the top ?8i.

4. &omment by Bern > 0n 8ns"ers

D@ #. 7une ?88A, $%8F pm oHcloc! I

*onald, )es. &ecently Ive been loo!ing at that and I reali5e that if I can ignore the G80 A8i thats pulling me away from the #80?8i thats ma!ing me P Im going to be really quite successful. If you put A8i of time into what is wor!ing C its really the best plan of action. "ill reply to your faceboo! msg shortly hereJ

5. &omment by 7ames D /rgani:e 0T

DE @. 7une ?88A, F%@G pm oHcloc! I

1ood read. I certainly agree about this. Though regarding those smaller victories, I thin! you should still focus on them, but in a different way. Small steps done regularly still produce big results in the long term so they shouldnt necessarily be neglected.

!. &omment by +teve
DK E. 7une ?88A, E%EG pm oHcloc! I

*onald, than!s for sharing this information. I absolutely love &amits blog, and some of the ideas he has shared for wealth building, especially his posts on automating your finances. I agree with you, although I have definitely been one of those who has reversed priorities when focusing on saving money and cutting expenses. 7ust recently we got a new carrier for auto insurance, and are saving over PF880@E8 per yearB

#. &omment by Donald $atumahina

D$ K. 7une ?88A, #?%#$ am oHcloc! I

7ames, Small steps done regularly still produce big results in the long term so they shouldnt necessarily be neglected. I agree. 7ust you shouldnt focus on the smaller victories at the expense of the bigger ones. I thin! thats the mista!e that many people ma!e. Steve, I also love &amits method of automating your finances. I need to modify it since not all of it can be applied in my country, but the idea is sound. &egarding cutting expenses, I dont thin! there is anything wrong with it. ;s 7ames said, small steps can give big results in the long term.

%. &omment by -anilada"g
DG #F. 7une ?88A, G%F$ am oHcloc! I

I thin! focusing on (I1 wins is important (.T i disagree with ignoring S';66 victories. I personally believe it is 7.ST as important as the (I1 one.

'. &omment by /mar

DA ?@. 7une ?88A, A%EK am oHcloc! I

1reat ;rticle. I guess its sort of an illusion instant gratification but then again five to ten years you wonder was it really worth it. )our not at the level you want to be.


&omment by 7ason +hi k

D#8 #E. September ?88A, #?%#F am oHcloc! I

This does seem to be an adaptation of the G8L?8 principle, but its a refreshingly simple way to loo! at it. ,eople focus more on the little things, li!e the PF latte because its an easier answer to the question. -or example, how can I save moneyJ. dont buy a latte, instead of pay of my mortgage or refinance for a lower rate. It requires less of the person and human nature tends to gravitate toward what is simple. Though, when people arent focused on the big win, as you call it, its easy to ta!e the money you saved from not going to starbuc!s and spend it on something else that still doesnt constitute a big win. eres a quote from somebody smarter than myself that Im sure I am butchering to some degreeJ:To have the success that others dont have, we must be willing to do what others are not willing to do. 9


.ingba k by Big *ins > &ube =ules

D #. 7une ?88A, @%8@ am oHcloc! I

N...O 2ptimi5er notes in -ocus )our 3ffort on the (ig "ins that even though this focus should be a no0brainer, the reality is different% 2ne reason is that N...O

Diversify 1our 0n ome to .revent Finan ial .roblems

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , *ecember #, ?88G

In the post ow to Save Time in the 6ong Term, I wrote that we need to minimi5e our potential regret to save a lot of time in the future. The reason is that we lose more time not by how we do things but by what we dont do. So I made a list of things that might give me the biggest regrets in the future if I dont do them. This is my personal list but many of the items are applicable to everyone. 2ne of the items in my list is income di ersification. ;ot diversifying my in ome is something that ould make me regret in the future. The ris! is clear% 0 "ould get finan ial problems if my primary sour e of in ome disappear. There is definitely no fun in seeing your income drops to 5ero or near 5ero especially when you have a family to feed. Im afraid that this is a potential problem for many people, in particular those who wor! as employees. If for some reasons they lose their 4obs, there is a possibility that they will fall into financial problems. Thats why you need to diversify your income. *iversifying your income gives you a safety net to prevent financial problems. (ere are some tips on in ome diversifi ation%

1. +tart early (uilding new income streams to the level where they are substantial enough for a living may ta!e long time. So its important that you start early. *ont wait until the financial problems come. "hile you can get bac! many things you lose, you wont get bac! lost time. .se your time wisely. 2. 23plore opportunities through side pro@e ts 3xploring new opportunities is a must if you want to diversify your income. /reating side pro4ects is perhaps the best way to do that. It allows you to explore opportunities without sacrificing your primary source of income. ; promising side pro4ect can then become one of your main pro4ects. This is what happens to me with this blog. This blog started as a side pro4ect for me but now it grows to the point where it becomes one of my main pro4ects. 3. Be persistent ;s I stated above, it ta!es time to build new income streams until they become substantial enough. So not only should you start early, but you should also be persistent. In any endeavor you ta!e you will always go through failure period before you succeed. *ont lose heart and dont give up when you are going through such period. .nderstand that its part of your 4ourney to success. Meep doing what it ta!es even if it doesnt give you the results you want at the moment. 4. 5no" "hen to stop "hile you need to be persistent, you should also !now when to stop and explore other opportunities. There is a difference between being persistent and being stubborn. "hen something is clearly hopeless, dont !eep pursuing it. Save your resources and switch to other opportunities. 5. Failure is your friend "hile you are exploring opportunities, you will find a lot of opportunities that are unsuccessful. Thats normal and you shouldnt be discouraged when you fail. 7ust dont ma!e the mista!e of giving up too early. ,erhaps you are 4ust wal!ing through the failure period of a good opportunity. !. +trengthen the "inners "hile exploring opportunities, you will find some that are winners. These are where you should put most of your resources. Invest more money. Spend more time. *ont ma!e the mista!e of giving all the opportunities the same amount of resources. 1ive more resources to the winners so that they can fully develop. This is the reason why you should

experiment and explore new opportunities in the first place% to find winners that you can strengthen further.

25 *ays to Build +tronger Friendships

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , ;ugust ?A, ?88G

.ote1 This is a guest post by +laia %illiams of One Organi-ed Life *ach friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arri e. ;n\is Nin -riendships are incredibly important. ;t certain stages in our lives, friendships are everything to us C the most important thing in our lives. -riendships help define us. 2ur friends can influence our choices C where we live, what we eat, what we buy. -riendships grow and change as people come and grow. There is old proverb that says, 9friends are flowers in the garden of life.: -riendships need their own !ind of water and soil to grow healthy and strong. The following are ?E things to !eep in mind to facilitate building stronger friendships. #. &hoose friends "isely. )ou do not have to be everyones friend. /hoose to be friends with people who build you up, not tear you down. /hoose friends who inspire you and welcome you, not alienate and insult you. )ou cant choose the family you are born into, but you can choose your friends. ?. $isten. 6isten closely to what the other person is saying. 6et that person !now that you hear them. ;s! clarifying questions. Summari5e what youve heard. Though helpful, it does not always have to be through words. 3ye contact and body language are also important ways of showing someone you are listening. F. =espond arefully. Thin! before you spea! C especially if you are angry. Sometimes, ta!ing a moment to thin! about what you say before you start blurting things out will spare hurt feelings and bruised pride. ;lso, when friends feel li!e it is o!ay to be themselves around you, they trust you. /hoose your words with care. @. 8void onsistently giving advi e or trying to fi3 all of your friend6s problems. (y all means, if a friend as!s for your advice, give it. They might want you to proofread an important email before it is sent out. 'aybe they are struggling with a relationship. ,erhaps life is throwing them a curve ball and they need your support or insight. *ont wiggle your way into every aspect of your friends life, telling them how to be the star of their own show. 1ive them room to process things and ma!e their own decisions.

E. .lay fair. 8void trying to one9up your friends. 3ventually your friends wont want to play with you anymore. K. Be authenti . (e yourself. (e honest. ;void putting up a fajade. "e all test our relationships by throwing something out there about our true nature. "e then hide behind a corner, head pee!ing out, waiting for the response. If someone cant accept you for who you are, developing a relationship with them will be hard. *ont shortchange yourself by denying your beliefs, values, and point of view, for the sa!e of fitting in. )ou wont be doing anyone any favors. $. &ommuni ate openly and honestly. *eveloping communication with a person can ta!e time C and trustB ;s! your friends what you can do for them. Share what you have to offer. *ont be afraid to let people !now what you need. Share what is necessary, but dont dominate conversation. "hen a problem arises, wor! through it together. G. 8 ept your friends for "ho they are. 2n your search for friends who can accept your authentic self, !eep in mind C other people are loo!ing for the same thing. "e all want people who love us for who we are. A. =espe t their hoi es. 0t is okay to disagree. If your friend decides to ma!e a move when you thin! standing still is the right thing to do, let them do their thing. If youve given your advice and your friend sees things differently, step aside. "hat your friend is doing might be right for their life but not yours. They might be ma!ing a mista!e, but if it doesnt !ill them, maim them, or leave them in a coma, hopefully they can learn from the experience. ;nd, if it will !ill them, loc! them in a closet and dont let them out until theyve forgotten why you trapped them in there in the first place. #8. Be the kind of friend you "ant others to be for you. )ou want friends who are honest, !ind, compassionate, fair, not 4udgmental, authentic, and intelligent. (e that person first and youll be more li!ely to attract that !ind of friend into your life. ##. Be empatheti . Trying to understand things from your friends point of view can help you communicate and understand each other better. #?. Aive ompliments. Show love for your friends by complimenting them on their good qualities or things they do well. as a friend done something you admire them for+ 6et them !nowB #F. 23press your gratitude. 6et your friends !now that you value your friendship. Tell them. "rite them a note. *id you see the collectors edition of their favorite movie while you were out+ (uy a copy. Surprise your friend by ta!ing him or her out for lunch or dinner at one of their favorite places. #@. 8dmit and apologi:e. "hen you do something wrong, admit it. 6earn to apologi5e. Sometimes a friend is upset, and all they want from you is to =genuinely> say 9sorry.: It shows that you reali5e your misstep, and that you will hopefully not ma!e the same mista!e again. #E. $et go. *id a friend do something that hurt you+ ave you tal!ed it through+ "ere apologies made+ 6et go and move onB If you dont, youll hang on to the transgression and it will taint the relationship going forward. *ont trudge up a pric!ly patch of your past. Try your best to ma!e a fresh start.

#K. -ake time for your friends. Spend time with your friends. It might feel odd to schedule your friends on your calendar, but if you have a busy schedule, getting them in your boo!, is better than letting them go. Show your friends that you want to be around them. Is your friend far away+ "rite them an email, chat with them via I', call them on the phone, plan a wee!end get together. 'a!ing time for your friends sends the message that they are an important part of your life. #$. 5eep your promises. If you !now you cant deliver something, dont promise that you will. If you ma!e a promise, do you best to !eep it. It is better to say 9I dont thin! I can ma!e it on Saturday night, but lets get lunch next wee!,: than saying you will show up, and then accept a different invitation or cancel at the last minute. #G. &elebrate "hat you have in ommon. 'ost friendships are started because of some common thread C a favorite sport, a love of boo!s, an appreciation of fine wine, an insufferable boss. 1et season tic!ets to your favorite baseball team or chec! out the local library boo! sale together next month. #A. Try ne" things together. "hat new experiences can you share with your friend+ It could be as simple as chec!ing out the new local coffee shop, or as adventurous as bungee 4umping. ?8. (ave fun together. -riendships, li!e any other relationship, can fall into a rut sometimes C especially if all you do with your friends is share your latest complaints every time you see each other. Sha!e up the routine. 1o out and do something fun you both en4oy, or loo! at that list of new things to try that you came up with and do one of them. Its great to have a friend you can open up with, but lighten the burden load and let loose C create some happy memories together. ?#. +eek balan e in your friendship. 3ntering a relationship with selfish motives and being a person who ta!es and ta!es and ta!es until the well runs dry, is li!ely to lead a lonely life. Serve and support your friends. "hat can you do for them+ ow can you help+ "hat can you add to their life or their day to ma!e it a little bit better+ ??. Take eLual responsibility for the friendship. Ta!e turns ma!ing plans or driving across town to see each other. If there is a problem, ac!nowledge your part in it and figure out, together, how to ma!e it right. If both people are not tending to the relationship, it will not flourish. ?F. Be a heerleader. (e encouraging. 'otivate your friends. ;ffirmation goes a long way. If your friends arent in your corner, who is+ ?@. 5eep personal information onfidential. ;s relationships grow, it is common for friends to share confidential information with you. If a friend tells you a secret it is because they trust you and believe that you will !eep what they told you in the strictest of confidence. *o not betray your friend by sharing their secret stories with others. 'any times a relationship has been ruined over spilled secrets. ?E. ,n len h your fist. Friendships gro" and hange. +ometimes they end. )ou can change a lot in a year. Imagine how much you can change in #8 years. The person you were when you met someone is not the person you will always be. )ou grow up. )ou change your mind about things. )our friends will do the same. Sometimes a friend youve !nown for years will start to play a bigger role in your

life as the years pass. ,erhaps your lifestyles change radically and spending tons of time together 4ust does not feel right anymore because you have fewer interests in common. This friend might stay in your life, but might have less impact on and influence in it. Thats o!ay. If a person is bringing you down, hurting you, or starts to go down a dangerous path, it is completely acceptable to end the relationship. Sometimes we struggle to hang on to a wilting relationship. 'any times, it is healthier to let go. ;dd your own comment or set a trac!bac!

&urrently 13 omments
1. &omment by +hanel 1ang
D# ?A. ;ugust ?88G, ##%#? am oHcloc! I

I agree with all of your excellent points, ;laiaB 3specially the part about letting go of old friends when you have drifted apart. I want to share the wisdom of many great minds about this topic in 9F88 -riendship _uotes: at http%LLshanelyang.comL?88GL8GL8ELF880friendship0quotesL

2. &omment by 2lle
D? F#. ;ugust ?88G, A%8$ pm oHcloc! I

"hat a great list, than!sB 'y favorite is D ??, and I measure the quality of a friendship by how much effort each of us is putting into it.

3. &omment by Desire
DF F#. ;ugust ?88G, ##%?# pm oHcloc! I

I completely agreeJthan!s for the good wordsB

4. &omment by 8laia *illiams

D@ @. September ?88G, #%F8 am oHcloc! I

To *esire, 3lle, and Shanel C Than!s for the great comments. 1lad you en4oyed the articleB 0 ;laia

5. &omment by &arine
DE ?$. November ?88G, $%@# am oHcloc! I

Rery interesting site B 1ood wor! B /ongratulations %>,

!. &omment by .i3ie
DK E. 'arch ?88A, F%E@ pm oHcloc! I

hi, this is a great blog. i will definitely share this to my friends. Than!sB

#. &omment by rey@r
D$ #G. ;ugust ?88A, #8%@8 am oHcloc! I

Thats a nice list. Rery good advice. %* I especially li!ed% 9&espect their choices. It is o!ay to disagree.:

%. &omment by mad:
DG #G. ;ugust ?88A, #8%@G am oHcloc! I

1ive /ompliments. kk I guess thats something most of us forgot nowadays.. Meep the friendship burning by giving compliments %*

'. .ingba k by 2lse"here on the *ebN 8 Auest .ost on Friendship F /ne /rgani:ed $ife Blog
D ?A. ;ugust ?88G, #8%?F am oHcloc! I

N...O 4ust wanted to ta!e a quic! moment to let you !now about an article I wrote called 9?E "ays to (uild Stronger -riendships,: which is posted over at the 6ife 2ptimi5er N...O

1). .ingba k by Be a Friend4 (ave a FriendC > defining someday

D# @. September ?88G, $%E# am oHcloc! I

N...O to my recent entry into the blog carnival world, Ive found new places to loo! for answers. This post in particular got me thin!ing about friendship. ?E points is too long for me, so here are N...O

11. .ingba k by $ink $ove 9 12S)'S)% > rob9 thompson. om

D? #?. September ?88G, ?%8G am oHcloc! I

N...O ?E "ays to (uild Stronger -riendships I 6ife 2ptimi5er ; pragmatic summary of ?E ways to reinforce an existing friendship. /ommonsense advice. ,erhaps the most important one is the first one% /hoose -riends "isely. 6ifes too short to try to get on with everyone, so dont bother N...O

12. .ingba k by The 0mportan e of Brain *aves in /ur 2veryday $earning > Deep Brain +timulation
DF #K. November ?88G, F%@8 am oHcloc! I

N...O and techniques learnt all the more easier C we can apply ourselves in life, in our wor!, in our relationships with that much more ease. Science and its spiritual counterparts are offering you the !ey to unloc! N...O

13. .ingba k by 0H -atri3 Blog E Blog 8r hive E Be oming a .erson of 0nfluen e > -ind -ap
D@ #$. *ecember ?88G, ?%?G am oHcloc! I

N...O ?E "ays to (uild Stronger -riendships ] 6ife 2ptimi5er N...O

-ake ;e" Friends and 5eep the /ld4 /ne is +ilver and the /ther Aold
(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , ;ugust ?8, ?88G

.ote1 This is a guest post by Flora 2orris 'rown of Color &our Life Happy. This old 1irl Scout lyric brings bac! memories of singing with childhood friends around a glowing campfire. The analogy to precious metals in the song emphasi5es the value of friendships. 3very boo! and article on happiness lists the importance of personal relationships to our 4oy. Its not because we get our happiness from others, but because by sharing the happiness we have with others, our own happiness is strengthened. (ut warm friendships

dont 4ust happen. They must be cultivated and nurtured if they are to be meaningful and long0lasting. ere are some ways I have maintained friendships through the years. 'aybe these can help you too. 1. +end o asional greeting ards4 not @ust at &hristmas 'y friends appreciate greeting cards for the many occasions that fall between /hristmases. 2ne friend commented that she didnt even !now they ma!e Than!sgiving cards until she received one from me. 'a!e someones day by sending an unexpected than! you card letting her !now what a difference she made in your life. The best time to do this is when you thin! of an incident or time when this person was especially helpful, supportive or encouraging. Its easy to send these cards. )ou can get a pac! of imprinted or blan! for under PE. I often address them while I have waiting times`beauty shop under the dryer or dentist waiting room. I !eep a supply of stamps so that Im always ready to dash off these cards. 2. &all a fe" people you haven6t talked to in a "hile 3mail is my favorite form of communication, but it cant replace the human voice. 2n a Saturday or Sunday afternoon I will go through my address boo! until I land on someone I havent tal!ed to in a long time. They are so delighted to have a personal chat. Short frequent calls wor! well too. I have one friend who calls on Sunday mornings and says 9 i, 4ust chec!ing in. Is everyone 2M+ : If I have anything unusual or interesting to report, I do. Then I as! for an update on her wee!, and then were finished until the next wee!. Sometimes our calls last longer, of course, but most times theyre brief. If she gets voice mail she leaves the same message. 3. Be a resour e "hen I run across a newspaper article, a sale, or a lin! on the Internet that may be informative or helpful to a free, I send it to them. "hen I returned from my family reunion I put one of my cousins in touch with a childhood friend in the same industry. ;nother friend mentioned that she is starting a new website to help writers who want to get published. "hen I went through my email I saw a lin! in a newsletter that may be a good lead for her.

2ne girlfriend is ta!ing care of her mother stric!en with ,ar!insons disease. "hen I saw an article in my alumni maga5ine about new research, I clipped it and mailed it to her. 4. -ake lun h or offee dates Its so easy to say 96ets do lunch sometime.: (ut if you dont ma!e a definite date, its not li!ely to happen soon. Sadly the years can slip by if you dont ma!e a concerted effort to at least touch bases occasionally. I have three upcoming dates. 5. Be really engaged T listen "hen you are visiting with friends, really listen. Its so tempting to be busy planning what youre going to say next instead of listening to what they are saying. (ecause Im a big tal!er, this is my biggest challenge. "henever my husband and I would return from a party, he would always !now so much more about everyone than I did. "hen I would as! him how he learned so much, he said, 9I listen, not tal!.: Since Ive made it my goal to be a better listener, I notice that friends experience our visits as being so much more en4oyable. -riends are not people with whom you always agree, or even always get along. -riends are not people you tolerate, but people you celebrate for being who they are. Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D., an author, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, has spent her life teaching and inspiring students and professionals. Her passion for moti ating others has lead to her upcoming book, Coloring Your Life Happy. From her blog, she shares tips for li ing life more harmoniously and abundantly. This article is part of +ugust =>>? theme1 7elationships
(hoto by notsogoodphotography

&urrently ' omments

1. &omment by .atty
D# ?8. ;ugust ?88G, ##%#? am oHcloc! I

elloB The staff at 3mpower"ithin really en4oy your siteB "e would li!e to add your site to our blogroll and would li!e to !now if youd add our site to yours as well+ This will help increase both of our readers list greatly. 6et us !now by

emailing at support] Than! you and loo! forward to reading more of your articles.

2. &omment by +hanel 1ang

D? ?8. ;ugust ?88G, ##%F$ am oHcloc! I

1reat post, -loraB -riends and friendships are something that everyone has strong feelings about. I found 9F88 -riendship _uotes: that were worth saving and posted it at http%LLshanelyang.comL?88GL8GL8ELF880friendship0quotesL Ive gone from thin!ing that friends are everything to me to the exact opposite and everywhere in between, so it helps to !now that many great thin!ers before me seem to be 4ust as conflicted about the issue. So far, one theme is universal% 1ood friends are hard to ma!e and hard to !eep but well worth the effort if you are luc!y enough to find any. % >

3. &omment by Alen 8llsopp

DF ?8. ;ugust ?88G, ##%EE am oHcloc! I

1reat guest post, when i came to south africa K months ago I didnt !now one single person. Now, I have a huge networ! of friends so I can really connect with your post. /heers, 1len

4. &omment by ,lla (ennig

D@ ?8. ;ugust ?88G, #?%8# pm oHcloc! I

)oure so right, -loraB 7ust today I had a wonderful tal! with a very dear friend. "e dont meet very often, but we !eep in contact via telephone and S'S. ;nd when we meet, we en4oy it so much.

5. &omment by Flora -orris Bro"n4 .h.D.

DE ?#. ;ugust ?88G, #%?# pm oHcloc! I

].lla Its great that we can !eep in touch via various means these days. Im happy youre doing that.

]1len Sounds li!e youve practiced many friendship0building techniques. /ongrats. ]Shanel )oure right that friendship is no one0dimensional relationship. There are many levels and conflicted issues. Than!s for finding so many friendship quotes. ],atty, Im happy that you en4oyed the article. I loo! forward to learning more about your site.

!. &omment by aptive
DK ??. ;ugust ?88G, ##%EG am oHcloc! I

i have no friends and would li!e some. my wife wont let me have any and li!e to control everything about me

#. &omment by Flora -orris Bro"n4 .h.D.

D$ ??. ;ugust ?88G, #?%8A pm oHcloc! I

]captive Sounds li!e you have one important relationship to wor! on.

%. .ingba k by &olor 1our $ife (appy E Blog 8r hive E -ake ;e" Friends and 5eep the /ld4 /ne is +ilver and the /ther Aold
D ?#. ;ugust ?88G, G%E? pm oHcloc! I

N...O is how I begin my guest blog on 6ife 2ptimi5er. &ead the full article here. 6eave a N...O

'. .ingba k by Theme for +eptember 2))% and -onthly =oundup of 8ugust 2))%
D# K. 2ctober ?88G, K%@# am oHcloc! I

N...O 'a!e New -riends and Meep the 2ld, 2ne is Silver and the 2ther 1old by -lora 'orris (rown from /olor )our 6ife appy N...O

1) 2ssential Tips to &hange 1our $ife

(y *onald 6atumahina =follow me on Twitter> , -ebruary #$, ?88A

#f we dont change, we dont grow. #f we dont grow, we arent really li ing. 1ail Sheehy )ou need to change in order to grow. )ou cant grow if you 4ust stay where you are. )ou cant grow if you dont change the way you thin! and act. In fact, changing your life is a continuous process. It never ends. The moment you stop changing, you stop growing. Im not saying that I !now everything about changing life. Im still learning myself. (ut here Id li!e to share with you what I have learned so far. ere are ten tips to change your life% 1. +lo" do"n To change your life, you need time to thin! and reflect. If you are always busy, you wont have the time to thin! about your life let alone ta!ing action to change it. )ou wont have the room to apply the tips below. So slow down and ma!e the room for change. )low down and en$oy life. #ts not only the scenery you miss by going too fast @ you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. 3ddie /antor 2. Be "illing to hange "illingness is essential. Its your lifeQ nobody can change it but you. If you arent willing to change, then nothing in this world can ma!e you do so. To build the willingness to change, first you should reali5e that your life can be better than it is now. No matter how good your life is, it can always be improved. 2n the other hand, dont feel hopeless if your life doesnt seem good right now. )ou can always change your life for the better. 3. 8 ept responsibility

;ccepting responsibility for your life is a must. *ont blame other people for the bad things that happen in your life. *ont blame your family, friends, boss, or the economy. "hether your life goes up or down depends on you and you alone. 2nce you ta!e the responsibility, real change is within your reach. %e immediately become more effecti e when we decide to change oursel es rather than asking things to change for us. Stephen /ovey 4. Find your deepest values *eep down in your heart, there are some principles that you !now is true. Ta!e the time to find them. "hat do you thin! is the most valuable thing in life+ "hat principles do you thin! you must follow to live a fulfilling life+ These are the values you need to align yourself with. -ind them and remind yourself constantly about them. 5. Find your ause /hange is not easy because there is inertia you need to overcome. 7ust li!e a space shuttle needs a powerful roc!et to overcome the 3arths gravity, you also need a powerful source of energy to overcome the inertia to change. )our cause is the source of energy you need. )our cause can give you the strength to overcome the inertia. To find your cause, find what matters to you. !. =epla e limiting beliefs "ith empo"ering beliefs 6imiting beliefs are among the biggest obstacles that hinder you from changing your life. )ou need to identify them before you can effectively handle them. To identify your limiting beliefs, observe your mind for thoughts that contain phrases li!e%

9I cant J: 9I wont be able to J: 9I will always be J: 9There is no way J:

"henever you find one, write it down. ;fter some time, loo! at your list. These are your limiting beliefs. ;fter identifying your limiting beliefs, you need to replace them with empowering beliefs. "rite positive statements that counter the negative ones you wrote before and ma!e positive affirmations using those statements. *o it whenever you reali5e that a limiting belief is at wor!. #. =epla e bad habits "ith positive habits

(esides identifying limiting beliefs, you should also identify bad habits you have. ;re there habits that drag you down+ ;re there habits that you !now you need to brea!+ 6ist them all. Then, rather than focusing on brea!ing those habits, focus on creating new positive habits that replace them. -or example, lets say the bad habit is watching too much TR. &ather than focusing on reducing your TR time, you should focus on building a positive habit that will use the time in a better way. -or instance, you might want to build the habit of reading. %. Find a mentor -inding a mentor can greatly help you improve your life. Not only can your mentor give you advice on what to do in certain situations, he can also warn you about possible pitfalls in your path. "ithout a mentor, most li!ely you will have to learn many lessons the hard way. aving a mentor will save you serious amount of time. 1etting a good mentor is not easy though. In many cases, you cant 4ust expect someone to invest his time in you for nothing. ;t the very least, you should show that you are an open0minded and teachable person. -urthermore, try to be useful to your mentor. elp him in any way you can to ma!e his 4ob easier. This way you send a message that you are a serious mentee that is worth investing in. '. (ave the right e3pe tation aving the right expectation from the beginning is important. 2therwise, its easy for you to be discouraged when things dont go as expected. /hange ta!es time, especially if you want the change to last. aving the right expectation prepares you to be persistent in difficult times. 1). -aintain the momentum The most difficult part is always the beginning. 2nce you go through it, things will become easier if you maintain the momentum. 7ust thin! about pushing a car. The most difficult part is getting the car to start moving. 2nce its moving, pushing it will be easy as long as you dont let it stop again. Similarly, you should !eep improving your life. /hange your life day by day. ;s the quote above says, if you dont change, you dont grow.
(hoto by pimpe!posure

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New 30boo! X/hange )our Thoughts to /hange )our 6ifeX 'onthly &oundup% 7une ?88G Three 3ssential Ingredients to 1etting "hat )ou "ant 7une ?88G Theme% ,roductivity /hange )our 'indset to Improve )our ,roductivity

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&urrently 2% omments
1. &omment by -ini$ife(a ks
D# #$. -ebruary ?88A, #%@@ pm oHcloc! I

Nice list, than!s. I thin! these might distill down to F simple things, that Im sure weve all heard before% /onfidence Mnowing yourself 6iving in the now

2. &omment by 7ade
D? #$. -ebruary ?88A, ?%88 pm oHcloc! I

2nce you ta!e the responsibility, real change is within your reach. I cant agree more with this. /hanging never ends. There is always room for improvement.

3. &omment by ;ate D -oney 1oung

DF #$. -ebruary ?88A, G%EK pm oHcloc! I

Nice post *onB I li!e DK, I hate all of those phrasesB 0Nate

4. &omment by 8tika
D@ #G. -ebruary ?88A, #8%@# am oHcloc! I

I thin! number F is a tough one. Its sometimes hard to leave your comfort 5one and dare to ta!e responsibility for what your life will be. "ith so much instability in the employment sector, I thin! more and more people are having to get on the steering wheels of their lives, and this causes fear. Number K is also very important. I try ma!ing my son understand that what we say of ourselves influences our outcome. 9I can:, 9I will find a way:, 9I am capable of: are affirmative orders that our minds execute one to one. -inding out your deepest values and finding a cause is as important as getting to !now yourself better% "hat do I love to do and why+ "hich values do I recall+ "hat am I good at+ "hat do people around me thin! Im good at+ "hat can I do easily+ These are questions that can open up doors to life changing opportunitiesQ digging into your soul and finding what feels right for you and what inspires you in order to move your efforts in that direction is, in my opinion, a beautiful way to start a life changing pro4ect. I made a list of #E questions that can bring 4oy to your life if youre interested in reading on, here% http%LLmindspiritmotion.comLwpSadminLprosperityL?88AL8?L#?L#E0questions0that0 can0bring04oy0to0your0lifeL Than!s *onald for this listB

5. &omment by -iki
DE #G. -ebruary ?88A, F%EA pm oHcloc! I

1rowth is change. "hy are so many of us afraid of that word C change. Ive always welcomed changeJI guess Im one of the minority that actually thrives in changing environments. owever, most of the people I !now are fearful of change. It 4ust fascinates me. )our DF C ;ccepting &esponsibility C is the hardest thing and also the first step. DG C -ind a 'entor C is a natural second step =in my analytical mind> considering that youre li!ely venturing into unfamiliar territory. ; great support networ! is a booster shot to being successful.

I li!e your perspective *onB

!. &omment by Donald $atumahina

DK #G. -ebruary ?88A, ##%?8 pm oHcloc! I

'ini6ife ac!s, 3ach of the points you shared is deep but contains a lot of truth. 7ade, There is always room for improvement. )es. I dont thin! we can ever be perfect, but we can always grow. Nate, I hate them too %> Sadly, I sometimes still have them in my mind. ;ti!a, )ours is a nice list of question. I thin! the question 9"hat ma!es you unique+ "hat distinguishes you from everybody else+: is especially important for our career in the future. 'i!i, ; great support networ! is a booster shot to being successful. This is very true. It ma!es a lot of difference if you have a strong support networ! behind you.

#. &omment by Binaya
D$ ?8. -ebruary ?88A, F%#G am oHcloc! I

1reat post self improvement is not a destination but a continuous 4ourney which one has to ta!e one step at a time the only thing that is permanent in this world is change , we should always be receptive to change that enables a person to grow and become a more better human

%. &omment by Bi > -a3imi:ing ,tility

DG ?8. -ebruary ?88A, ##%EE am oHcloc! I

)our list is one of the best Ive found. Its clean and simple. Its not roc!et science.

'. &omment by Dustin D Beating the Arind

DA ??. -ebruary ?88A, F%?E am oHcloc! I

1reat article. I especially li!ed DG. aving a mentor has been very valuable for me. ; common misconception is that a mentor has to spend a lot of time with you to be a effective. 6unch, a phone call or email can sometimes be 4ust what you need to gain some perspective or insight into a problem.


&omment by $iara &overt

D#8 ??. -ebruary ?88A, #?%F@ pm oHcloc! I

This is a straightforward way to encourage human beings to ta!e new levels of responsibility for their lives. &aising awareness builds self0nowledge and strengthens inner power. I have added this blog to the dreambuilders ;ustralia blogroll.


&omment by 7a k T.

D## ?F. -ebruary ?88A, ?%8A am oHcloc! I

; nice list..B I personally put a lot of attention on surrounding myself with positive people that encourage change and growth.


&omment by =a@endra ;ath -ehrotra

D#? ?@. -ebruary ?88A, #%?8 pm oHcloc! I

*ear Sir, Though ur presentation is quite good but lot of things are missing, e.gQ%#. 2ne can learn only if he Lshe is willing to learn. f ?. 2ne can learn in the fields for which he or she has an 9;ptitude:.F. ow far can he or she go , depends upon the U;ttitude of individual. If . can define U/onfidence and how to differentiate between confidence [ over0 confidence , everything will be answered.

"ith due regardsQ 'ehrotra < waiting for ur reply


&omment by Donald $atumahina

D#F ?E. -ebruary ?88A, E%#$ am oHcloc! I

Rinaya, self improvement is not a destination but a continuous 4ourney which one has to ta!e one step at a time Thats right. Self improvement is a continuous 4ourney and thats why we must always change to grow. Ri, 1lad you li!e it. *ustin, ; common misconception is that a mentor has to spend a lot of time with you to be a effective. I agree. I dont spend a lot of time with my mentors but I learn a lot from them. The quality of time is more important than the quantity. 6iara, Than!sB 7ac!, I personally put a lot of attention on surrounding myself with positive people that encourage change and growth. Thats indeed an important part of personal growth. )ou become more and more li!e the people you surround yourself with. 'ehrotra, Im still learning myself so there are many things I dont !now. ere I 4ust shared my experience. Than!s for sharing your thoughts.


&omment by =a@endra ;ath -ehrotra

D#@ ?E. -ebruary ?88A, E%@# am oHcloc! I

*ear Sir, ,lease refer bac! to my question C #. *efinition of /onfidence. ow to differentiate between /onfidence [ 2ver C confidence+ "aiting for ur reply. ;ccording to my experience %#. 2ne learns only if e or She has a desire to learn. ?. *esire to learn depends on a> ;ptitude [ b> ;ttitude. F. 'otivation is purely the ability to change above ? traits of a person. @.It is also dependent on the s!ills of communication. There are many other things which I desire to discuss to improve myself and I thin! that this process of exchanging Ideas and thoughts will be beneficial for all. In a hope of receiving reply from .Q "ith due regardsQ 'ehrotra = mehrotra88#] >


&omment by .amir > =eiki (elp Blog

D#E ?K. -ebruary ?88A, G%@K am oHcloc! I

Than!s for your contribution to the #$$th /arnival of ealing. There are some great comments accumulating on the original post [ you may want to ta!e a gander. %>


&omment by 8pril

D#K ?G. -ebruary ?88A, A%FA pm oHcloc! I

Than!s for the postCbasic tips but these are things we often forget about when things arent wor!ing out right. "e will !eep doing what we are doing and !eep getting what we are getting and not thin! to go bac! through your tips and figure out the bad habits arent wor!ing for us. 1ood reminderB


&omment by (. van Duuren

D#$ ?. 'arch ?88A, F%8E pm oHcloc! I

Than!s for your post, Those look like great tips to me. ;ll the (est, To your appy Inspiration, ,


&omment by 5evin

D#G F. 'arch ?88A, A%FG pm oHcloc! I

1ood post, I would add surrounding yourself with people who live to a higher standard than you currently do. Since were influenced by our peers, these people will force you to grow beyond your comfort levels in a natural way. )oull pic! up traits and habits that will help you improve your life.


&omment by =a@endra ;ath -ehrotra

D#A @. 'arch ?88A, #?%8? pm oHcloc! I

*ear Sir, I may be i wrong but in my personal opinion, If are surrounded by the persons of standards higher than that of urs, . may improve but there is every li!elihood that . will first pic! up their (;* abits. The most difficult thing in the world is to inculcate 1ood abits, maintain them [ improve upon. Sometimes, to pic! up a 1ood abit, for which . have an aptitude also, may ta!e years but one pic!s up bad habits in astonishingly short time but cant get rid of it even if e desires but doest have the !ind of U"ill ,ower required. Ta!e the example of *iego 'aradoa [ 2ther such celebrities, what happened to them. ,ersons who fell pray to bad habits are in billions ,but those who learnt from greats li!eQ 'artim 6uther Ming, 'ahatma 1andhi,'other Terresa and other such great personalities, can be counted on fingers. Not that we get inspired by such people as suggested by ., in most of the cases, its effect is very temporary. 3ach [ every person !nows that they have to die one day and therefore should spend their life in a noble way, but how many really do that+ The moment . visit a cemetery, . get a feeling that life is really very short and we too would be ending up li!e this only and hence we should preserve and follow good and and noble traits only in the remaing life but,what happens in actualQ the moment . are out, . come bac! in ur own world of Status. In Sans!rit language, this feeling is termed as USmashan Rairagya. Smashan0 means cemetery[ Rairagya means a feeling of detachment with awe!ening of all good traits ur supposed to inculcate, follow and reform. Since such feeling in ur mind remain till u are in cemetery and evaporates the moment . are out C : It is called as Smashan Rairagya:. "ith due regardsQ 'ehrotra


&omment by 7ulie 8ndersen

D?8 #E. 'ay ?88A, F%@# pm oHcloc! I

It cant be right actually. eey. Im 4ust 4o!ing =Q Im totally agree with this. "e must have change, because change is grow and without growing we arent really living. I li!e the sentence %* (ut actually its right. when we change we grow, and for each step we grow we are getting closer and closer to our goal. ;ctually its a help to us to reach it. 3ven if the changes is hard and difficult we must remember that we must ta!e it as we ta!e succes and happiness. appy moments come and then gol. So remember if u are in a diffucult time remember that it wont be last forver =Q ;ctually in the scool we learnt to or the teachers teach us and then we got to the exams. (.T in life we ta!e the exam first and then teach of it. So always !eep in your mind that we learn from mista!es so dont be afraid for changes. `J.``C %*


&omment by Donald $atumahina

D?# #$. 'ay ?88A, A%8$ pm oHcloc! I

(.T in life we ta!e the exam first and then teach of it. I completely agree. "ell said %>


&omment by yuna

D?? ?. 7uly ?88A, @%#8 am oHcloc! I

how can i change my personality to be nice..++


.ingba k by 2))'9)291# > .rodu tivity +tream

D #G. -ebruary ?88A, F%EA am oHcloc! I

N...O #8 3ssential Tips to /hange )our 6ife N...O

24. .ingba k by =eiki (elp Blog E &arnival of (ealing U1##

D# ?#. -ebruary ?88A, #%8$ am oHcloc! I

N...O presents #8 3ssential Tips to /hange )our 6ife, a straightforward loo! at some cornerstones of N...O


.ingba k by &arnival of .ositive Thinking

D? ??. -ebruary ?88A, #%@? pm oHcloc! I

N...O 6atumahina presents #8 3ssential Tips to /hange )our 6ife posted at 6ife N...O

2!. .ingba k by &arnival of Family $ife > &olloLuium

DF $. 'arch ?88A, @%FK am oHcloc! I

N...O 6atumahina presents #8 3ssential Tips to /hange )our 6ife posted at 6ife N...O

2#. .ingba k by The ,ltimate Auide to Aetting =id of $a:iness and .ro rastinationR > +hape ,p 8meri a
D@ E. 'ay ?88A, K%@$ pm oHcloc! I

N...O #8 3ssential Tips to /hange )our 6ife N...O

2%. .ingba k by The ,ltimate Auide to Aetting =id of $a:iness and .ro rastinationR > +hape ,p 8meri aRR
DE @. 2ctober ?88A, #8%?E pm oHcloc! I

N...O #8 3ssential Tips to /hange )our 6ife N...O

How to become happy?

By Julie Rosset We can consciously initiate or provide the mental and physical conditions that our brain will naturally translate into feelings and emotions.

Some good advice for that: 1. Smile even when you dont feel li e it. !any studies have shown that people who force themselves to smile eventually develop a more positive attitude towards challenges and setbac s. Smile the moment you wa e up. Smile as you put yourself to sleep. Smile at everyone you meet. ". #augh. $et some air into your lungs% !ore o&ygen' more energy' brighter day% (en minutes of laughter a day is all you need to ensure a life of contentment. )n *sia some companies have a daily +laughter brea ,. -mployees wal to a par ' form a circle' and force themselves to laugh non.stop for 1/ minutes. 0ompany e&ecutives swear that this rela&ation brea has caused wor er enthusiasm and productivity to soar% 1. (hin only positive thoughts' spea only positive words. -very time you start to thin or say something negative' stop. 0hange your sentences into the positive. 2essimists complain about their problems3 optimists thin of solutions. *dvise' rather than critici4e. -ncourage' inspire' motivate 5 yourself and others. *nd always count your blessings. 6ur emotions are dictated by our perception of the world around us. *nd our reactions are a product of choice . we can +choose, to be happy and optimistic 5 or angry or sad.

3veryone wants to !now ho" to be happy. ItHs a question that crosses even the most fortunate of us. ;nd although some struggle to find a solution, some advice from an ancestor 4ust might be the answer+ ;braham 6incoln stated that most people are about as happy as they ma!e up their minds to be. ThatHs right, if we want to be happy, all we have to do is control our minds.

'ind control isnHt something out of the extraordinaryQ in fact, all you have to do is guarantee that you are in control of your mind and nobody else is and you will find happiness. Sounds easy doesnHt it+ Not so much. In todayHs society many factors ta!e control of your mind, from television, movies, and maga5ines to advertisements and the appeal of !eeping up with the 7oneses. These images set forth by others ta!e over our mind and start to create new values. The problem with these values is that when we donHt meet an image of one, we decide we arenHt happy. It doesnHt matter if we li!e our house, if we li!e the car we drive, if we are very smart and achieving honors 0 if our society shows that a bigger house is better, a more expensive car is superior, and being on the honors is gee!y, than we believe it and our happiness is deflated. ;nd who do we start to blame when this happens 0 the media. (ut the media isnHt the problem, they donHt tell you to step outside your standards and believe that they are better. )ou ma!e the final decision that those are the standards you want to achieve. 7ust li!e the infamous 7oneses that we are trying to !eep up with are also hypnoti5ed by false notions of ho" to be happy. That being said, we can in fact create happiness. elen Meller said that X appiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which ma!es us happyQ it is that which we thin! and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves.X This means that you need to step outside of those values that are being implanted into your mind, stand up for yourself, and start to help others achieve happiness themselves. "hen you are feeling down, it is best to put aside your sorrows and help others. Seeing the value you have added to anotherHs life and your own, will allow your mind to feel an appreciation for the improved circumstances, and you will start to feel a state of happiness. The question of ho" to be happy in such a materialistic society is easy. Sure, buying new things can ma!e you happy, if you appreciate them and are grateful. (ut even better, are the simple 4oys that life has to offer. 6i!e a wal! in a new neighborhood, playing soccer with a child, petting an animal or 4ust sitting bac! and ta!ing a moment for yourself that is filled with

nothing but peace and quiet. ;t the end of the day though, the simple solution of mind control that includes gratitude, will lead to happiness. ;s long as we ta!e control of our own happiness and brush aside all materialistic values that hypnoti5e us within our society, we can then start to feel grateful and appreciate those things around us. "e 4ust need to simply create a state of mind that controls our continuous happiness, and stop as!ing ourselves ho" to be happy when the answer has been sitting in front of us the whole time. 1ary 15i! is a /orporate Trainer and /32 of the business consulting company (i5ccel which owns and operates 1etting to Someday, a place where people go to achieve their goals for getting to someday 0 7ave you ever said that you are 8tired of being sic and tired89 or at least felt that way. ) have' as a matter of fact ) am feeling this way right now as ) am writing this. Before ) started writing this ) thought to myself that maybe ) should not say that. But why not' ) thin many people are not honest and therefore they cannot really help anyone. :ou should not feel ashame if you are feeling that way. (his can be caused as a variety of things i.e.' weight problems' bad marriage' ;ob loss' ;ob you hate' low self.esteem or a variety of other things. But what if your life is good' your marriage is fine' you love your ;ob and your weight is fine but you still feel the same way. What would cause this9 !any times you now deep inside that there is much more to you than what people see and that you are supposed to be doing something more with your life but you ;ust don<t now what. So why am ) feeling this way9 )t is because $od has put a purpose in each and every person but it is up to you to accept that purpose. When we do not many times our lives

create a void that cannot be filled. (hat<s why many people turn to drugs' alcohol or other destructive things. *s ) said before ) am feeling the same way and ) now that $od has a purpose for my life so why am ) feeling li e this9 ) thin that it is because ) do not truly believe that ) can be the person that $od has called me to be. !aybe because of mine own insecurities or ;ust my lac of faith. ) don<t doubt that $od can do it but will he do it for me9 But as ) write this ) am starting to feel better. Because ) reali4e that the pressure is not on me but $od. 6ur ;ob is to obey and believe that he will do ;ust what he said. 7ebrews 11:= says 8But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to $od must believe that he is' and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently see him.8 )f you are ready to find your purpose in li e then give Jesus a chance ;ust say these words. 7eavenly >ather: ) come to you in prayer as ing for the forgiveness of my Sins. ) confess with my mouth and believe with my heart that Jesus is your Son' *nd that he died on the 0ross at 0alvary that ) might be forgiven and have -ternal #ife in the ?ingdom of 7eaven. >ather' ) believe that Jesus rose from the dead and ) as you right now to come in to my life and be my personal #ord and Savior. ) repent of my Sins and will Worship you all the day<s of my #ife%. Because your word is truth ) confess with my mouth that ) am Born *gain and 0leansed by the Blood of Jesus% )n Jesus @ame' *men. @ow if you believe that then you are S*A-B. (he ne&t step is to find you a good bible based church so that you can grow. (his is not optional but mandatory. 2ray and as $od and he will lead you. (here are possibly seven things humans could do to become happy. (hese seven things are listed below with e&planations in detail.

1. Se& ". Smile Ce.g. in worriesD 1. #isten Ce.g. music' others aroundD E. 6bserve and >orget about !a ing !oney /. Believe in :ourself Ce.g. also in supreme power' beauty of natureD =. Respect Ce.g. women or maleD F. Be li e a child.
1. Se& Se& gives pleasure. !ost often' it<s the human mind among male counterparts that thin about se&. -specially' when in loneliness or aloneness. !edical e&perts believe that se&ual e&ercise will burn calories to produce health benefits. (he more you ma e love' the better for your health. ". Smile Smile is motivating cause for happiness which could be shown voluntarily or involuntary. We may have difference in culture' political system' life styles' country' religion and land but one thing remains same' 8smile.8 Smile especially in worries' when you are alone. When you thin there are more worries coming your way. (he root cause of all your worries will be long gone' once you start smiling at ourselves. #oo at the problems but do not forget to smile. (he simple Guote would be' 8* smile a day will eep the doctor away.8 1. #isten !ost of the things changes with time. >or e&ample' !usic has common language. !usic is 8the harmony of the spheres8' it will bring happiness by ine&tricably intertwining into our life. *s all our concepts and ideas are internal pictures' music is eternal harmony in our lives. 6thers around signifies' those who want to spea listens to them. By understanding the philosophy of those people around we can become good listeners. )f ) were a $od' this is what ) would li e to say' 8Some times' ) can listen to all those who are not even near to me. Just by listening to their heart full of worries.8 E. 6bserve and >orget about !a ing !oney Spiritual $od' $autama Buddha has done great deal of the wor on 6bservations. 7is Guotes on 6bservation will e&plain everything on this issue. 8Bo not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Bo not believe in anything simply because it is spo en and rumored by many. Bo not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious boo s. Bo not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Bo not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis' when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all' then accept it and live up to it.8 7uman can become

fully satisfied' if heHshe can stop thin ing on the techniGues to ma e money. (his is what ) state'8#ittle is enough to be satisfied and the desire to want more money could be further hiccup8. /. Believe in :ourself *lways remember' )t is not who you are that will hold you bac ' it is who you thin you are not. Aincent Aan $ogh said' 8)f you hear a voice within you say <you cannot paint<' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.8 (herefore' the most important motivating factor to be alive is to believe in yourself and your abilities. 6nce ) was ready to die but ) stopped ;ust because ) wanted to ma e most of myself and conGuer myself. Supreme power and beauty of nature should be believed because in the difficult times' when you are feeling low and down' when there is shadow of dar ness Guest for light' ;ust close your eyes and pray. *ll your prayers and wishes will be heard. =. Respect Respect could be defined as a manifestation of a human Guality or behavior which does not come from influence but inner instincts. * single gesture' words and e&pression can result into great respect for those around you. )f you are male' respect to female and vice.versa. What is the reason to do so9 Simply because respect will give you pleasure and ma e you happy. F. Be li e a child -instein said' 8*ll of my discovery and invention are because ) stayed to be li e a child.8 (his Guote is absolutely true. (he unGuenchable curiosity of the child can result into great inventions' can perform even far greater miracles. !ost of the time'we hear the Guestion that' if $od e&its' why is heHshe not visible9 *uthor recommends' see the beauty and innocence of the child and you are ought to see the miracles of $od Wind erodes mountains into hills. Water e&cavates roc s into caverns. Stimuli of all ind affect our state of mind' sometimes positively' freGuently to ma e it worse. -ven if you lived in a desert island' you would not be immune to this phenomenon' since floods or drought might shift your focus all the same. (he results of such influences can last minutes or wee s. Sustaining your motivation is crucial when you are involved in long.term pro;ects' such as obtaining a college degree or starting up a business. 7ow can you prevent that negative events consume your energies and ruin your temper9 !ost popular recommendations in this respect do not wor . >or instance' repeating encouraging messages to yourself will seldom eradicate deep.rooted feelings of an&iety. Beliefs in supernatural forces might soothe fear for a while' but sooner or later' reality will return harder than ever. (elling yourself that everything is for the better' when it is not' is demeaning and psychologically destructive.

Rational thin ing is the best approach to ensure that you start each day in a good mood. When used consistently' it leads to serenity' enhances productivity' and reinforces personal effectiveness. What you need to stay optimistic is not fantasy' but ob;ectivity. )f you maintain a balanced view of the world' pessimism cannot ta e over your feelings. !y suggestion is simple and it is based on the observation that all of us tend to e&aggerate problems. 6ur closeness to current unpleasant events' such as failure or re;ection' deprives us of perspective. What you need to do is to write down a list of your assets and place it where you can see it every morning. !a e a thorough inventory of everything you have in your favour. Bo not overloo any of your Gualities and possessions' since other people may lac those. )f you have an e&cellent health' you might be ta ing that for granted' but don<t forget that' in any country' a percentage of the population suffers from serious disease. *dd up your s ills' what you own and whom you now' your half.done pro;ects and your latest initiatives. (he point is not to ma e you loo good in the face of other people<s misery' but to remind you of the e&tent of your resources. *s counterpoint to the latest annoyance' we can all use a fresh view of our own capabilities. @either problems should be magnified beyond reason nor opportunities forgotten. Whatever challenges you are facing' it is good to eep in mind all factors that play in your favour. !a e the list of your personal assets and let it shed a reassuring light on your plans for the future. With time and perspective' most of today<s adversities might be remembered' if at all' as minor inconveniences. J67@ A-S2*S)*@ writes about rational living. 7e has resided in @ew :or ' !adrid' 2aris' and !unich. 7is stories reflect the values of entrepreneurship' tolerance' and See John Aespasian<s blog about rational living.

*onHt wait to ma!e a big change in the quality of your life. 3ight of these ten little ways to happiness can be done in less than five minutes. #. Smile. &aise the corners of your mouth. Soon your smile will become genuine. The smile that begins as an effort and a pretense quic!ly grows to become genuine, and given time, a habit of happiness. In the words of men master Thich Nhat anh, XSometimes your 4oy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your 4oy.X ?. (reathe deeply and slowly. -ocus your entire attention on each in0breath and out0 breath. Imagine drawing new clean energy in through the top of your head on each in0 breath, and expelling old stale energy out the soles of your feet on each out0breath. F. Ta!e a quiet wal! by yourself. -ocus on each step and on your breathing. ;s stray thoughts enter your mind, than! each one, and quic!ly release the thought and return to a focus on your breathing and your steps.

@. /ount your blessings. 'a!e a gratitude list. )ou have thousands of reasons to be than!ful. (e than!ful for those who serve you. 'a!e a list of those you depend upon. 3veryone has many people who help along the way. *onHt forget those who grow and deliver your food, !eep your electricity and telephone running, provide emergency medical care, and protect the safety of your community and your nation. E. -orgive someone for something right now. &elease the resentment and anger. This practice is for you to become happier. Telling the other person that you forgive them is completely optional, and is merely a bonus. K. Stretch your body. *o yoga, do qigong, or 4ust stand and stretch. ;s a simple stretch, stand and hold your arms out to your sides forming a cross. 1ently bend each hand bac! at the wrist until the fingers point straight upward. Twist each hand and arm in a wringing motion as if you were operating a screwdriver. $. Turn on happy music and dance. *onHt stop Htil youHre tired. *ance with someone or dance all by yourself. /hoose music that ma!es you want to move and !eep moving such as 6atin -itness *ance music. G. Spend some time with a furry friend. If you donHt have your own, borrow a cat or dog to love today. A. (e of service. -ind someone who has worse troubles than you and do something nice for them today. #8. ave a conversation with 1od =or whatever you call your igher ,ower>. ;pproach the conversation with an attitude of gratitude rather than neediness.

!--( (7- R6B)@S6@S C"IIFD ) thin will always be in my top / animated classics as it<s so poignant to life. )t<s so steeped in (homas *. -dison philosophy of celebrating failure. But it has another very prominent message' one that lin s with our acceptance Cor resentmentD toward failure' situations or people. *t one of the clima&es of the film' the Bowler 7at $uy Cfrom the futureD meets himself' !ichael C$oobD :agoobian' and counsels him toward evil and away from the wiser words of his baseball coach. $oob had dropped the catch that would<ve won the game..he was then beaten up by his team mates. (he coach told him to simply' <let it go.< (he Bowler 7at $uy says: 8@o% -veryone will tell you to let it go and move on' but don<t% )nstead' let it fester and boil inside of you% (a e these feelings and loc them away. #et them fuel your actions. #et hate be your ally' and you will be capable of wonderful' horrid things. 7eed my words' $oob: don<t let it go.8

We see it so much in life3 people<s lives destroyed by hate' festering and boiling resentment. 2ic ing up my daughters from school recently' ) did what ) normally do and got the cric et set out of the boot to play catch with my youngest daughter' whilst we waited. *s ) did this' the top of the bag wasn<t properly secured and the tennis ball rolled out before ) realised and clipped the bumper of the car behind mine. (he woman in the car was furious. ) promptly apologised and noting that my apology hadn<t helped' ) tried to be even more sincere. She then got angry about where ) had par ed as she felt )<d par ed her in... ) was par ed fine' but as a goodwill gesture ) indly moved my car without any hesitation. 7er response was interesting. She didn<t want eye contact but she did this in a shamed sort of way. She was obviously troubled by something. ) felt she might<ve been holding onto something. Something was ma ing her miserable. (here is such a great message in Meet the Robinsons about the choice we have to either let things go or to hold onto them' ma ing us captive to them. *s Wilbur says' it<s only the truth that sets us free. )t<s only in the letting go that we give ourselves permission to really breathe again. (he unfortunate thing about holding onto things in resentment is it almost always hurts others and not simply ourselves. We become narrow.minded and focused on that one thing that person or situation <done to us.< )t<s carcinogenic vitriol that eats away at us. :et' at the end of the day life always operates under this premise: )f we blame others and hold things against them we<ll never achieve happiness and peace. )f we let it go' whatever is impinging us' ta ing responsibility for our emotions' we<ll now happiness and peace' and life will be wonderful again. )t<s a no.brainer' but we must choose.

Basi $a" of 8ttra tion &on epts

If there is a secret in the universe that can bring you good things, it could be the Law of Attraction. This can bring you happiness, wealth, and physical well-being. You only have to know how to apply it. A few basic concepts of the Law of Attraction can help you on your way. One of the concepts central to the Law of Attraction is that the things you think beco e reality. The things you think are energy, !ust as the entire universe is energy. As you ponder your reality, or si ply let thoughts run through your ind, you are shaping your reality. You do this by eans of the Law of Attraction. The energy you send out collects with like energy. Then, the universe responds to your feelings by returning the energy back to you. This happens for good or bad feelings. Another basic concept is that it is too difficult to onitor every one of so e "#,###

thoughts you have every day. The goal, instead, should be to foster a feeling of happiness, gratitude, and well-being. This will go further than trying to change every thought individually. $eelings are i portant to the Law of Attraction. One assu ption of users of the Law of Attraction is that life is eant to be !oyous and fulfilling. %any people feel that their lives can be no ore than difficult work situations, unhappy relationships, poor health, and a ountain of debt. &nless these people change their attitudes, they can never know the abundance they can get through the Law of Attraction. There can never be a lack of anything that you want if you follow the Law of Attraction. This is another concept of the ove ent. It eans that there is enough for everyone to have what they want. This is especially true because so e people want certain things and other people want so ething else. According to the Law of Attraction, what you want is always possible. One concept of the Law of Attraction can be stated as so ething like, 'what you get is what you see.' (hat this eans in this case is that when you see a result, you will vibrate with energy based on that result. If you see good, you will send out good energy. This energy will return to you in the for of ore positive results. )o, if you want positive results, you need to find a way to see the good in situations. This is how the Law of Attraction works. If you see good, ore good will return to you. The concept of asking for particular things is a part of the Law of Attraction. (hen you co and the universe to give you what you want, you can get it. To do this, you ust believe in it. Then, you ust accept it as if you had already gotten it. Then you will find the Law of Attraction bringing all kinds of good things your way. The Law of Attraction is at once both si ple and co ple*. You ust only ask and receive. Yet, to do that in confidence, you ust work to restructure your whole way of thinking. To do this it is good to study the concepts of the Law of Attraction.

No matter how hard we may try, theres 4ust no way to avoid some difficult conversations. owever, there are positive things you can say and do to help you handle them better. )our first response may be to change the sub4ect when faced with a difficult discussion. This wont solve the problem or heal the hurt that caused the situation in the first place. Its better to ta!e a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and face the difficulty now rather than later. &emember its not your 4ob to fix the situation unless you were directly involved. ,eople sometimes 4ust need a friend to listen when theyre going through tough circumstances. They really dont want you to fix things for them. (eing available to listen is sometimes the best way to show your friend that you care.

If the situation requires you to tal! with someone going through difficulties, try to put yourself in the other persons shoes. "hat would you want a friend to say to you if you were in that situation+ In all li!elihood, they would li!e to hear the same thing. ere are some positive ways to handle difficult conversations% #. Try to help them identify the problem theyre facing. 'aybe theyre upset over something thats not related to the perceived problem. 6isten to your friend as they tal!, trying to as! questions to help them determine the real problem. ?. ;void acting li!e you !now what will happen next. If your friends going through a difficult time in a relationship, dont tell them everything will wor! out. Instead, tell them 9Im available to you whenever you want to tal!.: F. ;s! general questions rather than expecting them to answer questions they may not be ready to answer. 9 ows it going+: is a better question than as!ing them if theyve moved out of their home after a brea!up. < 6et them bring up additional topics when they feel comfortable doing so. @. &efrain from 4udging others. &ather than saying youve never trusted a particular company when your friend has 4ust lost a large sum of money, you might want to as!, 9Is there anything I can do to help+: 'ost li!ely theyll tell you no, but will appreciate your as!ing. E. )our similar situation isnt the same as theirs. "hile it may be true that youve lost a 4ob or a pet, its not the same thing as losing a loved one. < Try to encourage your friend to thin! about the good times rather than their loss. K. ;c!nowledge your friends feelings. 9I understand that you were hurt by what they said. I would be hurt, too: is better than telling your friend, 9Theres no reason to be upset about that.: ;c!nowledge and validate their feelings, and theyll feel better. $. Thin! about what your friend needs most. It may be to have someone tell them 9I love you.: Try to be alert to your friends unspo!en needs. (e reassuring when possible regardless if your friend has spo!en a need or not. G. 6et others !now you understand their point of view. Telling someone, 9This sounds important to you: doesnt mean youll go along with what they want, but at least you ac!nowledge what they believe to be the best solution. A. Stay focused on the problem and dont get dragged into a fight. If they verbally attac!, dont ta!e the bait. 9I see youre upset, and Im sorry. 'aybe we should ta!e a few minutes for each of us to calm down.:

Its important to remember that no matter what the difficult situation happens to be, its better to listen more than tal!. "hen you do tal!, use the positive statements you find here to help you handle the conversation in a supportive and caring way.

Learn How to Be a Happier Person

Be a happier person - possible but quite elusive! Over the past year I have gone from being a relatively unhappy person to gradually becoming a relatively happy person. I am so grateful that this has occurred and to be able to share my thoughts about becoming a happy person with you today! I have a rich uncle in the United States who once told me that "Happiness is very elusive." Actually after he told me that I had to loo! up elusive in the dictionary! Anyways the lesson learned from my uncle" #eaching happiness is possible but getting there is tough! Over the past year I have basically put together a list of ways or steps to becoming a happy person together in my head. In the following paragraphs I$ll share that list. I will not attempt to number or categori%e the list because I believe all of the ideas carry relevant importance. &his hub about is dedicated to my mother to whom I wish happiness everyday. Surround yourself with love 'y surrounding yourself with love I mean ma!e all efforts possible to put yourself in a loving environment. &he environment around us has a huge impact on our emotions. (ou can surround yourself with love in an infinate number of ways. 'e creative here. )here is there love in your life and gravitate yourself towards that. In my *ourney it has been through ta!ing care of stray cats. 'y loo!ing after these most gentile and loving souls I have found an environment filled with love and happiness. Interact with your neighbors )hen you leave your home every morning or evening you usually encounter the same people as you go about your daily routines. )hether it$s getting your morning coffee or dropping your !ids off at daycare you are bound to run into the same people. I !now this sounds tough + especially when you$re tired and grumpy + but ma!e it a point to ma!e eye contact with the people you encounter smile and say hello. I !now this sounds simple but when we$re buried in our own stress and thoughts simple human face+to+face interaction with our neighbors is easy to forget. Move your body ,ow I$m not saying to start running marathons or go to the gym and become a power lifter + I$m simply suggesting that you physically move your body. &his simply means ta!ing at least a -. minute wal! everyday. /or some reason endorphins or "feel+good" things in our brains are released when we engage in physical activity.

Learn so ething new everyday 'y this I suggest learning something new everyday that relates to the sub*ect of your sincere interests. If you were to go to the boo!store or *ump on )i! what sub*ect would you li!e to learn more about0 Again I believe endorphins are somehow released when we learn more about sub*ects that sincerely fascinate us. /or me I li!e Internet mar!eting and foreign languages. So if you can apply the new things you learn everyday to your wor! so much for the better! Ma!e friends with younger people /or some reason it$s easy to fall into a comfort %one where we always surround ourselves with people around our own age or slightly older. I strongly suggest to ma!e friends with somebody who could be your son or daughter and learn as much as you can from that person. 'y interacting with people at least a generation younger than us we somehow bring ourselves bac! to a happier state of mind. "herish the e ories of those who have passed away

Almost all of us have friends and family members who have passed away. Unfortunately as the years tic! by the list of these people will grow bigger and bigger. However I sincerely believe that every human being has something to teach. 'y remembering those who have passed and learning from the life lessons they$ve taught us we can become happier people. Pic! up trash 1veryday we either wal! somewhere or drive past somewhere where there is trash on the ground. &he garbage *ust sits there and nobody pic!s it up. It$s ugly and pollutes. 'ut for some reason by pic!ing it up and throwing it away we can feel happier! 1ven if the place you wal! by is a total mess and would ta!e you hours days or even wee!s to pic! up by *ust pic!ing up a bit at a time you$ll feel happier. #eep your ho e and body clean Improving our body and living cleanliness sounds simple but it$s so easy to forget! I find that after a nice shower washing my clothes and thoroughly cleaning up my apartment ma!es me feel happier. $ive up che ical addictions Of all of the tips to becoming a happier person I$m discussing on this list this is probably up there with one of the hardest ones. 2hemical addictions are a nightmare for ourselves and the people around us. )hether it$s cigarettes boo%e or stronger drugs it$s all the same. 2hemical addictions do nothing but eat away at our happiness. After admitting that we have a problem with a substance we have to reach out somehow and as! for help. Happiness starts from the point of reaching out in my view. %void people who a!e you feel bad

)e all have met lots of *er!s in our lives. &hey are what I call poisonous personalities. ,o matter what we say or do when when we$re around them they end up ma!ing us feel bad! &hey can be pompous arrogant and condescending. &heir feeding their egos eats away at our happiness bit by bit. )e need to identify individuals with these negative personality traits and avoid them at all costs! "herish your close fa ily e bers and close friends

As simple as this sounds it$s easy to forget to cherish our family members and close friends. &hese people are our biggest support and it$s important to be than!ful that they$re in our lives everyday. I !now it$s tough + no family for friendship relationship is perfect. 'ut we must cherish these people in our minds and ac!nowledge to them that we cherish having them in our lives. &ry your hardest to stop worrying &his is another point that goes bac! to the classic 3ale 2arnegie wrote a boo! "How to Stop )orrying and Start 4iving." )orry and stress somehow have a huge negative impact on our happiness and eventually our bodies. 3ealing with worry is tough as it$s natural for all of us to worry. 'ut 2arnegie$s main point is that by imagining and accepting the worst possible situation we can somehow overcome worry and become happier people. &each a sub'ect for free As I$ve mentioned each and every one of us has some sort of intellectual content to offer. I recommend teaching the sub*ect that you$re most familiar with for free either on the Internet of off+line. In my website /ree2hinese' I teach 5andarin 2hinese for free at it has brought me great happiness to help people all over the world learn about a new sub*ect. Be honest to yourself Again this is one of the tips for becoming a happier person that is of utmost importance. One of the richest and most successful people I have ever met suggested that I be honest with myself. /or many years I put his suggestion in the bac! of my mind and lived an unhappy life. It$s e6tremely hard + I !now. 'ut if you$re not honest with yourself I believe becoming a happier person would be e6tremely difficult if not impossible. (o activities to overco e your fears )e are all afraid of certain physical or mental activities. 7rowing up I was afraid of dogs and of animals in general. 'y physically engaging with dogs as an adult and loo!ing after cats I have increased my chances for becoming a happy person. )ind your own way &his is a really tough one and I$ll try my hardest to e6plain it. In life there are many directions or paths that we can follow. /riends and family members will ma!e lots of suggestions. )e$ve all heard ")hy don$t you do this0" and ")hy don$t you do that0". 'y blindly following these peoples$ suggestions + as sincere as they may be + we may find ourselves living very

unhappy lives. /inding your own "way" is the sub*ect of &aoism as "3ao" literally means "the way" in 2hinese. 'y finding your own way + career+wise or in any other aspect relating to your life you$re sure to live a happier life. %ccept the course of nature Sometimes we$re dealt a bad hand in life. Our boss fires us. Our partner leaves us. Our pet dies. )e lose close friends and relatives. 'ad and unpleasant things happen to all of us. 1veryday we face disappointments of different magnitudes. As tough as it sounds by accepting the bad hands that nature deals us and *ust moving on we can become much happier people. (on*t be over dependant on entors

In the course of our lives we$ll meet some special people who become our mentors. In most situations they sincerely hope for us to succeed in our endeavours. 'ut in some situations they may actually be "mentoring" us to !eep us down and stro!e their own egos. I suggest being e6tremely cautious of this !ind of mentor. #emember the best mentor you can find is (OU#S14/! I have been doing online mar!eting for at least a year now. I have reached a relatively acceptable degree of success and happiness as my own mentor. Slow down - don*t be in too uch of a rush

Sam a good friend of mine in &aiwan is an e6pert 2hinese in 1astern herbal medicine. His shop is filled with thousands of different herbs and various natural remedies. One time when I had a cold and went to his shop for medicine he reminded me to not be rush too much when wal!ing through the streets of &aipei! )hat he was telling me was that the mind and body are interlin!ed and that by rushing too much you$re doing harm to body and mind! So by slowing down my wal!ing pace and breathing I$ve been able to become a happier person. +e-start a childhood hobby or sport )e all have activities we did as children and adolescents but have since abandoned as adults. /or me one of these activities was swimming. 7rowing up in the northeastern United States I used to swim everyday during the summers. 5y parents too! me to summer camp beach our friends la!e the town pool + I was in the water everywhere! Anyways *ust this year I finally got myself bac! in the pool and am loving every minute of it. (ou may have a certain hobby or sport from when you were little. It could be playing the clarinet or anything + *ust try pic!ing up that hobby again now and you$ll surely find some happiness! )ind old friends on )aceboo! It$s normal for all of us to e6perience down days in our lives. &hese moments of depression can last for hours days or even years. ,obody as immune + no matter how perfect things appear. 'ut by getting on /aceboo!.com and reaching out and getting bac! in touch with people who !new your during our happier days you$ll surely find some happiness! %void racial thoughts

I !now + this is a tough one and carries a lot of baggage. ,o matter what our ethnicity or where we$re from we have all been e6posed to racism and many other forms of pre*udice and discrimination. Sometimes for no apparent reason we might have a racial or discriminatory thought go through our minds. &hey$re crap. 7et rid of them. 'elieving racial stereotypes as truths will get us nowhere in life. 'y embracing and learning from people of different races and ethnic groups se6es and se6ual orientations we will be on the right path towards happiness. ),+$I-. - ),+$I-. - ),+$I-. &his is one of hardest suggestions for becoming a happier person if not the hardest. Unfortunately it$s in our human or even animistic nature to hold grudges and not forgive those who have wronged us. )e can say sorry and forgive by e+mail phone calls or physical visits. 4et$s start forgiving those who have wronged us today and become happier people. % parting story about saying sorry and forgiving and finding happiness Here$s my parting story before I end this hub. 8ust today I was ta!ing my daily wal! and came up with the list of how to become a happier person you read above. I !eyed the list into my cell phone and S5S$d myself the list. A few months ago our Internet connection went down and I had an argument with my landlord$s girlfriend. Anyways *ust before I sat down to write this hub we had a spat in our restaurant downstairs. I told myself that I was in no position to write a hub about being a happier person without saying sorry and forgiving her first. So I went to the nearest flower shop and bought her some flowers and wrote a card. I came bac! into the shop put the flowers on the chec!out counter handed her the card and said "I$m sorry." &hen when I was in the middle of writing this very hub I got a !noc! on my door. It was my landlord$s girlfriend offering me a fruit bas!et in return! I couldn$t believe it! 9See pic below!: It was hard saying sorry and forgiving my landlord$s girlfriend. 'ut somehow by doing that and by trying to do everything else I$ve suggested above I$ve somehow become a happy person. I loo! forward to reading and learning from your comments below.

Saying Sorry and )orgiving is a /onderful /ay to )ind Happiness

)hile I was writing this hub I was given this fruit bas!et gift by somebody who I said sorry to and forgave. I$m grateful for this fruit bas!et and my happiness.

I prove your life learning to love and accept yourself +#

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By Princessa

&he start of the year our birthday or a ma*or event in our life is the ideal time to thin! about what we have achieved until now and what we want for the future. It is the best time to thin! about all the things that we could do to improve ourselves and our e6periences. 5ost of us want to be happier richer slimmer stronger more successful more seductive and more capable at this or that. 'ut at the end it all comes to basic needs li!e the need to be happy accepted and loved. 3ifferent people achieve this state through different paths. /or some a new career for others a change of partner stopping a bad habit doing voluntary

wor! having a child the list is infinite. 1very person has her own particular way to feel happy.

Be happy accepting your body and loving it0

Accepting yourself the way you are is one of the most difficult tas!s that we have. As the *o!e goes when we are little girls we want to grow up and have big boobs when we grow up we hate our boobs for being too big and when we finally come to accept them and love them; it is too late nature has ta!en its course and they need lifted! /or some people especially young women being happy means being in harmony with their bodies li!ing what they see in the mirror. &he tric! however is not *ust li!ing what you see but accepting yourself the way you are. As we grow up we have a tendency to be more contented with our bodies and value ourselves more for our personal traits than for our loo!s. )hat we do not reali%e is that other people especially our friends and family see us for who we are and not much for how we loo!. If you don<t believe this *ust try the following e6periment= as! your best friend or sister to describe you. 7ive her a piece of paper and let her write down how she sees you as! her to be concise to write down the >. characteristics that best describe you. (ou do the same for her. )hen you are finished compare notes. How did your friend describe you0 I am sure that from the >. characteristics that she wrote about you less than ? refer to your physi@ue. Isn<t that enough to convince you that people around you see you as a person and not *ust as a body0

Body I age Statistics If you are having trouble with your body i age here are 12 tips that will help you to accept and love yourself0
>: 1very morning try to thin! about all the things that your body allows you to do. /or e6ample your body allows you to wal! to breathe to dance to laugh. 5a!e up your own list. It is about wa!ing up and being than!ful because you are in full use of your limbs because you have your eyesight and your sense of smell. &hin! about it thin! how luc!y you are thin! about all the things that you ta!e for granted but are so essential in your everyday life.

-: 5a!e a list of >. things that you li!e about yourself and have nothing to do with your physical appearance. #e+read and re+write this list @uite often.

Aanessa Baradis. 'eautiful and talented /rench actressCsinger. D: #emind yourself that beauty is a state of mind. If you are happy with yourself if you thin! yourself pretty and se6y then other people will believe it too. 4oo! at the /rench actress and singer Aanessa Baradis she is very talented and in her own way pretty but she is by no means perfect Eloo! at her teeth+ 'ut 8ohnny 3epp is head over heels about her as well as a good percentage of the /rench male population! F: 'e less perfectionist with your body. &here are some things that you will never be able to change about your body even plastic surgery has its limitations= so you better learn to accept yourself the way you are. ?: )hen you loo! at yourself in the mirror loo! at the whole self. #emember people loo! at you as a person they don<t loo! only at your nose or your hips= they see the whole pac!age. 3o the same loo! at yourself entirely not by little bits. G: Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid those so called friends that are always critici%ing you brea! up with that abusive partner= leave that *ob where they are always putting you down. Instead surround your self with caring people who love you for who you are people who support you and can share your achievements.

H: 3emand respect from the people around you. 3o not let your partner call you IfattyJ I*elly beanJ or any other denigrating pet name. 3emand respect in your wor!place *ust because your boss pays you doesn<t mean he can treat you badly! K: )ear clothes that suit your body shape. Hiding under layers of oversi%ed blac! t+shirts and leggings do not ma!e you loo! your best. )ear clothes that enhance your shape and give you confidence.

.volution of Beauty3
L: 3o not let yourself be manipulated by society or the media. Say no to all the canons of beauty that the media want to force onto us. I personally li!e the 3ove campaign for real women because they are not imposing a body shape that most women cannot attain without living on a can of diet co!e and a salad a day. &he 3ove campaign emphasises that women come in different shapes and we are all beautiful. >.: Help other people. Instead of spending hours planning your menus or e6ercising to death in the gym why not do some voluntary wor!. #ather than *ust thin!ing about yourself do something for other people. (ou will be ama%ed at the amount of satisfaction and self+ confidence that you can obtain from helping others.

)eeling (ivine

HubMob3 I proving your life in 4225

,e6t 7eneration #eading &echnologies and 3evices /or Aisuali%ed #eading &raditional reading methods are challenged by the modern online CinternetM readingM or the 1 boo!sM available in B3/ formats .&he main advantages of Online readingM areM " (ou can store... + 3 weeks ago

)ays &o Improve (our 4ife in -..L

I have this theory that ,ew (ear$s resolutions don$t wor!. I$m not saying that you shouldn$t set goals for yourself I *ust thin! that you shouldn$t place too much emphasis on this golden day ... + 9 months ago

#educing stress 5any of us live a stressful lifestyle without really being aware of it. 5odern life e6poses us to many pressures producing a stress response from our system including the release... + 2 months ago

Obtaining 'alance 4eads to an 1nhanced 4ife M 3oes your balancing act need fine+tuning0 It$s a $,ew (ear$ and being out of balance already seems to be the missing ingredient in a large part of our life today. 4ife itself can continually throw us off... + 9 months ago

Love Yourself--You Are (orth It ,rate or flag this page

By k@ri True love comes from within. You cannot fake it. You cannot force it. You cannot buy it. It comes without thought, without effort, without payment.

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I try to find the good in all people. In all my years I<ve yet to find the person who had no good points. I may not li!e all people but that is *ust my personal opinion. &hat does not ma!e them all bad any more than loving someone ma!es them all good. )e all have our good 9and our bad: traits. It is harder for me to see my own good traits than it is to see them in another. 'ut I can see my bad traits much clearer. )hy is it that we are so harsh on ourselves0 )hy do we beat ourselves up for every little mista!e every misspo!en word and every clumsy moment0 )e freely forgive others for these. )hy do we not afford ourselves the same courtesy0 How can we truly love another if we cannot first love ourselves0 Ale6ander Bope wrote I&he greatest magnifying glasses in the world are a man$s own eyes when they loo! upon his own personJ. )e see our own faults much clearer than we see others. #emember we all have faults= we all have parts of us we would li!e to change. I !now my faults. I accept them and wor! daily on overcoming them.

If you tell me I am impatient I will not get upset. I will admit to it and tell you it is something I wor! on daily. It is one of my greatest failings causing me to be rude at times. &his causes me great distress there for I consciously try to change my behavior. I have to remind myself that in the big scheme of things in the ne6t ten years one more minute of waiting will not change the world. I do not waste a lot of time beating myself up over it. It is there and until I change it it is a part of who I am.

5y *ob is to always grow and regretting and recriminations hinder growth. Acceptance and moving forward stimulate growth. I want always to move forward as I find the stagnation of staying still unbearable. I loo! into myself I listen when people critici%e and I see! to learn the things I don<t li!e about myself so that I can begin the wor! of changing them.

I guess I should touch on our physical appeal here also. 1very single person has at least one and usually more aspect of their physical appearance they would wish to change. &he individual focuses in on this aspect and becomes self conscious about it. One of the hardest things in the world about accepting and loving yourself is to accept and love how you loo!. In this our internal magnifying glass is relentless. It is very difficult to reali%e that others do not see you as you see yourself. I have found that some people who loo! beautiful at first glance can become downright ugly once you get to !now them while others who you may never notice in that first glance become more beautiful every time you interact with them. &he people who really matter in your life will see your true beauty;the beauty of your heart your mind and your soul. &his is your lasting beauty and what will be seen day in and day out. In accepting this you will !now you are beautiful and others will see it also. &he idiom Ifamiliarity breeds contemptJ is a very true statement. &he most beautiful of outward appearances will start to fade and become familiar over time. It is the ever growing ever evolving inner beauty that will achieve lasting wonder in how others see us. 8ust as we watch in awe the unfolding of the rose<s blossom so shall the unfolding of our true potential captivate others.

)e all ma!e mista!es and while we readily forgive others for their mista!es we often spend years beating ourselves up over ours. )e must change how we loo! at our mista!es. 5ista!es are opportunities to learn and grow. 4oo! at them as such. Accept that you made

a mista!e and learn how to avoid it in the future. &he only people who do not ma!e mista!es are the ones who never learn to live. 4ife is full of mista!es but as 3enis )atley said I5ista!es are painful when they happen but years later a collection of mista!es is what is called e6perience.J )ithout trying without ma!ing mista!es we will never grow never succeed never live to our fullest. 1li%abeth Nubler+#oss said I&here are no mista!es no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from.J #eali%e that mista!es are learning e6periences. 3o not waste time regretting and beating yourself up. 4earn live and love;and ma!e mista!es.

All things start in the core and radiate outward. &he same is true of love. )e are the core of our love. )hen you find the !ey to loving yourself your love will shine around you for all to see. )e are all very ali!e in our insecurities it is *ust the face we put to the world that is different. Have the courage to love yourself and you will have the courage to love others. As a flame burns brightest in the center so must our love. An ama%ing outcome of loving yourself is that others will be drawn to you. (our flame will burn brighter and as moths are drawn to the light so are humans. Acceptance and love for yourself will translate itself into acceptance and love of others. It will not be forced it will not be fa!e and it will never be for sale. &his love will be true and effortless. In this way we become a blessing to all of those around us. 4ove is an unstoppable energy that burns brightest in the core and radiates out illuminating other<s lives. 4et your love shine.

.- (ays to I prove Your %ood ,,

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By stephhicks68

4aughter is great for the soul

Sometimes 5ondays aren$t *ust confined to the beginning of the wee!. &hose doldrums can continue well into the wee! + or even the wee!end! 5aybe your boss is nagging you.... the !ids are getting to you... the laundry is piling up 9again:. 3epending on your circumstances there are a number of small yet effective ways to lift your spirits. &ry one out on 5onday then perhaps another on &uesday. #epeat as necessary. And remember as Annie famously sang..... "&he sun$ll come out tomorrow!" >. "all a friend. 2$mon. Bic! up the phone and call someone. 3on$t email. Its much less personal. (ou$ll have a laugh and the endorphins will start flowing again. -. /rite to a fa ily e ber. See my advice above regarding email. 2hoose someone with

whom you haven$t corresponded in a while and tell them how much you love them or appreciate their being a part of your life. Or tell them a *o!e. )hatever cheers you up.

D. .6ercise0 (ou don$t have to sweat it out at the gym to ma!e a difference. 7o for a wal!. 7et some fresh air. If the weather is inclement go to a shopping mall if possible. 8ust get moving. It will ma!e a difference. F. )orgive yourself. )rite down one thing you thin! you did "wrong" in the past or one way in which you thin! you are falling short and let it go. 2ompletely. If you aren$t convinced that you should be forgiven for the alleged transgression then pic! an easier item for self+ forgiveness. ?. &a!e a bath or a shower. 5aybe you already cleaned up once in the morning but a soothing bubble bath or a @uiet afternoon shower can be *ust the tic!et to a fresh outloo! on the rest of the day. G. $et organi7ed! Sometimes clutter can ma!e one feel overwhelmed and mildly depressed. If you are at the office use your lunch hour to tac!le some of the piles and stuff crammed in your des! drawers. At home ta!e on one room or space at a time. Berhaps your entry area where the billsC!eysCcoats get left would be a good place to start. 7etting things in place can ease your mind and bring a smile to your face too! H. Plan a lunch or dinner date. But something on the calendar a few days ahead of the present + with a friend or with a date. &his will give you something to loo! forward to not only to share the company but maybe to try a new restaurant as well0

(our friends and family might be able to bring a smile to your face!

80 Set s all9 achievable goals. Oftentimes if our busy lives are bro!en down into more manageable tas!s we can feel happiness at minor accomplishments. Instead so much of our days may seem li!e endless loops without end or reward. So tell yourself that you will complete D reports at wor! this wee! or that you will coo! - homemade dinners. 7old stars when you do! 50 Start a 'ournal. It can be a gratitude *ournal recommended by Oprah or any !ind of writing in which you relate your thoughts of the day. Sometimes *ust getting it out releases some of the negative energy. &his brings me to... 120 Let it out. Have a good cry. If you have suffered a loss or are otherwise grieving it may be helpful to let the tears flow. (ou may not immediately feel a great deal happier but in the long term the sadness will not be so bottled up. 2all a friend or family member to share your grief if possible. 110 "o pli ent so eone. 7ive an honest heart+felt compliment in person to someone deserving. It has to be given to them directly or it won$t have the same uplifting effect for both of you. &rust me.

140 )orgive so eone. (ou can start by privately forgiving a person that may have hurt you but try to ta!e this a step further by writing a letter and offering forgiveness as well. Unless you desire to put >..O of the disagreement behind you + this means no hint of accusations etc. + tread very carefully to ma!e sure that all involved understand that the white flag has been raised and the battle is over. 1:0 Breathe deeply. &his sounds simple and it is. 2lose your eyes and ta!e slow breaths in through your nose as deeply as you can. Hold for a few seconds. #elease slowly through your mouth. #epeat ? times. 1;0 +eturn a favor. 3id a neighbor or friend pic! up mail for you while you were out0 )al! your dog0 5ow your lawn0 1ven if it was months ago its not too late to do something in return for a small favor bestowed upon you. 'a!e brownies for your office colleagues and bring them in. &a!e a small plant over to your elderly neighbor. Say "yes" to the girl scouts when they come selling the coo!ies 9even if you$re on a diet + give them away!:. Narma is a wonderful thing. 1<0 -olunteer. (ou may thin! that you do not have time in your busy life but I$ll bet you can find -+D hours a month to ma!e a big difference in a few peoples$ lives. &his is only >C- hour a wee! + a sitcom$s time! Soup !itchens always need e6tra hands. #eligious organi%ations love volunteers to help with many events throughout the year. )hat about your local Humane Society0 4ocal communities also have events that can use both volunteers and sponsors. 2hec! your local 2hamber of 2ommerce website. 1=0 (onate. &here are so many worthwhile organi%ations to which you can donate money it is easy to become overwhelmed and simply close your wallet. I suggest that you pic! one cause that has a personal connection i.e. for health reasons 9breast cancer diabetes livestrong etc.: and ma!e an easy annual limit that is within your budget 9P>. P?. or more: and then pledge to ma!e that donation. 5ost of these are ta6+deductible but please do chec! before giving any money. Here are *ust a few of many many lin!s"

1>0 Laugh. &he simple act of laughter releases endorphins and is shown to improve your mood. 1ven smiling will have that effect. I li!e to save some of the funny email *o!es that get forwarded to me for *ust these times. If you need a nudge here$s a few lin!s to get you started. I$ve included my personal favorite comedian 1llen 3e7eneres. (ou simply can$t !eep a straight face listening to her. /or more fun chec! out" funny*un!.com Over >.. /unny 2lean 8o!es

.llen (e$eneres
180 Listen to usic. But on your favorite tunes and roc! the blues away. Or perhaps

you en*oy soothing classical music. 3ance around if you can. Baraphrasing one of my favorite bumper stic!ers" 3ance as if no one is watching!

#ela6 with a great boo! 150 .scape into a good boo!. 'etter yet go to the library or boo!store and simply escape into the e6perience+ the hush the shuffling feet and soft sounds. 1merge hours later with some good reads and hopefully feeling a little lighter. 420 Indulge your hobbies. Bull out your camera your paints or your clay. Its time to get creative again. 3o you play piano0 3o you li!e to write0 Scrapboo!0 7etting that creative spar! going may be *ust the tic!et to getting out of a little rut. I passed a sign the other day which said" "100% of the shots you don't take, don't go in." )ell now is the time to go for it + start writing that boo!. 1nter that photography contest. ,othing to lose. Have some fun! 410 Paint your nails or shine your shoes 9or both!: 'uff what you$ve got. But a little shine on. &a!e a little e6tra time in the morning getting ready and be proud of the results. I recall reading in some trivia that one purchase that women invariably ma!e to improve their mood is a tube of lipstic!. )ell + get out there and buy some "Baradise Bin!" or "#humba #ed " then! /or those of you that believe a suntan is pretty then let$s do it safely ladies! /a!e 9in this instance: is good!

Bretty in pin! 440 &ell so eone that you love the 0 &his is best accompanied by a hug and a !iss. Start with your spouse significant other boyfriend girlfriend and !ids if you have them. Include parents siblings and other relatives. 2ontinue on to other important people in your life. Bets too! (ou can always get a positive reaction from your dog. I can$t really promise as much from a cat though. 'ut try! 4:0 Meditate. /ind a @uiet place and about >. minutes all to yourself at the beginning or end of the day. Unplug your cell phone and avoid or limit any other interruptions if you can. &his would be a good time to practice the breathing e6ercises above. 8ust sit by yourself and listen to your breathing. "Observe" your thoughts but try not to *udge them during this @uiet time. 4;0 S ile along the way. 7as station attendants ta6i drivers baristas grocery cler!s + all of these people enter our lives each day and we have an opportunity to try to brighten their day and *ust possibly have the favor returned. A genuine smile and "than! you " seem to be endangered species in our rush to get the dry cleaning and pic! up something for dinner before H".. p.m. Slow down and reconnect from time to time. 4<0 +e e ber that to orrow is another day. )hatever it is that is bringing you down can often seem more manageable in the light of a new day. Sleep on it and see if you have a better outloo! when the sun