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My week in school from, January 19 to 23, 2014

Theme of the week: Birds and nsects
!ommunication " #an$ua$e
Focusing on insects and birds Vocabulary, sentences and story building. Students will use new vocabulary words to build sentences and construct a story on birds and insects. The Teacher will guide the students with questions to form the story and small scenes will be then dramatized by the students after. Free flow area The teacher will gather the students first in front of the puppet theater where they will have a short puppet show about birds and insects

%hysical &e'elo(ment
Students will go to jungle gym area where children will be involved in free play and planned activities to enable them to develop their fine and gross motor s ills. !"ploring the jungle gym to reinforce words li e crawling, jumping, creeping, climbing and sliding#using movements to e"press them.

%ersonal )ocial and *motional &e'elo(ment

Tal about insects and $iscussion on where their live% &hat they eat% 'ow they move% (nd about the characteristics of insects. Story on insects Students will involve in role play enacting li e insects and will spea a few sentences on them. Facts on insects Story # The ant and the grasshopper The )aterpillars $ream

*ecapitulation of +pposites, Singular,-lural and sentence construction. +ne and .any and +pposites. *eading the one and many and +pposite words. &riting the +pposites, singular and plural and simple sentences. &riting / to 0 sentences using a picture.

and then the students will be given the chance to choose an area as ids enjoy playing in the area of their choice.
What is an insect?

These are cats. They have / eyes and 1 legs. 2t is a pet animal. illustrating the picture based on the word

Flash cards on Insects

.a ing sentences using the words.

3uilding / line short stories on the +pposites !g4 The boy had a big ball55

+6(# Sand -lay 7 Students will be divided into three groups. +ne group will find the flash cards with words, another group will find the opposite of the word and the third group will form a sentence using the opposites.

Song on +pposites +ne and .any


+nderstandin$ the ,orld

*-(ressi'e .rts and &esi$n

%arental in'ol'ement

Students will revise the previous nowledge of numbers through flash cards and objects.

Students will be identifying the difference between birds and insects. 3irds and insects both can fly< they both do not have Students will revise the same body structures number names 8 to 09. or characteristics. There is a huge difference Students will be in their size as well. &hile introduced to :umbers there are some bird 08 to 19 species that are small, still they are not as small as The students will learn insects. =enerally birds are numbers 08 to 19 bigger than insects through counting, *ecapitulation on the sorting, adding beads and characteristics of insects threading the numbers in and birds. a sequence. 2nsect bodies have &or sheet on numbers. three parts, the thora", abdomen and head. Students will write numbers 08 to 19 ;sing various medium li e tracing, forming with clay, filling in the missing numbers and placing the numbers in the right order. Students will do 2nsects have two antennae. 2nsects have three pairs of legs. 2nsects eat more plants than any other creatures on earth.

Students will ma e artwor on butterfly using paper plate and a birds nest using paper plate.

This wee students will be learning the difference between birds and insects. The students will become familiar with the names of many insects and insects, their characteristics and difference. To develop observation s ills you can show your child pictures of insects and birds from boo s or magazines.

2f students have any plastic or a soft toy of insects and birds then they can bring it to school to share with the class. !nhance vocabulary for the +pposites and Singular and -lural. !ncourage the ids to spea in complete sentences. ;se the lin s given in the planner. *eading stories is a great way

wor sheet and wor boo on number 08 to 19.

They are small and most of them can fly. Facts on insects

of language enhancement. :umbers 8 to 19 could be practiced. !njoy your child@@

> thin ing hat strategy &hite hat# facts about the number song )ount )ount )ount insects and birds.

?ellow hat# what is the benefit of the honey bee% 3lac hat# what would happen if the birds fall in the water% *ed hat# how would the boy feel if he was bit by the insect% =reen hat#'ow can we help hungry birds and insects% &hat do you thin they will do% Students will watch video related to different types

of insects and birds. Students will draw a bird and insects and discuss the difference between both.

Song on 2nsects

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