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Stuttering is a speech disorder that causes sounds, syllables, or words to be repeated or to last longer than normal.

These problems then lead to a break in the normal flow of speech. Stuttering has been found to run in families, but its main cause results from a problem in the neural processing area that is involved in speech production. Some people believe that stuttering is a nervous habit, but there is no evidence to prove that true.

Feeling Frustration when trying to communicate Pausing or hesitating when starting sentences Tension in the voice Repeating words, phrases, or sounds. Putting extra words in a sentence.

1 out of every 20 children aged 2 - 5 will develop some stuttering during their childhood. Over 3 million Americans stutter. Around 25% of all children go through a stage of stuttering during development. Stuttering affects 4 times as many men than women. About 1% of adults and 3% of children stutter. Stuttering is a chronic life-long disorder for adults.

Therapy, both individual and group Different types of therapy include: Fluency shaping therapy Modification therapy There are also certain medications that may help stuttering, but it has not been proven.

Be patient! Dont tell the student to slow down Dont talk for the student, let them finish their sentences Make sure the class knows how to take turns and listen. Speak to the student in an unhurried way Dont make stuttering something to be ashamed of

One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter. -James Earl Jones

Free Delayed and Frequency Altered Feedback Software: Some people who stutter find that using DAF/FAF helps them to speak more fluently Speech Easy: hearing aids that use altered auditory feedback in the form of auditory delays & frequency shifts. Apps: Fluency SIS, DAF Professional, Easy AFF, Smarty Ears, DAF Assistance, NPiStutter, Speech4Good

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997, students may be eligible to receive free speech therapy from the local school system

Friends, The National Association of Young People that Stutter Phone: 866-866-8335 www.friendswhostutter.org Our Time Phone: (212) 414-9696 www.ourtimestutter.org/ American Institute for Stuttering Phone: (212) 633-6400 http://stutteringtreatment.org/
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