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The Nazarene Prayerbook

(For Followers of the Way/Torah)

By Yahshurun Obai Agye ang (Bran!on "ole an)

These Prayers can be recited three times a day(Afternoon,Evening, and Sunrise), on weekdays and on Sabbaths. The Shema

O Israel: YAHUAH our Elohim, YAHUAH is one! 5And you shall love YAHUAH your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your bein , and with all your mi ht! "And these #ords whi$h I am $ommandin you today shall be in your heart, %and you shall im&ress them u&on your $hildren, and shall s&ea' o( them when you sit in your house, and when you wal' by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise u&, )and shall bind them as a si n on your hand, and they shall be as (rontlets between your eyes! *And you shall write them on the door&osts o( your house and on your ates!+,euteronomy ":4-*.

An! you shall lo#e your neighbor as yourself$%(&e#iti'us ()*(+)


it shall be that i( you dili ently obey 2y $ommands whi$h I $ommand you today, to love YAHUAH your Elohim and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your bein , /4then I shall ive you the rain (or your land in its season, the early rain and the latter rain, and you shall ather in your rain, and your new wine, and your oil! /5 1And I shall ive rass in your (ields (or your livesto$', and you shall eat and be satis(ied! /"13uard yourselves, lest your heart be de$eived, and you turn aside and serve other mi hty ones and bow down to them! /%14hen the dis&leasure o( YAHUAH shall burn a ainst you, and He shall shut u& the heavens, and there be no rain, and the land not ive its in$rease! And you shall &erish 5ui$'ly (rom the ood land whi$h YAHUAH is ivin you! /)1And you shall lay u& these #ords o( 2ine in your heart and in your bein , and shall bind them as a si n on your hand, and they shall be as (rontlets between your eyes!


you shall tea$h them to your $hildren, s&ea'in o( them when you sit in your house, and when you wal' by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise u&, 67and shall write them on the door&osts o( your house and on your ates, 6/so that your days and the days o( your $hildren are in$reased on the soil o( whi$h YAHUAH swore to your (athers to ive them, as the days o( the heavens on the earth!+,euteronomy //:/0-6/. Commandment of the Tzitzit(fringes)

YAHUAH s&o'e to 2osheh, sayin , to the $hildren o( Israel, and you shall say to them to ma'e t9it9iyot on the $orners o( their arments throu hout their enerations, and to &ut a blue $ord in the t9it9it o( the $orners! 0*And it shall be to you (or a t9it9it and you shall see it, and shall remember all the $ommands o( YAHUAH and shall do them, and not sear$h a(ter your own heart and your own eyes a(ter whi$h you went whorin , 47so that you remember, and shall do all 2y $ommands, and be set-a&art unto your Elohim! 4/I am YAHUAH your Elohim, who brou ht you out o( the land o( 2itsrayim, to be your Elohim! I am YAHUAH your Elohim!:(Numbers !"#$%& )

'hronic(es )"*%#)

than's to YAHUAH, $all u&on His ;ame, 2a'e 'nown His deeds amon the &eo&les! *8in to Him, sin &raise to Him, 8&ea' o( all His wonders! /7<oast in His set-a&art ;ame, =et the hearts o( those see'in YAHUAH re>oi$e! // 8ee' YAHUAH and His stren th, 8ee' His (a$e $ontinually! /6?emember His wonders whi$h He has done, His si ns and the ri ht-rulin s o( His mouth, /0O seed o( Israel, His servant@ O $hildren o( YaAa5ob, His $hosen ones! /4He is YAHUAH our Elohim,

His ri ht-rulin s are in all the earth! /5?emember His $ovenant (orever, 4he #ord He $ommanded (or a thousand enerations, /"#hi$h He made with Abraham, And His oath to Isaa$, /%And He established it to Ba$ob (or a law, 4o Israel as an everlastin $ovenant, /)8ayin , 4o you I ive the land o( Canaan, 4he &ortion o( your inheritan$e,: /*#hen you were but (ew in number, Dew indeed, and so>ourners in it! 67And they went u& and down, Drom one nation to another, And (rom one rei n to another &eo&le! 6/He allowed no one to o&&ress them, And He re&roved soverei ns (or their sa'es, saying: 66,o not tou$h 2y anointed ones, And do 2y &ro&hets no evil!: 608in to YAHUAH, all the earth@ Ero$laim His deliveran$e (rom day to day! 64,e$lare His esteem amon the nations, His wonders amon all &eo&les! 65 Dor reat is YAHUAH and reatly to be &raised@ And He is to be (eared above all mi hty ones! 6"Dor all the mi hty ones o( the &eo&les are matters o( nau ht, <ut YAHUAH made the heavens! 6%EF$ellen$y and s&lendour are be(ore Him, 8tren th and ladness are in His &la$e! 6)As$ribe to YAHUAH, O $lans o( the &eo&les, As$ribe to YAHUAH esteem and stren th! 6*As$ribe to YAHUAH the esteem o( His ;ame@ <rin an o((erin , and $ome be(ore Him@ <ow yoursel( to YAHUAH In the s&lendour o( set-a&artness! 074remble be(ore Him, all the earth! 4he world also is (irmly established, immovable! 0/ =et the heavens re>oi$e, and let the earth be lad@ And let them say amon the nations, YAHUAH shall rei n!: 06 =et the sea roar, and all that (ills it@ =et the (ield re>oi$e, and all that is in it!

00 =et

the trees o( the (orest then sin be(ore YAHUAH, Dor He shall $ome to >ud e the earth! 043ive than's to YAHUAH, (or He is ood, Dor His 'indness is everlastin ! 05And say, 8ave us, O Elohim o( our deliveran$e@ And ather us to ether, And deliver us (rom the entiles, 4o ive than's to Your set-a&art ;ame, And boast in Your &raise!: 0"<lessed be YAHUAH Elohim o( Israel Drom everlastin to everlastin ! And all the &eo&le said, Amain!: and &raised YAHUAH! The Amidah(Standing Prayers) are prayers which are according to tradition, compiled 450 !C!"! #y the $%0 &reat 'en of the &reat Assem#ly, which incl(ded "zra and )ehemiah!* ha+e incl(ded these prayers with a )atsarim twist!

Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A- our /lohi an! /lohi of our fathers, the /lohi of Abraha , the /lohi of 0saa' an! the /lohi of 1a'ob, the great, ighty an! aweso e /lohi , the 2u3re e /lohi who bestows lo#ing kin!nesses, the 'reator of all things, who re e bers the goo! !ee!s of the 3atriar'hs an! in lo#e 'a e as a re!ee er to their 'hil!ren4s 'hil!ren for your na e4s sake$ Oh 2or#eign, hel3er, sa#ior an! shiel!$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, the shiel! of Abraha $ E(ohim+s ,ight You, Oh YA-.A-, are ighty fore#er, you re#i#e the !ea!, you ha#e the 3ower to sa#e$ You 'ause the win! to blow an! the rain to fall$ You sustain the li#ing with lo#ing5kin!ness, you re#i#e the !ea! with great er'y, an! you su33ort the falling, heal the si'k, set free the boun! an! kee3 faith with those who slee3 in the !ust$ Who is like you, Oh !oer of ighty a'ts6 Who rese bles you, a king who 3uts to !eath an! restores to life, an! 'auses sal#ation to flourish6 An! you are 'ertain to re#i#e the !ea!$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who re#i#es the !ea!$ Set%A-artness of .A/0A/+s Name You are set5a3art an! your Na e is set5a3art, an! set5a3art ones 3raise you e#ery!ay, fore#er$ Blesse! are you, YA-.A-, the set5a3art /lohi $

.A/0A/ giver of insight and wisdom You fa#or en with knowle!ge, an! tea'h ortals un!erstan!ing$ Oh fa#or us with the knowle!ge, the un!erstan!ing an! the insight that 'o es fro you$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, the gra'ious gi#er of knowle!ge$

1e-entance Bring us ba'k, Our father, to your Torah7 !raw us near, Our 2or#eign, to your ser#i'e7 an! 'ause us to return to you in 3erfe't re3entan'e$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who !elights in re3entan'e$ 2orgiveness Forgi#e us, Our Father, for we ha#e sinne!7 3ar!on us, Our 2or#eign, for we ha#e transgresse!7 for you 3ar!on an! forgi#e$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who is er'iful an! always rea!y to forgi#e$ 1edem-tion Behol! our affli'tion an! 3lea! our 'ause, an! re!ee us s3ee!ily for your na e4s sake, for you are a ighty re!ee er$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, the re!ee er of 0srael$ /ea(ing and /ea(th -eal us, Oh YA-.A-, an! we will be heale!7 sa#e us an! we will be sa#e!, for you are our 3raise$ Oh grant a 3erfe't healing to all our ail ents, for you, al ighty 2or#eign, are a faithful an! er'iful healer$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, the healer of the si'k of his 3eo3le 0srael$ Pros-erity Bless this year for us, Oh YA-.A- our /lohi , together with all the #arieties of its 3ro!u'e, for our welfare$ Bestow !ew an! rain for a blessing u3on the fa'e of the earth$ Oh satisfy us with your goo!ness, an! bless our year like the best of years$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who blesses the years$ 1egathering of the E3i(es 2oun! the great shofar for our free!o , raise the banner to gather our e8iles, an! gather us fro the four 'orners of the earth$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who gathers the !is3erse! of his 3eo3le 0srael$ 1eign of .A/0A/ and .A/0S/A ,essiah 9estore our :u!ges as in for er ti es, an! our 'ounselors as at the beginning7 an! re o#e fro us sorrow an! groan$ 9eign o#er us, you alone, Oh YA-.A-, with lo#ing kin!ness an! 'o 3assion, an! 'lear us in :u!g ent$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, the 2or#eign who lo#es righteousness an! :u!ge ent$ The 1ighteous and those 4rafted in ;ay your 'o 3assion be stirre!, Oh YA-.A- our /lohi , towar!s the righteous, the 3ious, the el!ers of your 3eo3le the house of 0srael, the re nant of their s'holars, towar!s 'on#erts, an! towar!s us also$ <rant a goo! rewar! to all who truly trust in your na e$ 2et our lot with the fore#er so that we ay ne#er be 3ut to sha e, for we ha#e 3ut our trust in you$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, the su33ort an! stay of the righteous$ 1ebui(ding 5erusa(em

9eturn in er'y to 1erusale your 'ity, an! !well in it as you ha#e 3ro ise!$ 9ebuil! it soon in our !ay as an eternal stru'ture, an! =ui'kly set u3 in it the throne of >a#i!/YA-.2-A ;essiah$Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who rebuil!s 1erusale $ .A/0S/A ,essiah the Sorveign of 6srae(7 23ee!ily bring the offs3ring of your ser#ant >a#i! to us, an! let hi be e8alte! by your sa#ing 3ower, for we wait all !ay long for your sal#ation/YA-.2-A$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who 'auses the 3ri!e of sal#ation/YA-.2-A to flourish$ Acce-tance of Prayer -ear our #oi'e, Oh YA-.A- our /lohi 7 s3are us an! ha#e 3ity on us$ A''e3t our 3rayer in er'y an! with fa#or, for you are a /lohi who hears 3rayers an! su33li'ations$ Our 2or#eign, !o not turn us away fro your 3resen'e e 3ty5han!e!, for you hear the 3rayers of your 3eo3le 0srael with 'o 3assion$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who hears 3rayer$ .A/0S/A+s return to 8ion ;ay the worshi3 of your 3eo3le 0srael always be a''e3table to you$ An! let our eyes behol! your return in er'y to ?ion$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who restores his !i#ine 3resen'e/YA-.2-A to ?ion$ Thanksgiving We gi#e thanks to you that you are the YA-.A- our /lohi an! the /lohi of our fathers fore#er an! e#er$ Through e#ery <eneration, you ha#e been the ro'k of our li#es, the shiel! of our sal#ation$ We will gi#e you thanks an! !e'lare your 3raise for our li#es that are 'o itte! into your han!s, for our beings that are entruste! to you, for your ira'les that are !aily with us, an! for your won!ers an! your benefits that are with us at all ti es, e#ening, orning an! noon$ Oh benefi'ent one, your er'ies ne#er fail7 Oh er'iful one, your lo#ing kin!nesses ne#er 'ease$ We ha#e always 3ut our ho3e in you$ For all these a'ts ay your na e be blesse! an! e8alte! 'ontinually, Our 2or#eign, fore#er an! e#er$ &et e#ery li#ing thing gi#e thanks to you an! 3raise your na e in truth, Oh /lohi , our sal#ation an! our hel3$ 2elah$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, whose Na e is the Benefi'ent One, an! to who it is fitting to gi#e thanks$ Peace <rant 3ea'e, welfare, blessing, gra'e, lo#ing kin!ness an! er'y to us an! to all Yisrael your 3eo3le$ Bless us, Our Father, one an! all, with the light of your 'ountenan'e7 for by the light of your 'ountenan'e you ha#e gi#en us, Oh YA-.A- our /lohi , a Torah of life, lo#ing kin!ness an! sal#ation, blessing, er'y, life an! 3ea'e$ ;ay it 3lease you to bless your 3eo3le Yisrael at all ti es an! in e#ery hour with your 3ea'e$ Blesse! are you, Oh YA-.A-, who blesses his 3eo3le Yisrael with 3ea'e$ 0n YA-.2-A ;essiah4s Na e, A ain$ The ,asters Prayer
1Our Dather who is in the heavens, let Your ;ame be set-a&art, /7let Your rei n $ome, let Your desire be done on earth as it is in heaven! // 13ive us today our daily bread! /61And (or ive us our debts, as we (or ive our debtors! /01And do not lead us into trial, but

deliver us (rom the wi$'ed one G be$ause Yours is the rei n and the &ower and the esteem, (orever! In YAHU8HA 2essiahAs ;ame, Amain!H Philippians %,5-$$

let this mind be in you whi$h was also in 2essiah YAHU8HA, "who, bein in the (orm o( Elohim, did not re ard e5uality with Elohim a matter to be ras&ed, %but em&tied Himsel(, ta'in the (orm o( a servant, and $ame to be in the li'eness o( men! )And havin been (ound in (ashion as a man, He humbled Himsel( and be$ame obedient unto death, death even o( a sta'e! *Elohim, there(ore, has hi hly eFalted Him and iven Him the ;ame whi$h is above every name, /7that at the ;ame o( YAHU8HA every 'nee should bow, o( those in heaven, and o( those on earth, and o( those under the earth, // and every ton ue should $on(ess that YAHU8HA 2essiah is 2aster YAHUAH, to the esteem o( Elohim his Dather! *saiah 5%,$.-5.,$% /A01S0A 'essiah, The S(ffering Ser+ant of /A01A0

2y 8ervant shall wor' wisely, He shall be eFalted and li(ted u& and very hi h! /4As many were astonished at You G so the dis(i urement beyond any manHs and His (orm beyond the sons o( men G /5He shall li'ewise startle many nations! 8overei ns shut their mouths at Him, (or what had not been re$ounted to them they shall see, and what they had not heard they shall understand! #ho has believed our re&ortI And to whom was the arm o( YAHUAH revealedI 6Dor He rew u& be(ore Him as a tender &lant, and as a root out o( dry round! He has no (orm or s&lendour that we should loo' u&on Him, nor a&&earan$e that we should desire Him G 0des&ised and re>e$ted by men, a man o( &ains and 'nowin si$'ness! And as one

(rom whom the (a$e is hidden, bein des&ised, and we did not $onsider Him! 44ruly, He has borne our si$'nesses and $arried our &ains! Yet we re$'oned Him stri$'en, smitten by Elohim, and a((li$ted! 5<ut He was &ier$ed (or our trans ressions, He was $rushed (or our $roo'ednesses! 4he $hastisement (or our &ea$e was u&on Him, and by His stri&es we are healed! "#e all, li'e shee&, went astray, ea$h one o( us has turned to his own way! And YAHUAH has laid on Him the $roo'edness o( us all! %He was o&&ressed and He was a((li$ted, but He did not o&en His mouth! He was led as a lamb to the slau hter, and as a shee& be(ore its shearers is silent, but He did not o&en His mouth! )He was ta'en (rom &rison and (rom >ud ment! And as (or His eneration, who $onsidered that He shall be $ut o(( (rom the land o( the livin I Dor the trans ression o( 2y &eo&le He was stri$'en! *And He was a&&ointed a rave with the wron , and with the ri$h at His death, be$ause He had done no violen$e, nor was de$eit in His mouth! /7<ut YAHUAH was &leased to $rush Him, He laid si$'ness on Him, that when He made Himsel( an o((erin (or uilt, He would see a seed, He would &rolon His days and the &leasure o( YAHUAH &ros&er in His hand! // He would see the result o( the su((erin o( His li(e and be satis(ied! 4hrou h His 'nowled e 2y ri hteous 8ervant ma'es many ri hteous, and He bears their $roo'ednesses! /64here(ore I ive Him a &ortion amon the reat, and He divides the s&oil with the stron , be$ause He &oured out His bein unto death, and He was $ounted with the trans ressors, and He bore the sin o( many, and made inter$ession (or the trans ressors! eatit(des ('atthew 5,.-$%,$2,$3)

are the &oor in s&irit, be$ause theirs is the rei n o( the heavens! 4<lessed are those who mourn, be$ause they shall be $om(orted! 5<lessed are the mee', be$ause they shall inherit the earth!


are those who hun er and thirst (or ri hteousness, be$ause they shall be (illed! %<lessed are the $om&assionate, be$ause they shall obtain $om&assion! )<lessed are the $lean in heart, be$ause they shall see Elohim! *<lessed are the &ea$ema'ers, be$ause they shall be $alled sons o( Elohim! /7<lessed are those &erse$uted (or ri hteousnessH sa'e, m be$ause theirs is the rei n o( the heavens! // <lessed are you when they re&roa$h and &erse$ute you, and (alsely say every wi$'ed word a ainst you, (or 2y sa'e! /6?e>oi$e and be lad, be$ause your reward in the heavens is reat! Dor in this way they &erse$uted the &ro&hets who were be(ore you! /%,o not thin' that I $ame to destroy the 4orah or the Ero&hets!I did not $ome to destroy but to $om&lete! /)Dor truly, I say to you, till the heaven and the earth &ass away, one >ot or one tittle shall by no means &ass (rom the 4orah till all be done! The Ten Commandments ("4od(s %0,$-$2) And Elohim s&o'e all these #ords, sayin , 6I am YAHUAH your Elohim, who brou ht you out o( the land o( 2itsrayim, out o( the house o( slavery! 0You have no other mi hty ones a ainst 2y (a$e! 4You do not ma'e (or yoursel( a $arved ima e, or any li'eness o( that whi$h is in the heavens above, or whi$h is in the earth beneath, or whi$h is in the waters under the earth, 5you do not bow down to them nor serve them! Dor I, YAHUAH your Elohim am a >ealous El, visitin the $roo'edness o( the (athers on the $hildren to the third and (ourth enerations o( those who hate 2e, "but showin 'indness to thousands, to those who love 2e and uard 2y $ommands! %You do not brin the ;ame o( YAHUAH your Elohim to nau ht, (or YAHUAH does not leave the one un&unished who brin s His ;ame to nau ht! )?emember the 8abbath day, to set it

a&art! *8iF days you labour, and shall do all your wor', /7but the seventh day is a 8abbath i o( YAHUAH your Elohim! You do not do any wor' G you, nor your son, nor your dau hter, nor your male servant, nor your (emale servant, nor your $attle, nor your stran er who is within your ates! // Dor in siF days YAHUAH made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day! 4here(ore YAHUAH blessed the 8abbath day and set it a&art! /6?es&e$t your (ather and your mother, so that your days are &rolon ed u&on the soil whi$h YAHUAH your Elohim is ivin you! /0You do not murder! /4You do not $ommit adultery! /5You do not steal! /"You do not bear (alse witness a ainst your nei hbour! /%You do not $ovet your nei hbourHs house, you do not $ovet your nei hbourHs wi(e, nor his male servant, nor his (emale servant, nor his oF, nor his don'ey, or whatever belon s to your nei hbour!: Psalms for each day of the 5ee6 These psalms were recited in the Temple on each day of the wee6 #y the 7e+ite priests S(nday (Psalms %4) 4he earth belon s to YAHUAH, And all that (ills it G 4he world and those who dwell in it! 6Dor He has (ounded it u&on the seas, And u&on the waters He does establish it! 0#ho does o u& into the mountain o( YAHUAHI And who does stand in His set-a&art &la$eI 4He who has inno$ent hands and a $lean heart, #ho did not brin his li(e to nau ht, And did not swear de$eivin ly! 5He re$eives a blessin (rom YAHUAH, And ri hteousness (rom the Elohim o( his deliveran$e! "4his is the eneration o( those who see' Him@ YaAa5ob, who see' Your (a$e! 8elah! %=i(t u& your heads, O you ates!

And be li(ted u&, you everlastin doors! And let the 8overei n o( esteem $ome in! )#ho is this 8overei n o( esteemI YAHUAH stron and mi hty, YAHUAH mi hty in battle! *=i(t u& your heads, O you ates! Even li(t u&, you everlastin doors! And let the 8overei n o( esteem $ome in! /7#ho is this 8overei n o( esteemI YAHUAH o( hosts, He is the 8overei n o( esteem! 8elah! 'onday (Psalms 43) 3reat is YAHUAH, and reatly to be &raised In the $ity o( our Elohim, His set-a&art mountain! 6Eretty on hi h, 4he >oy o( all the earth, Is 2ount Jion on the sides o( the north, 4he $ity o( the reat 8overei n! 0 Elohim is in her $itadels@ He is 'nown as her re(u e! 4Dor loo', the soverei ns met, 4hey &assed by to ether! 54hey saw, so they marvelled@ 4hey were alarmed, they hastened away! "4remblin too' hold o( them there, Eain, as o( a woman in labour, %#ith an east wind You brea' the shi&s o( 4arshish! )As we have heard, so we have seen In the $ity o( YAHUAH o( hosts, In the $ity o( our Elohim, Elohim establishes her (orever! 8elah! *#e have thou ht, O Elohim, o( Your 'indness, In the midst o( Your 4em&le! /7A$$ordin to Your ;ame, O Elohim, 8o is Your &raise to the ends o( the earth@ Your ri ht hand is (illed with ri hteousness! // =et 2ount 4siyon re>oi$e, =et the dau hters o( Yahudah eFult, <e$ause o( Your ri ht-rulin s!


about 4siyon, And o all around her! Kount her towers@ /08et your heart u&on her ram&art@ 3o throu h her $itadels@ 8o that you re&ort it to the $omin eneration! /4Dor this Elohim is our Elohim, Dorever and ever@ He Himsel( leads us, Even to death! T(esday (Psalms 3%)

/lohi stan!s in the 'ongregation of /l7 -e :u!ges in the i!st of the elohi $ @-ow long woul! you :u!ge 3er#ersely, An! show 3artiality to the wrong6 2elah$ A<i#e right5ruling to the 3oor an! fatherless, >o right to the affli'te! an! nee!y$ B9es'ue the 3oor an! nee!y7 >eli#er the fro the han! of the wrong$ CThey !o not know, nor !o they un!erstan!, They walk about in !arkness$ All the foun!ations of the earth are shaken$ (C2o 3ursue the with Your whirlwin!, An! frighten the with Your stor $ (D Fill their fa'es with sha e, An! let the seek Your Na e, O YA-.A-$ (E&et the be asha e! an! alar e! fore#er7 An! let the be'o e abashe! an! 3erish, (+An! let the know that You, Whose Na e is YA-.A-, You alone are the ;ost -igh o#er all the earth$ 9ednesday Psa(ms :& O YA-.A-, /l of #engean'e7 O /l of #engean'e, shine forthF @9aise Yourself u3, O 1u!ge of the earth7 9en!er 3unish ent to the 3rou!$

AYA-.A-, how long are the wrong, -ow long are the wrong going to e8ult6 BThey 3our forth wor!s, They s3eak arrogantly7 All the workers of wi'ke!ness boast in the sel#es$ CThey 'rush Your 3eo3le, O YA-.A-, An! they affli't Your inheritan'e$ DThey slay the wi!ow an! the stranger, An! ur!er the fatherless$ EYet they say, GYah !oes not see, An! the /lohi of 1a'ob 3ays no hee!$H +Take hee!, you senseless a ong the 3eo3le7 An! you fools, when woul! you be'o e wise6 )-e who 3lante! the ear, !oes -e not hear6 -e who for e! the eye, !oes -e not see6 (I-e who !is'i3lines the nations, >oes -e not re3ro#e J The One tea'hing an knowle!ge6 (( YA-.A- knows the thoughts of an, That they are but a breath$ (@Blesse! is the an You !is'i3line, O Yah, An! instru't out of Your Torah, (ATo gi#e hi rest fro the !ays of e#il, .ntil the 3it is !ug for the wrong$ (BFor YA-.A- !oes not lea#e -is 3eo3le, Nor !oes -e forsake -is inheritan'e$ (C For right5ruling returns an to righteousness, An! all the u3right in heart follow it$ (DWho woul! rise u3 for e against e#il5!oers6 Who woul! stan! u3 for e against workers of wi'ke!ness6 (E 0f YA-.A- ha! not been y hel3, ;y being woul! soon ha#e settle! in silen'e$ (+When 0 sai!, G;y foot has sli33e!,H Your kin!ness, O YA-.A-, su33orte! e$ ()When an8iety was great within e, Your 'o forts !elighte! y being$ @IWoul! a throne of !estru'tion, Whi'h !e#ises trouble by !e'ree, Be :oine! with You6

@(They ban! together against the life of the righteous, An! !e'lare inno'ent bloo! wrong$ @@But YA-.A- is y !efen'e, An! y /lohi the ro'k of y refuge, @AAn! brings ba'k on the their own wi'ke!ness, An! 'uts the off in their own wrong!oing7 YA-.A- our /lohi !oes 'ut the off$ Thursday Psa(ms * 2hout for :oy to /lohi our strength7 9aise a shout to the /lohi of 1a'ob$ @&ift u3 a song an! beat the ta bourine, The 3leasant lyre an! with the har3$ ABlow the ra Ks horn at the ti e of the New ;oon, At the full oon, on our festi#al !ay$ B For this is a law for 0srael, An! a right5ruling of the /lohi of 1a'ob$ C-e a33ointe! it in 1ose3h for a witness, When -e went throughout the lan! of /gy3t7 0 hear! a language that 0 !i! not know$ D-e says, G0 re o#e! his shoul!er fro the bur!en7 -is han!s were free! fro the baskets$ EGYou 'alle! in !istress, an! 0 res'ue! you7 0 answere! you in the 'o#ering of thun!er7 0 3ro#e! you at the waters of ;eriLah$ 2elah$ +G-ear, O ;y 3eo3le, an! let ;e warn you, O 0sraell, if you woul! listen to ;eF )G&et there be no strange ighty one a ong you, An! !o not bow !own to a foreign ighty one$ (IG0 a YA-.A- your /lohi , Who brought you out of the lan! of /gy3t7 O3en your outh wi!e, an! 0 fill it$ (( GBut ;y 3eo3le !i! not listen to ;y #oi'e, An! 0srael woul! not sub it to ;e$

(@G2o 0 ga#e the o#er to their own stubborn heart, To walk in their own 'ounsels$ (AGO, if ;y 3eo3le ha! listene! to ;e, 0srael woul! walk in ;y ways, (BG0 woul! sub!ue their ene ies at on'e An! turn ;y han! against their a!#ersariesF (CGThose who hate YA-.A- woul! 'ringe before -i 7 An! their ti e of 3unish ent be fore#er$ (DG-e woul! fee! the with the finest of wheat7 An! with honey fro the ro'k 0 woul! satisfy you$H 2riday (Psa(ms :#) YA-.A- shall reign, -e shall 3ut on e8'ellen'y7 YA-.A- shall 3ut on strength7 -e shall gir! -i self$ 0n!ee!, the worl! is establishe!, i o#able$ @Your throne is establishe! fro of ol!7 You are fro e#erlasting$ A 9i#ers shall lift u3, O YA-.A-, 9i#ers shall lift u3 their #oi'e7 9i#ers lift u3 their breakers$ BYA-.A- on high is ightier Than the noise of any waters, The ighty breakers of the sea$ CYour witnesses ha#e been #ery trustworthy$ 2et5a3artness befits Your house, O YA-.A-, fore#er$ Saturday(Sabbath ;ay) Psa(ms :< 0t is goo! to gi#e thanks to YA-.A-, An! to sing 3raises to Your Na e, O ;ost -igh7 @To !e'lare Your kin!ness in the orning, An! Your trustworthiness ea'h night, AOn ten strings, an! on the har3, To the soun!ing 'hor!s of the lyre$ BFor You ha#e a!e e re:oi'e with

Your work, O YA-.A-, 0 shout for :oy at the works of Your han!s$ CO YA-.A-, how great are Your worksF Your thoughts are #ery !ee3F DA senseless an !oes not know, An! a fool !oes not un!erstan! this$ EWhen the wrong s3ring u3 like grass, An! all the workers of wi'ke!ness blosso , 0t is for the to be !estroye! fore#er$ +But You, YA-.A-, are on high fore#er$ )For look, Your ene ies, O YA-.A-, For look, Your ene ies !o 3erish7 All the workers of wi'ke!ness are s'attere!$ (IBut You lift u3 y horn like a wil! o87 0 ha#e been anointe! with fresh oil$ (( An! y eye looks u3on y ene ies7 ;y ears hear the e#il5!oers Who rise u3 against e$ (@The righteous one flourishes like a 3al tree, -e grows like a 'e!ar in &ebanon$ (AThose who are 3lante! in the -ouse of YA-.AFlourish in the 'ourts of our /lohi $ (B They still bear fruit in ol! age7 They are fresh an! green, (CTo !e'lare that YA-.A- is straight, ;y ro'k, an! in -i is no unrighteousness$ Scri-tures for -rotection before going on a =ourney (Psa(ms : ) -e who !wells in the se'ret 3la'e of the ;ost -igh, Who abi!es un!er the sha!ow of the Al ighty, @-e is saying of YA-.A-, G;y refuge an! y stronghol!, ;y /lohi , in who 0 trustFH AFor -e !eli#ers you fro the snare of a tra33er, Fro the !estru'ti#e 3estilen'e$ B-e 'o#ers you with -is feathers, An! un!er -is wings you take refuge7 -is truth is a shiel! an! ar our$

CYou are not afrai! of the !rea! by night, Of the arrow that flies by !ay, DOf the 3estilen'e that walks in !arkness, Of !estru'tion that ra#ages at i!!ay$ EA thousan! fall at your si!e, An! ten thousan! at your right han!7 But it !oes not 'o e near you$ +Only with your eyes you look on, An! see the rewar! of the wrong ones$ )Be'ause you ha#e a!e YA-.A- J ;y refuge, the ;ost -igh J your !welling 3la'e, (INo e#il befalls you, An! a 3lague !oes not 'o e near your tent7 (( For -e 'o an!s -is essengers 'on'erning you, To guar! you in all your ways$ (@They bear you u3 in their han!s, &est you !ash your foot against a stone$ (AYou trea! u3on lion an! 'obra, Young lion an! ser3ent you tra 3le un!er foot$ (BGBe'ause he 'lea#es to ;e in lo#e, Therefore 0 !eli#er hi 7 0 set hi on high, Be'ause he has known ;y Na e$ (CGWhen he 'alls on ;e, 0 answer hi 7 0 a with hi in !istress7 0 !eli#er hi an! estee hi $ (DGWith long life 0 satisfy hi , An! show hi ;y !eli#eran'e$H

E-hesians )" >% $ (IFor the rest, y brothers, be strong in the ;aster an! in the ightiness of -is strength$ (( Put on the 'o 3lete ar our of /lohi , for you to ha#e 3ower to stan! against the s'he es of the !e#il$ (@Be'ause we !o not wrestle against flesh an! bloo!, but against 3rin'i3alities, against authorities, against the worl!5rulers of the !arkness of this age, against s3iritual

atters of wi'ke!ness in the hea#enlies$ (ABe'ause of this, take u3 the 'o 3lete ar our of /lohi , so that you ha#e 3ower to withstan! in the wi'ke! !ay, an! ha#ing !one all, to stan!$ (B2tan!, then, ha#ing gir!e! your waist with truth, an! ha#ing 3ut on the breast3late of righteousness, (Can! ha#ing fitte! your feet with the 3re3aration of the <oo! News of 3ea'e7 (Dabo#e all, ha#ing taken u3 the shiel! of belief with whi'h you shall ha#e 3ower to =uen'h all the burning arrows of the wi'ke! one$ (ETake also the hel et of !eli#eran'e, an! the swor! of the 23irit, whi'h is the Wor! of /lohi M$